Supreme Uprising Chapter 688

Chapter 688 The Great Sky Heavenly Venerate

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The lack of communication from the Unbounded Yearning Spear had long plagued Long Xinyues mind. A strong sense of foreboding was now brewing in her heart.

In the past, although shed had difficulty communicating with the Unbounded Yearning Spear, she had still always placed her attention on it. This way, she was always able to sense the spears majestic desire to fight.

However, this strong desire to fight was now gone.

The accumulation of the supreme will of the Divine Weapon had become like scrap iron at this point in time as they fell to the ground. Cracks started appearing on the long blood-colored spear.

The First Devil Son and the Ninth Prince stared blankly at the Deep Scarlet Sword and Broken Stream. The same thing began happening to the handles of both their Divine Weapons.

It seemed like there was an issue with the Divine Weapons. Things did not seem to be looking good for them.

They had to bear responsibility for whatever was happening. However, this responsibility was far too great!

Luo Yuyang did not seem to care much about the falling Divine Weapons. Although he had made a large amount of effort, he felt increasingly full of vitality as the battle dragged on.

Luo Yunyang took a step slowly towards Long Xinyue.

Long Xinyue and the others felt a strong sense of killing intent envelop them as he walked over.

Their desire for battle had gradually disappeared like clouds being blown away as the three Divine Weapons fell to the ground.

Thus, the three individuals began backing off as Luo Yunyang advanced aggressively.

Though they still had some strength left in them for battle, the mounting pressure coming from Luo Yunyang caused them to have the same thought: Run! They needed to run away immediately!

However, as they were about to soar up into the air to retreat, Luo Yunyang advanced once again. With a single step, he sealed off their escape route.


Luo Yunyang appeared right next to the First Devil Son as fast as lightning. The broken knife he held swung down heavily unto the First Devil Son.

If the First Devil Son had had no prior battle experience against Luo Yunyang, his first thought would have been to engage and strive against his opponent.

However, the First Devil Son had already been frightened by Luo Yunyangs battle skills. Hence, he immediately chose to retreat. In doing so, his body transformed into 3,000 shadows in the void and retreated hastily in every direction.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast he ran, Luo Yunyangs movements seemed to be even faster. Furthermore, Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate consciousness seemed to render his escape methods even more useless.

Luo Yunyangs knife swept past the First Devil Sons chest. In an instant, he immediately cut off the First Devil Sons arms and shoulders.

Purplish-red blood began flowing onto the ground.

The First Devil Son wasted no time. He immediately started to combust his essence blood before scurrying for a quick escape.

The Ninth Prince and Long Xinyue did the same. While the First Devil Son got into trouble, both of them realized right away that they were in a similar situation.

Since Luo Yunyang had dared to engage the First Devil Son in combat, then he surely would not fear any of the back-ups the First Devil Son brought along.

Although they both were extremely unwilling to let go of the fallen Divine Weapons, they still chose to preserve their own lives. Thus, both of them began to frantically make their escape as well.

These two individuals were the most talented elites. In terms of escaping prowess, they were better than the average person.

In an instant, the two of them had already escaped more than 10,000 miles away.

Although Luo Yuyang was able to kill them given his capabilities, he did not choose to go after them. The most important thing for him right now was to take the true body of the Heavenly Venerate with him.

He glanced quickly at the three Divine Weapons and waved his sleeves to round up the three weapons in one swoop.

Divine Weapons had peculiar ways of being deposited and stored within the various sects. People said that even a small item like a bracelet would find it difficult to store Divine Weapons, because these weapons were one of a kind.

Their power alone was sufficient to completely disintegrate an interspatial bracelet.

However, this was no longer possible, as Luo Yunyang had already completely crushed the will of these Divine Weapons. Thus, the three weapons were immediately stored and deposited by him in one motion.

The Celestial Domain-Grade Celestial Thearch hesitated for a moment but eventually remained silent. Although he was still the appointed commander of that area, he did not feel that he was capable of giving Luo Yunyang any commands.

"Anything else from you all?" asked Luo Yunyang as his gaze fell on all the other elite martialists.

If these martialists had felt contempt for Luo Yunyang before this incident, then it was safe to say that they felt complete fear and terror right now!

Even the First Devil Son and Long Xinyue had already chosen to flee. The difference between them and Luo Yunyang was just too great.

They were already suffering from the might of Luo Yunyangs attacks, even though those attacks hadnt been targeted at them.

