Supreme Uprising Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Breaking Attacks One After The Other

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The Blood Lotus Supremacy, Tianluo Supremacy, the Ignorant Supremacy and each of the other Supremacies were seasoned martialists. Their keen senses were extraordinary.

They could sense the tremendous might coming from Luo Yunyangs punch the moment he unleashed it.

"Careful!" Tianluo Supremacy warned Shenluo Supremacy when she felt the impending danger.

Shenluo Supremacy did not respond to her, but he did become more alert.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyangs Divine Martial Technique had collided with the Heavenly Destruction Hand.

Time froze when the collision happened, freezing all the Supremacies in the void.

Everyones attention shifted onto Luo Yunyang, and many people estimated that Luo Yunyang should not have much energy left.

However, Luo Yunyang, who had initially also frozen in time, suddenly moved!

His speed was so astonishing that he arrived in front of the Blood Lotus Supremacy in mere moments.

The grayish palm, which seemed like it contained the endless Samsara power, struck the Blood Lotus Supremacys body heavily.

Blood-light transformed instantly into lotus petals, wrapping around the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

However, blood still gushed out of the Blood Lotus Supremacys body when the Samsara Palm landed on him.

The Blood Lotus Supremacys body shattered into pieces.

It took him a split moment to recompose himself in the void, but he was still traumatized by the Samsara Palm that had just struck him.

"Blood Lotus Supremacy, your endless lotus pond seems pretty strong, but Im going to break it today!" Luo Yunyang yelled at the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

He disappeared into the void right after saying that.

Most Supremacies who were at a similar level tended to have the same level of speed. Luo Yunyang had been utilizing his attribute regulator to defend himself against the 12 Supremacies for three years.

While the entire process was exceptionally dangerous, he was able to escape this peril by relying on his speed.

However, because he was surrounded and attacked by 12 Supremacies, he couldnt manage to escape all the time, as there were simply too many opponents.

Now, things had changed! The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had experienced a major attribute upgrade. Although it wasnt at the Celestial Domain Grade, its power attributes had started to use a new unit of calculation.

Power: 0.7

Speed: 0.5

Mind: 0.4

Constitution: 0.9

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts attributes were inferior to the attributes of Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate True Body. In fact, its Power Attribute was only half of what the Heavenly Venerate True Body possessed.

Thus, it wouldnt play a big role if it was used to fight against the 12 Supremacies.

After all, the strength of Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone was only slightly comparable to a Heavenly Venerate existences.

Nevertheless, if Luo Yunyang utilized half of the power attributes and transferred them to his other attributes, he would have a much better time.

He would be able to take down the Heavenly Destruction Hand and even attack the Blood Supremacy before quickly disappearing.

Luo Yunyang was gone!

The 12 Supremacies were stupefied when they lost Luo Yunyang.


A thunder-like roar echoed throughout the void when the Heavenly Destruction Hand crumbled after its collision with the Divine Martial Technique.

Shenluo Supremacy spat out a mouthful of blood immediately as a result.

He had originally thought that he was definitely going to win. He had never expected that things would turn out this way. He even shivered when he saw Luo Yunyangs impossible improvement.

"Get to the Endless Lotus Pool quickly!" the Blood Lotus Supremacy yelled hysterically as he tore open the void and dashed towards the Endless Lotus Pool.

Blue Lotus Daozi was watching the battle from the Endless Lotus Pool. Although he had given up on beating Luo Yunyang, his jealousy was intensifying.

Hence, he had been watching the battle closely all this while as the 12 Supremacies had fought with Luo Yunyang.

Initially, he had wanted to learn some techniques by watching the battle. However, towards the end, he had become much more eager to see Luo Yunyang die in battle.

Blue Lotus Daozi had gotten extremely excited when Shenluo Supremacy had unleashed the Heavenly Destruction Hand, as seeing Luo Yunyang dead would make him very happy.

However, the quick turnaround of events stunned Blue Lotus Daozi!

Blue Lotus Daozi became aware of the danger when he heard the Blood Lotus Supremacys roar. Without hesitation, he took flight immediately.

However, when he ripped open the void and entered it, a palm appeared behind him and grabbed him.

Even though Blue Lotus Daozi possessed all sorts of techniques and mystic abilities, he was still totally helpless when that palm attacked him.

