Supreme Uprising Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Soaring Crane Nanlai Supremacy


Luo Yunyangs heart was stretched taut. He was ready to unleash a deadly strike at any moment.

However, he wasnt very confident that his strongest attack would be able to deal with the Divine Left Hand.

The Demigod Tribe had extraordinary foundations after all.

Still, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that the Divine Left Hand was constantly diminishing.

He could feel that its power was constantly weakening.

He had to push on. He couldnt stop!

Luo Yunyang decided to add both attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and his own body.

After completing all this, he unleashed Heavenly Venerate Purple Craness strongest technique: the Soaring Crane.

Luo Yunyangs body seemed to stop for a moment when he unleashed the Soaring Crane, making many people think that he was crazy.

The Divine Left Hand would immediately hit Luo Yunyang if he stopped moving

*Destroy his consciousness. Must destroy his consciousness! *

Jueluo Supremacy hated Luo Yunyang to the core. However, he also felt slightly afraid of how crazy Luo Yunyang was. Therefore, he wasnt just determined to catch Luo Yunyang, but to completely eliminate him.

Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy also felt the same. Both of them were looking forward to the same thing.

They were looking forward to Luo Yunyangs death, which they hoped would happen as soon as possible.

After all, the relationship between Luo Yunyang and the Demigod Tribe was too hard to reconcile. They would suffer a huge loss if they didnt manage to kill Luo Yunyang even after using their Forbidden Artifact.

They were really excited when they saw Luo Yunyang stop. However, the happiness in them lasted only for a split moment.

Like a giant blue crane, Luo Yunyang took flight and traversed hundreds of thousands of miles in an instant.

The distance between Luo Yunyang and the Divine Left Hand widened again. It was now as wide as it had been at the beginning.

The Divine Left Hand was deteriorating rapidly, yet Luo Yunyangs speed remained as quick as ever.

"Damn it!" Shenluo Supremacy howled.

Although Shenluo Supremacy had lived for a very long time as a Supremacy, the experience he had obtained by living such a long life still wasnt enough to change the fact that he was a living being.

How could he accept the fact that he was going to lose everything after he had invested everything?

Tianluo Supremacys beautiful face was also very unsightly. Figures like them understood very well the disparity between them and Luo Yunyang.

In the ancestral land of the Electric Awn Tribe, the Saint was watching the battle, unable to believe his eyes.

He immediately instructed his subordinates, "All of you, go get the Human Tribe slaves we have captured"

It seemed like something triggered the Saint when he mentioned the slaves. "I meant the VIPs! Listen up. These people are VIPs protected by the Electric Awn Tribe. All of you must make these VIPs happy, no matter what it takes. Otherwise, you will die!"

The Electric Awn martialists were disappointed by the Saints instructions. However, they did not dare to resist. Although the battle was still going on, the outcome had already been decided.

The Demigod Tribe couldnt kill Luo Yunyang!

The grudge of a Supremacy was too overwhelming. Even though the Electric Awn Tribe was one of the 18 Primary Tribes, they were still far from being able to handle this sort of situation against Luo Yunyang.

The Demigod Tribe would have no way of dealing with Luo Yunyang, even if Luo Yunyang annihilated the entire Electric Awn Tribe.

"Patriarch, what about the Human Tribe people who are dead?" someone asked awkwardly.

The Electric Awn Tribe ancestor gave the man a tight slap across his face. Although he was a trusted aide of the ancestor, he was still flung aside by the impact of the slap.

"You fool! Arrest those that killed the Human Tribe people, including their entire families!"

The Electric Awn Tribe Patriarch was pacing anxiously around, feeling extremely frightened and uneasy.

The situation in the Thunder Ray Tribe was worse. The Thunder Ray Tribesmen were a despicable bunch to begin with, as they had even objected to the idea of allowing the Human Tribe to be promoted to a second-grade tribe by vetoing the decision, thus causing plenty of trouble for Luo Yunyang.

After Jueluo Supremacy executed his Great Deprivation Technique, the Thunder Ray Tribe hurriedly swallowed one of the Star Domains that the Human Tribe had just obtained.

Almost all of the Human Tribe people from that Star Domain had been turned into slaves by the elites of the Thunder Ray Tribe.

"What should we do? What should we do now?" The three Saints of the Thunder Ray Tribe were feeling very anxious and uneasy.

