Supreme Uprising Chapter 674

Chapter 674 The Buried Heavenly Venerate True Body

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“There’s one more left!” Gu Mingping’s voice trembled. Although he wanted to encourage himself by saying that there was nothing to worry about, the previous tribulation had been so terrifying that he couldn’t say anything at all.

The last level of tribulation was going to be the toughest and strongest one.

Years ago, the stunning and exceptional Shenzi had survived 35 levels of the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation but had been killed when the last tribulation had landed on him.

Gu Mingping believed that more than half of the most exceptional and talented individuals in the history of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos had been killed on the last level of their Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

He hoped that his Ancestral Master would not disappoint them.

However, when he started to pray silently for the Ancestral Master, he was shocked to see that his Ancestral Master, whom he had placed high hopes on, had fallen on the Tribulation Platform.

Both Gu Mingping and Yin Feihuan were at a loss for words as they stared at Luo Yunyang.

Both of them had a bad feeling at the same time.

As Luo Yunyang discovered that the Water Origin Source Laws around him had become extremely dense, the void started to change again.

Although he was physically still on the Tribulation Platform, he felt like his body had drifted onto an endless ocean.

There was nothing chaotic about it. No huge mountains, blades or sounds. When Luo Yunyang quickly conjured the energy in his body, a water droplet came falling from the void.

The droplet was only the size of a baby’s palm as it dropped from the void gently like a drop of rain drizzling on the earth.

However, Luo Yunyang grimaced when the droplet fell. He could feel that the energy contained within the droplet was greater than that of the Immemorial Divine Mountain, which he had just destroyed.

In fact, the droplet of water was at least 10 times stronger than the Immemorial Divine Mountain.

Luo Yunyang, who had exhausted himself after taking on the Immemorial Divine Mountain’s Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, started to feel a chill crazily surging in his heart.

He had gone to this world to find his Heavenly Venerate True Body, but it was likely that he would die while undergoing the Tribulation.

Suddenly, he started to consider his available trump cards: the Divine Martial Armor and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Ever since he had come to this world, Luo Yunyang had not used his Divine Martial Armor, especially not while facing his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

This wasn’t because he was stubborn, but rather because he was afraid that using external aids would provoke a much stronger Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

However, Luo Yunyang had no other option now!

At this thought, he conjured his Bloodied Sea Clone in the void. The Bloodied Sea, which could envelop the entire sky, was only the size of a palm after being manipulated by Luo Yunyang.

The smaller its volume, the more concentrated its power was. Although Luo Yunyang’s Bloodied Sea Clone was only at the Galaxy Grade, the power it contained was unimaginable, as it had the support of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s seemingly unlimited energy.

However, even so, the Bloodied Sea was stealthily sliced apart when it collided with the droplet of water. The droplet of water resumed its path towards Luo Yunyang silently.

Suddenly, the Five-Element World Tree Clone appeared in the void. Five of the fruits on the World Tree exploded at the same time, sending sword-light frantically towards the droplet of water.

The sword-light swept across, decimating everything in its path. However, when the sword-light came into contact with the droplet of water, it was absorbed by the droplet.

The moment the sword-light seeped into the droplet of water, Luo Yunyang could see various planets inside the droplet.

These planets, which were filled with surging water vapor, were orbiting around themselves in the droplet of water.

A Dripping Universe!

Luo Yunyang’s eyes widened. He was completely shocked.

The Five-Element World Tree was working frantically to slow down the rate at which the droplet of water was descending. However, this did not seem to work. In the blink of an eye, the droplet of water had already appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who had already prepared his Divine Martial Armor, instantly executed the Divine Martial Technique without any hesitation.

His Heavenly Venerate consciousness, half-step Heavenly Venerate power, and Divine Martial Technique joined forces before striking the droplet of water.

The droplet of water shattered when it was hit by Luo Yunyang’s techniques. The moment it shattered, tons of water-light began to smash madly towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang immediately took flight when he was bombarded by the water-light. Although the Divine Martial Armor was protecting his body, he still added the Constitution of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to his own after unleashing the Divine Martial Technique.

However, the sound of broken bones and torn tendons erupted incessantly after he took flight.