Blue Lotus Daozi saw Luo Yunyangs face in an instant. Although Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate True Body looked exactly like him, Blue Lotus Daozi could still detect some differences.

However, he was certain that the one who had caught him was Luo Yunyang.

"Luo Yunyang, what do you want?" Blue Lotus Daozi tried to keep calm as he drew a deep breath.

Luo Yunyang had never liked Blue Lotus Daozi, so he would never be kind to him. He smirked when Blue Lotus Daozi asked him this question. "He he What do you think?"

Blue Lotus Daozi grimaced when he heard his reply. He pondered for a moment before replying, "Yunyang Supremacy, you must be aware of my relationship with my Senior Brother. My Senior Brother will hunt you down until you die if you hurt me!"

"Until I die? He he I like that!" Luo Yunyang sent the Shattering Heavens technique straight towards Blue Lotus Daozi.

While Blue Lotus Daozi had an above-average cultivation, he still collapsed when he was hit by Luo Yunyangs Shattering Heavens.

He was far too inferior compared to Luo Yunyang.

"Luo Yunyang, what are you doing?" The Blood Lotus Supremacy finally rushed over when Luo Yunyang grabbed hold of a blue lotus seed.

The Endless Lotus Pool was extremely important to the Blood Lotus Supremacy. It was one of his foundations. However, compared to Blue Lotus Daozi, his Junior Brother held greater importance. Unfortunately, his brother was already dead.

The blue lotus seed still had Blue Lotus Daozis aura, but the Blood Lotus Supremacy knew that the consciousness belonging to Blue Lotus Daozi had been completely destroyed.

"I merely killed someone that deserved to die!" Luo Yunyang glanced at the Blood Lotus Supremacy and said, "This is just the beginning."

The Blood Lotus Supremacy had an incredible relationship with Blue Lotus Daozi. The aura exuded from his body turned scarlet immediately when he saw the blue lotus seed land on Luo Yunyangs hand.


The Blood Lotus Supremacy let out an anguished howl as he brandished his arms maniacally, conjuring a blood-red light chain in the void. The blood-red light chain gathered and transformed into the illusion of a huge bloodied sea that gushed at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was not afraid of the Blood Lotus Supremacy. His speed far exceeded the Blood Lotus Supremacys, so he had disappeared completely by the time the attack arrived.

"Seems like were not late!" Jueluo Supremacy said enviously when he saw the intact Endless Lotus Pool. After all, the Divine Origin Planet had already been destroyed by Luo Yunyang.

However, his words enraged the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who glared at Jueluo Supremacy and yelled, "Scram! Leave immediately!"

The Ignorant Supremacy, Shenluo Supremacy, and Tianluo Supremacy had just arrived. All of them appeared solemn when they heard what the Blood Lotus Supremacy had said.

Suddenly, one of the Supremacies seemed to guess something and asked, "What happened to Blue Lotus Daozi?"

"Dead!" The Blood Lotus Supremacy was enraged. "Luo Yunyang, Ill kill you even if it costs me my life!"

Something struck the Ignorant Supremacy suddenly while he was listening to the Blood Lotus Supremacy. He grabbed hold of the Blood Lotus Supremacy and asked worriedly, "Where did Luo Yunyang go?"

Before the Blood Lotus Supremacy could reply, a loud warning tone was heard from the Ignorant Supremacys body. Without any hesitation, the Ignorant Supremacy tore open the void and rushed towards the central planet of the Machine Empire.

He actually saw Luo Yunyang when he arrived!

Unfortunately, by this time, the surroundings had already been turned into a wasteland.

"Luo Yunyang, you destroyed the Machine Empires foundation. I Ill make you pay for it!" The Ignorant Supremacy was livid, but Luo Yunyangs response was yet another smirk.

In half a day, the four great factions had found themselves in a state of emergency. All 12 Supremacies who had attacked Luo Yunyang fumed as they went back to their tribes most vital spots, not daring to leave.

While they were unreconciled, the death of Blue Lotus Daozi and the destruction of the Machine Empires Sacred City had made them cower back to the important locations of their tribes.

Shenluo Supremacys attempt to kill Luo Yunyang by expending a vast amount of resources had actually failed!