Supreme Uprising Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Come With Me For Something Good

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The gathering on the lake island finally reached its epilogue. As people took to the sky and left one after the other, the bustling lake island once again regained its calm, peaceful state.

Yin Feihuan simply wasnt in any mood to greet the few other females she had gotten to know as she rushed out of the lake island impatiently.

She wanted to see exactly what was going on with Ancestral Master Luo Yunyang.

As she walked out of the lake island, she saw Luo Yunyang and two other men chatting and laughing while leaving.

One of them was Ji Wuhua, whom Yin Feihuan absolutely abhorred.

When had the Ancestral Master and Ji Wuhua started hanging out together? Yin Feihuan felt bewildered and a little depressed. It was commonly said that birds of a feather flocked together. However, the Ancestral Master wasnt that sort of shallow person. Why was he mixing it up with a fellow who liked to provoke others?

She wanted to find out what exactly Luo Yunyang was up to, yet upon thinking this through, Yin Feihuan stopped in her tracks. After all, Ji Wuhua had a bad reputation out there. If she followed him, her own reputation might be tarnished, even if nothing happened.

Ji Wuhua was standing on an unnamed hill when his smile faded. He glared at Luo Yunyang icily. "Bring Yin Feihuan to see me tomorrow. Then, you shall become a disciple of the Lianhua Sky Sect. I can guarantee that, after joining the sect, you will enjoy yourself tremendously."

Luo Yunyang didnt say a thing. The young man who had spoken to Luo Yunyang first shouted arrogantly, "Why wont you say something? Are you deaf or mute? If you arent obedient, dont blame me for what happens next, you brat!"

"Are you threatening me?" As Luo Yunyang spoke, an eye appeared between his eyebrows.

It was the Space-Time Eye!

After using his attribute regulator to adjust it, the power of the Space-Time Eye was instantly unleashed on Ji Wuhua.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyangs palm slammed heavily against Ji Wuhuas body. The Divine Martial Technique immediately shattered Ji Wuhuas internal universe.

Although he was the Lianhua Sky Sects most important disciple, Ji Wuhua simply hadnt been on his guard. He didnt even have the time to make a squeak as he flopped limply to the ground.

That Junior Brother of his sensed that something was wrong. However, he had no time to speak out before Luo Yunyang used his palm as a blade and a black vortex immediately engulfed him.

"Who Who are you?" Ji Wuhua finally was able to free himself from what seemed like Luo Yunyangs immobilizing spell. He trembled as he stared at the smiling Luo Yunyang.

It was at this moment that he realized that he was in deep trouble. He silently cursed his own Junior Brother and quickly put on a warm smile to try and flatter Luo Yunyang.

"Brother, this whole matter is entirely my fault. How about we"

Luo Yunyangs palm smacked Ji Wuhuas face. Before he spoke, Ji Wuhua changed his way of addressing Luo Yunyang.

"Big Brother, I was wrong. I will completely reform after this" Ji Wuhua seemed to be showing utter remorse.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had already taken out all the items Ji Wuhua stored as he was speaking.

"Where is that Wanzi Wood Heart?" Luo Yunyang pointed to the items at his feet and chuckled.

"Big Brother, if I give you all these items, will you spare my miserable life? I can promise you that something like this will never occur again!"

Luo Yunyang chuckled as he watched Ji Wuhua solemnly swear before punching Ji Wuhuas chest again.

Ji Wuhua felt the bones in his body get shattered by this punch. As fear gripped his heart, he wailed, "Big Brother, my most important items are in that storage bracelet."

Ji Wuhua spoke quickly, as he no longer dared to persist. Meanwhile, he pointed to a black storage bracelet.

"Erase your imprint on this bracelet," Luo Yunyang told Ji Wuhua.

Ji Wuhuas first impulse was not to erase it and haggle. However, when he saw Luo Yunyang raise his palm once again, he no longer cared so much. He hurriedly removed all traces of his ownership.

This was a storage space with an over 100-mile radius. There were many good items in this storage space. Luo Yunyang believed that just the resources inside were already more abundant than the Donghua Ancient Sects treasury.

In just an instant, he found the items he needed.

The Wanzai Wood Heart, the Dry Origin Source Ore, and the Sky Roc Blood were there. The Wanzai Wood Heart and the Dry Origin Source Ore were treasures that could help the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast evolve quickly. While the Sky Roc Blood wasnt a part of them, it could also substitute water-base treasures

"Sir, you have already gotten the items. Can I be released? We will mind our own business from now on." Ji Wuhua understood that this person had been targeting his treasures upon seeing the satisfied look on Luo Yunyangs face.

