Supreme Uprising Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Decimation In The Void

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Thousands of sails were flowing against the torrential winds!

In the vast starry sky, a great number of gigantic ships covered the airspace, looming proudly as if they were overlooking the life and death of the earth beneath them.

Unlike the Divine Union, where there were high-tech, advanced spacecrafts, the flying ships in the Great Mystic Universe were indeed ships.

They were like the huge vessels in the sea, but while they were flying in the air, a layer of mysterious light membrane seemed to envelop them.

Although the flying ship looked ancient, it traveled faster than light.

At the moment, two young men stood proudly at the bow of the first ship, which was leading thousands more. They were dressed in white robes and each had a sword sheathed behind them. This was the standard attire of a Kunwu Sword Union disciple.

“Senior Brother, I heard that the Ancestral Master created the Sky Celestial’s Starry Sword Technique just by looking at the vast starry sky. Although I could feel the vastness and mightiness of the starry sky, I found it difficult to integrate it within the sword.”

A thin man with a golden luster in his eyes spoke. Although he spoke peacefully, his arrogance was still exposed inadvertently!


The man standing next to him suddenly drew his sword, sending a mighty sword-light forward that sliced a huge meteorite in two. When the meteorite was destroyed, a bat-humanoid figure flew out of it.

Even though that figure flew very quickly, he still did not escape the sword-light and his body was cut in two.

“Giant Bat Demon Race! How dare you appear here! You’re courting death!” the youngest one amongst them said sternly, not just because of his disdain towards the Giant Bat Demon Race, but also because of his jealousy for his senior.

Or rather, it was because he hadn’t discovered the presence of the enemy, while his Senior Brother had been able to dispatch a Star-Grade Giant Bat effortlessly.

The man known as Senior Brother muttered coldly as if he did not care about his younger brother’s feelings at all, “The Giant Bat Demon Race is really abominable. They obviously have a beast body, yet they are trying to evolve and acquire a body like ours!”

The junior brother agreed as well. “That’s right, now every darned race in the entire universe is trying to copy our Celestial Being Race’s appearance. How evil!”

As the two of them spoke, they suddenly heard someone sniggering.

It was a sarcastic laugh accompanied by a suave-looking man with pointed golden scaly ears.

The man was also dressed in Kunwu Sword Union Disciple attire. However, the aura exuded by him was much stronger than theirs.

The two disciples who had been talking to each other seemed hostile when they saw the man.

“So what about Celestial Beings? Are you very amazing?” The man walked out while sneering. “You better not think that just because you look similar to Supreme Existences, you can behave like you are the only rightful race in the universe.”

“In fact, your appearance is the only similarity you have with Supreme Existences. The reason we have evolved into our present appearance isn’t because we are trying to become you. We’re paying homage to the Supreme Existences!” the man said respectfully.

The two men of the Celestial Being Race glanced at each other before the Senior Brother rebutted coldly. “Yuan Haotian, you can say whatever you want. However, it is an indisputable fact that countless races have tried assuming our appearance. The Supreme Ancestral Master is also the patriarch of the Celestial Being Race!”

Yuan Haotian snorted and didn’t argue any further. Instead, he replied arrogantly, “If you think you are so amazing, then let’s have a competition in the Donghua Ancient Sect!”

“Let’s see who will gain the most merit in the Donghua Ancient Sect.”

“Bring it on! Do you think we’re going to be afraid of you?” The junior brother sneered provocatively.

As they spoke, Yuan Haotian suddenly drew a mirror from his pocket. A brilliance was reflected brightly off the mirror before a line of words appeared on it.

“Everyone needs to be on high alert now. The Donghua Ancient Sect has demanded that we return half of its territory to settle this dispute.”

The line of words was simple. However, Yuan Haotian merely shrugged it off when he saw it.

“How dare a declining sect speak to the Kunwu Sword Union in such an audacious manner! I don’t get why our sect is sending so many elites or why we decided to join other sects in taking down the rotting Donghua Ancient Sect. What is there to be cautious about?”

“In my opinion, only three or four Kunwu Nine Swords would be enough to exterminate them.”

Although Yuan Haotian had a conflict with the two brothers, at the moment, the two brothers couldn’t help but agree with Yuan Haotian.

“Three or four? One would be enough!”

