Supreme Uprising Chapter 689

Chapter 689 The True Body Moves

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"Ha ha ha! Shameless! What a great description!" On a crowded street, a towering man with a sword strapped on his back laughed heartily.

This was a city ruled by the Era Dynasty. There were millions of residents, and almost everyone followed the etiquette of the Era Dynasty.

The mans sudden hysterical laughter shocked many people on the street. Some of them even assumed that the man was crazy.

However, the ruling Marquis of the city grimaced when he heard this laughter.

Without any hesitation, the Marquis, who seemed like he was enveloped by divine light, stood up and bowed respectfully before the man. "Greetings, Heavenly Venerate."

The middle-aged man glanced at Ao Yue before laughing out loud. "Scram! Get out of my sight. Ill spare you because Im very happy today. If you spoil my happy mood, I will slaughter you!"

The Eighth Region Marquis trembled as he listened. "I have never seen a shameless man like you."

After saying that, the towering figure vanished without a trace.

The Eighth Region Marquis was totally clueless about what had just happened.

While he was glad that the Heavenly Venerate had left his territory, he was also confused by what had just happened.

Half a day later, he finally realized why he had been scolded by that Heavenly Venerate.

At the same time, beside a lotus pond, three women were sipping their tea peacefully. Mini golden dragons were leaping out of the lotus pond, enhancing the gracefulness of the scene.

"What a shameless man!" one of the beautiful women sitting on the left said mockingly. "Seems like the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate will not be able to face any other people in the future."

A woman in a lotus dress who was sitting on the right side replied gently, "Its not the first time Great Sky tried to act cheap anyway."

"If the Heavenly Venerate Remains were in the possession of the Innate Devil Sect or the Black Heaven Earth Sect, he wouldnt dare ask for them, even if he grew an extra pair of balls."

"But the young man has no support. Thats why Great Sky is eyeing him like a tasty, delicious piece of meat."

"Great Sky will never let go of such an opportunity."

The white-robed woman sitting in the middle sighed softly. "That young man is impudent. Its easy for him to say those things. However, how is he going to survive in the future?"

The woman in the lotus dress twitched her brows suddenly and whispered, "What if we invite him to the Three Immortals Cave? I doubt Great Sky will dare."

She paused before finishing her sentence, her expression turning into astonishment.

She and both her companions looked shocked.

"How is it possible?" The woman in the middle then added, "How can Heavenly Venerate Remains fight?"

The Heavenly Venerate Remains were a valuable object for all Heavenly Venerates. They offered immeasurable benefits if one could cultivate them into a clone.

However, they might also cause unnecessary trouble if too many Heavenly Venerates were to personally seize the Heavenly Venerate Remains on the Burial Plateau.

Hence, the Heavenly Venerates had decided to send just their disciples over to take part.

They had not expected that Luo Yunyang from the Donghua Ancient Sect would have already obtained the Heavenly Venerate Remains before they entered the Burial Plateau and suppressed the many outstanding geniuses they had sent.

Although the Heavenly Venerate had not expected this, the following battle baffled them even more.

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerate didnt have a superb reputation, yet his cultivation base wasnt weak. As a second-level Heavenly Venerate, very few people dared to provoke him.

Luo Yunyangs words had angered the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate. The raging might of a wave of his palms wasnt something everyone could withstand.

Although most of the Heavenly Venerates agreed with what Luo Yunyang had said, no one was willing to offend the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate on behalf of a measly person like Luo Yunyang.

Just as everyone thought that he looked like an ant battling a behemoth, the Heavenly Venerate True Body, which had remained motionless for this entire duration, suddenly made its move.

Samsara Palm!

Even though he had just merged with his Heavenly Venerate True Body and had never executed the Samsara Palm with his Heavenly Venerate True Body, everything went smoothly. There were no problems.

The Samsara Palm executed by a Heavenly Venerate developed into a black-and-white vortex that traversed across the void. The vortex swallowed everything in its path and collapsed immediately when it landed.

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerate wasnt a pushover. However, he had unfortunately underestimated Luo Yunyang greatly. He hadnt even considered him a worthy opponent.

Every being beneath a Heavenly Venerate was an ant!

This statement was a fact. In the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos, people also said that becoming a Heavenly Venerate was akin to entering a new form of life.

