Supreme Uprising Chapter 683

Chapter 683 The Eternal Demonic Light

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The First Devil Sons devil body contained the power of a Demon Kirin. Although it could be considered extremely powerful, even so, when that scar first appeared on his forehead, a blood trail started to extend from it, reaching all the way to the First Devil Sons abdomen.

Silently, the First Devil Sons body was split into two parts.

Violet blood extended from those cracks. When he sensed this, the First Devil Sons eyes filled with panic.

However, amidst that panic, a black talisman on the body of the First Devil Son rapidly broke and a surging black light emerged and gushed into the body of the First Devil Son.

This demonic light was extremely powerful. As it entered the body, those scars rapidly healed.

The eyes of the martialists who also belonged to similar demon paths widened with envy when they saw this flowing demonic Qi.

"Eternal Demonic Light! It is actually Eternal Demonic Light!"

The Eternal Demonic Light was top cultivation Qi for those that practiced the demon path. Besides being able to rapidly mend the Demon Body, it also provided great benefits for cultivation and advancement.

Every strand of Eternal Demonic Light required a Heavenly Venerate-Grade demon path powerhouse in order to extract the endless Qi essence of the world.

The strand of Eternal Demonic Light that the First Devil Son had consumed was enough to make over 10,000 demon path martialists advance a grade.

As Luo Yunyang watched that vast and mighty Eternal Demonic light, his gaze turned solemn. Although this Eternal Demonic Light wouldnt be of much use to him, he could sense a mark on this demonic Qi that made him apprehensive.

This mark must have been left by the Heavenly Venerate that had gathered this strand of Eternal Demonic Light.

As Luo Yunyang sensed the mark left by the Eternal Demonic Light, elsewhere in a massive palace, a huge horned old man slowly opened his eyes.

His consciousness flickered and countless images flooded his mind. Upon watching the disembodied First Devil Sons body being mended, the old man lamented.

"How powerful indeed!"

As he mumbled, the old man got up slowly and ambled out of the large palace hall.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang couldnt sense that old mans movements. Furthermore, he didnt have time to sense them either. His face stiffened as he watched the First Devil Son get mended in an instant.

The Eternal Demonic Light possessed a powerful defensive might. Although Luo Yunyang didnt fear it, he still had to take it into consideration.

Thus, his gaze turned towards the Ninth Prince and Long Xinyue.

"I never expected that I would overlook something at such a time!" Long Xinyue lamented sincerely as she looked at Luo Yunyang.

Long Xinyue was really astonished. In her eyes, Luo Yunyang was a person with decent ability, yet he had merely cleaved once and hurt the First Devil Son.

Although her ranking was above the First Devil Sons, she understood that she would find it difficult to injure the First Devil Son to this extent with just one strike.

At the same time, she felt some trepidation. This terrifying person was in her team. If there was a crucial juncture and this fellow took advantage of it to make a sneak attack, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"I never said that my abilities werent at a very high level." Luo Yunyang smiled at her as he spoke nonchalantly.

Long Xinyue felt her teeth aching. Although she knew that this person wouldnt admit that he had received a benefit, she wasnt willing to try anything on him.

Although she was confident that her cultivation base surpassed the First Devil Sons, she knew that her cultivation base would suffer greatly even if she could defeat Luo Yunyang.

Even Mo Yunying and Mo Yunsheng had unconsciously shrunk back. Mo Yunying, in particular, was filled with trepidation.

A person she had originally viewed as a worm-like existence had actually turned into a massive dragon all of a sudden. Furthermore, this was a dragon that could swallow her whole.

"You must have had a hand in the incident involving those two idiots from the Lianhua Sky Sect," Long Xinyue said with a great deal of certainty.

Now that he had already obtained his own Heavenly Venerate True Body, Luo Yunyangs greatest worry in this realm had already been taken care of. Thus, he chuckled, "Those two fellows were acting recklessly, so I had to trouble Fairy Long."

Long Xinyue smiled and turned her attention to the unmoving Heavenly Venerate True Body standing beside Luo Yunyang. Then, she said, "Quite a good scheme, I must say. We really cannot underestimate the heroes of this world."

Luo Yunyang smiled and glanced at all the people watching him covetously. "Can I go now?"

Nobody answered his question. Even the mighty and arrogant Ninth Prince didnt speak. However, not a single person backed off.

These people considered the Heavenly Venerate True Body something that had to be obtained. Although it had already fallen into Luo Yunyangs hands, it was actually even safer now compared to when it had been on the Thousand Realm Boat.

After all, the Thousand Realm Boat was on the Burial Plateau, which was a danger zone where one could easily die.

