Supreme Uprising Chapter 682

Chapter 682 The Great Massacre Divine Blade

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Yin Feihuan clenched her fist tightly and shut her mouth. She had never thought that the situation would turn out in this manner.

She had originally thought that her Ancestral Master was only there to join in the fun of searching for the Heavenly Venerate True Body. She had never expected her Ancestral Master to truly obtain it.

Yin Feihuan felt very strange about the process her Ancestral Master used to obtain the Heavenly Venerate True Body. However, it was still an undeniable fact that the True Body had appeared beside the Ancestral Master.

That wasnt all. While it was easy to obtain the Heavenly Venerate True Body, keeping it safe wasnt.

Just as Yin Feihuan was beginning to feel worried, the First Devil Son stepped forward and spoke as if he was giving an order.

Yin Feihuan could sense a dangerous killing intent coming from the First Devil Son. Her logic told her that the First Devil Son was going to strike at her Ancestral Master if he refused to obey or attempted to resist.

Just as she was lost deep in her thoughts, she heard Long Xinyues voice. "Sister Feihuan, youve seen the situation. Theres no way your Senior Brother is going to keep the Heavenly Venerate True Body."

"If he is willing to cooperate with the Black Heaven Earth Sect and hand us the Heavenly Venerate True Body, our sect will definitely compensate both of you well."

"Sis, you just have to nod your head and we, the Black Heaven Earth Sect, will handle everything for you.."

It was easy to nod her head. However, Yin Feihuan didnt have the authority to do so. She could only look at Luo Yunyang and pass on Long Xinyues message.

Long Xinyue wasnt in a hurry. She stood aside as if she had nothing to do with this. Before entering the Burial Plateau, she had thought that only the First Devil Son and a few other martialists were worthy opponents.

The reason they had brought such a big group of subordinates was simple. The Burial Plateau was extremely dangerous. Hence, it was better to have some people pave the way rather than fight solo.

Long Xinyue could make anyone feel like they were bathing in good vibes. However, she had absolutely no interest in Luo Yunyang, who was from the Donghua Ancient Sect.

Thus, there had been no need for her to lower her status just to interact with him.

However, that inconspicuous guy had actually received a great favor from the Heavenly Venerate True Body, which had coincidentally fallen from the crack in the void and landed directly beside him. What a lucky b*stard!

Unfortunately, she did not feel uncomfortable in her heart. The Burial Plateau was too dangerous. It would be best to obtain the Heavenly Venerate True Body without entering it.

Although she slightly regretted not roping in Luo Yunyang earlier, she firmly believed that Luo Yunyang could not escape her grasp on his own.

Just as she was confidently plotting her plan, she heard Luo Yunyang speak. However, Luo Yunyang wasnt talking to her.

"Just you? He he Youre far from capable!" Luo Yunyang was speaking to the First Devil Son!

Who the heck was the First Devil Son? He was a genius that had been carefully nurtured by the Innate Demon Sect. It was rumored that, in order to make the First Devil Son receive an innate Demon Body, the elders of his sect had utilized Great Mystic Abilities to transfuse his embryo into the womb of a Demon Kirin.

While growing up in the Demon Kirins womb for 10 years, he had absorbed all the essence in the Demon Kirin. Eventually, the Demon Kirin had died and he had been brought into the world to lead his group.

The First Devil Sons talent was incomparable. However, he had also inherited the arrogance of the Demon Kirin. Upon seeing Luo Yunyangs unyielding and rude attitude, the urge to kill in him instantly skyrocketed.

Just as he was burning with rage and was about to take matters into his own hands, someone behind the First Devil Son sneered.

A young man clad in Imperial Robes with nine dragons stepped out and sarcastically told Luo Yunyang, "Wow, what an impressive tone. You even dared to look down on the First Devil Son."

"I wonder who gave you the courage to speak in such a manner!" The young man snorted coldly and added, "Now, I am giving you a chance to turn and run back to your remote and useless Donghua Ancient Sect. Otherwise, you will die!"

The cry of 99 dragons resonated throughout the void when the young man spoke. Then, the illusions of 99 Golden Dragons appeared in the sky above the valley path.

"Its the Ninth Prince of the Era Dynasty. I have always heard that he had a paragon body. I did not expect it to be true."

"He he How could it not be true? The Ninth Prince has always been arrogant I heard that he once said that the Great Mysterious Sky Land was the only true Great Mysterious Sky Cosmos. Any other territories around the Great Mysterious Sky Land were just wastelands."

"The Ninth Prince even believed that the Heavenly Venerate Remains were prepared for him. He thought this was his fate."

"How can he accept the fact that it has now fallen into the hands of Luo Yunyang from the Donghua Ancient Sect? He definitely needs to vent his anger!"

Luo Yunyang could sense a bright yellow aura get blended in with the atmosphere around the Ninth Prince of the Era Dynasty.

