Supreme Uprising Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Successful Sneak Attack


Mysterious Sky Purple Dew!

It was the item required for his current mission. Luo Yunyang would be able to return to the Divine Union once he obtained the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew!

Even Heavenly Venerates would find it impossible to travel between the Divine Union and the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos. However, the training base was able to allow people to travel between the two different Cosmos by taking on missions.

Hence, it was safe to assume that the ancient race which had left behind the training base had been existences that had possessed powers greater than the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos.

"100,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones!" Luo Yunyang placed his bid in a rather provocative tone.

Everyone felt that this was a retaliation meant for the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate.

He had just made Luo Yunyang spent an extra 200,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones. Hence, Luo Yunyang was trying to get back at him.

"Ha ha I like your attitude. Ill join you. 100,001 Heavenly Venerate Stones!" The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate sneered again as he spoke confidently.

The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate was no fool. In fact, he was a cunning, smart man. He knew that Luo Yunyang was purposely coming at him and had hence decided to up the ante.

The other people who were interested in the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew decided to avoid joining the bidding war between the two young Heavenly Venerates.

The Mysterious Sky Purple Dew was actually useless to senior Heavenly Venerates. Therefore, it was perfectly fine for them to skip the item.

As for those that were not Heavenly Venerates, they could only curse both Luo Yunyang and the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate silently.

After all, offending both the young Heavenly Venerates wasnt worth it, even though the auction hall was able to keep their identities confidential.

If the Heavenly Venerates found out, they would suffer miserably!

"200,000!" Luo Yunyang gritted his teeth.

"Ha ha! Are you going to stop if I add just one more Heavenly Venerate Stone to your bid? Are you trying to make me spend 200,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones on a pretty useless Mysterious Sky Purple Dew?" The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate smirked. "What puny tricks! Youre overestimating your abilities! Ill let you have this item!"

Luo Yunyang remained silent. However, while the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate kept making a ruckus, a young man in a purple crown started getting anxious.

The Mysterious Sky Purple Dew would be very useful to him. It could even improve his cultivation by leaps and bounds.

He had been targeting the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew ever since the start of the auction, but he had never thought that he would be intercepted by Luo Yunyang and the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate.

"I would like" Upon noticing that the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate was going to stop bidding, the young man got ready to increase the bid.

He had prepared 600,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones thanks to his family and was determined to win it.

However, just before he could finish his sentence, someone beside him quickly covered his mouth and scolded him. "Do you want to die? Can you please think about your family, even if you want to die? Are they people you can afford to offend?"

The young man was rather unwilling to accept this. However, upon seeing his elder brothers stern manner, he decided not to bid.

"Elder Brother, its not that"

His elder brother gave him a tight slap on the face before he could finish his sentence and reprimanded him. "Remember this. You better not get involved in a feud between two Heavenly Venerates."

"Itll be 200,000 if theres no other bid!" Xuandu Heavenly Venerate didnt really care much about the price.

He was only a host, so the price had nothing to do with him.

"Brother Luo, its still worth it, even though the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate didnt take your bait. 200,000 Heavenly Venerate Stones for the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew is definitely a good price."

Muyuan Heavenly Venerate, who did not know that Luo Yunyang had done this deliberately, offered his consolation. He believed that Luo Yunyang, as a Heavenly Venerate, should value reputation over wealth.

It would have been worth it if he had been able to trick the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate into overspending for the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew.

However, little did he know that Luo Yunyang actually wanted to obtain the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew.

The auction continued, but Luo Yunyang was satisfied with his loot. He would have left early if it had been socially acceptable to do so.

Rare treasures were sent out one after another, every piece getting increasingly expensive. Just seeing the prices felt slightly overwhelming.

Luo Yunyang was moved by those rare treasures. However, he had expended most of his Heavenly Venerate Stones.

"This is the last item, which is a sacred weapon!" Xuandu Heavenly Venerate exclaimed excitedly.

The sacred weapon drew many peoples attention when they heard Xuandu Heavenly Venerate mentioning it.

This time, the item did not appear in front of the attendees. Instead, it appeared in Xuandu Heavenly Venerates hand.

It was a palm-sized, symbol-shaped item that looked like a toy. However, Luo Yunyang could sense that an entire universe was hidden within the item.

Sacred Weapon Could it be the fabled Scared Weapon?

