Supreme Uprising Chapter 695

Chapter 695 The Heavenly Venerate Auction Inexhaustible Mysterious Soldier


Although the host of an auction hall usually had the gift of the gab, they were not particularly exceptional when it came to their own cultivation base.

However, the host in the Mysterious Great Sky Auction Hall was actually a Heavenly Venerate who had endured five levels of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

Heavenly Venerates were individuals worshipped by many people, yet a Heavenly Venerate was actually hosting an auction.

"This is Xuandu Heavenly Venerate. He is well-known for his exceptional cultivation and ruthlessness. Yunyang, you must be careful if you meet him in the future."

Muyuan Heavenly Venerate looked rather serious when he saw the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate on the auction podium.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head in acknowledgment. Although he did not know what had happened between Muyuan Heavenly Venerate and Xuandu Heavenly Venerate, after checking out Xuandu Heavenly Venerates attributes by using his attribute regulator, he reached the conclusion that he should not start a feud with Xuandu Heavenly Venerate unnecessarily in the future.

Xuandu Heavenly Venerates attributes were many times greater than all the attributes in his Heavenly Venerate True Body.

Luo Yunyangs attribute regulator would be of little use against Xuandu Heavenly Venerate.

"Everyone, Ill be hosting todays auction. Please do not disappoint me."

Xuandu Heavenly Venerates voice was somewhat raspy, yet it was also concise and threatening.

Luo Yunyang felt that Xuandu Heavenly Venerate was in fact compelling the attendees to do as he said.

The space was so massive that Luo Yunyang could not see everything that was happening around him. However, he also realized that nothing would go wrong during the auction.

"Dragon Scale Sword. Divine Weapon of ninth-level Heavenly Venerate Dragon Scale. There are some flaws about it, but its still a top-notch Divine Weapon without a doubt." A sword appeared before the audience as Xuandu Heavenly Venerate spoke.

Luo Yunyang could even stretch out his hand to grab hold of it.

It was real. The sword was scarred from its previous battle, but it was definitely real! Muyuan Heavenly Venerate commented while Luo Yunyang was feeling amazed. "The sword is real. This scene occurred 10 days ago."

Recreating the scene that had occurred 10 days ago was something only a Heavenly Venerate was capable of doing.

Luo Yunyang was very interested in the sword. However, the thought of possessing it diminished instantly when he heard its price.

One million Heavenly Venerate Stones!

Heavenly Venerate Stones were stones created by Heavenly Venerates by condensing the purest form of energy within their internal universe for a year.

The benefits of the stones were aplenty, and even Heavenly Venerates would sometimes need the stones to enhance the level of their internal universe.

Because of their multiple uses, Heavenly Venerate Stones had gradually become the most common currency between Heavenly Venerates.

Luo Yunyang only had 300,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones at the moment. This was the largest amount he had obtained after scouring through his Paradise.

The amount of Heavenly Venerate Stones the Donghua Ancient Sect possessed was pitifully less than 10.

"Brother Yunyang, you must take note when you place your bid later. According to the unspoken rule of the Mysterious Sky Great Land, every first item bid made by a newly-promoted Heavenly Venerate will be uncontested. This is considered a gift to the newly-promoted Heavenly Venerate," Muyuan Heavenly Venerate said in a serious tone after inspecting the Dragon Scale Sword carefully.

Luo Yunyang could tell from Muyuan Heavenly Venerates attitude that he didnt want that Dragon Scale Sword.

"I walk a different path than the Dragon Scale Heavenly Venerate. Obtaining the Dragon Scale Sword would be of no use to me." Muyuan Heavenly Venerate sighed softly and added, "What a pity."

Although Muyuan Heavenly Venerate did not clarify what he was talking about, Luo Yunyang knew that he was referring to the death of the Dragon Scale Heavenly Venerate.

The Dragon Scale Heavenly Venerate, who had already passed the ninth-level Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, had died during the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation while undergoing advancement.

"I offer one and a half million Heavenly Venerate Stones!"

"Two million Heavenly Venerate Stones!"

As bidding calls were heard, the price of the Dragon Scale Sword skyrocketed to 10 million Heavenly Venerate Stones. However, many people were still intrigued by it.

"Final call for the Dragon Scale Sword, 18 million Heavenly Venerate Stones. If there are no more bids, guest number 103 will walk away with it."

Xuandu Heavenly Venerate sounded extremely calm, as if 18 million Heavenly Venerate Stones were nothing to him.

18 million Heavenly Venerate Stones was a pretty crazy figure in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, so this was obviously a good start for the auction house.

The item that followed was offered by Xuandu Heavenly Venerate again. However, it was very inferior compared to the Dragon Scale Sword.

After all, a battle-worn Heavenly Weapon used by a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate was still superior to ordinary items.

