Supreme Uprising Chapter 698

Chapter 698 Might


Who was Luo Yunyang?

The name was not foreign to everyone aboard the spaceship. Yan Qingque considered Luo Yunyang the hero of the Human Tribe, the person that pushed the Human Tribe forward incessantly. He was someone she respected wholeheartedly.

Most importantly, this person was her only hope.

However, the ladies who were imprisoned only knew this name because of one thing.

The bounty. Luo Yunyangs bounty was an astronomical sum that allured many people. It was an insane amount that could allow countless inferior tribes to rise to the top instantly.

One of the most charming women hurriedly touched a ring on her finger when she heard the Thunder Ray Tribesman greet Luo Yunyang.

Even though their communication device access was restricted, they still had ways of sending reports regarding Luo Yunyang to the Divine Union.

She would be able to ascend to the top immediately as long as she transmitted the news. Her slave status, her tribes future and everything else would not be a problem anymore.

Sir Supremacy would never lie! However, just as she was about to take action, she felt a light beam enter her mind. She could longer sense anything after that.

The womans body turned into ashes instantly. Luo Yunyang was not addicted to killing. However, at the moment, he was fuming with rage and his mind was engulfed with murderous intent.

The leader of the Thunder Ray Tribe was silently cursing the womans stupidity.

Why would Luo Yunyang allow her to live and collect the Supremacys bounty?

"Emperor Lord Yunyang, Im not related to her." The Thunder Ray Tribe leader begged.

Luo Yunyang ignored this person as a communication device fell on his hand with a wave.

Despite not knowing the password to the communication device, Luo Yunyang was able to wipe its contents instantly by using his consciousness.

"This number is invalid!"

"The number you have dialed is invalid!"

"The number you have dialed is unavailable!"

Luo Yunyang turned to Yan Qingque after dialing 10 consecutive invalid numbers. "Whats going on?"

Yan Qingque was slightly emotional as she replied, "I I dont know either. Its Its a terrifying voice"

Yan Qingque shook uncontrollably and did not complete her sentence. "Some Someone said something"

Luo Yunyang waved his arms and the scenes in Yan Qingqiaos head appeared in front of everyone.

Yan Qingqiao, who was wearing a bathrobe, was lazing around and surfing a Human Tribe website on her communication device. It was a habitual leisure activity that she was accustomed to.

Suddenly, a terrifying voice echoed throughout the void she was in. Her body shook uncontrollably when she heard it.

"I, Jueluo, will strip the Human Tribe of all civilization and return it to nothing!"

After that, Yan Qingque realized that her sturdy, beautiful house had crumbled in an instant. The entire developing, flourishing city had turned into ruins as well.

Just as she started feeling extremely terrified, the scary voice rang out again.

"I, Jueluo, will strip the Human Tribe of their evolution in Martial Techniques. They shall return to pre-evolution days."

Although she wasnt considered an elite martialist, Yan Qingque was at least a grandmaster in the Human Tribe. Unfortunately, after hearing what Jueluo Supremacy said, she felt power leaking out from her body rapidly.

Thats right, it was leaking!

Her internal source core had disappeared instantly. Meanwhile, her meridians and all cultivation paths and techniques were wiped out.

Yan Qingque understood the importance of Martial Techniques. Thus, she realized that the Human Tribe had lost an extremely important thing after sensing the emptiness in her head.

The voice spoke again while she and the people around her were wailing in sorrow.

"I took your advancement in knowledge and your ability to resist crisis. Now, I will take away your life after you turn 40"

Yan Qingque was scared witless when she heard the voice and fell to the ground.

She had been hoping to erase this part of her memory for a very long time.

After all, it had left a lingering fear in the depths of her heart that she had never dared to remember again.

After the mighty voice dissipated, Luo Yunyang turned his attention to the Thunder Ray Tribesman. "Can you tell me what exactly happened?"

The Thunder Ray Tribesman was frightened when Luo Yunyang asked this question. He was trembling in fear. Despite wanting to say something, he wasnt able to do so.

