Supreme Uprising Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Return To The Divine Union As A Heavenly Venerate


The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate would reconsider his actions and behavior and restart all over again. He had originally thought that Luo Yunyang was just a country bumpkin who had gotten lucky overnight and had no support.

It would be easy to suppress Luo Yunyang and gain some reputation in front of Long Xinyue. However, he had never expected to be shamed by Luo Yunyang himself.

As he had been hanging up on the flag pole, he had attracted the attention of countless people.

He would have still been hanging up on the flagpole if it had not been for his fellow Black Heaven Earth Sect members, who had rescued him.

Luo Yunyang, Ill fight you to the death!The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate screamed madly in his heart. However, he didnt dare shout it out loud.

He had unknowingly been tied up by Luo Yunyang onto a flag pole, so he had been scared sh*tless. Hence, he wouldnt dare face Luo Yunyang head-on when he did not have any way of dealing with him.

Actually, he was afraid that Luo Yunyang would be able to kill him silently!

He left with the other Black Heaven Earth Sect disciples quickly, as he wasnt in the mood to stay around after getting off the flagpole.

Long Xinyue wanted to make the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate stay, but she eventually chose not to say anything.

She did not know how to console him either.

The news of what had happened to the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate spread like wildfire. Soon, most people knew what had happened. The top-notch Heavenly Venerates merely chuckled a little when they heard the news.

To them, this was just two youngsters fooling around. They wouldnt interfere.

Meanwhile, the junior Heavenly Venerates thought that it was funny as well. At the same time, they also knew that Luo Yunyang wasnt a pushover. Hence, they warned their disciples and subordinates not to provoke Luo Yunyang unnecessarily.

They did not want to become another victim like the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate.

Muyuan Heavenly Venerate shook his head when he saw the pile of Heavenly Venerate Stones that Luo Yunyang had brought over. "Yunyang, did you not consider the consequences of your actions?"

"The Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate comes from a famous sect, and his parents are not people you should offend. Theyll never let this matter slide."

Luo Yunyang chuckled as he replied, "There is a solution to every problem. Its no big deal. If I did not retaliate, other people would treat me like a pushover."

Muyuan Heavenly Venerate could understand Luo Yunyangs point of view. He collected the storage bracelet that contained the Heavenly Venerate Stones in his own internal universe before saying, "Still, you have to be careful from now on."

Many people were elated when they heard the news. The enemies of the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate were overjoyed when they heard about it.

Of course, apart from his enemies, some people were equally happy to hear this. For Example, the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate.

"What a flamboyant act! He hung the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate on a flagpole! He he The more he acts in this manner, the greater the losses hell suffer in the future will be!"

The Great Sky Heavenly Venerate did not go looking for the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate immediately. After all, the Sparkling Dust Heavenly Venerate had just suffered a humiliating loss. His foul mood wasnt something the Great Sky Heavenly Venerate would want to see.

Luo Yunyang didnt care what others were thinking. After saying goodbye to Muyuan Heavenly Venerate, he returned to Yunyang Paradise.

He instructed Yin Feihuan and then announced that he was going to train in seclusion. Most of the Heavenly Venerates usually spent their time training in seclusion. Therefore, Yin Feihuan wasnt surprised by Luo Yunyangs decision.

Luo Yunyang could see that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was still undergoing changes after entering the innermost space of Yunyang Paradise. After mulling this over for a moment, he waved his sleeves and pulled the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast back into his internal universe.

While his internal universe wasnt as good as Yunyang Paradise, he still felt at ease with the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast stored inside him.

Luo Yunyang did consider returning home after two more years. However, now that he had obtained the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew, his heart was bent on returning.

Even though he had already arranged everything before he had left the Divine Union, he still felt somewhat unsettled.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt willing to discard his Paradise. Hence, after pondering for a moment, he decided to leave behind his Bloody Sea Clone.

Even though the Bloody Sea Clone only contained a trace of his conciseness, it was still able to represent Luo Yunyang and handle some matters in the Paradise.

"Return." The small tower was activated when Luo Yunyang approached it with the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew. After instructing the small tower, a force began to surround Luo Yunyang and wrap around him.

Luo Yunyang wanted to sense the force that shrouded him, but he couldnt discover anything based on it.

