Supreme Uprising Chapter 701

Chapter 701 What Can You Do To Me?



This word represented a figure admired by countless people. Someone as great as the skies.

Many Saints remembered that the number of Supremacies was small and had remained the same ever since they had started their cultivation journey.

Actually, there was one less Celestial World Supremacy, yet no one had joined the ranks.

Had Luo Yunyang really become a Supremacy? Many people were shocked when that was mentioned.

Of course, some people also questioned the factuality of the statement. "Supremacies are ultimate figures and rulers of the void. It is rumored that when one becomes a Supremacy, mysterious phenomena take place in the sky. How could Luo Yunyang become a Supremacy when nothing happened before?"

People accepted this argument rather quickly. After all, the statement that Luo Yunyang had become a Supremacy was too shocking to accept.

"If Luo Yunyang isnt a Supremacy, then what is he?" The person who had suggested that Luo Yunyang had become a Supremacy wasnt going to be outdone while he explained his analysis. "Even a Sacred Emperor wouldnt escape that easily when being pursued by a Supremacy."

This statement also attracted the approval of many people. After all, Supremacies possessed the ability to control time and space, and Sacred Emperors had no means to deal with it.

How could he escape the pursuit of a Supremacy if he wasnt one himself?

While there were a lot of discussions and disputes, Dahai Saint was livid. Or rather, he was cursing furiously.

13 Star Domains, all of them really important ones. As each of them collapsed, the Demigod Tribes losses started piling up.

"Luo Yunyang, youll die a horrible death!"

"Hurry up, inform the surrounding Star Domains and quickly gather all the Universe-Grade elites on the main planet."

"Shenluo Supremacy has made his move already. He is going to grab hold of Luo Yunyang and tear him to pieces!"

The huge palace hall was filled with the Saints loud commands, while Dahai Saints eyes were bloodshot.

Fear had engulfed all the Demigod Tribe territories, as everyone had their eyes glued on the Sky Vision. They were all afraid of the impending danger.

They were afraid that Luo Yunyang would appear in their own Star Domain. However, that was something they couldnt control.

Momentarily, the Demigod Tribe plunged into a crisis it had not encountered for many years.

After Luo Yunyang destroyed yet another Star Domain, Shenluo Supremacy appeared out of the void and blocked his way.

Shenluo Supremacy was the number one figure in the Demigod Tribe. His ever-cold eyes were filled with rage at the moment.

Usually, the lives of ordinary people were insignificant to a Supremacy, but the destruction of more than a dozen Star Domains had angered Shenluo Supremacy tremendously.

"You exude the aura of a Supremacy!" Shenluo Supremacy stared coldly at Luo Yunyang but did not immediately take action.

His expression was fluctuating. At the same time, Jueluo Supremacy arrived.

Jueluo Supremacy was livid. The destruction of more than a dozen Star Domains had happened right before his eyes, which made him feel incredibly frustrated and defeated.

Hence, he roared angrily when he saw Luo Yunyang and conjured an Omnipresent Net formed by countless origin source laws. The net flew over at Luo Yunyang and tried to ensnare him!

Luo Yunyang simply snorted when he saw the Omnipresent Net forming before him. Then, the light that was about to imprison Luo Yunyang suddenly halted in mid-air.

"Stop!" Shenluo Supremacy yelled.

Although Jueluo Supremacy was an arrogant man, he still revered Shenluo Supremacy greatly.

While Jueluo Supremacy was unwilling to stop his attack, he eventually gave in when he heard Shenluo Supremacys voice.

"Luo Yunyang, I did not expect that youd step into the realm of a Supremacy." Shenluo Supremacy then added in a very stern tone, "Im going to give you a chance. As long as you vow to become a member of the Demigod Tribe, Ill forget about what just happened."

Jueluo Supremacys expression twitched as he shifted his attention onto Luo Yunyang.

He was no fool. In fact, he had already been suspicious of Luo Yunyang when he had not been able to catch up with him. He was able to confirm his suspicions after listening to Shenluo Supremacy.

Even so, he was drowned by complex sentiments. Besides jealousy, he also felt great shock. He was shocked that Luo Yunyang had actually become a Supremacy!

It was true that the destruction of more than a dozen Star Domains would not be a big issue if Luo Yunyang was to join the Demigod Tribe.

However, Luo Yunyang answered Shenluo Supremacys question with a cold sneer. He looked at the Shenluo Supremacy and asked, "Are you done? Lets continue if you are."

