Supreme Uprising Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Boundless Skies


Jueluo Supremacy sensed Luo Yunyangs arrival through a trace of consciousness he had left behind in the Divine Soaring Star Domain, not through the virtual realm.

Jueluo Supremacys rise had begun in the Divine Soaring Star Domain before he had become a Supremacy. Hence, this Star Domain had been named Divine Soaring Star Domain as a result.

Jueluo Supremacy had still left a trace of his consciousness behind, even though he had left this place a long time ago.

He finally woke up from his seclusive training when his trace of consciousness was destroyed. In mere seconds, everything that was happening in the Divine Soaring Star Domain entered his mind.

Jueluo Supremacy fumed when he saw the ruins of his foundation.

However, the anger on his face turned into a smile immediately.

Luo Yunyang. He saw Luo Yunyang while the Divine Soaring Star Domain was collapsing!

Jueluo Supremacys scalp itched when he saw Luo Yunyangs figure. Luo Yunyangs refusal to show him face during his 10 Reincarnation Cycles was like a blade stabbed deep in his heart that made him extremely uncomfortable.

However, he had not made his move at the time because he had been concerned about the Celestial World Supremacy.

After confirming that the Celestial World Supremacy had entered his reincarnation cycle, the first thing Jueluo Supremacy had done was take action against Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang had been missing from his training location. After searching everywhere, he still hadnt been able to find him.

This had made Jueluo Supremacy very upset. However, besides feeling upset, he had been worried too. Worried about Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, that really abominable guy, could suppress all the Sacred Emperors. However, the main reason he could do this was because of the precious treasures that he possessed. Those treasures allowed him to be just a little weaker than the Supremacies.

It would be troublesome if Luo Yunyang improved gradually and eventually became a Supremacy!

Therefore, Jueluo Supremacy had exhausted all kinds of methods to find Luo Yunyang. He had even contacted the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the other Supremacies in the Purgatory.

Unfortunately, no matter what he had done, he just hadnt been able to find any traces of Luo Yunyang.

Just as Jueluo Supremacy had been about to quit searching for Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang had actually appeared! While Luo Yunyang had appeared in a rather strange fashion, Jueluo Supremacy didnt seem to care at all.

In Jueluo Supremacys opinion, Luo Yunyang was as good as dead now that he had decided to appear.

"He must have a death wish!" Jueluo Supremacy snorted coldly as he instantly reversed space-time and appeared mysteriously in the Divine Soaring Star Domain, which was in the midst of collapsing.

The essence of the technique was to utilize the retained images Jueluo Supremacy had left when he had been in the Divine Soaring Star Domain in the past. By reversing the time and space of the retained images, Jueluo Supremacy was able to arrive as soon as possible in the Divine Soaring Star Domain.

"Luo Yunyang, you are going nowhere!" Jueluo Supremacy conjured a massive palm and tried to grab Luo Yunyang the moment he appeared.

Luo Yunyang smirked when he saw Jueluo Supremacy. He grabbed hold of Yan Qingque and disappeared into the void without waiting for Jueluo Supremacy to make his move.

"Are you trying to run? Do you think you can do so?" Jueluo Supremacy wasnt angry. In fact, he was sneering.

Jueluo Supremacy tore open the void and entered it instantly. He had absolute confidence in his own speed. He might as well kill himself if he allowed Luo Yunyang to escape this time.

The virtual realm had started to broadcast the situation as soon as Jueluo Supremacy had appeared. However, the broadcast was showing more of Jueluo Supremacy while he was making his move.

Someone on the Sky Vision posted, "Hes suicidal. No one can save him!!"

Although the poster did not explicitly state whom he was referring to, everyone knew that he was referring to Luo Yunyang.

Supreme Daozi had never accessed the virtual realm before, yet he was also staring ardently at Sky Visions content now.

He smiled upon seeing people say that Luo Yunyang was suicidal. Although he found it inconceivable that Luo Yunyang would actually make such a reckless move, he still believed in Jueluo Supremacy.

There was no way Luo Yunyang would escape this peril once Jueluo Supremacy made his moves.

Luo Yunyang was a fool. If he was in Luo Yunyangs shoes, Supreme Daozi wouldnt appear until he managed to obtain powers equivalent to a Supremacys.

After all, it was simply an impossible and deadly attempt to face Jueluo Supremacy.

In the Purgatory, Blue Lotus Daozi had also stopped training. He looked at the empty image on the virtual realm and shook his head. "Maybe the only image we can see is the moment he gets killed."

Although Blue Lotus Daozi did not believe in Luo Yunyang, he respected him.

Blue Lotus Daozi, who was less flustered, seemed like a new entity. Before the woman who was waiting on him could speak, he shook his head again and said, "Luo Yunyang is too reckless!"

