Supreme Uprising Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Heavenly Venerate Reemergence

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Blade-light, sword-gleams, and spear-shadows filled with supreme power constantly collided violently within the black chaos. Each collision created thousands of shock waves that changed the landscape.

Although this wasnt a fight between Heavenly Venerates, there were Divine Weapons containing cultivation paths of Heavenly Venerates involved.

Some people standing beside Yin Feihuan currently eyed her strangely. Their gazes were fearful, respectful, and even sort of envious.

This Senior Brother of hers named Luo Yunyang had not only obtained the Heavenly Venerate True Body, but also a Divine Weapon.

No, no, no If one put things this way, one would be looking down on him. The armor her Senior Brother wore was an item that wasnt inferior to a Divine Weapon. If these two ultimate treasures were put together, perhaps he would even have the strength to fight a Heavenly Venerate.

There were definitely items that could inhibit Heavenly Venerates in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. However, they were all ultimate treasures.

Even Heavenly Venerate-Grade entities themselves would not have such ultimate treasures that were the stuff of legends.

Although everything Luo Yunyang possessed wasnt equal to those Supreme Treasures, it still made many people covetous.

Luo Yunyangs display was too unyielding. Although they might feel some foolish desire deep down, all they could do was dream about it, as it would never come into fruition.

The three Divine Weapons within the black chaotic hole vibrated strongly once again. Streaks of light formed from Origin Source Law that originated from the sky and earth gathered together.

A flawless jade-white palm strangely appeared on the body of the Unbounded Yearning Spear.

The palm continued to extend and, in the blink of an eye, a devastatingly beautiful lady with flowing hair the color of snow appeared within the black chaotic hole blade-light.

She was a breathtaking beauty!

As this lady appeared, a low grief-stricken voice rang out.

"Few people know what it means to yearn!"

The eyes of Long Xinyue, who already stood to the side, glowed excitedly. In the Black Heaven Earth Sect, this snowy-haired Heavenly Venerate had been her idol and lifelong target.

However, she had only seen a portrait of this lady in the Black Heaven Earth Sect.

Never had she imagined that this snowy-haired beauty would once again appear on the battlefield.

The instant the lady appeared, the black Broken Stream also fell into a black-robed mans hands. This man, who was tall and lanky, had stern facial features and cold eyes. However, a hint of warmth showed on his face when he held Broken Stream.

"Its him!" The First Devil Son, who had wielded Broken Stream before, naturally recognized the Heavenly Venerate that had created this Divine Weapon.

He appeared a tad excited upon seeing this Heavenly Venerate. However, this only lasted for a moment before a cold feeling washed over him.

The black-clothed man wielding Broken Stream glared icily at the First Devil Son. The First Devil Son could sense a sort of mockery in his eyes.

"Trash! This is humiliating for Broken Stream!"

The First Devil Son really wished to rebut. However, he chose to keep his mouth shut upon taking a second glance at this austere figure.

As the figures of these two Heavenly Venerates appeared, the Deep Scarlet Sword also shuddered violently and a magnificent man in dragon robes appeared and held on to the Deep Scarlet Sword.

Although he didnt say anything, the Deep Scarlet Sword continued buzzing frantically.

Resonating bell chimes reverberated in the capital of the Era Dynasty. 49 chimes rang out in total.

"Has the Third Heavenly Venerate arrived?" someone asked in shock.

"The Third Heavenly Venerate has long perished due to Heavenly Tribulation. What has appeared is the will left within his Divine Weapon."

The Universe-Grade Celestial Thearch lamented. "Although this is not a Heavenly Venerate, he possesses the will of a Heavenly Venerate."

"Universe-Grade Celestial Thearches like us simply have no way of dealing with this sort of supreme power. However, the will that reappeared in the world will inflict extensive damage on the spirituality of the Divine Weapon."

"A Divine Weapon basically wouldnt choose this situation unless it was at an absolutely critical juncture," the Celestial Thearch said with a sigh. "These youngsters have really forced it!"

Luo Yunyang felt boundless pressure the instant the three silhouettes appeared. Although these three were just Heavenly Venerate Level projections, each of their powers wasnt much weaker than an actual Heavenly Venerates.

"Few people know what it means to yearn!" The red-robed female Heavenly Venerate struck out with the spear as Luo Yunyang was pondering his next step.

This attack was more simple than the previous spear-shadows. However, this simple spear strike transcended both time and space, appearing in front of Luo Yunyang right away.

Luo Yunyang felt a wave of power at his central point awaiting this spear when it arrived.

