Supreme Uprising Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Complacency

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Luo Yunyang was actually dead!

Even if the body of a martialist above the Universe Grade was shattered and their bones crushed, they could still regenerate by using their Universe Flower.

However, everyone knew that Luo Yunyang had already died upon seeing his body crumbling and getting shrouded by that strange demonic black glow!

That strange demon sword had already exterminated Luo Yunyangs body!

"How is that possible?" Black Shenzi said in disbelief as he watched Luo Yunyang get sliced in two through the virtual realm.

Luo Yunyang was like a godly opponent that was extremely unbearable.

However, at his most glorious moment, this opponent had actually died. This reversal seemed inconceivable.

Actually, Black Shenzi wasnt the only one who felt this way. The Demigod Tribes Soliciting Moon Maiden couldnt believe this either.

Although Jueluo Supremacys humiliation hadnt made her feel good, Luo Yunyangs death was even more unimaginable.

Such an individual had actually been obliterated by this sort of method. She just couldnt believe it.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy felt a little bitter. He had been racking his brains trying to think of a way to avenge Blue Lotus Daozi, but he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually be cut down while he was troubled by this.

Jueluo Supremacy was laughing maliciously while his somewhat roundish face was changing. He appeared even more demonic right now.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy, who could see the cause of this change, quickly increased his distance from Jueluo Supremacy.

Although he was quite sure that there was a low possibility that Jueluo Supremacy would continue using the God-Slaying Demon Sword, he didnt dare take the risk.

The ones who were the most rueful were Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy. These two had just hung Jueluo Supremacy out to dry for the entire Demigod Tribes benefit.

They had never imagined that Jueluo Supremacy, whom they had abandoned, would actually bounce back like this.

This newly-ascended Supremacy was dead, but Jueluo Supremacy, who had used the God-Slaying Demon Sword, was still here. Although Jueluo Supremacys state wasnt good, if he went crazy

Although the two of them were confident about controlling that God-Slaying Demon Sword, the price they would have to pay was too hefty.

"Ha ha ha! I really never imagined!" Some Demigod Tribe powerhouses who couldnt hide their glee expressed their delight.

The Demigod Tribe had been stifled by Luo Yunyang, so they currently felt like a huge burden had been lifted off their shoulders.

The Demigod Tribe was still number one. Anyone that dared offend the Demigod Tribe would suffer their full wrath, be it Luo Yunyang or anyone else!

Even though they could see Jueluo Supremacys situation, they felt that this wouldnt trouble Jueluo Supremacy.

Many tribes in the Divine Union had fallen silent. However, several tribes heaved sighs of relief.

For example, the Thunder Ray Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe

"Sis Yunxi, how how is this possible? How could Big Bro die at Jueluo Supremacys hands?" Tears were forming in Luo Dongers eyes. She didnt dare believe that her brother, whom she had always relied on, had just died like this.

Her brother had brought the entire Human Tribe to the summit of the Divine Union. Her brother had taught a huge lesson to Jueluo Supremacy, who had bullied the Human Tribe.

However, just as everything had been going according to plan and they had been on the verge of reaching the peak, her brother had fallen in a strange fashion.

This was impossible!

Luo Donger didnt dare believe that all this had really happened.

Yunxi didnt dare believe her own eyes either. Her keen senses couldnt sense any trace of Luo Yunyangs aura.

Her heart was hurting as she watched Luo Donger cry nonstop. She knew that she had to be strong at the moment.

However, as she considered all this, she felt gazes start to gather on her and Luo Donger.

She sensed some unsavory looks. Yunxi could guess what these people were up to.

She tried hard to calm herself down. She needed to come up with a good plan next.

Although she was an intelligent lady, in the face of absolute power, she wouldnt be of any use. As she looked at Luo Donger once more, Yunxi had already made a decision.

"Everyone, lets go congratulate Jueluo Supremacy!" Dahai Saint gazed all around as he spoke in an unquestionable tone.

The powerhouses from all the various tribes fell silent. Although many of them were unhappy with the Demigod Tribe, they didnt dare show this.

"Dahai Saint is right. The Thunder Ray Tribe shall be the first to congratulate Jueluo Supremacy!" The Thunder Ray Tribes special envoy was the first to step forward.