Jueluo Supremacy understood Luo Yunyangs attitude. He immediately looked at the Shenluo Supremacy and discovered that a white crown had appeared on Shenluo Supremacys head.

"You have sinned and you shall die. Dont blame us for the fact that you have a death wish!" Shenluo Supremacys hands quickly formed hand seals as he spoke. Suddenly, a sky-splitting radiance erupted in the void.

A massive palm emerged from the bright light and crashed heavily towards Luo Yunyang.

Jueluo Supremacy trembled slightly when he saw the mighty palm attack. He was aware of the power of the palm strike. Hence, he did not make his move. He quietly observed the gathering of hundreds of origin source laws on the palm crashing onto Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang felt the world around him begin to freeze the moment the palm approached.

It seemed like Shenluo Supremacys cultivation base had leveled up when he had executed the palm strike.

This wasnt because of Shenluo Supremacy, but because of the small crown on the top of his head.

According to the terms of the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos, if Shenluo Supremacys cultivation base was equivalent to surviving the first level of Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, thanks to the extra boost of the small crown, his power would reach the peak of a level-two Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

Unfortunately, Shenluo Supremacy was facing Luo Yunyang, who had the attribute regulator!

After decreasing Shenluo Supremacys Speed Attribute and increasing his own to a bearable limit, Luo Yunyang took a step forward and disappeared into the distance.

He had disappeared with one step.

Shenluo Supremacy found it hilarious when Luo Yunyang took the step. He wondered why Luo Yunyang was so suspicious of him that he even tried to escape when it came down to a moment like this.

However, he finally realized the seriousness of the matter when he saw Luo Yunyang disappear before him along with Yan Qingque. Unfortunately, he wasnt able to catch up.

His tremendous palm strike missed the target as it crashed into nothingness.

This made him incredibly angry. As the master of the entire Divine Union, when was the last time he had suffered such a humiliating loss?

"Chase after him" Shenluo Supremacy screamed impatiently at Jueluo Supremacy.

Although Jueluo Supremacy wanted to know what had happened, he also understood that he would have to pay a heavy price if he asked while Shenluo Supremacy was raging.

The two Supremacies tore through the void and rushed in the direction where Luo Yunyang was headed. However, when they arrived at the place Luo Yunyang had escaped to, all they discovered was a ruined Star Domain.

Fury was written all over Jueluo Supremacys face. He wanted to let out a howl of anguish but he couldnt do so.

"Go to hell, Luo Yunyang!" Shenluo Supremacys eyes had turned silver and his voice was cold.

A silvery light and a shadow began to gather behind him as he cursed Luo Yunyang.

This astonishing battle had even attracted the attention of the Purgatory, the Bug Race and the Machine Empire.

The Blood Lotus Supremacys vision tore through the void and reached the battlefield. When he saw the light and shadow gathering behind Shenluo Supremacy, he sneered, "He he The Ancient Sky Celestial True Body! That same old trick"

"Senior Brother, can Luo Yunyang still escape?" Blue Lotus Daozi, who stood aside, asked softly.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy shook his head gently. "I dont know."

As the Blood Lotus Supremacy completed his sentence, Luo Yunyang once again disappeared into the void.

This time, Shenluo Supremacy only formed hand seals rapidly. He did not chase after Luo Yunyang. When the last hand seal was formed, a massive silver palm appeared immediately and grabbed at Luo Yunyang.

The palm tore through time and space instantly. Luo Yunyang, who had escaped very far away, suddenly found himself trapped again within the palm.

Luo Yunyang was not afraid of that mighty palm. He just transferred most of his Power Attribute Points to his Speed Attribute.

Whenever the mighty palm seemed like it was going to land on Luo Yunyangs body, he appeared in another position.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yet another Star Domain was destroyed as he evaded the palms attack!

"Shenluo Supremacy, please kill Luo Yunyang!" The people of the Demigod Tribe were praying loudly. Some people were even madly cheering when they saw the massive palm traveling through the void as if it was about to smash Luo Yunyangs body by doing so.

It was getting closer and closer!

However, every time the palm approached, Luo Yunyang would dash millions of miles away. He had destroyed six or seven Star Domains in the blink of an eye.

"F*ck you!" Shenluo Supremacy was dashing frantically towards Luo Yunyang to intercept him.

Besides burning with rage, Shenluo Supremacy also started to panic as he watched Luo Yunyang change direction again.

He was heading to the Divine Origin Planet, the base of the Demigod Tribe!

Luo Yunyang was currently heading towards the Divine Origin Planet!

"Whats wrong? What can you do to me?"