Supreme Uprising Chapter 70

Chapter 70: A Bridge Built By The Sky High Military


The thoroughly drenched Nie Yunxin was carried out by the fat old man. His features were so ghastly that it was obvious that he was seriously hurt.

A few men in military doctor attire rushed over, holding all sorts of syringes in their hands.

"Use No.1 treatment medicine!" The fat old man looked at the syringe in the hands of a 30-something military doctor as he howled exasperatedly.

Most people wouldn't know what using No.1 treatment medicine signified, but the military doctors knew. A military doctor, who was obviously the leader of the medical team, said softly, "No.1 treatment medicine is very rare. There are rules from the top about it. It can only be administered..."

"Damn you! Stop talking rubbish. Just hurry up and use it! If he feels even a little unwell, I will slaughter all you pieces of trash!"

The fat old man, who had been full of smiles earlier, now emitted the aura of an ancient dire beast. The medical staff started trembling uncontrollably. In the end, they took a golden syringe out of a tightly sealed box.

It was not the syringe itself that was gold, but the liquid medicine inside it.

As soon as the needle pricked his arm, Nie Yunxin looked much better. However, he still needed someone to support him before he could stand straight again.

Besides fury, there was also a trace of admiration in the look he shot Luo Yunyang. He already knew what methods he had used to defeat him after all.

"Your attack was really vicious, kid. All eight armies have the same origin and roots. If you actually dared to use such a vicious attack, then you must be a really vicious person!" The old man was gnashing his teeth as he stared at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang hadn't even said anything, when the Eagle King came to his rescue. "Can't stand losing, you pig? If you are a sore loser, then just scram!" he said coldly. "Same origin and roots, you say? Did you just remember this? Why have you been so vicious to the Rising Dragon Army then? The Rising Dragon Army is not to be messed with, but if you are really itching for a spanking, then let's fight for a round!"

The appearance of the Eagle King helped Luo Yunyang relax. Although he had used a cheat earlier, he didn't feel capable of beating the fat old man given his current abilities.

The fat old man looked furious as he watched the Eagle King, who was itching for a fight. Although he was proud, he knew that he was a little weaker compared to the Eagle King.

"I will report this to our commander!" The fat old man rolled up his sleeves before he added, "I won't let this matter go!"

"Great! I am also prepared to report everything to our commander. We have to reward Luo Yunyang properly after all." The Eagle King suddenly raised his voice. "I have a granddaughter, kid. You can meet her whenever you have time!"

How straightforward of him!

Although Luo Yunyang wasn't someone who was easily embarrassed, he really didn't know how to reply. The fact that everyone's eyes were on him didn't make things any easier.

"Ha ha! He is always free. You can summon him whenever you want!" Luo Yunyang's instructor, Xu Zhong, quickly stepped forward and replied before Luo Yunyang could even open his mouth.

Alright, then. We'll meet. Then, I will just say that our temperaments are incompatible. Luo Yunyang's raised Mind Attribute made his thoughts on certain things much more comprehensive.

"Are you looking for a husband for your granddaughter, Old Eagle, or are you here to conduct the A-grade source fluid competition? If you keep acting this way, we won't play with you anymore!" a short, skinny old man shouted at the Eagle King impolitely.

The Eagle King gave a hearty laugh. "I'm just really happy. Let's continue, then! The five-kilometer bridge is still here, and it's a bridge you people built personally. I think that you should let some more of your men cross it!"

The fat old man's face looked like a swollen eggplant. His strongest weapon had been Nie Yunxin. He hadn't expected that, the moment Nie Yunxin walked forward, he would be mowed down straightaway by Luo Yunyang. If this went on, the outcome would definitely not be good for the Sky High Military.

Now that the situation had already reached this point though, he could no longer refuse to fight if he didn't wish to.

He stared at Luo Yunyang, who was still guarding the bridge, before he glanced at the second in rank of the Sky High's Seven Pillars.

The handsome young man had been itching to give this a try earlier, but when the fat old man looked at him now, he actually tried to hide.

Although he was willing to fight for the Sky High Military, under these circumstances, he really didn't have the confidence to defeat Luo Yunyang.

The fat old man shook his head faintly. He understood what the young man was thinking, but he didn't approve of his choice.

Although wise men knew when to submit, the fat old man couldn't help but feel disappointed deep down about the way the young man was handling the situation. If he lost his courage whenever he had to face a strong opponent, then how could he hope to accomplish any amazing feats?

"Why don't I have a go?" Lei Qi said softly when he saw that the fat old man was having difficulty deciding. Although his words were bold, deep inside he felt as though he had swallowed 25 mice and 100 claws were currently scratching at his heart.

"Ha ha! The Sky High Military has already fought quite a number of rounds at this competition. I think it's time we let the other armies have a go. Otherwise, people might accuse us of being overbearing."

Although the fat old man let out a laugh, his expression was somewhat awkward.

Nobody listened to his words. Everyone present were old and wily people who knew how to play this game.

Although the fat old man's smile was dazzling, each of the young martialists who had been selected among the top 10 Outstanding Martialists looked prudent. Luo Yunyang had just unleashed the Third Mountain-Breaking Strike of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques after all.

The Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques included a total of eight moves. Each move's name was more or less the same. The First Mountain-Cutting Strike, the Second Mountain-Splitting Strike, the Third Mountain-Breaking Strike, the Eighth Mountain-Shattering Strike...

Back when Martial God Luo Kai had revealed the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques to the public, many people had advised him to come up with pleasant names.

If the honorable martial god found this too troublesome, they would help him come up with the best names for these techniques.

In the end, Luo Kai had rejected their suggestion and insisted on the original names.

Although the names of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques might have sounded tasteless, the difference between each of them was very clear.

The First Mountain-Cutting Strike could form a layer of concealed force, the Second Mountain-Splitting Strike could form two layers of concealed force, the Third Mountain-Breaking Strike could form three layers of concealed force, and so on...

Very often, the concealed force exceeded plain force.

Although the Third Mountain-Breaking Strike that Luo Yunyang had performed had appeared simple, the force it contained had scared everyone. Otherwise, Nie Yunxin, who had used the Soaked Garb Technique, wouldn't have coughed up blood and fallen into the lake.

If one's opponent possessed such frightening speed and a mastery of the third form of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, no one with a brain would even consider stepping forward.

"Ha ha ha! If no one is volunteering, then I think we could just end the competition!" The Eagle King clapped his hands together happily.