Under the circumstances, what right did they have to fight against Luo Yunyang?

"Nothing!" a martialist from the front line replied in a shaky voice.

"Get out of my sight then!" Luo Yuyang snapped coldly without any form of reservation.

Any person who was able to gather there was considered one of the best geniuses throughout the entire land.

If anyone had dared have any disputes with them before this, that dispute would most likely have ended up in a big fight.

However, right now, despite Luo Yunyangs rude berating, almost all of them chose to remain silent.

They had to remain silent!

In their opinion, although the Heavenly Venerate True Body was very good, it was nothing in comparison to their own lives. Hence, even though their hearts were filled with regrets, the genius elites still chose to turn and leave.

They had no other important reasons to stay.

Yin Feihuan looked at Luo Yunyang in admiration. To her, Luo Yunyang was simply the embodiment of a divine being.

However, just as she was about to start walking towards him, a cool breeze began to stir up in the otherwise peaceful atmosphere.

As the wind blew, the environment began to change. Even though Yin Feihuan felt that she was still in the same spot, she had already moved to another void.

She found it hard to believe everything that she was feeling at the moment. However, the seemingly old feeling of pressure in her heart reminded her that everything occurring was real.

A Heavenly Venerate?

Even though Yin Feihuan had never seen a Heavenly Venerate before, this did not mean that she was unfamiliar with them. Her understanding of Heavenly Venerates was based on ancient records.

Many elders had expressed their deep thoughts and experiences about Heavenly Venerates in the ancient records of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

In the past, Yin Feihuan had not fully believed these ancient records. However, she now knew for sure that the descriptions of Heavenly Venerates made by the sect elders had been too simple.

Heavenly Venerates werent how those sect elders had described them.

At the thought of a Heavenly Venerate, Yin Feihuan felt a sense of fear. If a Heavenly Venerate was actually there to cause trouble, how would her Ancestral Master handle it?

As she was experiencing a moment of confusion, a figure appeared from across the void. The surroundings seemed to greet the arriving figure.

The sky and land honored a Heavenly Venerate!

"It is the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate!" someone shouted in surprise. It was obvious that he knew who the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate was. At the same time, looks of confusion appeared on many other peoples faces.

Most people who were eligible to come to the Burial Plateau were troop leaders of major sects. The majority of them felt that even if they were to surrender in battle, the appearance of an elder from their sect could mean a turn of the tides for them.

However, now that a Heavenly Venerate had appeared, their chances of victory would be extremely slim.

Just as a flurry of thoughts bombarded their minds, the gaze of that Heavenly Venerate landed on Luo Yunyang.

"You are quite well-endowed. From today onwards, you will be a disciple of my sect. Lets go!" said the Heavenly Venerate as he waved his sleeves. As he did so, a wave of force began surrounding Luo Yunyang and the Heavenly Venerate.

What an opportunity for him to seize this heroic moment!

Everyone present had this exact thought. Although the people who were present knew exactly what was going on, they couldnt resist against a Heavenly Venerate. However, there were also a large number of people present who secretly took pleasure in whatever was happening to Luo Yunyang.

The high and mighty Luo Yunyang had suppressed everyone present, so they all felt jealous and angry. However, things were just great now. Luo Yunyang had encountered big trouble.

Luo Yunyang could feel the secret delight those people felt at his plight. His eyes grew cold. From the very beginning, he had been extremely careful not to use any Heavenly Venerate power.

However, it seemed that the compromise he had made earlier was useless now. This Great Sky Heavenly Venerate was obviously a thick-skinned, evil chap.

There would never be a good outcome if he followed him.

After inhaling, a wave of power broke through the force that enveloped him.

He didnt move forward. Instead, he backed off slowly. "I always thought that Heavenly Venerates were people that cared about their dignity. However, it seems that I was just thinking too much!"

"I never thought that there would be such a shameless person among Heavenly Venerates."

Luo Yuyang uttered this sentence word by word. In a moment, the Heavenly Venerates face turned sour.

A Heavenly Venerates pride was always their priority. At the moment, he had completely lost his pride thanks to Yunyangs words.

The surrounding people seemed to feel the fury of the Heavenly Venerate, as bolts of thunder began roaring in the nearby area.

"You evil creature, you must have a death wish!" shouted the Heavenly Venerate as he waved his hands. In an instant, a massive hand carrying an unknown large amount of force that covered the sky and land began heading down towards Luo Yunyang!