There were plenty of legends that described the Sacred Weapon, which was an exceptionally important item for a Heavenly Venerate.

Divine Weapons were produced by a Heavenly Venerates internal universe, and it could be said that they were formed by gathering the power within the Heavenly Venerate. On the other hand, not only was the Sacred Weapon grown externally, but it also contained a universe.

Once the Sacred Weapon was mastered, the Heavenly Venerate would be able to take down his opponent even without using his own strength.

Luo Yunyang instantly thought of the leaf he had obtained. That leaf looked similar to the palm-sized, symbol-shaped object.

That leaf was actually a Sacred Weapon!

The symbol-shaped object was out of Luo Yunyangs league. Even Muyuan Heavenly Venerate couldnt keep up with the bid and decided to give up.

Three billion Heavenly Venerate Stones!

What a hair-raising figure! Only a few people were able to afford such an astronomical amount.

Eventually, the Sacred Weapon was won by an unknown fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang left with Muyuan Heavenly Venerate after receiving his items from the auction hall. Muyuan Heavenly Venerate had not won anything this time, but he had paid quite a sum of money on Luo Yunyangs behalf.

"Yunyang, you do not have much use for the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew. Why not just give it to me and well call it quits, shall we?" Muyuan Heavenly Venerate, who was a generous elder, suggested.

He might have suggested it because he thought that Luo Yunyang was unhappy with the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates provocation.

Luo Yunyang rejected the suggestion nicely. "Brother Muyuan Heavenly Venerate, thank you for your kind intentions. The Mysterious Sky Purple Dew is useful to me. Ill return the Heavenly Venerate Stones as soon as possible."

"Dont stand on ceremony with me, brother!" Muyuan Heavenly Venerate chuckled.

At the same time, the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate and his followers walked out of the auction hall. He was followed by Long Xinyue and the others. He snorted coldly and left immediately upon seeing Luo Yunyang and Muyuan Heavenly Venerate.

After parting with Muyuan Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang decided to follow the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate stealthily. He had peeked at the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates attributes by using his attribute regulator and discovered that, although the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate was much stronger than the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate, his mind power was still pretty weak.

Based on that, Luo Yunyang believed that he could make his move.

"Senior Brother, its not good for you to make enemies this way." Long Xinyue lamented after returning to their residence in the Sky Earth Sect.

"Junior Sister, Im doing this for you. How dare he snatch my Junior Sisters rare opportunity! Hes just a country bumpkin from a poor region. Damn it!" The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate smirked as he added, "He must be feeling very awful now, but what can he do about it?"

After saying that, the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate appeared to be very proud of himself. "The most he can do is just feel angry about it. Otherwise, do you think he would dare to attack me?"

Long Xinyue sighed softly to herself. The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates parents were also Heavenly Venerates and hed had an easy life. Thus, he only had the cultivation base of a Heavenly Venerate and not a corresponding mental attitude.

His future would be troubled, and he was not a good match either. She had to come up with ways to avoid him if their sect forced him to be her partner.

Long Xinyue left after making up her mind. The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate could only snort coldly before returning to his room.

However, as he was walking to his room, he felt something peculiar about his surroundings. He couldnt discover why and he thought that he was probably making a fuss about nothing. However, just as he started to feel uncomfortable, a pair of huge hammers smashed on his head hard.

Not only had Luo Yunyang adjusted the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates Mind Attribute, but he had even altered his defense.

Although the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates defense was still considerably remarkable compared to ordinary martialists after the adjustment, it was nothing compared to Luo Yunyang.

After successfully landing his sneak attack, Luo Yunyang started to realize the usefulness of his attribute regulator. If it had not been for the attribute regulator, he wouldnt have knocked the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate out that easily.

A Heavenly Venerate could regenerate their body even if it was destroyed. However, the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates mind and defense attributes had been lowered, and there wasnt an imminent death threat to his body. Hence, he would be in a coma for a long time.

Luo Yunyang obtained all of the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates belongings and put them in his storage bracelet instantly.

He knew that he couldnt kill the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate right now. Hence, he landed more kicks on the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerates body and tied him up onto the flag pole beside the Mysterious Sky Great Auction Hall.

Luo Yunyang even yelled out loud mischievously before he left, "Come on, guys! Take a look at this Heavenly Venerate!"

After finishing his deed, Luo Yunyang ripped apart the void and left. Meanwhile, the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew had appeared in his hand!