Supreme Uprising Chapter 712

Chapter 712 The God Slaying Demon Sword

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"Luo Yunyang must be very proud of himself, huh!" Jueluo Supremacy said sarcastically.

Standing opposite Jueluo Supremacy was Dahai Saint and Supreme Daozi.

Dahai Saint had never been indecisive. In fact, he made most of his decisions very briefly. However, now, he was in a predicament.

He did not want or dare to irritate Jueluo Supremacy.

Jueluo Supremacy could easily kill him if he wanted and no one would make a fuss about it.

Just as he was pondering how he should phrase his thoughts in response to Jueluo Supremacy, Supreme Daozi interrupted him. "Why make things difficult for Dahai when you knew this was going to happen?"

Supreme Daozi had a rather special status.

Although his cultivation base was lower than Jueluo Supremacys, his status wasnt much lower. Therefore, he was the most suitable person to speak at this moment.

Jueluo Supremacy looked sternly at Supreme Daozi and lamented. "Supreme, do you really think that I cant kill you? He he Killing you would be as easy as slaughtering a dog!"

Dahai Saint grimaced when he heard that. Although his cultivation was higher than Supreme Daozis, he still treated Supreme Daozi very respectfully. He suddenly thought of retaliating when he heard Jueluo Supremacy chastising Supreme Daozi.

However, Supreme Daozi saw through his intention quickly. Before he could speak, Supreme Daozi interrupted him again. "You may be very confident in killing me, but what about Luo Yunyang?"

Jueluo Supremacy wasnt confident at all about dealing with Luo Yunyang. He wouldnt be so decadent if he had that kind of confidence.

"I cant deal with Luo Yunyang!" Even though it was extremely hard for Jueluo Supremacy to admit this, he still said it.

While looking at the defeated Jueluo Supremacy, Supreme Daozi asked, "Then why do you want to challenge him on the Supreme Twin Star? Are you going to shame yourself and the Demigod Tribe there?"

"What about it?" Jueluo Supremacy muttered after holding back for a long while.

"While I cant deal with Luo Yunyang, it is also impossible for him to kill me. Ill just lose some pride and reputation so that he can vent his anger."

Jueluo Supremacy appeared gloomy. After all, becoming someone elses punching bag wasnt a very enjoyable activity.

"Then have you ever thought of killing Luo Yunyang? Have you ever thought of washing away the humiliation of the Demigod Tribe?" Supreme Daozis voice got louder as he spoke.

A sneer appeared on Jueluo Supremacys face as he looked at Supreme Daozi.

"Are you trying to goad me on with your influence?"

Dahai Saint suddenly felt a scheming plot developing before him, making him feel regret.

He should not have brought Supreme Daozi along to visit Jueluo Supremacy. Dahai Saint believed that he would end up being the scapegoat.

Helpless, he realized that things had gone south. There was no way he could retreat now. Therefore, he needed to persist.

"Thats right! Im prodding you. You shouldnt need to be prodded, though. Youre a Supremacy of the Demigod Tribe. You should take the initiative and step forward."

Supreme Daozi did not hide his intentions at all. Although he was grinning, his grin looked eerily spooky.

Jueluo Supremacy had an extreme personality to begin with. Hence, he responded bluntly after seeing that Supreme Daozi wasnt mincing his words. "It seems that you have a solution! Well, tell me about it. As long as I dont have to give up my life, Ill do it."

Disappointment filled Supreme Daozis face. However, in an instant, he disguised this disappointment with a fake smile.

"Of course, I wont let you sacrifice your life, Supremacy." Supreme Daozi was forming hand seals quickly as he spoke. A few moments later, trails of seals began to lock up the space around them, making it impenetrable.

Jueluo Supremacy, who could somehow guess what Supreme Daozi was going to suggest, didnt stop Supreme Daozi at all.

"Are you planning to use the Sky Celestial True Body?"

"You should know what the Sky Celestial True Body means to the Demigod Tribe. Well end our discussion now if youre going to use the Sky Celestial True Body."

Jueluo Supremacy was very determined. "I wont do it, no matter the circumstances."

Supreme Daozi shook his head. "The Sky Celestial True Body must only be used to intimidate others. The Demigod Tribes days would be limited if we really used it. Im no fool. I wont do such a stupid thing. My suggestion would be the God-Slaying Demon Sword."

Jueluo Supremacy and Dahai Saints faces stiffened. They knew very well what the God-Slaying Demon Sword signified.

If the sword was used, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"You want to use the God-Slaying Demon Sword, huh? Lets not talk about using it, shall we. Im afraid I cant even hold the sword without dying immediately."