They had been calmly awaiting the Demigod Tribes victory moments ago. However, they were truly afraid now!

"Hurry, get some people to go pacify the remaining human Star Domains and bring out the essence of the entire Thunder Pool. Send it to the important figures of the Human Tribe."

"The essence of Thunder Pool can get rid of the harmful state of their body. Tell them not to complain to Luo Yunyang. Everything is negotiable."

The Saints made a decision swiftly. However, they turned extremely pale when they calculated the death toll of the Human Tribe.

"If the Demigod Tribe is truly unable to suppress Luo Yunyang, then Im afraid" the Patriarch of the Thunder Ray mumbled.

The third-in-rank Universe-Grade elite gave himself a slap across the face. His face swelled up instantly.

"Blame it on me. This is all because of my false step!" The Universe-Grade elite added gravely, "Just let that Supremacy take my life. "

The first-in-rank Thunder Ray Tribe elite shook his head as he looked at his partner. "I am afraid that will not be enough."

"We three and those" The number one ranking elite did not continue. However, his partners understood what he was trying to imply.

"Dont be too pessimistic, you two. The Demigod Tribe will shelter us even if heaven collapses. I think Luo Yunyang may not be able to escape the pursuit of the Demigod Tribe."

The second-in-rank elite appeared rather calm.

However, the instant that he spoke, the Divine Left Hand shown through the screen of the virtual realm crumbled.

The earlier colorless radiance returned to the sky and earth.

The three elites from the Thunder Ray Tribe did not know how the Divine Left Hand worked, but they understood that there was a great price to pay for using such forbidden powers.

Otherwise, the Demigod Tribe would have destroyed the other three factions long ago.

"How is it possible? How could he escape?" On the Sky Vision, the Demigod Tribe martialists, who were already going bonkers, reacted like gamblers who had just lost all of their money.

However, there were also comments from other people, who were taunting the Demigod Tribe and asking it to execute the Divine Left Hand again.

The atmosphere in the secret space where Dahai Saint and the rest were situated was deadly silent.

As the Patriarch of the Demigod Tribe, Dahai Saint knew much more than the ordinary martialists of his tribe.

There was a significant price to pay for using the Divine Left Hand. Although the Demigod Tribe had a deep foundation, Dahai Saint estimated that their tribe could not execute this technique more than three times.

Moreover, these techniques, which were treated as a way to intimidate others, werent used in ordinary times.

The Demigod Tribe would suffer an incalculable loss when they finished using such a technique.

"Patriarch, what should we do?" another Saint asked fearfully.

Suddenly, the scene in front of them changed and Luo Yunyangs figure reappeared outside the Divine Origin Planet.

"He is going to destroy the Divine Origin Planet again!" another Saint screamed.

Dahai Saint was shaking uncontrollably. While many of the elites of the Demigod Tribe had been evacuated to unknown small spaces, the Divine Origin Planet was still the most important foundation of the Demigod Tribe.

"Do not let him destroy the Divine Origin Planet!" someone shouted. However, it was impossible for them to return to the Divine Origin Planet instantly.

Luo Yunyang waved the broken blade in his hand and unleashed the Chaotic Hole Obliteration onto the Divine Origin Planet.

This cleave, which contained all the Power Attributes in the attribute regulator, sent forth a deathly black blade-light towards the Divine Origin Planet.

The golden light shield lit up again, but the insane blade-light penetrated it, smashing the golden giants supporting the light shield instantly.

Then, the blade-light finally crashed on the massive Divine Origin Planet, splitting it into two halves.

Luo Yunyang stared at the destruction indifferently. He executed the Shattering Heavens once again and the helpless Divine Origin Planet shattered once more.

"Brother Luo, you have destroyed the Divine Origin Planet. That should ease your resentment. Should we end this here?" A bright, clear voice echoed in the void before a figure emitting purple radiance appeared outside the Divine Origin Planet.

A name popped into Luo Yunyangs mind instantly: Nanlai Supremacy. Although he wasnt from the Demigod Tribe, he had also managed to become one of the five strongest Supremacies in the Divine Union, just like the Celestial World Supremacy.

He had a very small presence, so no one had expected him to appear outside of the Divine Origin Planet.

The emergence of Nanlai Supremacy revived the hopes in many peoples hearts!