Supreme Uprising Chapter 69

Chapter 69: The Third Mountain-Breaking Strike

Nie Yunxin didn't get angry over Luo Yunyang's disdain. He believed that anybody who was able to become a Newcomer King was definitely not stupid. If Luo Yunyang was so pretentious, he would definitely have the ability and confidence to back up his carelessness. However, no one else in the Sky High Military could stand him.

What did he think he was doing? Was he looking down on Nie's Soaked Garb Technique?

"His talent at talking big is overwhelming!"

"Why doesn't the Rising Dragon Army change its name to Bragging Dragon Army?"

"He is just talking nonsense. Who could break the Soaked Garb Technique with one blow? Does he think that, just because his family name is Luo, he is Martial God Luo Kai?"

Although the youngest generation of the Rising Dragon Army felt somewhat nervous, they still supported Luo Yunyang. Their leader never talked nonsense. If he dared to say something, then he would surely be able to do it!

"Big Brother Yunyang has always made good on his word. This is just the Soaked Garb Technique! What's so great about it? If he says that he can break it, then he most definitely will!" said Chen Yong, who never thought things through before he spoke.

Sun Miaomiao and Guan Wanli both remained silent. Although the two of them also had the intention of striking back, they both came from influential family sects, so they understood too well how formidable the Soaked Garb Technique was.

If one had to face the Soaked Garb Technique, their best option would be to hide as far away as possible.

Meanwhile, the Eagle King's and Chief Instructor Lu's eyes met. The two of them knew just as well how immensely powerful the Soaked Garb Technique was.

Although Luo Yunyang was strong enough, if he had to face the Soaked Garb Technique, things wouldn't look that optimistic for him.

"I will show him my Forceful Eagle Claw Technique when we get back. We shall see how wild he will be once he refines it and is able to slice gold and split rocks..." the Eagle King said solemnly as he watched Luo Yunyang.

The Forceful Eagle Claw Technique? The Eagle King's promise astonished Chief Instructor Lu. Although the Forceful Eagle Claw Technique sounded ordinary, ever since the emergence of the sixth factor, the technique's might had become even stronger.

If one became a martial master, the might of the Forceful Eagle Claw Technique became even more dynamic. Just as the Eagle King had said, when he used it, he could even split a huge boulder in two.

If the Eagle King had actually promised to impart his Forceful Eagle Claw Technique to Luo Yunyang, then he had to think very highly of him.

Luo Yunyang met the Eagle King's solemn gaze before he turned to Nie Yunxin and proclaimed, "There's more than just the Soaked Garb Technique in the world. Today, I shall show you how I can break the Soaked Garb Technique!"

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang brandished his fists and smashed them hard at Nie Yunxin.

Nie Yunxin, who didn't underestimate Luo Yunyang, used the Soaked Garb Technique to create an immense attractive force around him while Luo Yunyang was still speaking.

That way, if Luo Yunyang's fists approached, he would be able to use the fastest method available to nullify his force.

However, there was a hint of disappointment in his eyes when Luo Yunyang attacked. This move was too simple!

Using this move to break his Soaked Garb Technique was ridiculous.

However, as Luo Yunyang brandished his fists, Lei Qi, who had expected Luo Yunyang to make a fool of himself, gasped in shock.

He couldn't help but cry out in surprise.

He could recognize this move!

Yun Lei's eyes were also fixed on Luo Yunyang. As the Royal Forest Military's number one martialist, Yun Lei was just as arrogant, yet he currently couldn't bring himself to feel the slightest bit of pride.

Luo Yunyang's performance was simply too breathtaking. It was so surprising that it seemed almost unreal!

As Luo Yunyang's fist was aimed at Nie Yunxin, a mocking grin appeared on his face.

How can Nie Yunxin's Soaked Garb Technique be broken by a simple strike like that? He is just too naive!

The sides of his mouth curled upwards as he thought about it, yet he didn't say anything. There were many people in the world that could talk, but very few that knew when to stay silent. He was a shrewd thinker himself, so he knew that he needed to keep watching.

However, just as Luo Yunyang's fist was about to be stopped and thrown aside, someone suddenly muttered, "It's the Third Mountain-Breaking Strike..."

What's the Third Mountain-Breaking Strike? He didn't understand!

By the time Yun Lei started feeling anxious, Nie Yunxin had already been struck by Luo Yunyang's fist and sent flying back.

Nie Yunxin didn't land on the five-kilometer bridge. Instead, he fell in Xiping Lake, which was right below the bridge.

The strike wasn't supposed to hit him. Nie Yunxin had been using the Soaked Garb Technique after all. Why had he been sent flying? According to the theory behind the Soaked Garb Technique, it should have been Luo Yunyang that...

"These are the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques. He's actually using the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques! How is that possible?" someone exclaimed in shock.

When he heard about the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, Yun Lei finally reacted. All talented martialists dreamed of using the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, inheriting the mantle of the Martial God and becoming the new number one martialist under the heavens. How many people had had this sort of dream? How many people had spent points on the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, but ultimately didn't have any use for them whatsoever?

If one couldn't conform to the aspects of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, then it was very difficult to cultivate them.

It was said that anyone who was able to cultivate the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques could be considered an informal disciple of the Martial God.

Luo Yunyang, whose advantage was his speed, had actually just used the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques!

Yun Lei and the others found this unbelievable. Even Xu Zhong rubbed his bald head in astonishment.

"How can this kid be so impressive?" Xu Zhong mumbled.

He had known all along that Luo Yunyang stood out from the crowd, but only now did he realized how many abilities this kid had.

Those were the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques indeed!

Practically the instant Nie Yunxin started to fall towards the lake, the fat old man standing in the middle leapt up. A pair of wings made of green rays appeared behind his back as he rushed in the direction of Xiping Lake.

Meanwhile, over 10 Sky High Military members rushed hastily towards the lake.

Although Nie Yunxin had already been defeated, his important role in the Sky High Military was indisputable, so his comrades couldn't just look on helplessly or let anything happen to him.

The Eagle King chuckled and pointed at Chief Instructor Lu. "You are becoming even more and more unconventional, Old Lu!"

Chief Instructor Lu was very puzzled. He knew that the Eagle King had been shocked by Luo Yunyang's performance, but he didn't know how to explain it either.

Could he tell the Eagle King that this son of a b*tch's abilities and standards were entirely his own and had nothing to do with him?

I better just forget about it!

Ji Tian's heart was filled with complicated feelings. Was this really the same young man who had gone shopping with her a few days ago?