Supreme Uprising Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Who Has The Upper Hand

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No one could compete against a strike from a Divine Weapon!

In the history of the Mysterious Great Sky Land, the utilization of Divine Weapons often led to scary and fearful outcomes.

Ancient Sects would fall, arrogant and tyrannical supreme figures would die, and even an entire mountainous region could crumble.

Now, Luo Yunyang was facing three completely renewed Divine Weapons. Although their attacks were simple, the overbearing energy that was unique to Divine Weapons was the biggest threat to him.

The blade-light unleashed from Broken Stream was sweeping across the void, heading towards Luo Yunyang! Broken Stream had sealed the void, so it would be impossible for anyone without a Heavenly Venerate cultivation base to evade it.

Luo Yunyang remained really calm while facing the oncoming attack. He had donned his Divine Martialist Armor and had his Heavenly Venerate True Body by his side. It could be said that the entire situation was under his control.

Without any fear, he made his move when Broken Stream arrived in front of him.

The Life Death Resounding Fate was emitted from his mouth. Although there were only two seals of life and death, both the First Devil Son and Broken Stream trembled upon hearing this.

Although the duration of the tremble was very short, it wasn’t a problem for Luo Yunyang.

His palms formed seals in the void quickly and he unleashed his Samsara Palm, which raised his power a dozen times, striking heavily against the Broken Stream Blade.

Broken Stream wailed loudly and was flung back to the First Devil Son, causing both the blade and its owner to be thrown back 300 meters before slamming into a small hill.

At the same time, Luo Yunyang, who had difficulty executing the Life Death Resounding Fate again, formed an eye between his brows.

It was the Space-Time Eye!

The dazzling golden shine of the eye-light enveloped the Ninth Prince immediately. The Deep Scarlet Sword’s emperor projections, which had transformed into countless light spots, appeared before the Ninth Prince when he was trapped by the eye-light.

They acted at the same time, conjuring a boundless force that broke Luo Yunyang’s Space-Time Eye swiftly.

It was also at this time that Long Xinyue’s spear, Unbounded Yearning Spear, lashed forward strangely like a long whip at Luo Yunyang!

Although Unbounded Yearning had the weakest aura among these weapons, it was exceptionally troublesome to deal with. Before the spear reached Luo Yunyang, he began to sense that his surroundings had been shrouded by dense energy.

While shrouded by this airtight energy, Luo Yunyang felt like he had landed in an invisible rope-liked trap.

There was no way out!

Luo Yunyang did not try to force his way out of Unbounded Yearning. His Heavenly Venerate consciousness was scouring quickly for a flaw in the invisible rope-like trap. Before the Unbounded Yearning Spear could reach him, he blasted out a heavy punch.

Divine Martial Technique!

The punch landed heavily onto the Unbounded Yearning Spear, bending and sending it flying away.

Long Xinyue looked pale. She had thought that her weapon was invincible, yet she had actually suffered a loss after an exchange of blows with Luo Yunyang!

Although it wasn’t a significant loss, she could feel that her Unbounded Yearning Spear was feeling dissatisfied.

While she retreated after this engagement, Luo Yunyang turned his attention to the Deep Scarlet Sword that had gathered countless emperor projections in the void.

Although Luo Yunyang did not make his move physically, his mind was executing the Shattering Heavens. The Deep Scarlet Sword reacted by illuminating an insane amount of light to suppress the surrounding void.

However, the specks of light spots that formed each and every mighty emperor illusion started crumbling rapidly in the void.

Without the support of the emperor illusions, the power of the Scarlet Longsword weakened by more than 30%

The First Devil Son, Long Xinyue and the Ninth Prince were all frowning. They had thought that they would be able to overcome Luo Yunyang with their Divine Weapons. They had never expected that they would be unable to suppress Luo Yunyang and fail to gain an advantage.


The First Devil Son, who was unwilling to accept this outcome, yelled. Broken Stream, which was in his hand, emitted a chilling frenzied aura.

Great Massacre Divine Blade!

The might of the Great Massacre Divine Blade that erupted from a Divine Weapon was many times greater than when the First Devil Son unleashed it with bare hands.

The Unbounded Yearning Spear in Long Xinyue’s hand transformed into a piece of scarlet light net that ensnared the void rapidly.

The Deep Scarlet Sword moved gracefully again and repeatedly thrust forward, attempting to strike the weak spot in Luo Yunyang’s defense.

Three martialists and their Divine Weapons joined forces almost seamlessly. However, they were still being suppressed by Luo Yunyang, who was clad in his Divine Martialist Armor while using his various techniques.

That’s right, three martialists and three Divine Weapons were at a disadvantage.

