Supreme Uprising Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Luo Yunyang was holding on to a grade-one energy bar with the intention of eating it. He felt like he could devour an entire cow right now.

When he’d gotten up early in the morning, he had already been very hungry. There was no need to explain how he felt now, as the move from the Ape-Dragon Blueprint had consumed a huge amount of his energy.

“How can I let a D-rank elite eat a grade-one energy bar? Old Wu, bring out the grade-six energy bars stored here. Today I will treat Yunyang to a meal!” a gentle voice drifted over.

The students who heard it followed the voice and saw the wizened principal of Donglu Town Secondary School walk over.

The principal didn’t have much of a presence in Donglu Town Secondary School. Xiong Zhenshan and Lian Changfeng had turned him into a mere figurehead with no authority.

However, the circumstances had changed now. Xiong Zhenshan had kicked the steel plate that was Luo Yunyang, so the principal would be able to stand out at last.

A fragrance had already started wafting out of the golden grade-six energy bar before it was even handed over. Unlike grade-four energy bars, which only contained 1/10 of dire beast meat, grade-six energy bars were made entirely out of dire beast meat.

Luo Yunyang didn’t try to act polite. He had just done Principal Lee a huge favor. Having one of his grade-six energy bars wasn’t a big deal.

When the grade-six energy bar reached his stomach, Luo Yunyang felt a surging heat in his belly. After having a bowl of broth, he hurriedly headed over to the room where the Ape-Dragon Blueprint was hanging.

“You should all learn from Yunyang. Look at how seriously he takes his cultivation!” Principal Lee told the other students when he saw Luo Yunyang head over to the room with the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

Luo Yunyang didn’t pay much attention to the other students’ discussions. He was itching to convert the energy within his body into power.

When he stood in front of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, his gaze fell on the second diagram.

It was a scarlet dragon with its four claws extending outwards and its huge body coiling up!

It was the Coiling Dragon Formation.

As he stared at the dragon, Luo Yunyang felt his brain start to hurt. He couldn’t see anything clearly.

Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator quickly and saw all his attributes displayed in his mind.

Power: 1

Speed: 0.7

Mind: 1.1

Constitution: 0.9

He was about to increase his Mind Attribute, when he suddenly paused for a bit and noticed the 1.1 next to the attribute. His Mind Attribute had increased by 0.1.

Could this be because he had killed that mosquito?

Luo Yunyang didn’t spare much thought on this. He adjusted his Mind to 3.6 right away. When he faced the Coiling Dragon Formation diagram once again, the image was much clearer.

If the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move had activated his muscles, then the Coiling Dragon Formation would temper with his skin and flesh.

The four dragon claws were the equivalents of a human’s four limbs. The way the four claws were brandished appeared to make the skin and flesh of the dragon’s entire body contract.

Thanks to Luo Yunyang’s perception, he only had to stare at it for a mere 30 minutes before he’d roughly grasped the Coiling Dragon Formation technique.

However, it wasn’t possible to cultivate the Coiling Dragon Formation in his current physical condition. Thanks to his experience the previous day, Luo Yunyang knew that he had to adjust his Constitution to 3 and split his remaining attribute points between Power and Mind.

His cultivation went smoothly once again. Luo Yunyang leapt into the air with two dragon feet. The instant he tucked in his arms like a bow, a strength akin to tension spread across every inch of his skin and flesh.

The tension created from this pulling-back motion was unpleasant. Despite his current Constitution, Luo Yunyang still felt an immense ripping sensation.

It felt like something was being ripped, stuck back together, ripped again, and then stuck back together again!

Luo Yunyang felt himself enter a repetitive process. He still had an objective in his mind though, which was to persevere.

Once, twice, thrice…

In the end, Luo Yunyang combined the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move and the Coiling Dragon Formation and cultivated them together. The surging of his muscles and the tightening and loosening of his skin gave Luo Yunyang heightened senses.

His arm movements created a whip-like sound. This was because he was retracting his arms really fast. The sound was created from his skin being pulled.

Luo Yunyang was feeling famished. He felt an urge to run out and eat a ton of food, but he activated the attribute regulator in his head and let all his attributes return to normal.

Although it felt really pleasant to raise his Constitution and cultivate, his Mind Attribute was too low, so he kept feeling like his brain wasn’t working well enough.

The instant his mind cleared up, Luo Yunyang regretted it. The fact that his mind was now clearer meant that he could feel the pain in his body three times more intensely.

That hurt! It hurt really bad!

If he had been feeling this sort of pain all along, Luo Yunyang believed that he would not have been able to persevere.

Adjusting his Mind Attribute this way provided him with a lot of benefits when it came to cultivating.

His tightly-stretched skin and flesh made him feel a little ill, but he also felt as if his own skinwas a layer of leather.

Tough, but not that tough.

He wondered how much his Power would increase thanks to the grade-six energy bar.

Power: 1.2

Speed: 0.7

Mind: 1.1

Constitution: 1.4

His Power gain was limited. There were also no changes to his Speed, but his Constitution Attribute had actually increased by 0.5. Luo Yunyang’s eyes sparkled when he saw this.

The sum of his attributes had already reached 4.4 points! This meant that, as long as he continued to strive, his strength would be able to reach the level of a first-class martialist.

A first-class martialist… This had been the long-term goal Luo Yunyang had set for himself. He wanted to reach the level of a first-class martialist by the time he turned 30.

