Supreme Uprising Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Broken Stream Unbounded Yearning

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Even in the Mysterious Sky Great Land, the two words “Divine Weapon” couldn’t be belittled. Even the Celestial Thearch guarding the valley path had a solemn expression on his face when he heard someone mention a Divine Weapon.

What was a Divine Weapon? It was a weapon forged by a Heavenly Venerate for themselves. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a Divine Weapon contained a Heavenly Venerate’s own cultivation path.

Some people even said that every Divine Weapon contained half the strength of a Heavenly Venerate.

Although this saying seemed a little vague, there was no doubting the might of a Divine Weapon.

Heavenly Venerates, under most circumstances, would never wrongly lend their Divine Weapons to others.

After all, Divine Weapons were really important to a Heavenly Venerate. A Heavenly Venerate that lost his Divine Weapon would have their combat strength diminished at least by half.

The First Devil Son had drawn a Divine Weapon!

A surging storm seemed to gather overhead as the black curved blade was drawn. Everyone watched as countless cracks appeared in the sky.

“Demon Blade Broken Stream!” someone shouted fearfully upon seeing the curved blade in the First Devil Son’s hand.

The exceptional geniuses around the First Devil Son seemed affected by the things they were most terrified of.

Practically all of them retreated frantically at that moment.

Broken Stream! These two words were like a dream that made them absolutely frightened.

Although the Heavenly Venerate that had forged Broken Stream had long perished during Heavenly Tribulation while trying to ascend to the ninth level, back then, this blade had destroyed ten large sects and made the Innate Demon Sect’s intimidating reputation unforgettable!

“It’s really Broken Stream!” There was a glimmer of hatred in Long Xinyue’s eyes as she studied that blade.

Amongst the top-notch powerhouses killed by Heavenly Venerate Broken Water all those years ago had been an aunt of Long Xinyue’s. However, at the moment, she would temporarily endure and restrain this hatred.

After all, the Heavenly Venerate True Body was more important.

“What a great Divine Weapon.” The Ninth Prince chuckled before he said haughtily, “Since the First Devil Son has used a Divine Weapon, how could the Era Dynasty disappoint everyone in this regard?”

As he said that, the Ninth Prince clasped his hands together and a small portal appeared strangely in the void before him. Although this portal was only about the size of a palm, the countless tiny runes on it seemed to contain a vast might.

An ear-piercing cry made the sky and earth tremble. Following that sound, a long sword shot out from the void.

This long sword was one meter long and covered by a flickering golden glow. It seemed to sense the presence of Broken Stream, as countless golden lights frantically gathered all around the long sword.

These golden lights formed many emperors in imperial robes who were standing loftily and overlooking everything below.

The Ninth Prince didn’t reach out to hold that sword. Instead, he let the sword float around him as he was surrounded by all these spectral emperors.

“It is indeed Divine Weapon Deep Scarlet!” the First Devil Son said provocatively as he watched the floating long sword.

The Ninth Prince smiled slightly but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, the two Divine Weapons buzzed continuously.

At the moment, the two of them weren’t looking at Luo Yunyang. Instead, their gazes were on Long Xinyue.

Out of all the participants in this fight, besides these two, Long Xinyue was the other one with the highest possibility of bringing out a Divine Weapon.

Although Long Xinyue was a lady, she didn’t shirk at this moment. She smiled faintly and said, “Since you two have already revealed your Divine Weapons, the Black Heaven Earth Sect naturally won’t disappoint you.”

As she said that, Long Xinyue rubbed her wrist and a red thread appeared in her hand. In an instant, the red thread mysteriously transformed into a three-meter-long red spear.

The red spear didn’t make any sound. However, when it appeared, Demon Blade Broken Stream screeched.

The Ninth Prince appeared surprised.

“How can it be? This is Unbounded Yearning!”

The Unbounded Yearning Spear, the top-notch Divine Weapon left behind by a female Heavenly Venerate from the Black Heaven Earth Sect. Because it was extremely hard to master, Unbounded Yearning hadn’t appeared in this world for many years.

The two of them had wondered what kind of Divine Weapon the Black Heaven Earth Sect would have let Long Xinyue bring this time, yet they had never imagined that it would actually be Unbounded Yearning!

As Luo Yunyang looked at the three types of Divine Weapons, he felt a little rueful. Although he had once become a Heavenly Venerate, he was still lacking considerably in experience compared to the Heavenly Venerates of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Heavenly Venerate Divine Weapons!

If he had a Divine Weapon of this level on top of his Divine Martialist Armor, he would probably be able to fight with Jueluo Supremacies and other high-level existences.

“Brother Luo, although your cultivation base is greater than ours, this Heavenly Venerate True Body definitely won’t be taken by you today.”

