Supreme Uprising Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Number One Supremacy


Luo Yunyang believed that he could suppress Jueluo Supremacy and take him on with his attribute regulator. While most people thought that Luo Yunyang was going to play hide and seek with everyone by using his supreme speed, he actually attacked!

He executed the Life Death Resounding Fate instantly!

Although there were only two life and death tones, the switching of the tones had a very great effect.

He executed the switching of the tones four times in an instant.

This could cause an opponent to switch back and forth between life and death four times in a split moment. Not only was this sort of switching mysterious and profound, but it actually carried destructive energy.

Any Universe-Grade martialist would be destroyed instantly if Luo Yunyang executed the Life Death Resounding Fate with his Heavenly Venerate True Bodys power.

While he couldnt kill Jueluo Supremacy instantly, it was enough to halt Jueluo Supremacys attack momentarily.

Jueluo Supremacy was determined to kill Luo Yunyang. His insatiable desire to kill Luo Yunyang was caused by the humiliation he had suffered and could only be washed off by killing Luo Yunyang.

Not only would he become a laughing stock in the entire Divine Union, but the entire Demigod Tribe would resent him if he failed to do so.

He was too prideful to accept the resentment of his fellow tribesmen! He did not want to be labeled as the willful person that had caused the downfall of the entire Demigod Tribe.

Hence, he was the first to strike. He reckoned that the only way Luo Yunyang could react was by escaping immediately.

After all, Luo Yunyang possessed frightening speed. That bastard would definitely make use of his advantage if he didnt want to die while facing 12 equally-matched opponents.

Jueluo Supremacy, who had been thinking of how to deal with Luo Yunyang, had never expected Luo Yunyang to attack him first!

Jueluo Supremacy felt the energy in his body churn two times after receiving Luo Yunyangs attack, which caused his imposing awe to be reduced by half instantly.

Jueluo Supremacy felt a premonition developing. Before he could evade it, Luo Yunyangs palm came crashing at him.

Jueluo Supremacys longsword flew away upon colliding with Luo Yunyangs palm.

Jueluo Supremacy was also sent flying by the impact, which caused him to start bleeding from his mouth as well.

He had been defeated. Jueluo Supremacy had lost badly!

Shenluo Supremacy and the rest were watching in disbelief. They had sealed up the void around them as soon as Jueluo Supremacy had made his move.

The power of 11 Supremacies was too overbearing, so not even a Supremacy would be able to break through this blockade.

Most of them had been hoping that Jueluo Supremacy would lead the charge while they would just benefit from the outcome.

However, this turn of events was largely unexpected. There would be no benefits from this outcome.

Luo Yunyang had actually sent Jueluo Supremacy flying with a single palm strike. While this wasnt exactly enough to say anything about Luo Yunyangs power, he had indeed crushed Jueluo Supremacy.

It was a cold hard fact that there was a sizeable gap between their strengths.

The elites of the Thunder Ray Tribe, who had gathered in their ancestral lands, were clenching their fists tightly.

The Thunder Ray Tribe revered the Demigod Tribe greatly, and Jueluo Supremacy was a divine entity in their opinion.

Seeing Luo Yunyang smack Jueluo Supremacy away affected the Thunder Ray Tribe greatly.

In particular, the proposal made by Nanlai Supremacy had caused the Thunder Ray Tribesmen to feel that they were going to face a disaster. It was only natural that they would become cannon fodder for Luo Yunyangs rage after the Supremacies reached an agreement.

The Saints of the Thunder Ray Tribe even made arrangements for their own funerals.

However, just as theyd thought that Luo Yunyang was going to agree to the proposal, he had actually rejected Nanlai Supremacys suggestion. It could be said that Luo Yunyang had stifled the last chance of negotiation at that moment.

When Shenluo Supremacy had requested assistance from the other Supremacies, the Thunder Ray Tribe had cheered in joy.

They had been so excited that they had gone crazy. Even their Patriarch had cheered loudly when the Supreme Empress Dowager had appeared.

The Thunder Ray Tribesmen had been jubilant, as theyd thought that they had escaped a death sentence.

Luo Yunyang had made a wrong decision, so he was bound to die a horrible death. As many people had the same thought, Luo Yunyang and Jueluo Supremacy had started to exchange blows.

"That is Jueluo Supremacy!" someone shouted in dissatisfaction. However, another voice replied, "That is Luo Yunyang!