However, he had never expected that he would get the strength to meet the standards of a first-class martialist just by using his Power.

Luo Yunyang opened the door and saw a bunch of people standing outside. They were classmates that he was familiar with, such as Shen Yulang, as well as students from other classes that he didn’t recognize.

“Luo Yunyang has come out!”

“He’s finally come out! It’s been three hours already!”

Classmates that Luo Yunyang used to be familiar with were now looking at him with a sort of strange reverence. This was a distance created by the change of his status.

They had originally been normal classmates, yet in the blink of an eye, just as they were about to start striving for their own lives, Luo Yunyang had soared ahead with a single step and become one of the elites they admired.

Plus, the representative of the Rising Dragon Army had said that Luo Yunyang would become a D-rank elite soon…

“Yunyang, you freak! Damn it, once you started, you spent half the day training!” Shen Yulang, who was the first to walk over, punched his good friend on the shoulder playfully.

Luo Yunyang enjoyed the feeling. “What are you all waiting here for?” he asked Shen Yulang as he laughed.

“Everyone wants to study the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.” Nong Yulang scratched his head. “Now that we have reached this point, everyone wants to try for a bit.”

“Then why don’t you all enter? There’s a lot of space inside!”

“You are an elite student. We wouldn’t dare disturb your cultivation. We will go in when you are done cultivating.” When Luo Yunyang said that he was, Shen Yulang waved his hands towards the students behind him and said, “Let’s hurry up and enter, fellows.”

Over 100 young students surged into the classroom like a torrent. As everyone walked past Luo Yunyang, their staunch expressions became even more resolute.

If Luo Yunyang could do it, then so could they!

Shen Yulang was about to enter, when Luo Yunyang pulled him aside. “Has Luo Chang gone to class yet?”

“Luo Chang isn’t here. Maybe she had a family emergency to attend to.” Shen Yulang shrugged. “A heartless man might not necessarily be an honest man. If you are worried about her, why don’t you visit her place? What’s the point of staying over here and speculating?”

Actually, Luo Yunyang wasn’t interested in girls like Luo Chang, but the kind-hearted girl had silently moved him on numerous occasions. If she kept missing classes, then something must have happened to her. Luo Yunyang felt a little worried.

Suddenly, his stomach rumbled with hunger. It was still two hours before food would be served at school, so Luo Yunyang walked off the school grounds quickly.

When he searched his pockets, he only found five dayuan. He didn’t know what kind of food he could purchase with that much money.

Oh, he had to go to the bank!

Zhu Yan had given him a card. He hadn’t activated it yet, but as a G-rank elite ID, it had to have some kind of use.

Although Donglu Town was a small place, the bank there was very modern. The uniformed security guard seemed to be looking at everyone in disdain.

“What are you trying to do? Do you have a card?” The security guard, who was in his 40s, noticed that Luo Yunyang was trying to enter the bank and chided him as if he was interrogating a criminal.

Luo Yunyang could tell that the man was looking down on him. His school uniform was really old after all.

“If you don’t have a card, then turn around and leave.” As the security guard spoke, he fished out a gaudy-looking card and said arrogantly, “You can only get a card here if you have 5,000 dayuan. Got it?”

Luo Yunyang naturally did not have 5,000 dayuan. However, when he remembered what the Rising Dragon Army representative had told him, he gained back his confidence.

“What about this card?”

“He he… A red card. Our bank has never issued this sort of card before. If you are trying to fraud us, at least make sure you understand the bank’s rules first!” The security guard regarded the red card in Luo Yunyang’s hand with contempt.

Just as Luo Yunyang started feeling disappointed, a man dressed in a suit that looked like a successful businessman walked over to him fast.

“Manager Zhao!” When the security guard saw the man rushing over, he stood at attention. He was obviously trying to make a good impression.

The man in the suit did not seem to notice the security guard. He just bent down and smiled politely at Luo Yunyang. “Are you here for business purposes, sir?”

“I want to activate this card,” Luo Yunyang said calmly as he turned to face the manager.

“Please come with me, sir. You are an elite client, so you should receive special treatment!” As the man in the suit spoke, he beckoned for Luo Yunyang to come in.

Luo Yunyang nodded. He glanced at the gaudy-looking card the security guard was trying to stuff into his pocket before he strode in.

There was no need to pay attention to insignificant people like him.

His glance almost made the security guard kneel down.

The bank’s customs were clear. Even the manager didn’t dare offend important clients, yet the security guard had boldly insulted one. Did he have a death wish?

The electricity-powered metal doors opened automatically and a cool, refreshing sensation hit them in the face. However, the thing Luo Yunyang focused on instead were the bright lights.

They were electric lights!

This place actually used electricity.

It was the only place in Donglu Town that could use electricity.

“Please take a seat, sir. May I take a look at your card?” the manager asked respectfully as he moved a chair over for Luo Yunyang.

A few young pretty ladies behind four large counters were looking in Luo Yunyang’s direction. They had never expected that their manager, who would only nod and acknowledge overbearing clients like Lian Changfeng, would be fawning over this young man.

Luo Yunyang handed over the card smoothly.

“Is this an elite card that has not been activated yet? This is the first time I’m seeing this card in our town. Once you activate it, you will receive a 100,000-dayuan activation fund and a vial of body-forging medicine!”