Supreme Uprising Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Divine Martial Technique Strongest Fist


In a nameless space situated in the depths of an endless galaxy, thousands of people from the Human Tribe had gathered on top of a mountain.

They were waiting worriedly.

In the middle of the group were Yunxi and Luo Donger. The light breeze was blowing gently on their clothes, making them look like goddesses.

However, both Yunxi and Luo Donger were upset and very anxious.

"Yunxi, has it arrived?" Shen Yunying asked. She seemed to have aged greatly all of a sudden.

Shen Yunying, whose hair had turned white, looked as though she had experienced many vicissitudes in life. Hiding in such a small space that lacked spirit energy and worrying endlessly about her son, Luo Yunyang, had withered her spirits rapidly.

"Any news?" Shen Yunying asked the servants beside her.

Although she was aware that everyone knew exactly the same information, she still couldnt help but ask again. After all, Luo Yunyang was her beloved son.

The servant beside Shen Yunying was a clever, bright young lady. Although she was young, she was incredibly sensible. Thus, she replied gently, "Not yet, Matriarch Shen!"

"Rest assured, Matriarch. The heavens help those that are worthy. Furthermore, considering Patriarch Luos exceptional capabilities, he will be fine."

The young ladys consolation eased Shen Yunyings anxiousness. She gently caressed the young ladys hand and sighed. "I hope so!"

Everyone had heard their conversation, even though it had barely been loud enough. Some people appeared slightly relaxed, but most people had grave expressions on their faces.

All the people who had gathered here were elites among elites. Hence, the battle they had witnessed previously made them think that Luo Yunyang was in a very disadvantageous position.

He was one person against 12, and he was also trapped. The chances of him winning were almost zero if this went on.

A figure zoomed in from afar while the group was engaged in its own thoughts. In the blink of an eye, the figure landed in front of the group.

"Bloody Blade Monarch, hows the situation?" everyone asked right away.

The Bloody Blade Monarch wasnt from the Human Tribe, but he was Luo Yunyangs most loyal subordinate. Thus, he had been tasked to scout Luo Yunyangs location and discover his state.

Someone discovered a wound on the Bloody Blade Monarchs rib when he appeared.

In the past, the Bloody Blade Monarch had never gotten injured. However, this time, the injury he had received seemed very serious.

"Bloody Blade Monarch, you are wounded. Whats going on?" Yunxi asked anxiously.

The Bloody Blade Monarchs cultivation base was considered the best amongst this group. However, he appeared rather fatigued.

"I I didnt manage to get any news. The people from Chiyuanlong City betrayed us," the Bloody Blade Monarch said coldly.

The people from Chiyuanlong City had always been friendly to the Human Tribe and even offered great assistance to them before.

However, as soon as Luo Yunyang had been surrounded by the Supremacies, they had started to turn hostile. No one would have ever thought that they would turn their backs on the Human Tribe so soon.

"Could it be" Lu Qubing sounded worried. As the ruler of the Da Alliance, he had seen it all and experienced all sorts of dark, despicable behavior.

Thus, he was very worried at the moment.

Although nobody spoke, silence was the best way of explaining this situation.

"I killed three of the Chiyuanlong Citys Galaxy-Grade rulers and captured a Star-Grade martialist."

The Blood Blade Monarch coughed gently. "If we want to find out anything, we have to access the virtual realm by using his communication device."

Although the Blood Blade Monarchs suggestion was easily achievable, everyone present knew that the possibility of their location being compromised would increase tenfold if they used the communication device.

Still, practically everyone agreed right away. "Use it. We want to know whats happening!"

Yunxi and Lu Qubing were the most rational people in the group, so they were the only ones that remained silent.

However, they did not stop them after seeing their worried looks.

The martialist that the Bloody Blade Monarch had caught had a towering figure and was shrouded in green dragon scales. According to their tribes calculations, this martialist was probably a teenager. However, his Star-Grade cultivation was considered very ordinary in Chiyuanlong City.

The captive, who had been fearing for his life ever since he had been captured, pleaded respectfully. "Please have mercy on me, my lord, please. It wasnt my intention to attack you. I was following the orders of the Elders."

The Bloody Blade Monarch snorted. "Alright, I wont take it to heart. Now switch on your communication device."