The Kunwu Nine Swords were formed by nine Celestial Domain-Grade Sword Deities of the Kunwu Sword Union, so they could be considered a major force in their sect.

This time, seven of the Kunwu Nine Swords came in order to take the Donghua Ancient Sect down. In combination with other major sects, there were in total 20 or more Celestial-Domain Sky Celestials.

It could be said that the forces that came could change the landscape of an entire galaxy for good.

Yuan Haotian’s thoughts were in line with most of the Kunwu Sword Union disciples’ opinions, as well as the vast majority of the disciples of other sects.

Some of them didn’t even know the name of the Donghua Ancient Sect, as this sect had been in decline for a long time and was almost unheard of in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

On the huge ship with several floors, seven men and women with sheathed swords behind their backs were chatting heartily among themselves on the top floor.

Their expressions were calm, but their gazes were razor-sharp.

“This feels a little too nonsensical,” said a man who was over nine meters tall and had a scarlet red physique. A huge sword larger than himself was strapped to his back.

After uttering the word “nonsensical”, he paused slightly before exclaiming bluntly, “Just because of an ancient commandment that took place years ago, all elites from the various sects had to come out together.”

“All just to exterminate an ant!”

“I really can’t figure this out. What is the old Union Master thinking?” The man’s eyes were ablaze with surging flames that were threatening to spill out.

The man, who was famous in the Kunwu Sword Union, had the title of Fiery Sword. In some places, frightened children wouldn’t even dare cry at night when they heard his name.

“Alright, junior brother, this is still a commandment left by our Ancestral Master. We just have to abide by it. Didn’t the other sects send people as well?”

The middle-aged man had a soft rosy face and was only nine feet tall. He looked like a dwarf beside his nine-meter-tall junior. However, his voice sounded tough as nails, as if no one was able to defy him.

“Everyone, I think we should be careful. Although I don’t know why, my heart has been rather uneasy along the way,” muttered a man sitting on the far side.

When the man spoke, everyone’s expression changed. The person who had just spoken was Heart Sword, one of the Kunwu Nine Swords.

Heart Sword was the strongest of the Kunwu Nine Swords.

This comment had been made by an important figure in the Kunwu Sword Union, not by any random person.

Although Heart Sword never had any spectacular battle results, he had one trait that made every Kunwu Nine Sword admire him. His intuition was always too darned accurate.

When he perceived looming danger, it basically meant that danger would arrive.

“Everyone, it seems that there’s some truth to the commandment left by our Ancestral Master. Let’s…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the disciples responsible for scouting the surrounding area using the Sky Celestial Mirror reported worriedly, “Grandmasters, we saw a figure approaching us from 100,000 miles away.”

The Sky Celestial Mirror immediately revealed a man dressed in green robes. The man seemed to have also discovered their presence. He smirked when the Kunwu Nine Swords looked at him.

His smirk affected Heart Sword’s expression greatly.

“I’ve said enough to all of you. Why are you still behaving in such a manner? Well then, don’t blame me if you die here!”

After saying that, Heart Sword waved his sleeves and conjured a golden radiance in the void.

“Quick, use the Celestial Mirror to observe our surroundings!” Heart Sword, who had previously been subdued, began to instruct the others decisively.

The disciple in charge of the Sky Celestial Mirror quickly expanded the scope of observation. In an instant, the sky of a Celestial Domain appeared in the large mirror.

Fiery Sword snorted angrily. He was just about to speak before he saw a dark-looking planet and brightened in an instant.

The planets were shining brightly and countless amulets had gathered in the void. In an instant, the amulets transformed into a massive golden battle ax that swung towards them!

Because the image was zoomed out, most of the planets looked like little ants. However, the golden battle ax took up almost half of the Celestial Mirror.

“What… What is going on?” Fiery Sword was shocked when he saw the massive battle ax.

His voice began to quiver.

As he was speaking, the distance between them and the giant ax was shrinking so much that he felt a looming destructive force encircle them.

“It’s… it’s the Ten-Force Annihilation Battle Formation!” Heart Sword was trembling as he spoke.

However, no one replied. They were all completely intimidated by that giant ax.

“Flee!” the man with the soft rosy face yelled. The moment they left, the giant ax arrived and turned everything into ashes.