Blue Lotus Daozi wasnt the only one who felt that way. Many people who had crossed paths with Luo Yunyang felt the same way.

In an unknown Star Domain, the Empty Fire Saint shook his head while watching the Sky Vision. However, he didnt say anything in the end.

In many peoples opinion, it should be a piece of cake for Jueluo Supremacy to kill Luo Yunyang. However, when the image reappeared in the virtual realm, everyone saw Luo Yunyang standing in the middle of a Star Domain.

In order to capture the moment Luo Yunyang got killed by Jueluo Supremacy, the Demigod Tribe, which controlled the virtual realm, had already invested more money that would allow the top artifacts that processed the virtual world to operate at maximum output.

Therefore, Luo Yunyangs image in the Star Domain appeared instantly before many people.

"This is the Divine Field Star Domain!" a martialist from the Divine Field Star Domain shouted at the top of his lungs. Some Celestial Domain-Grade Emperors were prepared to move in on Luo Yunyang when they saw his figure.

Luo Yunyangs finger pointed gently forward, causing a bright beam of light to erupt forth in the Divine Field Star Domain. The dazzling meteors, which looked like raindrops, illuminated the entire space in an instant.

Jueluo Supremacy also appeared now. His eyes burned with rage as he observed the broken and tattered Divine Field Star Domain.

His reputation wasnt on the line, as he hadnt been able to do anything when the previous two Star Domains had been destroyed.

However, he was now in pursuit of Luo Yunyang. Not only had he failed to catch up with Luo Yunyang, but this pursuit had also resulted in the destruction of yet another Star Domain.

This was a great shame. The greatest shame of his life!

"Die, Luo Yunyang!" Jueluo Supremacys wrath reached its tipping point as he dealt a heavy blow to Luo Yunyang. When the palm strike appeared, the color of the sky surrounding it changed immediately.

Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others, who had been watching the situation through the virtual realm, felt momentarily shaken when they saw the palm strike.

A Supremacy, especially an important one like Jueluo Supremacy, had executed a move in anger. Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others considered this a very rare opportunity to learn something. Hence, although it was difficult for them to watch, they still persisted.

Sacred Emperor Moguo spat out a mouthful of blood as he quickly shut his eyes. What he saw wasnt an attack, but the laws of the heavens formed by the merging of a few origin source laws!

It was the laws of heaven, the Heavenly Laws. No one could defy them!

Luo Yunyang was wearing a strange armor. However, even though his cultivation base was better than Sacred Emperor Moguos, there was no way he could run away from that palm strike.

Just as Sacred Emperor Moguo was feeling sorry for Luo Yunyang, a loud roar erupted in his ears again. The roar came from Jueluo Supremacy. Sacred Emperor Moguo had the urge to spit a mouthful of blood again when he heard it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many elite martialists were collapsing throughout the endless void. They had adjusted the clarity of the broadcast to the highest quality so that they could have a clearer view of Jueluo Supremacys execution.

They had never expected that Jueluo Supremacy would execute the power of the Heavenly Laws so overwhelmingly that it would make them collapse.

"Any martialists below the Universe Grade should stop watching Jueluo Supremacys techniques!" The various factions came up with a response.

Even though they hoped that their disciples would gain insight by watching the battle, every life mattered. Thus, they did not want to suffer such a huge loss by letting their disciples die while watching the battle.

Countless people entered the Sky Vision, hoping to see the news of Luo Yunyangs death. Meanwhile, some people were hoping to see Luo Yunyangs escape.

Luo Yunyang did not pay attention to the things happening in the virtual world. He glanced at Yan Qianque, who was beside him, and said gently, "Leave!

Luo Yunyang didnt seem like he cared that this astonishing palm strike was headed his way at all!

The earth-shaking palm struck the already-shattered void, creating even more cracks.

However, Luo Yunyangs figure had vanished long before this started.

When Jueluo Supremacys consciousness found Luo Yunyang again, he was already in yet another Star Domain.

Luo Yunyang glared at the massive Star Domain.

"Stop, Luo Yunyang!" Jueluo Supremacy bellowed as he observed the massive Star Domain.

While Jueluo Supremacy was yelling, Shenluo Supremacy also appeared. "Luo Yunyang, I hope we can talk about this. If you do it again, then"

Shenluo Supremacys status was much higher than Jueluo Supremacys. His words carried a calm yet mighty awe.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Luo Yunyang executed his Shattering Heavens technique again.

In an instant, stars began to fall like rain again.

"He He is a Supremacy!" Someone on the Sky Vision posted a voice message. "Who else but a Supremacy could escape a Supremacys attack that easily?"

The voice message shook the entire virtual realm momentarily. Everyone watching the situation had only one thought at the moment! There was one more Supremacy in the realm now!

How could that be?