Luo Yunyang, who was like a demon-god, was moving unhindered among the raining attacks. Although he did not wield any physical weapons, the energy brought forth by his Divine Martial Technique was transforming into all sorts of weaponry.

“Seizing The World With A Sweeping Blade!”

The heaven-splitting blade was like a mountain landing on the Ninth Prince’s shoulder. Although he had a high-grade defensive treasure on his body and his shoulder was still intact, his Deep Scarlet Sword was flung away.

Long Xinyue was just beside the Ninth Prince. However, when her Unbounded Yearning Spear was about to assist him, Luo Yunyang executed the Life Death Resounding Fate again.

Although this was not her first time experiencing this mighty sound attack, Long Xinyue still felt her edge reverse. If it had not been for her amazing cultivation base, she would have suffered a serious injury.

Meanwhile, the First Devil Son was crazily brandishing his Broken Stream. Luo Yunyang simply stopped the attack with his finger.

The sound of cold hard metal clashing resonated throughout the void as Broken Stream vibrated in the First Devil Son’s hand.

The First Devil Son tightened his grip on his weapon. Although his body was way stronger than ordinary beings, trails of cracks still appeared in his hands.

When the massive energy dissipated, Broken Stream shook violently again. The First Devil Son still tried to hold on to his blade, yet a surge of black energy erupted and threw him off his feet.

The black energy came from Broken Stream.

As Broken Stream floated in the void without a wielder, its color began to deepen while its murderous intent intensified again.

The Unbounded Yearning Spear and the Deep Scarlet Sword, which seemed to have sensed something, transformed into a red and a golden trail of light and flew out of their owners’ hands almost at the same time as Broken Stream.

All three Divine Weapons occupied a corner in the void. Even though they were not wielded by their owners, their aura was much greater than before.

All the martialists who were watching the scene cried out in a tremulous tone, “This… This is the Reanimation of Divine Weapons!”

Although the First Devil Son and the rest knew all about the Reanimation of Divine Weapons, they hadn’t thought of initiating it.

They were all leaders of their respective sects or regions, so initiating the Reanimation of the Divine Weapons would be humiliating.

They might even have not qualified to wield a Divine Weapon in the future because of this attempt. This was not something the three of them would love to face, as it was a form of painful punishment.

Numerous black lines appeared in the back of Broken Stream. Those black lines were connected with the entire Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos.

Broken Stream appeared rather calm and docile while the tattered marks it had received during the battle with Luo Yunyang disappeared quickly.

However, the feeling Broken Stream gave off was terrifying. It was no longer a mere Divine Weapon in the audience’s opinion. Instead, it had become a cultivation path. A cultivation path that encompassed an infinite abstruseness and murderous intent.

The 3,000 emperor projections behind Deep Scarlet had become lifelike, and the surrounding void of each illusion had turned into a majestic environment.

There were mountains that covered the void like a painting, surging rivers, and an immeasurable number of soldiers…

The blood-red radiance emitted by the Unbounded Yearning Spear illuminated the void while the inexhaustible seal pattern on it gave off an earth-splitting feeling.

Luo Yunyang’s expression was extremely solemn while he faced the three reanimated Divine Weapons. Although his Divine Martial Armor wasn’t weak, it didn’t possess a consciousness.

Hence, it seemed rather inferior while facing the reanimated Divine Weapons. He had a feeling that he was going to suffer immensely if he attacked with his Divine Martial Armor.

Should he make use of the Heavenly Venerate True Body then?

As Luo Yunyang hesitated for a mere moment, the broken blade in the Heavenly Venerate True Body flew out suddenly and fell directly into Luo Yunyang’s palm.

It was the Nameless Broken Blade!

He was very familiar with this broken blade. Luo Yunyang had relied on this exact broken blade to defeat Bai Jingtian and become a Heavenly Venerate.

However, as the broken blade landed in Luo Yunyang’s hand now, he suddenly sensed that it contained many things he was unfamiliar with.

Unfortunately, he did not have much time to pay attention to these extra things. The moment the broken blade landed in his hand, a majestic blade aura flared up from it.

The blade rose and cleaved forward!

Luo Yunyang did not wait for the three reanimated Divine Weapons to make their moves. Instead, he took the lead and attacked his opponents first.

The cleave unleashed contained no techniques. However, it carried all the sentiment and comprehension Luo Yunyang had harbored towards the Blade Path all these years!

When the cleave from the blade was unleashed, an insanely massive black chaotic hole emerged, shrouding the three Divine Weapons.

Radiance exploded forth from the Divine Weapons almost at the same time that they shot toward the fringes of the black chaotic hole.

Black, red, and golden light and a massive black chaotic hole engulfed the entire void simultaneously!