Although this aura was exceptionally strong, Luo Yunyang didnt pay much attention to it.

In his opinion, even though this aura was strong, it didnt pose any threat to him at all. He merely glanced at the Ninth Prince and snorted, "Scram!"

The Ninth Prince was enraged. Although it was difficult for a dynasty to rule over all the major sects, they were still informally lords of the entire Mysterious Great Sky Land.

In terms of strength, the Era Dynasty was also one of the most powerful forces on the Great Mysterious Sky Land and was considered equal to the Black Heaven Earth Sect, the Nine Seas Divine Court and the Innate Demon Sect.

Although he ranked ninth among his generation of princes, there was no command he couldnt give. He had stepped forward because he wanted to intimidate Luo Yunyang and also put pressure on the First Devil Son.

He had not expected that things would turn out this way.

Long Xinyue was staring at Luo Yunyang, who seemed to have completely changed into another person. Countless thoughts flooded her mind. Her first reaction was that Luo Yunyang must have been manipulated by the Heavenly Venerates will to act in such an irrational manner.

However, she rejected the thought immediately. After all, the message from her Ancestral Master stated that the rare opportunity on the Thousand Realm Boat was the Heavenly Venerate Remains.

Could he have been acting dumb all along?

After confirming that she had indeed been rejected by Luo Yunyang, Long Xinyue snapped out of her thoughts and approached him. "Brother Luo, the Heavenly Venerate Remains are a precious treasure in the Mysterious Great Sky Land. Although it appeared beside you, that doesnt mean that it belongs to you."

"I ask that you leave behind the Heavenly Venerate Remains. Where they go will be decided by the major sects."

Long Xinyue sounded peaceful. However, there was a hint of resoluteness in her tone. After she spoke, many others voiced their opinions as well.

"Fairy Long is right. We agree with her."

"The Heavenly Venerate Remains were going to descend anyway. You cant say that they are yours because they landed beside you. If that were the case, wouldnt the Burial Plateau belong to us since were here now?"

"Ha ha ha! Brother, you are right."

"Stop spouting rubbish. The Burial Plateau is extremely mystical. You may land yourself in trouble with all your nonsense!"

"We, the Irregular Star Sect, agree with Fairy Longs suggestion. Luo Yunyang should stop acting shamelessly by forcefully holding onto the Heavenly Venerate Remains. There are no benefits in this for you."

Many people stepped forward in an instant, expressing their approval of Long Xinyues suggestion. Although most of them were doing so for their own interests, many were acting out for Long Xinyue.

Although Fairy Luo of the Mystical Floral Sect agreed with Long Xinyue, she was still extremely jealous.

There was still a gulf between her and Long Xinyue, and it was no easy task for her to make up the difference.

Long Xinyue smirked when she received the approval of the crowd. Just as Long Xinyue was ready to lecture Luo Yunyang again, the First Devil Son made his move.

The reason he had not immediately made his move was because he wasnt willing to become everyones target. However, after seeing that Long Xinyue was in control of the situation, he decided not to endure this any longer.

He had to make his move and snatch the Heavenly Venerate Remains. Even if he failed, he couldnt let this situation be manipulated by Long Xinyue.

He had no qualms about Luo Yunyang as he unleashed his Great Massacre Divine Blade!

The Great Massacre Divine Blade was a top-level technique in the Innate Demon Sect. Not only did the move combine the three Origin Source Laws, Light, Metal, and Earth, but it even made use of a certain demonic energy that didnt belong to any of the Origin Source Laws to incorporate the martialists mind power.

Ones power could increase 10 times while executing the Great Massacre Divine Blade.

This also made the Great Massacre Divine Blade one of the strongest techniques in the Innate Demon Sect. Only the disciples who had passed the test in the sect could cultivate the technique.

A frightening wave of black blade-light swept across thousands of miles, making most of the martialists who supported Long Xinyue and some who plotted to steal the Heavenly Venerate Remains shudder violently.

It also ignited the Ninth Princes fiery desire to go into battle.

Luo Yunyang did not display the power of the Heavenly Venerate True Body. He merely smiled when he saw the Great Massacre Divine Blade.

Among many weapons, Luo Yunyangs favorite was the blade. Hence, he was secretly excited when he saw that tyrannical Great Massacre Divine Blade sweeping towards him.

He used his palm as a blade and slashed out as well.

Sky Blade Origin Cleave!

This blade-light was also black. As it collided with the blade-light of the Great Massacre Divine Blade, cracks began to appear in the void.

The Celestial Thearch in charge of guarding the valley path hurriedly conjured a technique. Trails of golden rays rose, finally suppressing the cracks in the void.


The blade-light coming from the Great Massacre Divine Blade was split into two during the collision and a scar appeared in between the First Devil Sons brows!