Supreme Uprising Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Killing Till The Heavens Wail

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Blue Lotus Daozi had been killed, the Bug Race had lost three queen nests, and the Machine Empire had lost hundreds of sacred cities. All this had been done single-handedly by Luo Yunyang.

The damages caused sent a shockwave across all four factions.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy was still in a frenzy as he chased after Luo Yunyang. However, he couldn’t even sense any trace of Luo Yunyang after rampaging through the void, let alone deal any damage to him.

“What do you want, Devil?” The Blood Lotus Supremacy was very upset about Blue Lotus Daozi’s death. He wouldn’t have picked up the call if it hadn’t been a Supremacy.

“Blood Lotus, return and guard your Endless Lotus Pool already!” The Devil Supremacy sounded rather harsh.

“What did you just say?” The Blood Lotus Supremacy had never expected his comrade to say something like that to him.

This made him even more upset!

“Blood Lotus Supremacy, I respect your brotherly relationship with Blue Lotus Daozi, but he is already dead!” The Devil Supremacy then added, “We can’t afford to lose any more Purgatory foundations to Luo Yunyang.”

“Your rashness will only make you lose more things in the future! For your sake and ours, you have to return and protect the Purgatory’s foundations.”

The Blood Lotus Supremacy finally calmed down. He drew a deep breath and asked, “Devil, do you know what it will mean if I return?”

“Yes, I do! I wouldn’t ask you to return if you could kill Luo Yunyang. However, you must know by now that Luo Yunyang’s speed is out of this world. We can’t take him on even if we act together. Opponents like him are the most fearsome kind. We cannot live on the edge forever, even if he doesn’t kill us.”

The Blood Lotus Supremacy clenched his fists tightly, as he was unreconciled with this situation. However, there was nothing he could do. He had no choices left after all.

“Blood Lotus Supremacy, do not feel ashamed of yourself. As far as I know, the other factions have begun to negotiate with Luo Yunyang.”

The Devil Supremacy sounded very serious when he mentioned the negotiations. “All the parties who attacked Luo Yunyang are trying to compensate.”

“A wise man knows when to submit. Luo Yunyang is nearly unkillable and incredibly hard to deal with. The best course of action is peaceful conversation.”

The Blood Lotus Supremacy felt a lot of unwillingness that he wished to express. However, he still swallowed his anger and said nothing.

Although he was unwilling to stop, it would be futile for him if he continued to chase after Luo Yunyang.

While he had never entered a struggle to the death with him before, he knew clearly how strong Luo Yunyang was.

After drawing another deep breath, he agreed. “I’ll return, but I’ll never compensate him.”

The Devil Supremacy heaved a sigh of relief when the Blood Lotus Supremacy agreed to his request. He intended to end the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s pursuit so that it would be easier for them to negotiate with Luo Yunyang.

“The Bug Race has announced that they will not participate in any matters pertaining to Luo Yunyang in the future!”

“The Machine Empire has announced that they will retreat and cultivate in seclusion. They will not participate in any events in the near future.”

“The Blood Lotus Supremacy has returned to the Endless Lotus Pool and will not appear in the near future. The Devil Supremacy of the Purgatory has been engaged in talks with Luo Yunyang for half an hour.”

News was emerging all around the Divine Union. Or rather, this news had been gathered by Shenluo Supremacy and the others.

Jueluo Supremacy chastised the Bug Race’s queens fiercely after hearing the news of the Bug Race. However, Jueluo Supremacy went silent when they received the news that the Blood Lotus Supremacy had returned.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy was the only one left apart from the Demigod Tribe that harbored a deep enmity for Luo Yunyang. After all, they knew about Blue Lotus Daozi and the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s strong relationship.

His resolution to give up on the idea of taking revenge was unimaginable.

This news also implied that the Demigod Tribe would be the only one left to face Luo Yunyang.

What could the four Supremacies of the Divine Union do when 12 Supremacies couldn’t handle the job?

It would be possible for four of them to guard a Star Domain and prevent it from being destroyed. However, that also meant that they would need to give up the entire Divine Union and the rest of the Demigod Tribe.

Nanai was the calmest of the four. While he had a tribe of his own, it was very small compared to the Demigod Tribe and would never attract any attention.

Naturally, he also hadn’t incurred Luo Yunyang’s wrath.

“What should we do?” Shenluo Supremacy glanced at both Tianluo Supremacy and Jueluo Supremacy.

In the past, Shenluo Supremacy had always been the one to make decisions, but now, he was hoping that someone would make a decision on his behalf.