Although not many people accepted this saying, most Universe-Grade powerhouses believed that it was true.

One would dwindle to the end and turn into ashes if one did not become a Heavenly Venerate. However, once one was able to become a Heavenly Venerate, one could possess endless power as well as the ability to control time.

There were differences to this sort of control. However, as long as one was able to control time, one would be able to escape the flow of time.

People that could control time were worlds apart from people who couldnt.

Thanks to his Heavenly Weapon and his Divine Martial Armor, Luo Yunyang seemed invincible among martialists below Heavenly Venerates. However, those people were considered insignificant by Heavenly Venerates.

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerate believed that he could simply crush Luo Yunyang with a single move.

However, Luo Yunyang did not move at all when he executed his move. Instead, the Heavenly Venerate Remains, which he treated like a precious treasure, suddenly attacked him with a Samsara Palm that made him feel threatened.

If he had been prepared, he would have been able to retreat quickly, even if he wasnt able to block the Samsara Palm.

However, he was totally unprepared when the Samsara Palm was executed. Hence, he could only take on the move unsteadily.

When the Samsara Palm landed on the Great Sky Heavenly Venerates body, it caused his proud physical body, which stood in the void, to disintegrate. Meanwhile, the sky and earth around him shook tremendously.

"How dare you, you vile creature!" The Great Sky Heavenly Venerates figure appeared once again in the distant void.

Heavenly Venerates, who were unbounded by the flow of time, would not die due to normal injuries or harm. Even if their physical bodies were destroyed or their consciousness was erased, they could still revive themselves so long as their imprint of escaping from the flow of time remained intact.

The Samsara Palm was a powerful technique. However, Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate True Body had never experienced any Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

Thus, it was basically impossible for it to kill the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate.

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerate did not appear as relaxed as he had been before as a giant golden sword appeared in his hand.

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerates sword was incomparably ordinary. However, when the sword moved in the void, it seemed to envelop the entire land.

It was the Great Meru Divine Lightsword, the Great Sky Heavenly Venerates supreme technique! Usually, he wouldnt execute this technique. However, he had actually decided to use it now.

Luo Yunyang did not know much about the Great Meru Lightsword, yet he was very certain of his Heavenly Venerate True Body. With a mere thought, the broken blade appeared in the True Bodys hand and was immediately brandished.

The black chaotic hole, which contained devastating and earthshaking power, engulfed the Great Meru Lightsword at once. At the same time, the Heavenly Venerate True Body emitted the Life Death Resounding Fate from its mouth.

The Heavenly Venerate True Body contained Luo Yunyangs mind attributes exactly the way they had been back in the Tianyunshen Void. After experiencing 10 reincarnation cycles, his accumulation of Mind Attribute Points had surpassed the normal Heavenly Venerates in the Tianyunshen Void.

Luo Yunyang also combined the techniques he had learned in the Divine Union and the Tianyunshen Void while adding Void Obliteration to his attack.

The two parties collided rapidly in the void. After the collision, the Great Sky Heavenly Venerates Great Meru Lightsword seemed to be on the losing end.

With every Samsara Palm executed, the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate began to look like he was being suppressed by the Heavenly Venerate True Body.

Luo Yunyang, who felt that his Heavenly Venerate True Body had taken control of the situation, breathed a sigh of relief. However, his Heavenly Venerate consciousness knew that he was still far from being able to escape from danger.

What should he do? How could he defeat the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate again? If he could do so, he would be able to establish his grounds and prevent anyone from even thinking of snatching his Heavenly Venerate True Body.

Although it was an easy task to defend himself against the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate, it was very difficult to defeat him.

After all, this was a Heavenly Venerate who had passed two Martial Path Heavenly Tribulations.

As Luo Yunyang was feeling anxious, he suddenly thought of his attribute regulator. The attribute regulator had a function that allowed it to adjust his opponents attributes.

However, it could only be used by sacrificing his own attributes. Luo Yunyang had never utilized this function of the attribute regulator very much, as he was usually capable of suppressing his opponents by using other functions of the attribute regulator.

He activated his attribute regulator immediately. He wanted to see if his attribute regulator would be able to assist him in this fight by quickly defeating the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate!

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerates attributes appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind right after he made this decision!