The black-robed man brandished Broken Stream at the same time as the snowy-haired beauty.

Although the man didnt say a thing, as Broken Stream cut down, Luo Yunyang sensed that what was before him wasnt a black blade-gleam but a boundless, inexhaustible stream flowing from the nine heavens.

Cut Water Continues To Flow!

The man in the dragon robes used the most imposing attack. He took a step forward with the Deep Scarlet Sword, which was like a blazing sun, both broad and powerful.

There was no change. He just magnificently advanced forward without stopping!

The moment these three attacked, Luo Yunyang sensed that the Deep Scarlet Sword was actually the most difficult attack to block.

Luo Yunyang didnt hesitate as his movements were locked by these three techniques. Without wanting to use the Heavenly Venerate True Body, which could create more controversy, Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator and converted all his attribute points to Mind Attribute Points before supplementing his attributes with those of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

When this was done, Luo Yunyang thought for a moment. However, he still didnt add Power from the Heavenly Venerate True Body into his own.

This wasnt because Luo Yunyang was sufficiently confident, but rather because he still didnt know how much more danger awaited him.

When all this was completed, Luo Yunyang cleaved lightly towards the void.

This cleave wasnt aimed at the man in the dragon robes, the red-robed lady or the blacked-robed man.

This cleave, which was aimed at the void, was gentle and calm and didnt seem to have the slightest hint of strength.

However, as the cleave was unleashed, Luo Yunyangs expression became really ugly. He seemed to have consumed all of his strength.

Chaotic Obliteration Mind Blade!

In the Tianyunshen Void, Luo Yunyang had come up with a technique that could harm the consciousness by comprehending the Annihilation Path and Bai Jingtians Solitude Mind Sword.

The reason Luo Yunyang had chosen this technique was because it seemed like the most suitable method to deal with these three opponents.

"Dont look!" the Celestial Thearch, who was watching the three Heavenly Venerate projections ganging up on Luo Yunyang, shouted loudly the instant he saw Luo Yunyangs blade.

He had just shouted when blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth. The Celestial Thearch, who had been trembling in excitement, became dejected in an instant and felt wobbly all of a sudden.

His comrades all around had heard his shout, yet they all spat out mouthfuls of blood and crashed to the ground while clutching their chests.

The First Devil Son, Long Xinyue and the others were more focused on this fight, so they had been paying more attention to Luo Yunyangs attack.

They had already detected that Luo Yunyangs blade technique was no good even before that Celestial Thearch powerhouse had shouted and looked away. Unfortunately, it was still too late!

The technique of the Mind Blade could hurt the opponents consciousness.

Therefore, they all coughed up blood and sat down on the floor, not daring to use their eyes to look or their consciousness to sense. In an instant, all of them turned blind.

Yin Feihuan, Mo Yunsheng, and the others also received the same damage. Although this attack wasnt enough to threaten their lives, they found it difficult to say anything during this strange attack.

While Luo Yunyang had been invoking this cleave, his consciousness had been sensing everything in the surroundings. As the Mind Blade had cleaved, the speed of the snow-haired lady and the black-robed mans attacks had slowed down.

The power that had originally transcended time and space also halted. Even so, the distance between the three Divine Weapons and Luo Yunyang only became about 30 centimeters. All it needed was a split second and those three Divine Weapons would bury themselves in Luo Yunyangs body.

30 centimeters, 20 centimeters, 15 centimeters, 10 centimeters

The distance kept shrinking as the immeasurable killing intent approached. Although Luo Yunyang had already raised the defensive ability within his body to the max, all he could do now was wait.

As long as the might of these three Divine Weapons reached a point where they would threaten his life, Luo Yunyang would not have any qualms. He would immediately activate the power of the Heavenly Venerate True Body.

The Unbounded Yearning Spear was three centimeters away from Luo Yunyang and that spearhead seemed to already be brushing Luo Yunyangs body.

However, the snowy-haired lady holding the Unbounded Yearning Spear had already become incomparably translucent, as if a simple breeze would cause her to disperse from this world.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang chose to wait.

The sound of a spear striking cloth was finally heard and the crucial point Luo Yunyang had been waiting for finally arrived. Just as he was about to disregard everything and use the Heavenly Venerate True Body, the silhouette of the snowy-haired lady shattered and the Unbounded Yearning Spear fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the wielders of the Deep Scarlet Sword and Broken Stream shattered in the void simultaneously.

Blade and sword fell to the ground after the Unbounded Yearning Spear.