This sort of conversation was occurring everywhere throughout the galaxies.

Meanwhile, many posts began to appear on the Sky Vision again. Someone even posted an image of Luo Yunyang unleashing his palm.

"Number one Supremacy!"

This was an honor that nobody in the Divine Unions void held. Not even the Celestial World Supremacy or the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

However, no one dared to contest this claim. Not even the people from the Purgatory or the Machine Empire.

Although most of them would not pay homage to Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyangs current performance was difficult for them to scrutinize.

However, some people were sour as they sneered, "Luo Yunyang is definitely going to die when the 11 Supremacies attack at once!"

Although some people disliked this statement, no one refuted it.

Luo Yunyang did not care about the discussions going on. He was in the midst of receiving a deadly attack as the Blood Lotus Supremacy sent a bloodied blade-light toward him that transformed into a sea of lotuses.

The lotus sea did not seem formidable as an offensive attack. However, it was very effective in ensnaring ones opponent.

Luo Yunyangs astonishing speed was reduced by half when he was ensnared by the lotus sea.

While Luo Yunyangs speed was drastically reduced, Tianluo Supremacy and the rest hurriedly occupied important positions in the void around the Blood Lotus Supremacy and continuously attacked Luo Yunyang.

Each attempt Luo Yunyang made to dash out of the bloodied lotus sea by using his attribute regulator was stopped.

Luo Yunyang was worried about the bug soldiers conjured by the three bug queens the most. Although his attribute regulator was effective when dealing with bug soldiers, there were simply too many of them.

The ever-changing tactics of the three bug queens were too much to handle as well.

Luo Yunyang felt increasingly astonished by the means of the 11 Supremacies. He managed to break through the Blood Lotus Supremacys bloodied lotus sea three times, yet every time he did so, he would encounter other Supremacies and fail to break free.

Similarly, Luo Yunyang was injured more than once during the battle. While his Heavenly Venerate True Bodys indestructible characteristics allowed him to recover rapidly, the injuries still put immense pressure on him.

"Its been a year, yet they are still fighting!" The martialists in the virtual world who had been watching the fight all along had started feeling fatigued.

Despite the ecstasy of viewing a battle between the Supremacies, it was pretty unbearable to watch for such a long time.

The martialists with weaker cultivation bases found it even harder. Not only were they unable to improve, but their cultivation bases were also rapidly degrading.

"He he I think it will not end for another 10 years. This is indeed a battle between the Supremacies!" someone said with determination. "Although Luo Yunyang is bound to lose, I think that he can endure for 10 more years."

"He is now trapped in the endless lotus sea conjured by the Blood Lotus Supremacy. The only way out of this situation is for him to break that lotus sea."

"The lotus sea is a double-edged sword. While it did trap Luo Yunyang, it also hinders the attacks of the other Supremacies. Shenluo Supremacy had to retract his mystic ability because of the lotus sea."

"Luo Yunyang would have disappeared completely without the lotus sea!"

One year, two years, three years

The battle of the Supremacies went on. Even though it was still a hot topic in the Divine Union, the viewership had dropped drastically, as most people would simply take a look at it when they were free.

"Luo Yunyang is not going to make it. He has endured for three years and his Heavenly Venerate True Body still looks formidable, but he lacks the strength to endure another regroup of the other Supremacies."

Sacred Emperor Moguo finally made a professional analysis on the Sky Visions discussion forum.

After Sacred Emperor Moguos analysis, the other Sacred Emperors also voiced their opinions. The common consensus was that Luo Yunyang wouldnt be able to endure for even three more days!

Luo Yunyang was going to be killed in the next three days.

This analysis caused an uproar in the realm.

However, some people were still skeptical about this analysis. Hence, Jueluo Supremacy, who was engaged in the battle, left a comment on the Sky Vision.

"The criminal will be executed in three days!"

This sentence was burning with murderous intent.

"Criminal" was the term that Jueluo Supremacy had used to label Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, all the martialists in the Divine Union acknowledged the tactics employed by the 12 Supremacies.

They would exhaust him and kill him!

Luo Yunyang, who was being attacked by the 12 Supremacies, did not see the comment posted by Jueluo Supremacy and ignored the discussion taking place on the Sky Vision. His body felt extremely exhausted, but his mind had already entered a state of extreme excitement.

He could sense that his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was about to complete its advancement!