While he was inwardly pissed at the fraudulence of Fairy Luos exchange, he still acted magnanimously.

However, he had already decided that he would get back the items he had lost today no matter what.

"What do you think?" Luo Yunyang grinned at Ji Wuhua.

Ji Wuhua shuddered. He had already thought of this possibility. Although he had been prepared in case this happened, hearing Luo Yunyangs intent of silencing him made him feel terrified.

"Sir, I am the Lianhua Sky Sects current generation disciple. Even though killing me wouldnt be hard, my body has an imprint left behind by a sects Heavenly Venerate. If I died, my master wouldnt take this lying down."

"I have to advise you to think twice before you act, sir!" At this point, Ji Wuhuas tone became more solemn. "I swear upon the name of my Ancestral Master."

Luo Yunyang rubbed his nose and an idea popped up in his head. He quickly extended his hand and tapped twice against Ji Wuhuas body. Ji Wuhua, who had already sensed that things werent good, wanted to shout. However, he discovered that he couldnt make any sound.

"Lianhua Sky Sect He he!" Luo Yunyang was seemingly talking to himself while mocking Ji Wuhua. His knuckles rapped against Ji Wuhuas head and knocked him out.

After doing all this, Luo Yunyang brought Ji Wuhua and the Junior Brothers bodies to the manor of the gathering.

He remembered rather clearly Long Xinyue from the Black Heaven Earth Sect and a courtyard of the manor.

Although this was not a walk in the park, Luo Yunyang was still able to proceed without many problems given his cultivation base. In the blink of an eye, he had already carried the two bodies to this little courtyard.

"Who!" Just as Luo Yunyang was about to do something, a soft voice rang out.

As the owner of that courtyard rushed out, Luo Yunyang waved his hand and tossed Ji Wuhua out.

"Ha ha ha! Fairy Long, I have admired you for a long time. You dont have to chase me and try and hit me on our first encounter."

After saying this, Luo Yunyang took to the sky and left like a flash of lightning.

Although Long Xinyues expression was calm, her eyes were laced with faint killing intent. In her opinion, Ji Wuhua was an insignificant person. How dare such an insignificant person actually have designs on her?

Thus, as Ji Wuhuas figure came bumbling forward, Long Xinyues palm struck. In an instant, a hand imprint containing many ripples appeared in the void.

As the hand imprint descended, Long Xinyue realized that something seemed off. However, as she was about to retract her force, she felt another gaze on her.

"Long Xinyue. My Senior Brother is deeply devoted to you. Why do"

The sentence wasnt left unfinished when a sword appeared in Long Xinyues hand. The sword swept across and cut the speaker in two.

Everything happened really smoothly. Long Xinyue wasnt an ordinary person. Thus, she immediately sensed that something was wrong in her surroundings.

As she was about to search for the problem, she heard countless people shout, "Dont worry, Fairy Long! We have arrived!"

"How audacious of you, Ji Wuhua! You are courting death by actually barging in here. You will definitely pay a tremendous price."

"Ji Wuhua even brought along a lackey. He he Seems like he was up to something devious." A young martialist sneered when he saw Ji Wuhua and his Junior Brother lying on the ground.

Very quickly, the youngster beside Ji Wuhua discovered their strange circumstances. He was a peak Galaxy-Grade powerhouse after all.

"Ji Wuhua is dead. He was killed with a punch. His younger brother is also dead."

When Long Xinyue heard this, a flicker appeared in her eyes. She was certain that Ji Wuhuas death was fishy.

However, this news was already being spread. Ji Wuhua had become a toad lusting after a swan.

Of course, this sort of idiotic behavior had gotten him killed.

The rather relaxed Tianlan City started to stir following Ji Wuhuas death.

Some people said that Ji Wuhua had been impudent. However, others said that Ji Wuhua had been killed in secret and died unjustly.

Three days passed by in a flash. During this time, many people waited for the seals to be distributed and formed groups or fought with people they didnt see eye to eye with.

The Battle Deity Palaces Shenzi, Long Xinyue and the others also started to recruit subordinates, which resulted in many people flocking under them.

When Luo Yunyangs mind peacefully came out of seclusion, he received a piece of newsfrom this day onward, he would be Long Xinyues subordinate.