"Luo Yunyang, this is really great ability indeed. Revenge was etched in my heart with that one cleave!" The First Devil Son, who had already completely absorbed the Eternal Demonic Light, widened his eyes and stared at Luo Yunyang as blood thirst gathered all around him.

The First Devil Son could have been hurt, and his reputation could have been damaged. Even though his reputation wasnt completely destroyed, this matter would forever remain a black mark.

However, the First Devil Son wasnt a simple person. Despite the circumstances, he still suppressed the burning rage in his heart.

He was preparing to retreat as he said this. He would wait for a future opportunity to get revenge.

However, what the First Devil Son didnt expect was that Luo Yunyang would take a step toward him.

During this one step, boundless sword-light appeared behind Luo Yunyang. There were over 10,000 sword-lights with a huge sword furnace beneath them. Before the First Devil Son could even react, the 10,000 sword-lights had been assimilated inside the sword furnace.

The 10,000 sword-lights within the furnace were refined and a purple sword-light was derived before it cut down at the First Devil Son.

The First Devil Son was very strong. However, he instinctively felt fear in the face of this turbulent sword. Without any hesitation, the First Devil Son retreated frantically. He brandished his two hands as he ran and a black screen shielded him.

It was the Blanketing Demonic Seal!

One of the Innate Demon Sects strongest defensive techniques. The First Devil Son didnt like it too much because he preferred attacking people.

However, the great impetus of this sword-light had already made him lose all his confidence in attacking so he chose to defend himself instead.

Sword-light swept ahead, causing that boundless black screen that seemed to cover everything to get cut apart. Although the First Devil Son was fleeing really quickly, one of his arms was hacked off as the sword-light passed.

The First Devil Son was filled with rage. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected to become a pushover.

He had said those words just to maintain some of his dignity. He had never imagined that this person, who was from a remote tiny place, would actually be so easily provoked. Luo Yunyang had struck without saying anything.

Although losing an arm wasnt as bad as the blade wound he had received previously, it was akin to a heavy slap landing across the First Devil Sons face.

The First Devil Son had always been very proud, yet he really didnt dare open his mouth now. He was afraid that anything he said might trigger this Luo Yunyang fellow into attacking him again.

"I hate being threatened the most." Luo Yunyang glared coldly at the First Devil Son. "Speak again and I will obliterate you first!"

Mo Yunying had broken out in a cold sweat. She could feel her heart pounding violently. Luo Yunyang, whom she had looked down on, actually seemed godly right now.

Her heart turned cold when she recalled everything she had said to Luo Yunyang before. If this person decided to take revenge, then

As all these thoughts went through her mind, the First Devil Sons eyes turned from blood-red to pitch-black. Anyone who understood the Innate Demon Sects mystic ability knew that the First Devil Son s berserk intent had already emerged at the moment.

The First Devil Son wanted to speak. However, when he opened his mouth, his voice actually turned into laughter. After laughing, the First Devil Sons body floated backward.

He was retreating. The First Devil Son, who had always boasted that he wasnt weaker than anyone, had chosen to back off. Many people were surprised by his retreat, but even more people felt disappointed.

Many people hoped that the First Devil Son would be able to make a move now. Even if he couldnt defeat Luo Yunyang, at least he would force Luo Yunyang to consume a large portion of his strength. Besides, if the First Devil Son were to die at Luo Yunyangs hands, that would leave one less powerful adversary.

Unfortunately, the First Devil Son had retreated!

This wasnt the First Devil Sons style. However, everyone watching didnt find this strange. After all, if he couldnt reign in his anger when facing a much stronger person, he didnt deserve to become the Innate Demon Sects First Devil Son.

Luo Yunyang watched the retreating First Devil Son and smiled. His gaze scanned their surroundings calmly. "Does anyone else have any objections to me obtaining the Heavenly Venerate True Body?"

Nobody said anything. Even Long Xinyue didnt speak.

As Long Xinyue was mulling over what to do, Luo Yunyang took a step forward.

There werent any special techniques or tricks behind this step, yet practically everyone involuntarily took a step back as Luo Yunyang took this step forward.

"What an impressive show!" The Universe-Grade Celestial Thearch in charge of the valley path gave his approval.

"Even Shen Yuanluo wouldnt be enough!"

The Celestial Thearch didnt gloss over his words. However, the people who heard these words couldnt agree more.

The number one person on the Sky Celestial Combat Charts and son of two Heavenly Venerates, Shen Yuanluo, wouldnt be a match for Luo Yunyang!

How could they stand idly and watch as some aboriginal originating from a faraway star, who had no support whatsoever, took that Heavenly Venerate True Body so easily?