Supreme Uprising Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Three Supremacies Joining Hands


The Divine Origin Planet was humongous. Its surface area was equivalent to 10,000 ordinary planets.

18 suns revolved around the Divine Origin Planet like satellites. Some of those martialists which had a higher cultivation base could even see the silhouette of all the Sky Celestials that were standing tall in between the sky and earth.

Despite being silhouettes, they could not be underestimated, as they played a vital part in the Demigod Tribe peoples cultivation.

Demigod Tribe people treated the silhouettes as Divine Inscriptions. Their cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds as long as they were able to comprehend one of the Divine Inscriptions.

Furthermore, this wasnt the most important benefit. The most important benefit was that after comprehending one of the Divine Inscriptions, the cultivator would have a smooth cultivation journey. Everything would be a piece of cake.

Because of that, the Divine Origin Planet was vital to the Demigod Tribe.

Luo Yunyang was rushing towards the Divine Origin Planet. Although Shenluo Supremacy was very confident in the Divine Origin Planets defense system, he still grimaced after thinking about all the Star Domains that had been destroyed.

While chasing Luo Yunyang, he was also desperately trying to contact another Supremacy of his tribe. He asked her to come immediately, no matter what.

Right after Shenluo Supremacy contacted his fellow Supremacy, Luo Yunyang arrived above the Divine Origin Planet.


A Demigod martialist was screaming at the top of his lungs at a control center in the middle of the Divine Origin Planet. Although his cultivation base wasnt too strong, he currently had an important responsibility.

The Demigod Tribe had been based on the Divine Origin Planet for eons. While there werent any weapons available that could threaten a Supremacy, there were many forces that could defend themselves against Saints.

Tens of thousands of Star Annihilation Cannons were fired frantically. The destructive power of the Star Annihilation Cannons was superb, as they sent out eye-blinding light beams that would destroy anything in their path.

The Demigod elite was completely drained of his energy after firing the thousands of Star Annihilation Cannons.

He felt as if he was going to collapse due to exhaustion!

Even so, he still tightened his grip on the cannons, hoping that his attacks would delay Luo Yunyang for a second.

It would take three seconds for the Supremacies help to arrive. If the Star Annihilation Cannons could delay him for a second, then all the elites who had taken flight into the sky would be able to hold on for two more seconds.

When the light beam approached Luo Yunyang, it suddenly disappeared completely without a trace.

Luo Yunyangs body was like a chaotic hole as it actually devoured the devastating energy coming from the light beam.

"Luo Yunyang, arent you afraid that your actions will be punished by heavens?" An elite from the Demigod Tribe burst out through the void when the light beam shot out.

His voice was trembling, and his body was shaking in anger. Apart from feeling angry, he was also very afraid of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang ignored that Demigod elite completely. He pointed his finger forward at the 10 Demigod Saints who were dashing towards him and unleashed 100,000 sword-lights at them.

The sword-lights disintegrated the bodies of the 10 Demigod Saints instantly. Although they had been prepared to die, they still desperately resisted when Luo Yunyang attacked.

However, their bodies and their consciousness were completely obliterated when the sword-lights struck them.

The individual who had shouted at Luo Yunyang was the last to die.

Lines of Divine Inscriptions were emerging frantically from the void. The 18 suns that revolved around the Divine Origin Planet illuminated it greatly.

Luo Yunyang sneered as he looked at the 18 suns. In an instant, he executed the Shattering Heavens, aiming directly at the suns.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 18 suns exploded almost at the same time, the explosive energy causing the sky to become a shade darker. The 18 suns werent very important to Shenluo Supremacy and the others. They could simply gather a few more suns from other places if they wanted to. However, the scene of the destruction was extremely heartbreaking to watch.

"Luo Yunyang, enough is enough!" A woman from the Demigod Tribe tore apart the void and arrived instantly, lashing out at Luo Yunyang.

Her 10-meter-tall physical body was shining brightly, and she was clad in pure white armor. The Divine Inscriptions reacted instantly when she appeared, forming a large array with the woman in the center.

Both Shenluo Supremacy and Jueluo Supremacy were greatly relieved when she appeared.

"Tianluo, you must stop him. I must arrest this scoundrel today!" Shenluo Supremacy said furiously.

The woman nodded her head and shot an icy glare at Luo Yunyang.

While Luo Yunyang had never seen the woman before, he had heard of the three great Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe. The woman in front of him was Tianluo Supremacy.

