Supreme Uprising Chapter 67

Chapter 67


“Ha ha! I didn’t train him. It was Old Lu who did. This kid is pretty good, but he is a little naughty!”

The fat old man was no longer an image of calmness. If he hadn’t been afraid of losing his status, he would have rushed over to the smug Eagle King and rained curses down on him.

Damn it! How could his subordinate just be considered naughty? He was downright evil! What was this Clothing-Losing Celestial Being Technique? How dare he have the nerve to name this technique after Celestial Beings? If Celestial Beings knew that he was humiliating them this way, they would have jumped down from the sky.

“The eight armies are the cornerstones of our nation, Eagle King. Your subordinate is not abiding by the military creed, though. Just thinking about this makes me really disappointed. I think that this sort of martialists should be punished.”

The Eagle King, who was secretly wishing that he could marry off his own granddaughter to Luo Yunyang, could not even think about punishing him. When he heard this, he stared the man straight in the eye without hesitation and said, “This is a competition among kids. Why should we interfere? I think you said so yourself earlier, old man.”

The fat old man was left speechless. He was not afraid of the Eagle King, but he had indeed said that old people shouldn’t interfere in this fight between kids.

He had only said this because he had wanted the entire Rising Dragon Army to be stopped at the head of the five-kilometer bridge, with no way of crossing it.

He had just wanted the Rising Dragon Army to suffer in silence without any way of voicing any complaints, yet the situation had taken an unexpected turn. This kind of felt like shooting himself in the foot.

“I want to kneel down before him!” Chen Yong roared with laughter. “I have been admiring Leader Luo right from the start, but I admire him so much more right now!”

The majority of the Rising Dragon Army personnel were at least somewhat angry at the oppression of the Sky High Military. However, it was a custom among the Eight Armies of the East to let one’s strength do the talking. Whatever fury they felt was of no use.

Still, things were different now. Luo Yunyang’s methods had helped them vent their pent-up frustration, which had been particularly refreshing.

Luo Yunyang stood calmly not too far away from the bridge with a cheeky grin on his face. Lei Qi, whose posture indicated that he was about to charge over, felt somewhat embarrassed. He believed that he would be able to cross the bridge without any problems if he relied on his speed.

As long as he guarded his face, there shouldn’t be an issue. What would he do if that despicable fellow actually made the move he had threatened him with, though? He really wasn’t confident that he could safeguard himself.

That motherf*cker!

“Come back!” a voice shouted just as Lei Qi was about to fall apart. The voice was gentle, yet its tone was unquestionable.

When he heard it, Lei Qi almost felt tears streaming down his cheeks. He was finally spared. He wouldn’t have to face that abominable man!

He He was simply a demon! How could he treat him this way? If he got his hands on him one day, he would…

Lei Qi cursed silently as he walked dejectedly in the direction of the Sky High Military. Deep down he knew that his part in this round’s fight over the source fluids had ended before it had even started.

Perhaps he still had some hope of receiving A-grade source fluid, but Lei Qi had no idea how long it would take for him to regain the face he had lost that day.

A martialist stepped forward from the group. His pace wasn’t quick, but his movements were graceful and natural. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached the five-kilometer bridge.

“Your speed isn’t bad, but it won’t be any use against me. How about this? I will give you one chance. If you are able to cross this five-kilometer bridge against my defence, I will give you an A-grade source fluid.” The feeble-looking young man was smiling gently.

His tone was mild, but he had a self-confidence that no ordinary person could hope to have.

Naturally, this self-confidence stemmed mostly from his abilities.

The gaze of the female officer of the Dancing Phoenix Corps was full of admiration as she watched the young man. Although she was disgusted by the Sky High Military’s actions, her disgust didn’t hinder her admiration for the martialist.

Someone with close ties to the Eagle King told him softly, “Your kid’s luck is about to end, Old Eagle. I think it would be best to quit while you’re ahead. Take the initiative and end it.”

A trace of hesitation flickered across the Eagle King’s eyes. When he looked at Chief Instructor Lu though, he saw an expression of unwavering determination on his face.

The Eagle King nodded his head. Luo Yunyang had already strived to get to this point. The Rising Dragon Army might have won, but if Luo Yunyang lost under these circumstances, they would still lose everything.

As Luo Yunyang watched that young man stoll forward, he had an inkling that this martialist was really strong.

The more he thought about it, the more his inner fighting spirit increased. He really needed an equal opponent, so that he could determine how strong he actually was.

“Are you unwilling to submit?” As the young man spoke, he gently removed four black objects from his arms and legs.

When the onlookers noticed the black objects, someone couldn’t help but exclaim, “Gravity locks!”

Gravity locks used an advanced magnetic force to create a gravitational field. Based on the Da Alliance’s latest technology, the strongest gravitational field that gravity locks could create was 2,500 kilograms of gravitational force.

However, the cost of obtaining these sort of gravity locks was especially high. A pair of gravity locks cost over 100 million dayuan. Even if someone had that much money though, they still might not be able to buy them.

If that young man had dismantled two sets of gravity locks from his body, then he must have been moving inside a gravitational field of 5,000 kilograms of force all along.

Cuan Tianhou was left dumbstruck by the sight. He had always been bitter that this young man’s speed had exceeded his own.

When he saw the gravity locks that amounted to 5,000 kilograms of force, he finally realized how big the difference between them was.

Luo Yunyang felt his head ache when he saw the gravity locks get placed on the floor. He watched the young man, who had been smiling all the while, do some calculations in his head. This time, he had met a true genius.

What would he do? Should he just let it be?

If he did, both his own dignity and the entire Rising Dragon Army’s would go down the drain.

He most likely would not be a match for this young man’s speed, though.

As he thought about it, Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator and raised his Speed to 80. Luo Yunyang’s other attributes changed as a result.

Power: 8

Speed: 80

Mind: 4

Constitution: 7

Luo Yunyang suddenly felt as if he could float. His gaze landed on that young man’s body once more. “Let’s try this.”

The young man found Luo Yunyang’s reaction somewhat unexpected. As he looked at his calm expression, he could sense that Luo Yunyang was slightly different now. How so exactly, he could not say.

As the head of the Sky High’s Seven Pillars though, he was very proud. He believed that any changes on Luo Yunyang’s part shouldn’t matter to him.

Luo Yunyang would never be able to escape from his grasp and cross the bridge.

“Since you refuse to give up until all hope is gone, I shall give you this chance.” As soon as the young man finished his sentence, he took a light leap and suddenly reached the center of the bridge. His expression was as calm as ever. “Bring it on.”

Luo Yunyang nodded before he exerted force with his legs, soared up and charged forward!