Supreme Uprising Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Divine Weapon

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As the prince of a dynasty, the Ninth Prince was never weaker than others. Ever since his birth, everyone else had played second fiddle to him as long as he was present.

The way Luo Yunyang had routed the First Devil Son had thoroughly displeased him. However, the Ninth Prince was clear on one thing: He was no match for this bumpkin from the Donghua Ancient Sect.

Still, the Ninth Prince wasnt discouraged. As the son of a dynasty that controlled many territories, he was actually feeling a little excited.

When facing opponents that were difficult to deal with, a prince like him wouldnt choose to retreat. Instead, he gathered all his strength before achieving the final victory.

He believed that as long as he could attain the final victory, he would be worthy of inheriting the throne.

Thus, when Luo Yunyang defeated the First Devil Son, the Ninth Prince started contacting those he felt considered worthy enough, such as the First Devil Son and the Black Heaven Earth Sects Long Xinyue.

Just as the Ninth Prince had anticipated, all the people he contacted expressed their approval of his suggestion to gang up on Luo Yunyang immediately.

Thus, as he watched the imposing Luo Yunyang, the Ninth Prince smiled snidely.

"Wait!" The Ninth Prince took to the air and shot over toward Luo Yunyang as he uttered this one word.

The fact that someone was stepping forward at this point came as no surprise to Luo Yunyang. After all, the value of the Heavenly Venerate True Body could make anyone willing to risk their life.

Although he had defeated the First Devil Son, there were still many exceptional geniuses. Each of them might reckon that they werent at the First Devil Sons level, but they could always join forces.

"Do you have an objection?" Luo Yunyang asked. Without giving the Ninth Prince a chance to speak, he unleashed the Divine Martial Technique.

The Ninth Prince had never expected that this bumpkin would actually be so decisive as to try to kill and attack him without any prior notice! As the overwhelming Divine Martial Technique flew toward the Ninth Prince, he felt a massive threat. He was in danger of being unable to deal with the blow in time.

However, as the Ninth Prince of the Era Dynasty, who had been born with an Earth Celestial-Grade cultivation base, he didnt lack any methods to save himself.

Instantly, his hands moved rapidly and the golden silhouette of a dragon formed a large light mark in the sky.

Not only did this light mark contain 99 golden dragon silhouettes, but there was even an image of the Mysterious Sky Great Land contained within the mark.

"The Mysterious Sky Rising Dragon Mark!"

As he faced Luo Yunyangs fearsome strike, the Ninth Prince immediately used the Era Dynastys most powerful technique. Although he only had a superficial understanding of the Mysterious Sky Rising Dragon Mark, this was still suitable for opponents of a similar level.

The instant the golden fist mark clashed with Luo Yunyangs fist, the Ninth Prince felt boundless energy rushing over at him.

As the golden energy gathered and the Mysterious Sky Rising Dragon Mark was shattered, the Ninth Prince coughed out a mouthful of blood. However, the scenario he had imagined, in which everyone ganged up to attack Luo Yunyang, didnt occur.

Long Xinyue didnt make a move. The First Devil Son didnt make a move either. The other young powerhouses vying for the Heavenly Venerate Remains also didnt make any moves.

However, as the Ninth Prince started feeling livid, Long Xinyue, the First Devil Son and the others suddenly attacked.

Long Xinyues hands were put together and a vast power of the world gathered within her fingertip. As all that power gathered, her slender porcelain-white finger turned a faint purple color.

Black Heaven Earth Sect, Sky-Splitting Finger!

The First Devil Son also attacked the instant Long Xinyue made her move. He clenched his remaining fist and pummeled heavily.

Purple fist-light flickered with a boundless shattering force and streamed rapidly at Luo Yunyang!

At the same time, over 100 peak powerhouses attacked Luo Yunyang simultaneously. Countless lights and glows shot over at Luo Yunyang.

Any martialists that could gather there were basically elites of various powers. They had all waited silently when Luo Yunyang had defeated the First Devil Son. However, no one held back when they jointly attacked Luo Yunyang.

Over 100 people used over 100 techniques, each technique containing immeasurable power.

Before obtaining the Heavenly Venerate True Body, Luo Yunyangs best choice would have been to escape as far away as possible upon facing all of these peak Sky Celestial-Grade attacks.

However, Luo Yunyang didnt need to hide now. With a thought, he quickly adjusted his various attributes with the attribute regulator.

In just a moment, Luo Yunyang used his palms as blades and cleaved.

