Supreme Uprising Chapter 671

Chapter 671 49 Levels Of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation

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Luo Bingbai came alone, thinking that he could settle the issue on the Qianliu Star single-handedly.

However, he began to worry after listening to what Luo Yunyang had said. He had already started to believe everything that Luo Yunyang said was true.

Although he firmly believed in his capabilities, Luo Bingbai still decided to gather information about Luo Yunyang through various channels in the Kunwu Sword Union before coming.

He found the news of Luo Yunyangs reincarnation as an Ancestral Master dubious, but at the same time, he also remained vigilant around Luo Yunyang.

"Do you know how many races exist in this Star System? Arent you afraid of the punishment by the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation?"

The punishment of the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation was also a punishment that existed only in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. In the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, if a person killed too many people or beings, the punishment by the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation would be harsher.

Luo Yunyang looked at Luo Bingbai before raising the cup before him and frowning slightly.

"Its overcooked!"

Yin Feihuan finally relaxed as she watched Luo Yunyang threaten Luo Bingbai. The person threatening Luo Bingbai was her sects Ancestral Master.

However, she still felt slightly uncomfortable.

Luo Bingbai was calm. He looked at Luo Yunyang quietly and, after taking a deep breath, he spoke again. "The distance between me and you is less than three meters, yet my sword could decimate the area in a 1,000-meter radius around you."

Luo Bingbai got ready to strike as he said that.

"Your Sword Path is too weak." Luo Yunyang criticized. "You cultivated the Massacre Path, but you have strayed too far from it. Like I just said, youre not going to kill anyone this time."

Luo Bingbai glared at Luo Yunyang, who was sitting calmly before him, before something popped up in his mind.

The person before him gave off a vibe that only the great figures he had met in the Mysterious Sky could match.

The difference between him and the person before him was too great.

He actually felt that he wouldnt walk out alive if he were to draw his sword.

According to a saying, one might break but never yield. Unfortunately, very few people could do so in the face of a crisis.

"One-third!" Luo Bingbai said after drawing a deep breath.

Luo Yunyang shook his head and continued to sip his tea. Although Luo Bingbai had always appeared cold and lofty, in the end, he still took a sip of tea from the cup in front of him and left.

However, he was barely 30 meters away when Luo Yunyang responded, "Deal."

Luo Bingbai left the way he had come: by traversing through the void.

Nevertheless, his arrival and departure had caused the Donghua Ancient Sect to regain half of the territory it used to possess.

"Did you forget about the Tribulation Platform?" Yin Feihuan suddenly exclaimed when she saw Luo Bingbai leave.

Luo Yunyang smirked lightly as he answered, "He gave up the territory, so hell definitely hand over the Tribulation Platform as well."

Three days later, Luo Yunyang went onto the Tribulation Platform.

The Tribulation Platform was 100 feet wide and floated in the void just like a normal patternless floating platform.

There was no record of the origin of Tribulation Platforms at all. However, the importance of a Tribulation Platform for a sect was unquestionable.

Luo Yunyang felt pressure building up in his mind the moment he stepped on the Tribulation Platform. It felt as if an invisible being was staring at him.

Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness was at the Heavenly Venerate Level. However, he felt like a small, weak ant in front of that invisible being.

Could this be the legendary Almighty? Or something greater than an Almighty?

While Luo Yunyang pondered this, lights started to flash wildly on the Tribulation Platform.

Gu Mingping and Yin Feihuan were quietly watching from thousands of miles away while Luo Yunyang got on the Tribulation Platform.

Both of them appeared normal while watching the dazzling lights. Although they had not used the Tribulation Platform before, they still knew what would happen when it was used.

The flashing lights of the Tribulation Platform signified that the person who had boarded the Tribulation Platform was going to experience several Martial Path Heavenly Tribulations.

In the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, the more one surpassed his peers in terms of cultivation, the greater the level of the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation the person would receive. Some unrivaled geniuses would even invoke 36 levels of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

This was the greatest achievement of any person in the history of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Unfortunately, after enduring the thunder of the 35th Tribulation, the genius had died as the last Tribulation Thunder had struck him.

"Its the 21st Tribulation!" Yin Feihuan was trembling as she spoke.

