Supreme Uprising Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Gathering Of Supremacies


Nanlai Supremacys appearance attracted the attention of many people. He had a tall physique and a single purple horn grew on his head, making him exude a very poised demeanor.

"Hurry, Brother Nanlai! Assist me and arrest this devil who is trying to destroy our Divine Union!" Jueluo Supremacys eyes were beaming with redness as the Divine Inscriptions formed by his murderous intent behind him acted like a patch of darkness.

The Divine Origin Planet was destroyed!

The most important foundation of the Demigod Tribe was destroyed!

Despite his best efforts to prevent this from happening, the Divine Origin Planet was still destroyed by Luo Yunyang.

His heart was filled with resentment, madness, and a trace of unspeakable regret.

He would have killed Luo Yunyang in the beginning if he had known what was going to happen. Or rather, he wouldnt have touched the Human Tribe before knowing where Luo Yunyang was.

Shenluo Supremacys eyes were also scarlet as he glared at Luo Yunyang like a ferocious wolf.

A ferocious wolf that was ready to pounce on his opponent and tear him apart!

"You actually destroyed the Divine Origin Planet, Luo Yunyang!" Shenluo Supremacy said calmly yet coldly.

There was a maniacal intent in his words, as if there was a volcano inside him that was on the verge of erupting.

Tianluo Supremacy said nothing, yet she looked extremely gloomy.

So many Star Domains had been destroyed This would cause the entire Demigod Tribe to feel extremely heartbroken. However, destroying the Divine Origin Planet would enrage them and send them into a frenzy.

The Divine Origin Planet was their tribes foundation, so its destruction would have a massive impact.

Luo Yunyangs eyes were cold and his tone was indifferent. "Do you feel sad already? Why didnt you feel sad when you destroyed the Milky Way? Why didnt you feel sad when you deprived the Human Tribe of their evolution for so many years?"

"Oh, so you finally feel sad now, huh? Its too late!" Luo Yunyang said coldly. "The Divine Origin Planet isnt the end."

Many people trembled within the virtual realm as they listened to Luo Yunyang and Shenluo Supremacys conversation.

"Shenluo Supremacy, Yunyang Supremacy!" Nanlai Supremacy coughed loudly before speaking. "Both of you are exceptional figures, but please listen to me for a moment."

Luo Yunyang did not respond. Shenluo Supremacy hesitated for a moment before agreeing. "Brother Nanlai, if you have something to say, please go ahead."

"I shall not comment on who is right or wrong, but I hope that both of you will stop here. Otherwise, the losses incurred by the Divine Union are going to pile up and maybe the entire Divine Union will no longer exist!"

Nanlai Supremacy turned to look at Shenluo Supremacy and added, "Shenluo, I dont think you want the Divine Union to break up, right?"

Shenluo Supremacy did not answer immediately. Meanwhile, Nanlai Supremacy turned to look at Luo Yunyang and said, "Yunyang Supremacy, I know there are too many grievances in your heart. However, you must have vented enough after destroying so many Star Domains as well as the Divine Origin Planet, the most important foundation of the Demigod Tribe!"

"Can both of you take a step back for the Divine Union?"

Luo Yunyang looked at Nanlai Supremacy and rebutted. "How is this enough? The Demigod Tribe almost forced the Human Tribe into extinction! The Divine Union can break up for all I care. Who was there to stand by the Human Tribe when we were facing a crisis?"

Luo Yunyangs tone was cold and menacing as he stared at Nanlai Supremacy.

Nanlai Supremacys graceful demeanor suddenly became a bit awkward as Luo Yunyang stared him down.

He felt as if Luo Yunyang was referring to him.

It was true that Nanlai Supremacy never sided with the Human Tribe when they were facing a crisis. He did not wish to go against the mighty Jueluo Supremacy for the Human Tribes sake.

Now, Luo Yunyang had actually called Nanlai Supremacy out without caring for his reputation.

"Luo Yunyang is so sickening!" Nanlai Supremacys subordinates were complaining.

However, they could only voice their frustration. They could do nothing else. They wouldnt dare provoke Luo Yunyang directly.

Many martialists from the Demigod Tribe were closely watching the scene through the virtual realm. They were looking forward to seeing Shenluo Supremacy and the rest kill Luo Yunyang. However, the destruction of the Divine Origin Planet had made many of them tremble in fear.

All the shaking individuals hoped that Nanlai Supremacy could help settle this dispute.

Luo Yunyangs massacre had left a deep scar in their hearts. They simply did not have any way of resisting against Luo Yunyang.