“We cannot give up all the territories of the Divine Union and most of our tribesmen.” Tianluo Supremacy hesitated for a moment before speaking with difficulty. “We’re in the wrong, so we can only sue for peace.”

Sue for peace? This made Jueluo Supremacy’s face turn scarlet. Anyone that knew Jueluo Supremacy would be very afraid if they saw this situation.

Jueluo Supremacy’s state implied that he was definitely going to kill someone.

“I agree with suing for peace!” Shenluo Supremacy spoke before Jueluo Supremacy could and said decisively, “I’ll have to trouble you, Nanlai Supremacy. Please make a trip and tell Luo Yunyang that the Demigod Tribe is willing to share the Divine Union with the Human Tribe.”

There was a cold look in Nanlai Supremacy’s eyes. He had followed Shenluo Supremacy for many years, but he had never heard Shenluo Supremacy mention anything about sharing the Divine Union with him before.

While he cursed inwardly, he still agreed to Shenluo Supremacy’s request. “Since Brother Shenluo thinks highly of me, I’ll make a trip down there.”

Nanlai Supremacy left quickly while Shenluo Supremacy, Jueluo Supremacy, and Tianluo Supremacy looked at each other.

After remaining silent for a long while, Shenluo Supremacy finally muttered, “This incident taught us a very important lesson. From now on, we cannot act so rashly anymore.”

Jueluo Supremacy knew that Shenluo Supremacy was making an insinuation about him. However, he had nothing to object to.

Although Jueluo Supremacy hated Luo Yunyang to the core, he still looked forward to making peace with him.

Unfortunately, Nanlai Supremacy returned very quickly. He nodded at Shenluo Supremacy out of courtesy and said gravely, “Luo Yunyang said no!”

Tianluo Supremacy, who had remained silent for the most part, suddenly got really angry when she heard the news. “What the f*ck does he want? We’ve offered our limits, yet he still wants more? Does he think that he can eliminate our Demigod Tribe?”

“He better not piss me off. If he does, I’ll just kill every last member of the Human Tribe. Then, we can all die together!”

It was hard to believe that the usually calm and elegant Tianluo Supremacy would have such an outburst. However, Nanlai Supremacy understood Tianluo Supremacy’s sentiments. Anyone who had always been threatened by stronger beings would find it hard to maintain their composure.

Shenluo Supremacy did not respond. Jueluo Supremacy cast a glance at Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy before laughing out loud. “I guess he wants my life!”

Both Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy remained silent. In the past, Jueluo Supremacy had been an indispensable member of the Demigod Tribe.

The three Supremacies had helmed the Demigod Tribe and elevated it to a higher status than the rest.

Now, not only was Jueluo Supremacy unable to assist the Demigod Tribe, but he had even implicated his tribe because of his folly. Shenluo Supremacy’s tolerance for Jueluo Supremacy had reached its limit already.

Shenluo Supremacy did not try to talk Jueluo Supremacy out of his decision. He simply sat still and said nothing.

Jueluo Supremacy’s heart felt cold. He knew that his relationship with Shenluo Supremacy had been mutually exploitative. However, he still felt some resentment for Shenluo Supremacy.

After pondering this for a bit, Jueluo Supremacy turned to look at Nanlai Supremacy and said, “Nanlai, help me arrange a battle with Luo Yunyang on the Supreme Twin Star. I’ll have a match to the death with him there!”

Jueluo Supremacy disappeared after instructing Nanlai Supremacy. It was obvious that he was utterly disappointed in Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy.

“Brother Nanlai, I’ll have to trouble you to make another trip.” Shenluo Supremacy turned to look at Nanlai Supremacy as he spoke.

While Nanlai Supremacy did sympathize a little with Jueluo Supremacy’s predicament, he felt a great sense of relief.

He was also a victim of this entire saga.

Luo Yunyang would continue his rampage if he didn’t vent his seemingly endless anger.

Once he got involved in this dispute, or his tribe got involved in it, it would be too late for Nanlai Supremacy to cry.

Hence, Nanlai Supremacy immediately contacted Luo Yunyang to convey Jueluo Supremacy’s message. Shortly afterward, the news about the deathmatch between Luo Yunyang and Jueluo Supremacy on the Supreme Twin Star spread across the entire Divine Union through the virtual realm.

Many people were shaken by the news. However, many people were also relieved. The Demigod Tribesmen on the Sky Vision, who were usually rowdy and loud, suddenly fell silent.

They knew that, even though the deathmatch had yet to begin, it had actually already ended.