Supreme Uprising Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Returning

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The land the Da Alliance was located at was still barren. A Goshawk with a wingspan of over 100 meters extended its wings and soared to the sky.

As the hegemon of this barren land, the goshawk, which had a Planet-Grade cultivation base, was much more intelligent than normal humans.

It looked down at the humans who were scrambling to hide while smiling to itself.

It would never forget that it had been just a small hawk struggling to survive in the wild, while the Human Tribe had been the rulers of this land just a year ago.

Just when it had thought that it would only live under the thumb of the Human Tribe for the rest of its life, a loud and mighty voice had echoed from the sky.

It had never heard of this language before, but it had somehow understood what the voice was saying.

Deprive, deprive, deprive!

The mighty, awe-inspiring city that belonged to the Human Tribe had disappeared without a trace, and the super-strong humans who had undergone evolution had suddenly become as weak as ants.

Meanwhile, the goshawk had felt energy surging into his body as the humans had been deprived of theirs.

Its cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds overnight before it had finally become the ultimate existence of this land.

The goshawk opened its mouth and sent a wave of suctioning force towards the humans below.

Although the Human Tribe had lost its strength, the humans bones still contained large amounts of essence, which was the Goshawks favorite food.

Actually, the Goshawk could be considered the dictator of this land now.

Hundreds of humans were sucked up into its beak.

The Goshawk was very excited as it watched its squealing food.

The people who saw their friends being sucked up felt pain.

An utterly painful feeling welled from the depths of their hearts.

A youth called Lin Hu was almost sucked up by the Goshawk. If his sister, who stood in front of him, had not shielded him, he would have been sucked up instead.

"Sister, Sister!" Lin Hus voice was filled with sadness and indignation. However, there was nothing he could do.

He missed the days of the past, when the Human Tribe had been so powerful.

He hated the person who had done this to them.

He vowed to take revenge one day!

While he knew that it was almost impossible for him to accomplish this, the thought still flooded his mind.

As he was running away frantically, a voice rang out in his ear.

"Do you want to kill that Goshawk? Just jump up. You can do it!" The voice was very strange, yet Lin Hu somehow believed its words.

He felt extremely convinced when he heard the voice.

While soaring in the air, Lin Hu realized that his body was actually flying. He was getting closer to the Goshawk. When he got very close, he noticed that the Goshawk was shocked to see him.

Without any hesitation, he directly swung his hand at the Goshawks neck.

It was a move he had learned since a young age called the Wind-Splitting Cleave. Unfortunately, when he had been deprived of all power by an unknown force, this move had become useless.

Years of cultivation had made him depend on such skills greatly. Hence, he executed the Wind-Splitting Cleave instinctively.

He realized that he had made the wrong choice the moment he executed the move.

He might have missed his only chance to save his sister. Just as he started feeling regret, he saw the mighty Goshawk get split into two.

Everyone, including his sister, fell from the Goshawks beak instantly. They were heading towards the ground at a very slow speed as if something was supporting them.

It was at that moment that Lin Hu saw a figure he would never forget.

A figure with a broken blade on his back.

The figure was like a mighty being as he stood in the void overlooking the land.

Lin Hu knew who had saved his sister almost instantly. He had no words to describe his gratitude.

"What do you think about returning this land to its glory days?" the figure said with a smile.

Lin Hu hesitated for a second before replying, "That would be awesome."

The figure waved his hands as soon as Lin Hu finished his sentence. "Lets restore it then."

Lin Hu felt a surge of energy enter his body. In the blink of an eye, he had recovered all the power he had lost.

However, what surprised Lin Hu the most was that he saw his uncle, who had a severed arm, recovering.

He even saw his comrade, who was almost at his last breath, fly over to meet them.

Lin Hu wasnt very familiar with that comrade. However, many people said that he had been very strong in the past.

It was because he used to be very strong that he had suffered this serious injury.