Jueluo Supremacy lamented. "Are you so eager to see me die without a proper funeral?"

Although the emergence of Luo Yunyang had caused the status of Jueluo Supremacy to drop a lot, he was still a Supremacy.

His murderous intent made Dahai Saint shiver instantly.

Supreme Daozi was unfazed as he replied calmly, "What benefits would I receive if you died? Nothing! Why would I let you die? It would be useless for me anyway!"

"Although the God-Slaying Demon Sword is horrifying, I have a secret technique here with me that has been passed down since ancient times. Its an incomplete technique left behind by the Sky Celestial."

The Sky Celestial was viewed as a supreme existence in the Demigod Tribe. Jueluo Supremacy was astonished to find out that this was a technique left behind by the Sky Celestial.


"Of course, but theres also a hefty price to pay for using such a technique. Apart from having their cultivation base reduced by half, the Supremacy who executes the technique will also fall into a deep slumber for 3,000 years. Their cultivation will not improve from then on." Supreme Daozi the added, "Thats why no one wants to use it."

"However, things are different now. Our tribe needs a huge victory to recover its reputation."

Jueluo Supremacy pondered hard. That huge price made him very hesitant.

Luo Yunyang couldnt kill him because he was a Supremacy. However, he really did not want to endure such humiliation.

A quarter of an hour passed, yet Jueluo Supremacy still had no intention of speaking. Dahai Saint, who stood next to Jueluo Supremacy, was extremely apprehensive.

Meanwhile, Supreme Daozi was very calm, as if he wasnt the one who had suggested this.

After an hour, Jueluo Supremacy finally agreed. "Okay."

The battle on the Supreme Twin Star interested many people. Although a lot of people knew that it would be difficult to see the battle even if they got close to the Supreme Twin Star, there were still countless people who gathered around it.

A huge spaceship that looked like a fortress shot through space rampantly. Wherever it went, many small planets were destroyed.

Almost everyone who encountered this spacecraft chose to avoid it immediately. The reason they did that was to prevent getting into trouble.

"Ha ha Everyone, todays sky is so vast that it is the right time for us to exhibit our talents." The man who spoke looked like a Demigod Tribesman but did not have wings. Instead, he had dragon scales on his arms.

The Dragon Shadow Tribe was a Primary Tribe also helmed by a saint. Yin Tianfeng, who was speaking, was the youngest son of the Saint that led the tribe. The reason he was so flamboyant was because the woman he fancied was right before him.

As he was talking excitedly, the spacecraft slowed down and Yin Tianfen got upset. He huffed and looked at the huge virtual reality screen of the spacecraft immediately.

He saw an old shabby spaceship flying in front of his.

This spaceship was blocking his way. It was disgraceful to be blocked by such a tattered spaceship!

Yin Tianfeng, who was enraged, acted without thinking. "Crush that ship up ahead!"

On his spaceship, what he said was the law. However, this time, the responsible pilot refused in front of all his friends. "No!"

"What did you say?" Yin Tianfeng was like a proud peacock getting ready to show off in front of his friends. He had not expected that his subordinate would actually dismiss him, so he got very angry.

Although this subordinate was a peak Universe-Grade, he still decided that he would deal with him if he didnt get a satisfactory answer.

"The ship in front belongs to the Human Tribe," the subordinate said quietly.

By now, the detection system on Yin Tianfeng had discovered that most of the martialists on the spacecraft in front of them were Nebula-Grades.

In Yin Tianfengs opinion, Nebula-Grades were inferior beings that didnt deserve his time. However, after hearing that they were from the Human Tribe, his face went rigid.

"You are right, lets not provoke the Human Tribe. Slow down and let them go first." Yin Tianfeng pondered for a moment before instructing his subordinate.

The subordinate was not surprised. He knew that although Yin Tianfeng was in a somewhat awkward position, he would still be able to keep a clear head and make the right decision.

"Yes, Young Master. We shall make a detour," the subordinate said respectfully.

"Yes, make a big detour." Yin Tianfeng instructed him again.

While Yin Tianfeng and his spaceship were making a large detour, Luo Yunyang, who was standing on top of the spaceship, was smiling.

Yin Tianfengs spaceship hadnt managed to discover Luo Yunyang. Their detection results had been the results that Luo Yunyang wanted them to see.

Luo Yunyang was very satisfied with how Yin Tianfeng had reacted. After his battle with the 12 Supremacies, the status of the Human Tribe had finally been fully established.

However, this wasnt enough. He believed that the battle on the Supreme Twin Star would shake the hearts of even more people.

As he watched the Supreme Twin Star approaching, Luo Yunyangs eyes burned with eagerness!