He only managed to sigh in relief when Luo Yunyang looked at him again before speaking timidly. "I dont know either. I only know that the Supremacy took matters into his own hands and exterminated the Human Tribes elites."

Luo Yunyang, who could sense that the intergalactic pirate wasnt lying, breathed coldly. "Do not be afraid to be used by others. Only be afraid of being useless. Since you dont know anything, its useless for you to stay alive. Now die!"

Luo Yunyangs words sent shivers down the mans spine.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but his body was turned to ashes before he could do that.

Luo Yunyang ignored the ladies, who were all tormented by fear. His consciousness was searching rapidly for the Sky Vision, as he hoped to gather some information.

However, there wasnt much news regarding the Human Tribe on the Sky Vision. Most people were talking about relegating the Human Tribe from a second-grade tribe to a tribe of slaves.

The rest of the news was all wanted posters of Luo Yunyang!

In the Divine Union, an Extreme Wicked Roll was created to rank the martialists that defied orders or caused catastrophic harm to the Divine Union. Luo Yunyangs name was on the top of the Extreme Wicked Roll.

There was a five-page bounty on him. Just the monetary bounty alone was enough to buy an entire Star System.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yan Qingque and asked, "Do you know anything about the Extreme Wicked Roll?"

While Yan Qingque had almost fully recovered from her shock, she was still frightened when she saw Luo Yunyangs death stare.

Before she could speak, Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and the two of them disappeared from that spaceship.

All the intergalactic pirates on the spaceship let out a sigh of relief. Some of them suddenly jumped up as they considered this a great opportunity.

Just as they were about to take action, they discovered that their bodies were gradually disappearing.

Eventually, the only people left in the huge spaceship were the captives. The captive ladies started crying in joy as they grabbed hold of their communication devices.

However, when they were about to call their loved ones, they saw seven bloody words on the Sky Vision "I am back Luo Yunyang."

Luo Yunyang had personally leaked the news of his return. He had not hidden his address. This made the ladies who had originally been miserable feel relieved.

"We should return home!" one of the ladies, who belonged to the Cloud Sea Tribe, said in relief.

Yan Qingque suddenly shouted at Luo Yunyang, "How could you announce your return on the Sky Vision? Dont you know that theyre looking for you? Do you know that"

Luo Yunyang was nonchalant about it. "It doesnt matter."

Suddenly, Yan Qingque felt everything before her transform. When she opened her eyes again, she realized that she had arrived on a desolate planet.

There were still people on the planet. However, they were wearing animal skins and tree leaves. They were all struggling painfully to survive. Although Yan Qingque didnt know where she was, this scenario made her feel like breaking down.

"This is where the Blue Rain Empire used to be," Luo Yunyang said coldly. She had never been to the Blue Rain Empire before, but she had heard of it.

However, the legendary vast empire had been turned into ruins. Yan Qingques face turned pale.

Every well-known place that Yan Qingque had heard of had been reduced to a wasteland. When they arrived at the Bloody Massacre Paths Blood Spirit Sky, Yan Qingque could even sense the increasing bloodlust coming from Luo Yunyang.

She was frightened. Extreme fear welled from the bottom of her heart. She had a feeling that something disastrous was about to happen.

Planets shifted and galaxies passed by quickly as they traversed the void. Yan Qingques surroundings changed once again and she arrived at a prosperous, developed Star System.

"Where are we?" Yan Qingque asked curiously.

Luo Yunyangs reply was as cold as ever. "This is the Divine Descendant Star Domain. Its a great place!"

Yan Qingque had read about the Divine Descendant Star Domain in a book. It was one of the 46 top Star Domains the Demigod Tribe controlled.

The presence of the Demigod Tribes forces was sizeable there.

While her mind flooded with thoughts, Luo Yunyang, who was beside her, gently jabbed his finger towards the void. As a result, the prosperous, developed city began to collapse. In the blink of an eye, the entire Star Domain was reduced to smoke and fire.

Countless Demigod martialists fled from the destruction, However, this did not prevent their bodies from turning into ashes instantly.

"This technique is called Shattering Heavens!" Luo Yunyangs voice said in Yan Qingques ears again.