This time, Luo Yunyang and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were hiding in his Heavenly Venerate True Bodys internal universe as he made his way back to the Divine Union. He wanted to comprehend the feeling of traversing through this chaotic void.

However, he realized that he couldnt do so once the force was wrapped around him.

This feeling was exactly the same as before he had even become a Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang did not force it, as nothing could be done. He knew that the fundamental reason was that his cultivation base was still lacking.

The return was swift. In the blink of an eye, the force that shrouded Luo Yunyang had dissipated completely.

His consciousness was similarly able to sense the void that belonged to the Divine Union through the small tower. The sky and earth exerted much greater suppression on him than the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Here, Luo Yunyang felt as if he was the supreme ruler.

He switched on his communication device immediately. Although he had only left for a year, he felt like it had been longer than that.

He needed to contact his family members, the people in the Divine Union and his subordinates.

"Beep, beep Your communication device is invalid!" The robotic voice was heard when Luo Yunyang tried to connect through his communication device.

Invalid? What was going on?

Luo Yunyang was a commander of a great army and had an exceptional status. No one would dare change the validity of his communication device.

Immediately, Luo Yunyang attempted to access the Sky Vision by using his communication device. However, he faced the same issue. His account had been deleted.

This was a big problem!

Luo Yunyang hastily dispersed his consciousness into his surroundings.

Although he did not know what had happened, he knew that the situation was abnormal. Thus, he had to find a source of information.

"Ha ha! Boss, it feels good to complete this!" a menacing-looking Demigod Tribesman who was blind in one eye shouted loudly.

The Demigod Tribe had always been synonymous to the word graceful in the Divine Union. However, the Demigod Tribesman in question seemed very crude and tyrannical.

Compared to his tyrannical looks, his name would strike greater fear in all the merchants in the Divine Union.

He was Devilish Demon Cyclops. His alias could cause an entire galaxy to quake in fear. As for his real name, everyone had long forgotten about it.

His greatest achievement was murdering the concubine of a Demigod Divine Marquis. While the Divine Marquis had looked for him to avenge the dead concubine, it had been a futile attempt in the end.

This had pushed Devilish Demon Cyclopss reputation to greater heights.

"Alright, brother. Get some rest today. A batch of sweet ladies came in. Come on, pick two." The boss, who was a refined-looking Thunder Ray Tribesman, clapped a few times and a dozen ladies walked in.

The ladies came from different tribes in the Divine Union and each one of them was remarkably beautiful.

Devilish Demon Cyclops, who fancied a Human Tribe lady, laughed out loud. "Wow, there are actually Human Tribe goods here. Great, I love it!"

"Honestly, Ive admired the Jueluo Supremacy the most in my life. His mere remark robbed this entire tribe of its fortune. It feels so good."

"Its a pity. Im afraid there may not be any good-quality slaves when the tribes get more and more ignorant."

He waved his hands while speaking and the lady flew towards him immediately.

The lady had lost her will to live when she had been caught. However, upon seeing the lustful Devilish Demon Cyclops, she couldnt bear it anymore and yelled, "All of you will pay with your lives when Emperor Lord Yunyang returns!"

"Pay with our lives?" Devilish Demon Cyclops guffawed. "Do you think you are fit to comment on that? Stupid, regressive species like you can only be associated with animals."

"Get over here. Keep me good company and I might just give you an evolution fluid to keep your beautiful looks if you make me happy."

Devilish Demon Cyclops grabbed the Human Tribe lady as he spoke.

The lady knew what was about to happen but she still couldnt help but feel sad.

Back then, even though she hadnt been considered a great figure in the Human Tribe, she had still been a great beauty. However, now, she was about to become a toy of this nasty, vile creature!

"Blame it on that fool Luo Yunyang. How dare he oppose the Demigod Tribe! Hes courting death!" Devilish Demon Cyclops was getting excited as he fondled the helpless lady in his hands.

However, suddenly, he felt his arms stop moving.

What was going on? Was it his consciousness, or had something else gone wrong? While Devilish Demon Cyclops was beginning to feel afraid, he suddenly saw a silhouette.

An eerie silhouette had appeared within the void.

This silhouette looked like a human. However, by the time he started to have a clearer idea of who the silhouette was, it had completely vanished from the void.

Everyone in the spaceship was staring fearfully at the figure that had descended upon them.

"Gree Greetings, Emperor Lord Yunyang." The leader of the Thunder Ray Tribe shivered.