"Ha ha ha! You heard him, Nanlai. He doesnt give a damn about the Divine Union breaking up!" Shenluo Supremacy laughed sardonically.

Nanlai Supremacy had an ugly expression on his face. However, he had no intention of joining the battle at the moment.

Although Luo Yunyang was at a disadvantage because he was dealing with three opponents, the wrath of a Supremacy was still able to ravage galaxies and destroy planets.

His tribe wasnt weak among the 18 Primary Tribes, but it was unnecessary for him to provoke a dangerous man.

"Luo Yunyang, youre damn right. The Divine Union can break up for all I care. Today, the Demigod Tribe will definitely kill you. Otherwise, how will I face every single one of my Demigod Tribesmen?"

Shenluo Supremacy leaned back and laughed. "Blood Lotus Supremacy, I know you can hear me. You and Luo Yunyang are also opponents. His uprising will not benefit the Purgatory. I will gift you the Triple Blood Flame Spade as long as you hunt down Luo Yunyang with us."

The Blood Lotus Supremacy and Shenluo Supremacy were natural foes who had exchanged blows countless times in the past.

While both of them had their fair share of victories, Shenluo Supremacy was probably the one that had suffered more often than not.

Only a handful of people knew what the Triple Blood Flame Spade was. However, the Blood Lotus Supremacys face stiffened when he heard this.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he chose to shut his mouth.

After making this promise to the Blood Lotus Supremacy, Shenluo Supremacy shouted again, "Ignorant Supremacy, arent you looking for the Ancient Cyan Metal? I have a piece here. Help me kill Luo Yunyang and it will be yours."

The Ignorant Supremacy was the Machine Empires Supremacy. While he rarely got into action, he was feared by many.

Nanlai Supremacys expression turned grave when he heard Shenluo Supremacy shouting for the Ignorant Supremacy. He realized that Shenluo Supremacy was going to fight to his last breath.

"Supreme Empress Dowager, you heard the promises I made to both of them. Ill give you a Divine Bone. Ill give you the true Divine Bone if you assist us this time!"

"All other Supremacies of the Bug Race, Ill give every single one of you a Divine Bone as long as you assist us as well!"

Shenluo Supremacys promises shook the nine heavens. Luo Yunyang could sense a murderous intent coming from the depths of the endless void and heading towards him.

Luo Yunyang was aware that he couldnt back down from it. Otherwise, he would end up worse off than he had ever intended.

"Greed enslaves any man. While being rich is certainly attractive, I hope everyone will reconsider this. You might end up losing your life due to a regrettable decision." Luo Yunyang warned them coldly.

As he spoke, a bloody light tore through the void, transforming instantly into a huge blood-colored lotus that occupied more than half of the sky.

"Luo Yunyang, I like your way of handling things, but Im taking that Triple Blood Flame Spade. You must die!" The divine radiance coming from the blood-red lotus flower exploded, making the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who was bathed in the light, appear awe-inspiring.

The Ignorant Supremacy appeared right after the Blood Lotus Supremacy and looked at Luo Yunyang coldly without any intention of speaking.

Subsequently, three huge hives appeared in the void almost at the same time. These hives were as huge as three Divine Origin Planets and expended countless bug soldiers rapidly. Meanwhile, three faces emerged on the nests.

The three beautiful faces smirked at Luo Yunyang with murderous intent.

Six, seven, eight!

The sky seemed to freeze when the eighth Supremacy appeared. The Supremacies stared at Luo Yunyang together, their imposing manners feeling like eight blazing suns in the void.

Shenluo Supremacy was expressionless as he looked at Nanlai Supremacy. "Nanlai, what is your choice?"

Nanlai Supremacy never liked to choose sides. However, he simply had no choice after seeing all the Supremacies that had gathered.

"Im on Brother Shenluos side, of course." Nanlai Supremacy hesitated for a moment before eventually voicing his decision.

When Nanlai Supremacy joined the fray, there were basically 12 Supremacies gathered there.

The power wielded by them was enough to sweep anything before their path and upturn heaven.

Luo Yunyang frowned when he looked at the 12 Supremacies. In fact, he had already made up his mind the moment the 12 of them had appeared.

"You have made your choice now. Dont regret it!" Luo Yunyang muttered, his tone filled with frightening energy.

"Die!" Jueluo Supremacy, who was delighted about the gathering of the Supremacies, brandished his weapon and made a mad dash towards Luo Yunyang!