Supreme Uprising Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Innate Shenzi And The Battle Deity Palace

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Yin Feihuan appeared embarrassed as she peeked at Luo Yunyang and realized that he was smiling back at her calmly.

She had casually addressed Luo Yunyang as her senior brother because she had been contacting her bestie.

After all, she felt that the news of Luo Yunyangs reincarnation as their Ancestral Master should still be kept under wraps for as long as possible.

She didnt think that her bestie would barge over and speak in such a rude manner.

Yin Feihuan wouldnt have felt so embarrassed if Luo Yunyang had indeed been her senior brother. After all, it was true that they were a small sect compared to the sects in the Mysterious Great Sky Land.

However, she was with her Ancestral Master.

As she felt embarrassed, the beautiful woman began to chatter on. "In my opinion, you shouldnt waste your time stating that the Donghua Ancient Sect has no future. Why dont you join the Irregular Star Sect? My Third Uncle Master is preparing to accept a direct disciple. It would be much faster to cultivate in the Irregular Star Paradise than put up with the Qianliu Star nonsense."

Yin Feihuan grimaced as she listened on. She wouldnt have informed her bestie if she had known that she would spew all this nonsense.

Luo Yunyang seemed to understand something when he heard the woman mention the Irregular Star Sect and the Irregular Star Paradise.

The Donghua Ancient Sect had plenty of records regarding the sects in the Mysterious Great Sky Land. Although the Irregular Star Sect wasnt a big first-class sect, it was still a second-class sect.

They were led by a Heavenly Venerate and possessed one of the 800 Paradises in the Mysterious Great Sky Land.

According to the classification of the cultivation grounds in the Mysterious Great Sky Land, the best were the Divine Earths!

The six Divine Earths belonged to the six Supreme Sects on the Mysterious Great Sky Land. It was rumored that all six Supreme Sects were helmed by an Almighty.

Of course, this was just a rumor.

Ranking behind the Divine Earths were the Heavens Caves. There were 99 Heavens Caves, and all of them belonged to the 99 great powers on the Mysterious Great Sky Land.

Someone who possessed a Heavens Cave usually commanded a region.

Although 800 Paradises seemed like a lot, the battle for the paradises was in fact very intense.

According to a saying, only a sect helmed by a Heavenly Venerate could secure its own Paradise.

Hence, the Irregular Star Sect was considered a pretty good second-class sect because it possessed a Paradise.

"Yunying, cant you just cut it out?" Yin Feihuan quickly interrupted her bestie before mumbling to Luo Yunyang, "Ancestral Senior Brother, this is my bestie, Mo Yunying from the Irregular Star Sect. Her cultivation is similar to mine, and she is a core disciple of the Irregular Star Sect."

Yin Feihuan then quickly introduced Luo Yunyang to her bestie, who seemed like she couldnt wait to speak. "This is my Senior Brother"

Yin Feihuan didnt know what name she should use, when the two words "Luo Yunyang" popped into her mind.

"Luo Yunyang!" Yin Feihuan felt that something was wrong when she blurted out this name.

Luo Yunyang smiled lightly at Mo Yunying in greeting. Meanwhile, Mo Yunying looked at Yin Feihuans expression before giggling and teasing Luo Yunyang. "Luo Yunyang. What a bright and sunny name!"

Luo Yunyang appeared to be more restrained after surviving 49 levels of the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation. Mo Yunying, who had sharp eyes, had most likely befriended Yin Feihuan because of her placing in the Beauty Charts.

As for Luo Yunyang, Mo Yunying must have thought that he was merely a country bumpkin and therefore didnt treat him seriously.

This time, her goal had been to introduce Yin Feihuan to her elder brother. However, after seeing the lingering affection Yin Feihuan had for Luo Yunyang as she introduced him, Mo Yunying felt slightly sour all of a sudden.

Still, she made up her mind in an instant.

"Feihuan, Fairy Luo of the Mystical Floral Sect is holding a banquet for talented members of various sects. Since you are here, why not head over and take a look?" She shot a glance at Luo Yunyang before adding, "The Irregular Star Sect happens to have a few extra slots. Brother Luo, you should follow us and experience it for yourself. After all, you may not have the chance to visit the Mysterious Great Sky Land again."

Yin Feihuan looked at Luo Yunyang worriedly. In her opinion, her Ancestral Master was a strict person that would kill anyone he wanted. How could he put up with Mo Yunyings ridiculous comments?

Just as she was about to reject Mo Yunyings offer and risk offending her, Luo Yunyang agreed readily. "If theres such a good opportunity, Ill have to trouble you, Lady Mo!"