Overbearing Shenluo, Vicious Jueluo, and Gentle Tianluo!

The Celestial World Supremacy had used these names. Although Tianluo never got involved in matters like this, she was the one that the Celestial World Supremacy had been worried about the most.

Thats right, the person the Celestial World Supremacy was worried about the most was the woman in front of Luo Yunyang.

Tianluo Supremacys attributes were not impressive. Actually, they were equivalent to a Heavenly Venerate who had passed a level-one Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation. However, when Luo Yunyang met her in the void, he felt as if she was a part of the environment of this place.

Luo Yunyang made his move after thinking for a moment.

He did not utilize his attribute regulator. Instead, he took out his broken blade and cleaved at Tianluo Supremacy.

The cleave of the blade exuded impressive, earth-shaking awe.

Tianluo Supremacy frowned a little when Luo Yunyang made his move. Momentarily, a white halo appeared at the tip of her finger and sprung forward to meet Luo Yunyangs blade cleave.

The Chaotic Obliteration Blade was Luo Yunyangs self-invented blade technique as well as the technique that possessed the most murderous intent. The Divine Origin Planet could turn into dust instantly if this cleave landed on it.

However, when Luo Yunyangs attack collided with Tianluo Supremacys finger, he felt an exceptionally gentle force dragging on his long blade and gradually decreasing the impact of his blade.

Luo Yunyangs expression turned grave. At the same time, Shenluo Supremacy and Jueluo Supremacy started coming at him.

The crown on Shenluo Supremacys head blazed brightly as countless Origin Source Laws congregated on the fist he had blasted out.

The fist strike wasnt fast, but it was overwhelming. Jueluo Supremacys figure multiplied into a million countless clones, sealing the space around Luo Yunyang.

Those methods would have been useless to Luo Yunyang in a one-on-one battle. However, all three Supremacies were besieging Luo Yunyang at the same time.

The reason Jueluo Supremacy did that was to create the right conditions so that Luo Yunyang could not avoid the combined attack of Tianluo Supremacy and Shenluo Supremacy.

Luo Yunyang looked at the imposing Shenluo Supremacy and made a decision instantly.

Although it was easy for him to escape by using his attribute regulator, he was prepared to take Shenluo Supremacys fist head-on.

The attribute regulator had a good read on Shenluo Supremacys Power Attribute. Hence, Luo Yunyang did not decrease Shenluo Supermacys attributes. Instead, he directly increased his own.

In an instant, Luo Yunyang retaliated by blasting out a punch towards Shenluo Supremacy.

Common Origin Source Laws were no longer capable of improving the strength of individuals like Luo Yunyang and Shenluo Supremacy. Therefore, both Luo Yunyang and Shenluo Supremacy were competing against each others most basic power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the two fists collided, Luo Yunyang felt a burning hot energy rushing into his body. This extremely peculiar energy even made the impact of his power decrease.

However, the power was eventually suppressed after Luo Yunyangs internal universe spun rapidly. Shenluo Supremacy himself was in a pretty bad state.

Luo Yunyang had transferred the majority of his Heavenly Venerate True Bodys attributes into his own power attributes. Hence, the power generated by his fist was three times greater than that of Shenluo Supremacy.

The impact threw Shenluo Supremacy off his feet as he was flung away. The sound of his bones breaking could even be heard in the void.

Shenluo Supremacy, who was flung away at the impact, collided with many stars and planets, causing some stars that were at least hundreds of meters away to turn to dust instantly.

Jueluo Supremacy, who had been about to take advantage of the situation to attack Luo Yunyang sneakily, was shocked by the scene. His thousands of clones were blasted out miles away before regrouping.

Tianluo Supremacy was similarly appalled by what had happened. She had always thought that the reason Luo Yunyang was able to create such massive destruction was because of his astonishing speed. As long as the three of them could restrict his movements, they would not have a problem dealing with him.

However, the collision between the fists had shocked her completely. Not only was Luo Yunyang no weaker than them in terms of power, but he was actually stronger than them by a considerable margin.

This was a troublesome situation.

"Where are you going?" Instead of retreating away from Luo Yunyang, Tianluo Supremacy was in fact moving towards him. The Divine Inscriptions around her transformed into a light chain that snaked towards Luo Yunyang instantly.

"Why would I leave?" Luo Yunyang did not retreat either. Instead, he took a step towards Tianluo Supremacy!

When he took this step, his entire body strangely passed over Tianluo Supremacy!