Supreme Uprising Chapter 71

Chapter 71


According to a saying, very few people were willing to brave the snow to deliver charcoal, but many people were willing to add flowers to a brocade. The Eagle King’s reputation among the other military leaders had never been bad, but now that he had the one-man army that was Luo Yunyang in his arsenal, his position became much higher.

“What do you suggest, Old Eagle? I guess we should listen to you!”

“Ha ha ha! An old man like you wouldn’t let us suffer, Eagle. You are fair and reasonable, so you will find a way for everyone to benefit!”

Flattering voices kept talking. Everyone was trying to suck up to the Eagle King as much as they could. Even the fat old man snorted, “You are a reasonable man, Old Eagle! You shouldn’t forget your identity!”

The Eagle King chuckled and said, “If that’s the case, then I will let Luo Yunyang open the path and let the other elites in. The golden body fluid and two A-grade source fluids will still belong to the Rising Dragon Army.”

What the f*ck?

A few fellows who had been busy complimenting the Eagle King now stared daggers at him, as if he had just killed their parents. One of them, who had just addressed the Eagle King as a fellow brother moments ago, suddenly exclaimed bluntly, “I always thought that you were rather reasonable. I never expected that you could be this treacherous!”

“You are a reasonable man, Old Eagle. How could you become this greedy?”

“This is a real disappointment!”

The Eagle King smiled, but didn’t reply. Now, the entire situation is in my hands. You can talk all you want, but you’re just wasting your breath!

As he thought about it, the Eagle King pointed a finger at Luo Yunyang and proclaimed, “Everyone will get an opportunity. As long as you defeat him, you can let your own elite martialists inside to search for the golden body fluid.”

The fat old man’s face twitched. The golden body fluid was the Sky High Military’s property. They had only brought it as a mere joke! It was supposed to be just for laughs!

They had just wanted to make a bigger deal out of this affair and watch the Rising Dragon Army receive an embarrassing blow. However, as it turned out, they had gone out for wool and come home shorn!

“No complaints from me,” the officer in charge of the Royal Forest Military said before laughing faintly. “He he It wasn’t our golden body fluid in the first place, anyway!”

This particular military leader didn’t speak much normally, but this time his words delivered a sick burn. When the fat old man heard this, he felt like weeping.

Yes, yes!

The Royal Forest Military led the way, and the other military leaders parroted their approval. The golden body fluid wasn’t theirs after all. If their own martialists had faced Luo Yunyang, they most likely wouldn’t have succeeded. Why would they make things difficult for themselves?

“I accept, but Luo Yunyang has already obtained some golden body fluid and two A-grade source fluids, so he should not take part in the fight on the island!” the fat old man proclaimed loudly after muttering to himself for a bit.

“That’s right, Luo Yunyang cannot participate. He has already accomplished his mission and then some, so he should get to rest.” The Royal Forest Military’s officer, who had been on their side just moments ago, now betrayed the Eagle King without a second thought.

A determined look flashed across the Eagle King’s face. He was about to decline, when Chief Instructor Lu spoke up. “Alright, I’d rather that everyone is happy together rather than alone. We accept these conditions!”

“Alright, it’s a deal!” the fat man said, glancing over at Luo Yunyang.

“Why, Old Lu?” the Eagle King asked in a hushed voice as he walked quickly to Chief Instructor Lu’s side.

“We have already accomplished our mission and then some. Our new primary objective isn’t to acquire more A-grade source fluids, but to foster our relationship with the other armies. If we let Luo Yunyang onto the island, given his abilities, I fear that he would just be robbing the others!”

As Chief Instructor Lu spoke, he looked over at Luo Yunyang’s delicate features. He couldn’t be certain that the kid would really do such a thing.

The Eagle King turned to look at Luo Yunyang in astonishment. He suddenly thought about everything Luo Yunyang had just done.

“Ha ha ha! Is that the kid’s hobby? Good, very good… I like it!”

After the decision of the military leaders, Luo Yunyang turned from a participating elite martialist into a spectator on the viewing terrace.

He naturally couldn’t sit with the various military leaders, so all he could do was stand aside and chat with Ji Tian, who had approached him voluntarily.

As a young powerhouse that had swept aside all competition, Luo Yunyang was undoubtedly the most prominent person there. Numerous eyes were fixed on him in no time.

“Damn it! That kid is actually really popular. That fox isn’t someone to be trifled with either, though!” Xu Zhong shook his head gently as he watched Luo Yunyang and Ji Tian chat happily.

“How did you get so fast, Luo Yunyang? Do you have a girlfriend? Just tell big sister… If you don’t have one, how about I find you one from the Royal Forest Military?”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes twinkled as he faced Ji Tian’s astute interrogation. He realized that she was trying to trap him in a roundabout way. His guileless reactions made Ji Tian act even more exaggeratedly and coquettishly.

She had to admit that this carefree-looking fellow actually had a high IQ. Every time she asked him a substantial question, he would act all naive and distracted, just like a curled-up hedgehog that wouldn’t budge, no matter how hard one tried to poke it.

This made Ji Tian feel a rush of excitement. Her mind was completely distracted.

Three hours later, the elite martialists from the eight armies started to return. Although all the military leaders present held positions of considerable significance, there were looks of apprehension on their faces as they watched their martialists return.

A-grade source fluid was really important. Although not everyone who used A-grade source fluid was able to become a grandmaster, people that became grandmasters generally used A-grade source fluid. No one could doubt this.

The first martialist to rush over was a tall, hot-blooded young man. As soon as he appeared, someone went over to meet him. “How was it?”

“I have obtained a B-grade source fluid, sir!” Although the young man replied respectfully, his face was alight with delight.

Although B-grade source fluid wasn’t as powerful as A-grade source fluid, it still made lots of people envious. The person who had asked patted the young man on the back and said, “Good!”

B-grade source fluid, C-grade source fluid, D-grade source fluid A continuous stream of martialists reported their own achievements to their superiors.

“Yun Lei! What kind of source fluid did you get?” the old man from the Royal Forest Military asked solemnly when Yun Lei and a bunch of other Royal Forest martialists walked over.

Yun Lei was the Royal Forest Military’s Newcomer King, so their military leader was the most concerned about him.

“You have to call the shots, sir. We originally obtained an A-grade source fluid, but it was snatched away by the Sky High’s Seven Pillars.” Yun Lei hadn’t opened his mouth. The person speaking was a girl standing next to him.

Yun Lei’s eyes were blazing with anger. He had fought really hard to kill a C-grade dire beast, yet on his way back he had been intercepted by the Sky High Military.

The old man from the Royal Forest Military stared angrily in the direction of the fat man from the Sky High Military.

The fat old man, who pretended that he didn’t notice his angry glances, was laughing calmly.