Although Yin Feihuan had some disagreements with Luo Yunyang, she was also aware that the Donghua Ancient Sect firmly rested on the shoulders of this Ancestral Master.

If anything happened to Ancestral Master Luo Yunyang, the Donghua Ancient Sect would return to its dire state and crumble into ashes.

"The Ancestral Master is a genius. Its very normal for him to experience a few more levels of Tribulation Thunder after returning from his reincarnation."

Gu Mingping was calm. "In my opinion, the Ancestral Master is going to experience 27 levels of Tribulation for his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation!"

Although Yin Feihuan had not seen Luo Yunyang move during the tribulation, the thought of Luo Yunyang annihilating the Yinyu Sect and making a strong force like the Kuwu Sword Union yield was proof that her Ancestral Master wasnt an ordinary person. Yin Feihuan probably wouldnt be able to withstand the lowest level of Tribulation her Ancestral Master was facing.

However, when the 30th Tribulation Thunder landed, it seemed like it wasnt going to stop. Even Gu Mingping started to tremble.

"There cant be 36 levels of Tribulation, right?!"

The five-colored thunder flashed again, as if it was heading for 36 levels of Tribulation.

They were able to feel the overwhelming nature of the Tribulation Thunder from their position. Gu Mingping hurriedly pulled Yin Feihuan back and slapped his own mouth.

"Stupid mouth!"

Yin Feihuan had never seen Gu Mingping do that to himself before. She might have laughed at any other time, but she couldnt do so now.

Although the 36 levels of Tribulation invoked by the Tribulation Platform seemed weaker than the Tribulation that occurred naturally, 36 levels were still 36 levels!

In the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, there werent many martialists that were able to withstand 36 levels of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, no matter the cultivation grade they possessed.

This also applied to a Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation invoked by a Tribulation Platform.

Yin Feihuan was praying in her heart, hoping that all the generations of her Ancestral Masters would bless and protect their current Ancestral Master and his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation. However, she did not notice that there was an illogical error in her prayers.

How could an Ancestral Master bless and protect another Ancestral Master?

"Theres more!" Gu Mingping was unable to remain calm. When the Tribulation Platform that had just seemed to calm down flashed wildly again, he was terrified.

37, 38, 39

The lights of the Tribulation Platform flashed for a total of 49 times before calming down. Yin Feihuan and Gu Mingping exchanged glances in despair.

According to their experience, or rather, according to the experiences of the entire Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, no one could survive over 40 levels of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, even when it was invoked by the Tribulation Platform.

However, their Ancestral Master actually received 49 levels of deadly Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

"Grand Elder, what should we do?" Yin Feihuan asked Gu Mingping, unable to stop shaking.

Gu Mingping shook his head and said, "No one can interrupt the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation. If anyone interrupts it, the power of the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation Thunder will double. Hence, not only will we fail to save the person undergoing the Tribulation, but we might even endanger his life."

Yin Feihuan shook her hands and corrected Gu Mingping. "Grand Elder, what I meant was, what are we, the Donghua Ancient Sect, going to do if something bad happens to the Ancestral Master?"

"The Donghua Ancient Sect has been destroyed in our hands. We. We might as well let it die out in our hands!" Gu Mingping, who had no answer for Yin Feihuan, said faintly.

Initially, Luo Yunyang had not paid attention to the flashing light of the Tribulation Platform. However, when the light flashed strongly, Luo Yunyang began to feel the difference.

He had read a lot of books about this because he was very interested in the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation. Thus, he knew that the highest level of Tribulation in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos was the 36th level.

However, this was only recorded by some people. Nobody knew how many levels of Tribulation top-notch elites went through.

When the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation entered the 40th level, Luo Yunyang could sense that the world around him was on the verge of erupting into chaos.

This explosion would be furious and crazy.

Although he had experienced a lot, at that moment, Luo Yunyang felt that he had become better-equipped to face danger than he had been in the past.

There was nowhere to run or escape on the Tribulation Platform, and returning to the Divine Union wasnt an option either.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Luo Yunyang was lost in thought, a white streak of lightning flashed across his head.

The moment the lightning struck, Luo Yunyangs surroundings rumbled. Then, an intimidating power engulfed Luo Yunyangs mind and suppressed him!