By following Mo Yunyings instructions, Luo Yunyangs flying ship flew into a massive manor that occupied thousands of miles in Tianlan City. Although it seemed simple yet elegant, every piece of jade paved on the ground was equivalent to a top-grade jade essence in the Divine Union.

"Little sis, why are you late?" A towering man walked over quickly when he saw Mo Yunying. The mans cultivation was just at the initial stages of the Celestial Domain Grade, and he exuded an impressive aura as he walked.

On the surface, he appeared to be greeting Mo Yunying. However, his eyes were on Yin Feihuan.

Yin Feihuan merely nodded at the man while Mo Yunying hastily introduced Yin Feihuan and Luo Yunyang. The man was Mo Yunsheng, the most outstanding core disciple of the Irregular Star Sect.

Any young man who was able to break through to the Celestial Domain Grade and become a Sky Celestial at this age would be very arrogant. He merely took a passing glance at Luo Yunyang after hearing about him and then turned his attention back to Yin Feihuan.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as Mo Yunsheng was ready to invite Luo Yunyang into the manor, a thundering boom reverberated from the void.

Luo Yunyang frowned slightly before glancing at the void and seeing a purple ray of light dashing in their direction quickly.

With a flash, the ray of light appeared in the space above Luo Yunyang and the others. Then, a huge four-headed beast with black horns growing on each of its heads zoomed in after the thunderclap.

The four-headed beast, which was pulling an extremely ancient chariot made of bronze, was tattered with stains, spots and cracks.

It was a chariot that seemed to have gone through a lot. Luo Yunyang immediately sensed an oppressive feeling when his gaze fell on that chariot.

Standing on the chariot was a six-meter-tall man with the grandeur of a Sky Celestial. He held a halberd in one of his hands, while the other was resting on his waist.

When Mo Yunsheng saw the chariot, he saluted respectfully. However, the person on the chariot simply ignored him and charged his chariot directly over the space on top of the manor.

There were thousands of guards in different attire at the manor gate. However, none of them got angry after seeing what had happened. Instead, they bowed respectfully.

"Its Battle Shenzi!" Mo Yunsheng said respectfully after the chariot disappeared in the distance. "Battle Shenzi is the number one Shenzi of the Battle Deity Palace. Its said that he was already a Sky Celestial when he was born!"

Although Luo Yunyang knew that some powerful creatures were incomparably strong right from their birth, it was still shocking to hear that Battle Shenzi had been born a Sky Celestial.

"You have to believe it. Its true. I heard that his parents are both Heavenly Venerates of the Battle Deity Palace," Mo Yunsheng whispered before adding, "I wouldnt dare mention their names. All you need to know is that what Im saying is true."

"Lets go! We should go first. Who knows, we might be able to see Fairy Luo." Mo Yunsheng glanced at Luo Yunyang and added, "Fairy Luo likes resolute men who lead by example, especially those who come from noble sects. Brother Luo, you must grasp this opportunity!"

Luo Yunyang knew very well what Mo Yunsheng meant. He smiled gently and glanced back at Mo Yunsheng, who acted like he was a kind friend. "I must thank you, Brother Mo, if I succeed."

Mo Yunsheng felt as if his heart was being trampled by countless beasts. He cursed silently as he watched Luo Yunyang smile cheekily.

Fairy Luo ranked fifth in the beauty rankings. Not only was she a charming, attractive woman, but the Mystical Floral Sect was also a first-class power. She had always been waiting for the right person and circumstances to get married. How could he, a puny Donghua Ancient Sect

Although he was mocking Luo Yunyang in his mind, he still put up a superficial front and replied, "Well, I wish you success then, Brother Luo!"

Mo Yunying whispered to Yin Feihuan with a look of disdain, "Your Senior Brother seems pretty interesting, huh?"

Although Yin Feihuan felt that Luo Yunyangs words had been a little out of line, she was merely a junior so it wasnt her place to talk. Hence, she just smiled and remained silent.

Under the guidance of the waiters, they arrived in the middle of a vast lake. A banquet had already been set up on the island and the middle of the lake. It was even possible to see people dancing in the middle of the banquet.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your location." The beautiful waitress, who was wearing a white robe, explained to Mo Yunying before turning to Yin Feihuan and adding, "Fairy Yin, Mo Shenzi, please board the boat."

The lake island was only ten miles away, so Yin Feihuan and the rest could reach it with a single step.

However, boarding the boat fully revealed the workings of the Mystical Floral Sect.

Mo Yunsheng smirked slightly as he told Luo Yunyang, "Lady Luo is already on the lake island. It seems like I cant be Brother Luos referral anymore. However, there are still plenty of exceptional figures here. Lets have young sis introduce a couple of them to you, Brother Luo."

Then, he gestured politely towards Yin Feihuan and said, "Fairy Yin, you first!"