Long Xinyue looked at Luo Yunyang and said with a hint of respect, “I advise you to leave now.”

A flash of murderous intent appeared in the First Devil Son’s eyes. He had lost quite a bit of face thanks to Luo Yunyang so he naturally wasn’t happy to just let Luo Yunyang leave like this.

However, he didn’t say anything. Although face was very important to him, it couldn’t be compared to the importance of the Heavenly Venerate True Body.

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t possess a Divine Weapon, it still wouldn’t be easy to kill him. Furthermore, that would make it convenient for Long Xinyue and the Ninth Prince to take advantage of the situation.

“Do you think that these three Divine Weapons are enough to defeat me?” Luo Yunyang eyed Long Xinyue as he spoke nonchalantly.

Long Xinyue didn’t speak, but Unbounded Yearning vibrated. Countless fractures appeared around the spearhead of Unbounded Yearning. The powerhouses standing near Long Xinyue all retreated immediately.

“Luo Yunyang will definitely suffer here!” Mo Yunsheng said somewhat delightedly. “One’s strength isn’t important. What is important is the strength behind you.”

“Although I expected that the most outstanding disciples of the major sects who entered the Burial Plateau would have some trump cards, I never imagined that they would actually bring out Divine Weapons.”

Although the Irregular Star Sect was helmed by a Heavenly Venerate, their most precious treasure was actually a third-level Divine Weapon left behind by the previous Ancestral Master.

By relying on the sect’s array formation and the power left behind by countless Irregular Star Sect disciples, that top-notch Divine Weapon displayed the strongest might of that fallen Ancestral Master.

The Irregular Star Sect would only let these siblings bring out this sort of important technique when the fate of the entire Irregular Star Sect was at stake.

Mo Yunying nodded and said softly, “It would be best if the First Devil Son could…”

Mo Yunying didn’t finish what she was going to say, but her intentions were clear.

“Commander, this seems a little unfair!” a martialist standing beside a Celestial Thearch said in a slightly displeased manner.

They had been dispatched to guard this valley path, so he somewhat disapproved of the scene before them.

The peak Celestial Thearch replied, “It’s none of your business. Just watch the show!”

Besides the people guarding the path, many of the gathered geniuses also found this unfair.

However, not a single one expressed their opinion about this unfairness. It was Luo Yunyang’s fault for coming from the small Donghua Ancient Sect.

“Any one of us can kill you,” the Ninth Prince said calmly. “Therefore, your best option is to leave immediately before we change our minds.”

The First Devil Son didn’t speak, but the majestic killing intent enveloped Luo Yunyang. The moment Long Xinyue and the Ninth Prince made a decision, he would kill Luo Yunyang at the first opportunity.

Now that he had invoked a Divine Weapon, he felt that Luo Yunyang’s fate was already completely in his hands.

“You all feel capable of beating me just because of your Divine Weapons? How preposterous!” Luo Yunyang wasn’t willing to demonstrate his Heavenly Venerate power yet, neither was he willing to utilize the Heavenly Venerate True Body.

After all, he didn’t know the circumstances of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos very well. It would be too impulsive to use his hidden trump cards like this.

While he spoke like a hooligan, the Divine Martial Armor appeared over Luo Yunyang’s body in an instant. Although the Divine Martial Armor didn’t possess the same imposing air as the Divine Weapons containing cultivation paths of Heavenly Venerates, Luo Yunyang didn’t seem any weaker in terms of might compared to those three when he put on the Divine Martial Armor.

“Die!” The First Devil Son’s face stiffened when he saw the armor on Luo Yunyang. Although this armor wasn’t a Divine Weapon, Luo Yunyang’s aura now wasn’t weaker than theirs.

He knew that the other two had already sensed the threat. Thus, the First Devil Son attacked first. The curved blade called Broken Stream slashed as it flew toward Luo Yunyang

This slash was an ordinary cut. However, as it was released, boundless black vital energy filled the void. The First Devil Son looked like a demon that ruled the world as he stood amidst the black vital energy.

The Celestial Thearch commander went rigid. He had originally been very detached, but he felt his soul trembling when he saw the First Devil Son’s first move with Broken Stream.

Indeed, his soul was trembling in fear. This was a sort of fear that came from the depths of his heart.

Of course, what he feared wasn’t the First Devil Son, but Demon Blade Broken Stream.

“You have a death wish!” the Ninth Prince shouted. The Deep Scarlet Sword slashed and the countless emperor projections by the Ninth Prince’s side turned into spots of light that floated on Divine Weapon Deep Scarlet.

Long Xinyue didn’t hesitate either. Her red Unbounded Yearning Spear was brandished and a surging streak barreled towards Luo Yunyang!