When the Thunder Ray Tribe took the lead, the other tribes also followed and expressed their congratulations. While Dahai Saint took charge, they all bowed respectfully before Jueluo Supremacy. "Congratulations on your triumph, Supremacy!"

Deep down, Jueluo Supremacy actually opposed this victory. He actually believed that the consumption of Origin Source Laws was really great. Even though he had already thrown the God-Slaying Demon Sword aside, he still felt as though this demon sword had seeped into his bones like maggots sucking away at his vital energy.

This feeling made him extremely uncomfortable.

However, he was the victor, so he smiled faintly as he was congratulated. His smile was indifferent.

He showed the indifference of a higher being looking down on the ants beneath his feet. What he wanted was for Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy to congratulate him.

He wanted these two to show some sort of remorse while facing him. However, deep down, he knew that his body could no longer keep up with these two.

Thus, he turned his attention to Luo Donger and Yunxi.

"I dont like these humans. I will allow anyone to kill them in the most vicious way." Jueluo Supremacy pointed at Yunxi and the others.

The words of a Supremacy were like the law of the nine heavens. Becoming a disciple of a Supremacy was something many people dreamed of.

Although many people didnt really like Jueluo Supremacy, his words stirred them up.

Yunxi and Luo Donger both felt an immense fear gripping their hearts. The two of them didnt have the slightest ability to struggle.

The only thing Luo Donger could do was grab Yunxis hand tightly.

Yunxi eyed the martialists casting malicious glances at them and realized that there was nothing she could say that would be of any use.

Just as she was about to use her self-killing method to absolve Luo Donger and herself from this situation, a pressure originating from Jueluo Supremacy enveloped her and made it very difficult for her to move.

"Dont try anything funny. Yunyang Supremacy wont let any of you off!" A Human Tribe martialist shouted at the people closing in.

The mention of Yunyang Supremacy made the people trying to rush over halt for a moment.

However, someone roared with laughter. "Yunyang Supremacy, how scary! I am right here! Why dont you get Yunyang Supremacy to kill me?" said a sinister-looking tri-horned man. His murderous intent was seeping all around him.

Right now, he was just like a cat playing with a trapped mouse. He looked delighted, as though everything was under control.

Jueluo Supremacy looked at the speaker and said gently, "Good."

The tri-horned mans body started swaying before he transformed into a humongous beast more than 100 meters long. A surging red glow of cold energy flashed all around the mans body.

Just as he was about to take a step forward, an arm suddenly grabbed hold of the God-Slaying Demon Sword that had been tossed aside by Jueluo Supremacy.

Jueluo Supremacy didnt dare wield the God-Slaying Demon Sword anymore, as he wanted to prevent any more damage to himself. Thus, he had tossed the sword into the air, letting it disperse into the void and incorporate itself into the world.

Everything was going according to his wishes, so Jueluo Supremacy had already found a place to cultivate after this demon sword dispersed completely.

He had never imagined that someone would actually dare take this demon sword. Furthermore, that person didnt even seem to be aware of the circumstances.

While he was feeling astonished, the demon sword had already landed in that persons hands. In an instant, he could clearly see the appearance of the person holding the demon sword.

It was Luo Yunyang!

Jueluo Supremacy felt extremely frightened and shocked when he saw that familiar yet unfamiliar figure.

He practically wailed. "Didnt you"

He had yet to finish his sentence when Luo Yunyang swung the God-Slaying Demon Sword straight at him.

The slash was quick as lighting and seemed to carry a power that could break the void, as well as time and space. Everything that the sword-light passed through turned into emptiness.

Jueluo Supremacy wanted to hide, but in the face of this slash, he simply didnt have any space he could escape to. When the sword-light swept past, Jueluo Supremacys body was cut into two.

Jueluo Supremacy had been using the God-Slaying Demon Sword a while ago, so a great deal of his essence blood had been absorbed by the sword. Now, as this sword-light swept past, his entire body rapidly withered just like a flower that couldnt stop itself from withering.

"How?" Jueluo Supremacys voice, which was filled with anguish, reverberated. "How could you have evaded my strike? How could you have evaded my strike?"