Supreme Uprising Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Divine Hands


Luo Yunyang smirked when he heard Shenluo Supremacy’s suggestion. He knew that Shenluo Supremacy was stalling for time, as he was still preparing.

What awaited him was a thunderous counterattack when Shenluo Supremacy was done preparing.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang wasn’t willing to accept this truce!

He stared coldly back at Shenluo Supremacy and responded, “I’ll call a truce and let bygones be bygones if you let me destroy Jueluo Supremacy’s consciousness.”

Destroying a Supremacy’s consciousness was akin to a death sentence.

Even though Jueluo Supremacy knew that Luo Yunyang wasn’t going to be convinced that easily, he had never expected that this b*stard would make such a barbaric demand.

He almost imploded from the anger he was trying to contain. However, after learning from previous experience, he turned to Shenluo Supremacy and said, “I suggest using our Forbidden Artifact.”

Jueluo Supremacy said so very resolutely, yet Shenluo Supremacy seemed hesitant when he heard this suggestion.

Obviously, he didn’t want to waste the Forbidden Artifact on Luo Yunyang.

“Shenluo, what are you hesitating for? Our Demigod Tribe will cease to exist if this destruction goes on!” Jueluo Supremacy couldn’t contain the rage in him as he shouted.

Shenluo Supremacy didn’t mind being shouted at. He shifted his attention back to Luo Yunyang and said, “Take your Human Tribe and leave the Divine Union’s territory. This is my ultimatum.”

Luo Yunyang could sense the threatening intent behind Shenluo Supremacy’s words. However, he had his own trump card as well.

How could Luo Yunyang agree to this, even if he was to bring the entire Human Tribe into the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos?

Furthermore, because of the ruins of the Bloody Massacre Path in the Da Alliance, he was unable to contact all his subordinates. These were cold-hard facts. Thinking about all this intensified the murderous intent in Luo Yunyang.

Thus, he snapped back coldly. “Nonsense!”

“You’re courting death!” Shenluo Supremacy roared back angrily before the crown on his head shattered.

The simple crown transformed into countless light spots. Those light spots were like flowing water as they seeped into the vast sky and earth silently.

Luo Yunyang immediately sensed an impending threat when the crown shattered. A threat that came from the mighty sky and earth.

His confidence had reached an all-time high after he had obtained his Heavenly Venerate True Body. However, he had maintained a low profile in the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos, as there were Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates and existences greater than Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates at its helm.

After returning to the Divine Union’s void, Luo Yunyang now felt a sense of loftiness, as if he was looking down on the entire Divine Union.

However, the vast and mighty awe of the sky and earth made Luo Yunyang feel threatened like never before.

He did not know what sort of energy was going to erupt forth from the vast sky and earth. However, he had a strong premonition that it was going to be insanely strong.

Retaliating forcefully was not the choice that Luo Yunyang hoped to make. Not unless he had to do so. He knew that Shenluo Supremacy couldn’t maintain this outpouring power for long. Hence, he decided to tear open the void and leave after a moment of thought.

Shenluo Supremacy, Tianluo Supremacy, and Jueluo Supremacy did not stop Luo Yunyang. In their opinion, Luo Yunyang’s fate had been set in stone when the crown on top of Shenluo Supremacy had cracked.

Luo Yunyang would definitely be sealed up and subdued.

Five colors of light emerged from the calm, endless void.

When the five colors of light converged in the void, a massive palm appeared and headed towards Luo Yunyang.

At first, Luo Yunyang broke through the void and left. Hence, even though this was a pursuit through the void, most people would probably see the pursuer cut through the void and then watch the void recover.

However, a strange scene unfolded when the five-colored palms tore open the void.

Luo Yunyang was constantly ripping through the void, yet the five-colored palm was also stretching towards Luo Yunyang relentlessly.

It seemed as though the massive palm was controlling the sky and earth, the countless space and the entire universe.

It seemed like no one could escape the palm.

Luo Yunyang, who also felt that threat, only now realized how extraordinary the Demigod Tribe was.

No wonder the Celestial World Supremacy always gave in to Shenluo Supremacy despite being the number one among the five Supremacies.

It wasn’t because there were three Supremacies in the Demigod Tribe, but because of the hidden trump card that the Demigod Tribe possessed.