He had always stuck out for his comrades and taken on huge risks by himself. Hence

"Greetings, Chief." The man knelt respectfully on the ground as he greeted him emotionally.

Luo Yunyang looked at the man and said, "Youre from the Rising Dragon Army."

"Your subordinate is from the Rising Dragon Armys Black Dragon Squad. Ive seen you in the past, Chief." The man was nervous as he introduced himself. "Since youve returned, do you know what happened to Commander?"

The only commander of the Rising Dragon Army was Lu Qubing.

Luo Yunyang had not contacted Lu Qubing so he wasnt aware of his situation. He pondered for a moment before saying, "He should be fine."

The warrior was curious as he asked eagerly, "Chief, our cultivation has been restored now that you returned. Does this mean that this will never happen again?"

Luo Yunyang replied without hesitation, "Yes, its all over."

Then, he looked towards the entire region the Da Alliance was based at and commanded, "Ive returned. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!"

The soldiers from the Xinlong Army suddenly felt a strange energy spread in every direction from where Luo Yunyang was standing.

Although they couldnt see anything, they could sense that the sky and earth had been restored.

Martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe and many others were gathering outside the Human Tribes territory. After hearing Luo Yunyang say "ashes to ashes, dust to dust", three Universe-Grade martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe said together, "The Thunder Ray Tribe is here to escort our honored guests back to the Human Tribe. We would also like to beg for Yunyang Supremacys forgiveness."

Thousands of massive spaceships emerged from the void when the three of them spoke.

The captured Human Tribe elites were onboard, and so were huge amounts of resources.

All the Thunder Ray Tribe martialists were looking as sullen as sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Their fate depended on Luo Yunyangs mood.

Just as they were awaiting the verdict, another voice echoed throughout the void.

"The Electric Awn Tribe is here to seek forgiveness!

The Thunder Ray Tribe and the Electric Awn Tribe had a pretty good relationship and were both Primary Tribes. However, they had not planned on surrendering together. They knew that Luo Yunyang would never take this lying down after what had happened to the Human Tribe.

Although he wouldnt exactly decimate everyone who had tried to kick the Human Tribe while it was down, he would at least select a few people to act as scapegoats.

Hence, if one tribe died, the other would survive.

Both sides understood their intentions and thus did not say anything when they met.

"Chiyuanlong City is here to seek Yunyang Supremacys forgiveness."

"The Divine Snake Tribe congratulates Yunyang Supremacy on his return."

Greetings were heard one after another. After a quarter of an hour, all the 18 Primary Tribes had gathered.

While most of the tribes had not participated in the battle against the Human Tribe, they still came immediately when they heard about Luo Yunyangs return.

The entire place went deadly silent when the last tribe greeted Luo Yunyang. "Dahai from the Demigod Tribe is here to escort our honored guests back."

Everyone was shocked to hear Dahai Saints name.

Dahai Saint was the leader of the entire Divine Union, yet he was also here.

He actually acted extremely modest and respectful towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang appeared in the void when Dahai Saint spoke. Although Luo Yunyang held an immense grudge against the Demigod Tribe, almost all the Demigod martialists bowed respectfully along with Dahai Saint before Luo Yunyang at the same time.

As Dahai Saint was about to say something, Luo Yunyang suddenly appeared beside Chiyuanlong Citys spaceship. With a wave of his hand, tens of thousands of people appeared.

Luo Donger and Yunxi couldnt control their emotions when they saw Luo Yunyang. They had yearned for this day and waited for so long. Yunxi looked at Luo Yunyang emotionally. She couldnt believe that the man she had been deeply worried about had finally returned!

She had originally wanted to contact Luo Yunyang after he had defeated the 12 Supremacies. However, Luo Yunyangs communication device wasnt working.

In order to keep variables to a minimum, they had even hidden the identity of Yunxi and the others from Chiyuanlong City. They only dared to relax completely after seeing Luo Yunyang.

"Its okay, its all in the past now!"