Luo Yunyang was still conscious, which meant that he had only been injured physically. However, it was extremely agonizing for him physically when every bone and tendon in his body was crushed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roaring explosions ensued in the void as if heaven and earth were bellowing angrily. Then, a series of cracks started to develop in the void.

Luo Yunyang could sense an exceptionally vast and mighty energy that could crush him instantly into fine bits of powder when the explosion occurred.

A furious intent could be felt from this energy. Under the surging wrath of the sky, Luo Yunyang felt that his Heavenly Venerate consciousness was just as insignificant as an ant.

Remain calm.He had to remain calm, no matter what!

In the books, it was recorded that divine light would shroud one’s body and heaven and earth would celebrate once the martialist survived the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

Why was there such intense wrath suppressing him as if it couldn’t wait to kill him after he survived the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation?

Was it because of the Divine Martial Armor, or because he wasn’t part of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos?

While these thoughts flooded Luo Yunyang’s mind, he started to feel that the power that eagerly wanted to destroy him was getting stronger. After mulling this over for a moment, he shouted, “The Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation is over! Are you trying to go against the rules?”

After he shouted, the intensity of the destructive energy grew 10 times in an instant and an eye appeared in the void in front of Luo Yunyang.

It was a blood-red eye that dominated over the life and death of the entire world.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath while facing the peculiar eye. He knew that anything he said would be futile. Hence, he simply stared back at the eye without speaking a word.

“Humpf!” A cold, emotionless snort suddenly echoed nonstop in the void. Just as Luo Yunyang’s mind started drifting away in thought, the huge eye and echoing snort disappeared completely without a trace.

A nine-colored divine light fell from the dark dense clouds. When the divine light touched Luo Yunyang’s body, he felt his body get wrapped in a very warm liquid. His injuries were quickly healed.

Based on Luo Yunyang’s previous experiences, he thought that the recovery would be excruciating. However, it felt extremely comfortable now.

Just as Luo Yunyang was beginning to enjoy himself at the moment, he felt his mind enlarge infinitely.

The Star Suste, where the Donghua Ancient Sect was located, was a speck of dust as it appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind. His real focus was a vast, endless and seemingly borderless great land.

This had to be the center of the entire Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos- the Mysterious Great Sky Land!

Luo Yunyang had read plenty of descriptions of the Mysterious Great Sky Land when he had gone through the ancient records of the Donghua Ancient Sect. However, he finally felt the vastness of the land by looking at it from a higher perspective.

Endless trails of galaxies were scattered like dust, and there was even a mountain range on the Mysterious Great Sky Land that was as big as a Star System.

On the Mysterious Great Sky Land, Luo Yunyang saw the Nine Dragons raging in the sky, the Scarlet Phoenix dancing in the air, as well as the life and death of all living things

When he looked at the Mysterious Great Sky Land, he felt someone or something occasionally looking back at him whenever his eyes scanned an area.

Luo Yunyang did not know who or what was looking back at him, but he remained cautious.

In a huge canyon, he saw an abundant greyish atmosphere. He didn’t know what this atmosphere was. However, after looking at it for a tad longer than he should have, he felt an apex-level malicious beast staring at him.

He hurriedly retracted his sight. Immediately, a name popped up in his mind: Sighing Abyss!

The Sighing Abyss was the only place where a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate could fall and the only place able to make a Heavenly Venerate sigh in defeat.

After looking around again, Luo Yunyang’s eyes landed on a huge plateau. Although this plateau was immeasurable, when he looked into the distance from the plateau, he believed that he saw the corpse of a God.

That’s right, he saw the palms, legs, and head of a God! He saw

A huge body was forming the Burial Plateau!

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to recover his consciousness from the Burial Plateau, he saw a small crack in one of the plateau’s corners.

In the middle of the crack was a small boat. A figure was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the boat.

The figure trembled slightly as it felt Luo Yunyang looking at it.

“A Heavenly Venerate True Body! My Heavenly Venerate True Body!”

Luo Yunyang started screaming in joy in his heart like a child. He had never thought that he would actually see his Heavenly Venerate True Body. At first, he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to find his Heavenly Venerate True Body, as he was only going to be in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos for 10 years. However, his True Body had really appeared!

Just as Luo Yunyang, who was overwhelmed with emotion, was about to look at his Heavenly Venerate True Body carefully, the spirit consciousness he was using to overlook the Cosmos suddenly crumbled.