Luo Yunyang knew that he would never be able to escape this pursuit, as they were going faster than his original speed.

However, he had his attribute regulator. He transferred all the attribute points of his Heavenly Venerate True Body to his Speed Attribute and substituted the rest of the attribute points of his Heavenly Venerate True Body with his and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s attribute points.

The adjustment resulted in a fourfold increase of Luo Yunyang’s speed.

Jueluo Supremacy was very confident while he pursued Luo Yunyang.

“Do you think it’s that easy to escape the Divine Left Hand? Wishful thinking!” Jueluo Supremacy exclaimed confidently.

As Jueluo Supremacy was thinking highly of himself, all the Supremacies in the void of the Divine Union were staring at the massive palm, which seemed like it could shatter the void.

“Divine Left Hand? He he… I think it is stronger than the Divine Right Hand!” The Blood Lotus Supremacy was laughing at Luo Yunyang’s misfortune.

Blue Lotus Daozi asked suspiciously, “Don’t tell me that the Demigod Tribe’s legend is true.”

“Yes, of course. While you were deep in slumber, the Demigod Tribe unleashed the Divine Right Hand and killed a Supremacy that had provoked them.”

The Blood Lotus Supremacy shifted his attention to the massive palm and added, “This time, they executed the Divine Left Hand.”

“It is said that the founder of the Demigod Tribe was a true supreme existence known as the Sky Celestial.”

“According to the legend, the entire cosmic void was created by the Demigod Tribe founder and everything about him was infused into the cosmic void.”

The Blood Lotus Supremacy pondered this for a moment before adding, “However, in order to use the founder’s power, the Demigod Tribe had to sacrifice one of the items left behind by their founder.”

“He he… Which means that the number of times they can use these forbidden powers will decrease each time they use them.”

Blue Lotus Daozi had a grave expression on his face as he watched the palm getting closer to Luo Yunyang. “It would be great if that palm destroyed Luo Yunyang.”

He wasn’t the only one that had this sentiment. Black Shenzi and the others felt the same way.

However, Supreme Daozi wasn’t expecting the same result. He started fuming in anger when he saw the palm try to grab Luo Yunyang.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

He cursed out loud without minding his demeanor while he slapped the subordinate beside him a few times.

The subordinate did not know why the Supreme Daozi, who always acted in a refined and cultured manner, would hit him.

He might be oblivious, but someone else knew why. An old servant who had served many great figures of the Demigod Tribe lamented. “All of you know nothing. Every item left behind by Lord Sky Celestial is invaluable.”

“According to legend, the Demigod Tribe can have as many Supremacies as the amount of inheritance treasure it possesses.”

Only then did the subordinate who had received the beating understand why Supreme Daozi had acted in such a manner.

In the virtual realm, Demigod martialists were starting to go berserk.

Practically the entire front page of the Sky Vision was filled with comments made by Demigod elites. Everyone was commenting that Luo Yunyang was going to die.

The Divine Left Hand was the ultimate inheritance left behind by the Sky Celestial for his descendants.

“How dare you offend the Demigod Tribe! You’ll die without a proper burial!”

“It’s hard to imagine what kind of existence our Demigod Tribe’s founding ancestor was.”

On the contrary, many tribes who disliked the Demigod Tribe had gone silent. They had been delighted when Luo Yunyang had swept through the Demigod Tribe’s Star Domains.

However, most of them didn’t dare to express their happiness.

Their happiness suddenly disappeared when they saw that all-sweeping palm and Luo Yunyang, who was frantically traversing through the void.

They immediately started to doubt themselves and their ability to resist the Demigod Tribe. The prowess of the Demigod Tribe wasn’t something they could stand up against.

Although the massive palm was close behind Luo Yunyang, he didn’t care at all.

Faster, faster, faster!

His increased attributes seemed to reach their peak, yet Luo Yunyang still felt that the gap between him and the palm wasn’t increasing.

He had expanded all means of increasing his speed, so he could only run with all he had now. Fortunately, the palm would need some time before it could reach Luo Yunyang.

Three minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes…

Time was ticking by while the gap between Luo Yunyang and the massive palm was shrinking.

At least, everyone thought that the distance between them was continuously shrinking.

Jueluo Supremacy, Shenluo Supremacy, and Tianluo Supremacy started to hold their breath as they waited for the strike they had been expecting!