As his hand moved, a tremendous vortex appeared in the void. When the vortex appeared, Long Xinyue and the others attacks were all sucked into it.

The black vortex contained boundless power.

The Sky-Splitting Finger, the First Devil Sons Demon Fist, and all the other attacks were absorbed into the vortex before they vanished without a trace.

A bad feeling rose in Long Xinyues heart. She instinctively wanted to take to the sky and escape. However, as she rose in the air, two strange sounds suddenly rang in her ears.

The instant she heard these sounds, Long Xinyue felt the energies within her body start to reverse due to this power.

Her body, which wanted to retreat, rushed over at Luo Yunyang uncontrollably. Suddenly, Long Xinyue realized that her situation was extremely precarious. Without hesitation, she immediately released the method her own sect master had left her.

A golden glow enveloped Long Xinyues surroundings. As this golden glow appeared, a seemingly hallowed lady appeared behind Long Xinyue and protected her.

Luo Yunyang sighed when he saw the golden silhouette behind Long Xinyue. Although he really wished to kill Long Xinyue to set an example for the others, the glowing silhouette made him feel apprehensive about going ahead with it.

Thus, the palm blow that had been prepared to strike Long Xinyue was diverted. The Samsara Palm, which contained multiplied power, immediately landed on a man with a piercing gaze in a five-colored scaled robe.

Luo Yunyang wasnt too sure about the identity of this man. He didnt need to know, as this person had attacked him first anyway.

The Samsara Palm and the Life Death Resounding Fate were the rewards Luo Yunyang had obtained after becoming Samsara Divine General. Luo Yunyang wouldnt show any mercy as he unleashed them right now. That man might have been an extraordinary genius, but he didnt have any time to resist before he was struck by Luo Yunyangs palm.

The man was turned to dust by the Samsara Palm in an instant.

"Its the Golden Scale Prince! His soul has been obliterated! How is that possible?" A startled cry was heard.

Luo Yunyang didnt know who this Golden Scale Prince was. However, upon seeing the astonished looks on everyones faces, he realized that he had definitely killed an exceptional individual.

So what?

This Golden Scale Prince and the others had clearly ganged up to kill Luo Yunyang. How could Luo Yunyang show mercy under the circumstances? Right now, he possessed the Heavenly Venerate True Body. So what if the Golden Scale Princes master came as well?

Luo Yunyang didnt care who the Golden Scale Prince was. However, Yin Feihuan, who was among the crowd, knew who the Golden Scale Prince was. He ranked 11th on the Sky Celestial Combat Chart and was the current prodigy of the Sacred Golden Scale Mountain.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the future path of the Golden Scale Prince had already been nicely arranged. However, the Golden Scale Prince had actually been slain by her own Ancestral Master.

This would cause animosity that wouldnt end until one of the parties died.

"Break!" Luo Yunyang bellowed. He didnt stop after killing the Golden Scale Prince. As he said this, the black vortex crumbled.

Waves of power shot like arrows over at Long Xinyue, the First Devil Son, the Ninth Prince, and all the others.

Although the Ninth Prince, Long Xinyue and the others possessed several live-preserving methods, most of these people were blasted back as the black vortex exploded. Some of them were even immediately shattered as the wave of power enveloped them.

There were over 10,000 people outside the valley path. However, the death of the Golden Scale Prince and the others explosion made everyone afraid.

They had come to vie for an opportunity, not throw their lives away.

Some weaker martialists quickly escaped in different directions. They had hoped to get lucky and gain something. They didnt want to die here.

Luo Yunyangs overbearing might had left them no desire to take part in this fight that would yield no benefits. Thus, they could only choose to flee.

They had to flee!

In the blink of an eye, out of the 10,000 elites gathered on this valley path, only 300 remained.

Every single one of these 300 was a well-known figure on the Sky Celestial Combat Chart. However, most of them were watching Luo Yunyang with apprehensive gazes.

Long Xinyue and the others already felt a little desperate.

"Everyone, lets not hide anything up our sleeves any longer." The First Devil Son spoke while reaching behind his back. A black curved blade gleaming with black light appeared in his hand.

As the curved blade appeared, a vast killing intent emerged and fused with the First Devil Sons body in an instant.

That vast killing intent then congealed behind the First Devil Sons body to form a massive three-headed, nine-armed demon.

"A Divine Weapon!" someone exclaimed in alarm when that massive demon converged behind the First Devil Son.