Supreme Uprising Chapter 68

Chapter 68: A Soaked Garb Isn't Afraid Of A Spring Rain

"Is that Nie Yunxin?" Xu Zhong rubbed his head as he muttered to himself.

Although he wasn't a member of this elite class, even he had heard of the reputation behind that name.

This was the number one martialist among the youngest generation of the eight armies!

That meant that he was the equivalent of the Newcomer King of the Newcomer Kings of all eight armies. Although Xu Zhong was superior compared to Nie Yunxin, he feared that Luo Yunyang would really be defeated this time around.

Just as Xu Zhong started feeling vexed, he suddenly heard a soft gasp next to him. As soon as he heard it, he saw Nie Yunxin soar in the air. When he blinked, he saw a black dot flash by extremely fast.

It only took a few bounces for it to reach the one-third mark of the five-kilometer bridge.

Then, the black dot stopped. Xu Zhong suddenly saw what the black dot really was.

How was this possible?

The Eagle King and the others, who could see even more clearly, were just as startled by the sight before them.

How had Luo Yunyang done this? The Eagle King and the others had all believed that Nie Yunxin would emerge victorious, not just because of his title, but because of the gravity locks he had removed from his body.

A gravitational force of 5,000 kilograms was no laughing matter, yet Luo Yunyang had just stopped one-third of the way along the bridge.

This meant that Nie Yunxin had not managed to stop him from crossing.

Both Cuan Tianhou and the fat old man were flabbergasted. This outcome had been completely unexpected!

"How is this possible? He hasn't even awakened a source core yet. How can he be that fast?" said the fat old man.

He realized that, no matter how much effort he made right now, it would be very difficult to reverse this situation. Things had already spiraled out of control. This savage kid couldn't be underestimated any longer.

The fat man's doubts were immediately endorsed by many others. What use was there to agreeing with his thoughts, though? Luo Yunyang had already crossed the long bridge.

"Well done!" A sparkle was shining in Ji Tian's eyes. The haze enveloping her heart dispersed, so she finally felt comfortable and able to breathe, despite her infatuation. Yun Lei, who was standing next to her, didn't utter a single word.

"Our leader is mighty! Our leader is mighty!" the members of the Rising Dragon Army's elite class cheered jubilantly.

Even Sun Miaomiao, who had been shocked by the scene, threw her ladylike image out the window and joined Zhao Buge and the others in cheering Luo Yunyang on.

"I know I have lost, but how are you able to be that fast?" Nie Yunxin asked calmly.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Nie Yunxin as he thought to himself, "I can't do it myself, but daddy has an attribute regulator. Defeating you was a necessity!"

"I just am!" Although Luo Yunyang realized that he'd had an unfair advantage in this contest, he quickly pushed this thought to the back of his head.

"You can have one of the A-grade source fluids inside!" As he spoke, Nie Yunxing strolled calmly towards the five-kilometer bridge.

As they heard his words, quite a number of Sky High Military officials had unsightly expressions on their faces. This time, they had used quite a lot of resources to teach the Rising Dragon Army an unforgettable lesson.

As Luo Yunyang stepped forward, most of the Sky High Military personnel felt dejected. One of the A-grade source fluids they had viewed as their own exclusive property had to be given to him. What the hell was going on?

"He's just a one-trick pony!" The fat old man's tone was unresigned. "You got lucky, Old Eagle. To think that you could actually acquire such a freak! You should know that such talent ultimately ends up being flawed."

The Eagle King didn't retort. He was a victor right now, so there was no need for him to waste his breath. All he wanted to do was maintain that feeling.

"You want to crash your way through me?" Luo Yunyang's body obstructed the path on the bridge.

Nie Yunxin's expression didn't change when he realized that Luo Yunyang was blocking his way. "Your speed was unexpected, but trying to stop me is impossible."

"If you don't believe me, then try attacking me!"

The self-confident Nie Yunxin wasn't unlikable, but as a member of the Rising Dragon Army, what Luo Yunyang wanted the most wasn't an A-grade source fluid. What he wanted was to save the Rising Dragon Army's dignity.

As Nie Yunxin was speaking, a bird appeared and flew past the side of his body. Nie Yunxin's hands didn't budge. Only his body did.

When his body swayed faintly, the flying bird, which was at least a foot long, suddenly seemed to get trapped in the air. It now could only fly in circles around his body.

"It's the Soaked Garb Technique!" the Eagle King exclaimed in astonishment when he saw this.

When he heard the name of the technique, Xu Zhong felt his forehead break out in sweat. He had tried to practise this technique and wasted a lot of dayuan on buying manuals about it, yet he had discovered that he didn't have the aptitude for it.

Sometimes, he even doubted whether there was anyone who could master the Soaked Garb Technique.

However, as he watched that bird fly in circles around Nie Yunxin, Xu Zhong realized that the Soaked Garb Technique wasn't just hot air.

Although he was proud, Xu Zhong knew that, if he had to face the Soaked Garb Technique, he would suffer a tragic defeat.

Luo Yunyang was better than Nie Yunxin speed-wise, but if he thought that he would defeat Nie Yunxin the same way that he had Lei Qi, he was wrong. Even though Luo Yunyang was fast, when his fists came close to Nie Yunxin, they would pose no threat to him.

"A Soaked Garb isn't afraid of a spring rain!" Sun Miaomiao sighed in disappointment as she watched the bird flap its wings furiously.

"The Sky High's number one Pillar is mighty and formidable!" the young Sky High Military martialists shouted. Their expressions were full of pride as they looked at the Rising Dragon Army.

Although Luo Yunyang was quick, the difference between him and Nie Yunxin was too vast. There was no way he could defeat Nie Yunxin, let alone try to hit him.

The echoing cheers perked up the Sky High Military's declining spirits. Even a number of officers from the other six armies exclaimed in admiration as they watched Nie Yunxin.

"This move of yours is called the Soaked Garb Technique?" Luo Yunyang felt some admiration for Nie Yunxin's shrewdness.

In the blink of an eye, the young man had totally wiped out any advantage Luo Yunyang had acquired just by using this move.

Regardless of how Luo Yunyang was going to deal with this, or whether he was going to be suppressed from all directions, the moment Nie Yunxin showed his mastery, he established himself as the youngest generation's best martialist.

Although the Sky High Military seemed to have lost this competition, this would make others fear them again.

This was certainly not what Luo Yunyang wanted.

"Not bad… This is indeed the Soaked Garb Technique," Nie Yunxin said as calmly as ever. "If you work hard, you will probably be able to master it."

"What would be the use? If I wished to, I could just split this with one blow!" Luo Yunyang replied flatly.