Luo Yunyang had been quietly watching the auction without making any moves. He was wondering whether to instruct the auction hall to come out with things that he wanted.

The auction hall was cooperative, as they sent his items immediately. This was a way that the auction used to build friendly relations with powerful people.

"Everyone, the item that is coming up may not be very useful to Heavenly Venerates, but it is very beneficial to ordinary martialists."

"Inexhaustible Mysterious Soldier. Refined by grandmaster Heavenly Venerate Metal Flame. Although the highest cultivation base of the soldiers produced by this item is only intermediate Celestial Domain-Grade, this item is capable of producing up to a million such soldiers."

"It is equivalent to a huge force that no one below a Heavenly Venerate can compete against."

Xuandu Heavenly Venerates voice was still raspy. However, it seemed like he truly admired the Inexhaustible Mysterious Soldier when he mentioned it.

It was obvious that Xuandu Heavenly Venerate felt a lot of respect for Heavenly Venerate Metal Flame.

Luo Yunyang didnt know who Heavenly Venerate Metal Flame was, but he was very interested in the Inexhaustible Mysterious Soldier.

While his Heavenly Venerate True Body could wipe off an entire battalion of one million intermediate Celestial Domain-Grade soldiers within seconds, this was something the Human Tribe needed badly!

The Human Tribes status would skyrocket when he returned. Then, the Human Tribe would need something to maintain its prestigious reputation.

"100,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones!" Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before placing his first bid.

The lowest asking price at the auction was 50,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones. After taking advantage of the auction hall once, Luo Yunyang decided not to do it again. It wasnt a good idea to repeatedly take advantage of other people.

Behind the massive auction hall, a middle-aged martialist shook his head gently and sighed when Luo Yunyang shouted his bid.

"Ancestral Master, do you think that the Inexhaustible Mysterious Soldier was sold too cheaply?" a young lady beside the man asked softly.

"No, it was too expensive." The man shot a look at his disciple, looking rather disappointed.

This time, it wasnt because of Luo Yunyang, but because of his own disciple.

The young lady had exceptional cultivation, but her common sense was very poor. She didnt know that she had in fact suffered a loss already.

"Alright, so the Inexhaustible Mysterious Soldier will be" Xuandu Heavenly Venerate nodded at Luo Yunyang as he was about to announce the winner.

Before that could happen, someone yelled out, "150,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones!"

Xuandu Heavenly Venerate was stunned. Although there wasnt a written rule stating that a new Heavenly Venerate should be treated leniently, it was something Xuandu Heavenly Venerate firmly believed in.

Xuandu Heavenly Venerate glared angrily at the bidder, who looked like he was in his twenties and possessed a pair of eyes that seemed to contain endless galaxies.

It was Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate. The pride of the Sky Earth Sect. He was only a second-level Heavenly Venerate, but many people believed that he definitely had the ability to become the savior of his sect.

"I did not break any rules. He is not a Heavenly Venerate!" Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate, who could sense Xuandu Heavenly Venerates death stare, said cheekily.

That sentence was much more shocking than his attempt to outbid Luo Yunyang. Momentarily, whispers and discussions began to echo through the entire auction hall.

While many people objected to the idea of allowing Luo Yunyang to join the Heavenly Venerates, none of them said so openly in front of such a huge crowd.

However, Heavenly Venerate Sparkling had actually openly questioned Luo Yunyangs identity in front of everyone. This was a form of direct provocation.

Luo Yunyang glared coldly at Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate. He understood that he couldnt back down from this provocation, as he would lose the reputation he had tirelessly gained.

"300,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones!" Luo Yunyang bid without hesitation, even though this was all he had.

While Luo Yunyang was pondering what he should do next, Muyuan Heavenly Venerate suddenly spoke. "I have five million Heavenly Venerate Stones with me. Take as much as you need to win the auction."

Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate, who was excited, did not cower. He immediately responded with a higher bid. After receiving support from Muyuan Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang similarly pressed forward and increased the bid to one million Heavenly Venerate Stones.

"Im done." Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate sneered as if he was celebrating causing Luo Yunyang to spend more than 10 times the amount required.

Luo Yunyang remained calm as he thanked Muyuan Heavenly Venerate. "Brother Muyuan, please accept my sincere gratitude. Ill return the Heavenly Venerate Stones as soon as possible."

Muyuan Heavenly Venerate smiled faintly. "A million Heavenly Venerate Stones shouldnt be too hard for you to obtain. I believe that youll gather them very quickly as long as youre willing. Dont stand on ceremony with me. Were friends."

Luo Yunyang did not say anything else. He just gave Muyuan Heavenly Venerate a huge pat on the back.

While the two of them were conversing, Xuandu Heavenly Venerate had already begun introducing the next item. "Up next, the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew!"

Luo Yunyang was astonished when he heard the next item being announced!