"Switch on my communication device?" The martialist was stunned. "People will be able to locate this place if I switch on my communication device"

"F*ck it. Just do it and stop being pesky!" The Flame Emperors foul mood had been getting worse ever since he had heard that Chiyuanlong City had betrayed them.

The Star-Grade martialist didnt dare speak anymore. He just hurriedly whipped out his communication device and entered the forum where people were discussing this astonishing battle.

"Ha ha He is no longer able to hold on. Ha ha! We win! The Demigod Tribe wins!"

"Yay, yay! The monster is going to die. No one will beat the Demigod Tribe."

"Hes honorable even in defeat. He is indeed the best in the world!" someone commented about Luo Yunyang.

Some people were also saying that Luo Yunyang didnt know his limits and had hence landed himself in such dire states.

"Turn on the battle broadcast!" Yunxi demanded after quickly glancing through the posts.

The Star-Grade martialist hesitated. "Sirs and madams, itll be very easy for us to be traced if we connect directly to the broadcast."

"We will not be able to escape extinction if he loses. If he wins, do you think your stupid Chiyuanlong City will dare capture us?" Yunxi snapped at the Star-Grade martialist resolutely.

The Star-Grade martialist still wanted to persuade them, not because he was concerned about Yunxi and the others, but because he was afraid that he would die during the battle between his city and his kidnappers.

"Alright then. Ill accede to your request since youre so determined." The Star-Grade martialist entered directly the battle broadcast on the virtual realm.

An endless sea of blood lotuses filled the screen like tiny spots. The Ignorant Supremacy took flight into the air when these lotuses appeared and a huge metal fort that looked like a giant fish appeared before Luo Yunyang.

The fort was so massive that it occupied half of the void. A loud booming sound echoed when it appeared.

"This is the Machine Empires Cosmic Cannon!" the Star-Grade martialist said while trembling. The reason he knew about it was because he had seen it previously when he had watched the broadcast.

The cannons impact on a Supremacy wasnt too great, but it could destroy a Universe-Grade elite instantly.

The cannon had been suppressing Luo Yunyang ever since the start of the battle.

Even though the cannon did not have much of an impact on Luo Yunyang, the damage sustained over time would eventually be fatal.

Every shot fired by the Cosmic Cannon required the wealth of an entire Star Domain. Because of the Ignorant Supremacys considerable strength, he was able to fire the cannon continuously.

Luo Yunyang, who was entangled with the Blood Lotus Supremacy, also had to evade Tianluo Supremacys cold arrows. His mind power clashed constantly with the three Supreme Empress Dowagers like a howling gale. Hence, he did not manage to evade the blast of the cannon.

Many cracks started to develop on Luo Yunyangs body when the cannon blast struck him.

The Human Tribe martialists were watching the battle silently. Although they had not had much news about Luo Yunyang in the past, they had somehow been able to guess some of it.

However, they were now watching everything in front of them resolutely.

"Luo Yunyang, youre going to die today!" Shenluo Supremacy conjured a jade-white radiance that illuminated the endless void.

As a shadow walked out of that inexhaustible radiance, everything suddenly seemed to become still.

A palm emerged from the shadow and pressed against Luo Yunyang immediately. While the palm appeared calm, it was actually tyrannically destructive.

It was the Demigod Tribes Heavenly Destruction Hand!

Shenluo Supremacy had to pay a hefty price in order to execute this move. He had considered it thoroughly before and decided that he would do so just to kill Luo Yunyang.

The Demigod Tribes honor could not be tarnished by him!

Luo Yunyang smirked when the palm landed.

His smile was full of relief.

Shenluo Supremacys face went rigid when he saw the smirk on Luo Yunyangs face.

He realized that something was amiss right away, even though he did not know why Luo Yunyang was smirking.

Just as Shenluo Supremacy wondered what it was, Luo Yunyang blasted out a punch that Shenluo Supremacy was very familiar with.

It was the Divine Martial Technique!

Luo Yunyang had executed it many times before. However, this time, Shenluo Supremacys expression changed suddenly when Luo Yunyang executed his Divine Martial Technique.

Its power exceeded what he used to muster up in the past!

"What is this? Is it his last gasp before he dies?"

These thoughts flooded Shenluo Supremacys mind.