Supreme Uprising Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Jueluo Dead Supremacy Obliterated

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Luo Yunyang wasnt dead!

Luo Yunyang hadnt actually died!

Luo Yunyang, who was wielding the demon sword, had slain Jueluo Supremacy. How was this possible? Was this real? Or was it a hallucination?

Countless martialists had the same thoughts. The abrupt changes made it difficult to believe that what they were seeing was real.

At first, they had been half in disbelief that Jueluo Supremacy had been able to win. However, now, they were witnessing a whole different scenario. Luo Yunyang, who was wielding the God-Slaying Demon Sword, was cutting Jueluo Supremacy down.

Although they knew that a Supremacy wouldnt be killed that easily, they had believed that Luo Yunyang had already died when they had witnessed his body get cut in two and wither soundlessly.

However, just as theyd thought that Luo Yunyang was already dead, Luo Yunyang had actually picked up the God-Slaying Demon Sword chucked aside by Jueluo Supremacy and cleaved at him.

What exactly was going on?

"Take a guess!" Luo Yunyang smirked at Jueluo Supremacys disbelief.

Jueluo Supremacys eyes were wide. Although he was powerless to turn this situation around, his Supremacy cultivation base still prevented him from dying right away.

He really wished to know the answer, yet Luo Yunyangs reply made him feel like crumbling.

He actually felt that he would die with a grievance. Guess? What could he, Jueluo Supremacy, guess?If I could guess whatever strange tricks Luo Yunyang has used, would I, Jueluo Supremacy, be in these dire straits?

Feeling thoroughly annoyed, Jueluo Supremacy turned his gaze towards Supreme Daozi.

He was filled with hate. If it had not been for Supreme Daozis goading, he wouldnt have made such a stupid choice. Furthermore, if the God-Slaying Demon Sword hadnt been used, he wouldnt be dying because of this strange demon sword either.

Although Luo Yunyang would definitely leave this battle unscathed, what use was that compared to Jueluo Supremacys life?

"Supreme Daozi, this was your idea. This was your great idea." Jueluo spoke in a maniacal, venomous tone.

Supreme Daozi was also dumbfounded. He had sobered up from his original ecstasy. He had never imagined that things would actually turn out like this.

Luo Yunyang hadnt died, and the damage the God-Slaying Demon Sword had done to Jueluo Supremacy had exceeded his expectations. This frightened him tremendously.

The God-Slaying Demon Sword, which was the stuff of legends in his own tribe, had also been useless against Luo Yunyang. How would Supreme Daozi ever get the chance to kill him?

Supreme Daozi had never expected that Jueluo Supremacy would actually point the finger at him right now.

Jueluo Supremacys words turned everyones attention to Supreme Daozi. There were looks of shock, doubt and

Supreme Daozi was in a really bad mood. He could see the disdain in the eyes of the people looking at him. They acted as if he, Supreme Daozi was a despicable, shameless being.

Supreme Daozi felt really uncomfortable under all these hostile glances. However, even so, what could he do?

He had no time to deal with these people. He was looking towards the distant horizon, not because he wanted to flee but because he was asking for help.

Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy stood in the distant horizon.

Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacys delight had turned to shock and dread. They had never imagined that Supreme Daozi would be such a driving force in this matter.

Right now, the two of them felt an impulse to beat up Supreme Daozi viciously.

Jueluo Supremacy hadnt needed to die to begin with. Even though Luo Yunyang was very strong, he would lack the power to kill a Supremacy.

However, by using the God-Slaying Demon Sword, he would be able to bury Jueluo Supremacy here.

Jueluo Supremacy might have lost face, but he was still a Supremacy after all. Therefore, he was still a force to be reckoned with within the Divine Union. Now, the Demigod Tribe, which had lost Jueluo Supremacy, would become more passive.

The looks the two Supremacies were shooting at Supreme Daozi were somewhat cold. However, this wasnt the time to criticize Supreme Daozi. There was a more important matter that the two of them needed to handle.

The God-Slaying Demon Sword was still in Luo Yunyangs hand. With the God-Slaying Demon Sword in hand, Luo Yunyang really looked like a celestial being.

He glanced at Jueluo Supremacy, who had started to dissipate into the void, and said indifferently, "Dont keep too much resentment in your heart. Supreme Daozi will be joining you shortly."

As he said that, Luo Yunyang took a step towards Supreme Daozi and blocked the direction that Supreme Daozi was intending to flee towards.

After obtaining the Heavenly Venerate True Body, Supreme Daozi was no longer an existence he needed to bother about.

Perhaps, in the past, Supreme Daozi would still have been considered an adversary equal to Luo Yunyang. However, now, Supreme Daozi was someone Luo Yunyang didnt care about.

Supreme Daozis plot had nearly resulted in Luo Yunyang losing his life.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang wouldnt let something like this slide. He glared icily at Supreme Daozi.

"Luo Yunyang, what are you trying to do?" Supreme Daozi knew very well what Luo Yunyang wanted to do. In the past, he would definitely have left immediately. Unfortunately, he didnt dare act hastily now. He was afraid of provoking the vicious, merciless Luo Yunyang.

"What am I trying to do? Im naturally trying to kill you." Luo Yunyang raised the God-Slaying Demon Sword as he spoke frostily.

"You cant kill me!" Supreme Daozi shouted loudly. "I am the Daozi of the Demigod Tribe. I am bound to become a Supremacy. I am destined to lead the Demigod Tribe to splendid glory!"

Many people felt pity for Supreme Daozi as they watched this scene. They had some faint idea of what would happen to Supreme Daozi the moment Luo Yunyang blocked his path.

Supreme Daozi shouted hysterically as if this was his final struggle. However, all this struggling was useless.

Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy looked at Supreme Daozi coldly. The two of them hadnt objected much to Supreme Daozis suggestion to get Jueluo Supremacy to use the God-Slaying Demon Sword. If Jueluo Supremacy had been able to kill Luo Yunyang, the two of them would definitely have been very pleased.

What annoyed them was that Supreme Daozi had actually acted on his own initiative without discussing with them. This was something unforgivable.

However, as Supreme Daozi shouted, the two Supremacies felt a little hesitant.

After all, Supreme Daozis status was different.

"Shenluo, Supreme Daozi doesnt have an ordinary status. Now that Jueluo Supremacy is dead, he is the member of the Demigod Tribe who is most likely to become a Supremacy," Tianluo Supremacy said gravely.

If it were possible, Shenluo Supremacy would naturally try to save Supreme Daozi. After all, Supreme Daozi was connected to the reputation of the Demigod Tribe.

However, while Luo Yunyang was wielding the God-Slaying Demon Sword, he was the most ferocious fiend in this world. He wasnt willing to have any conflict with Luo Yunyang right now.

As he was filled with indecision, Luo Yunyang stopped acting and said coldly. "Really? Then I guess I will wait for someone to save you."

Supreme Daozi exhaled sharply. He had been afraid that Luo Yunyang would cut him down without saying anything.

He had witnessed the might of the God-Slaying Demon Sword. If Luo Yunyang swung it at him, Supreme Daozi would just die.

However, before he could even think about how he would be saved, Supreme Daozi heard Luo Yunyang counting down. "Ten, nine, eight"

Supreme Daozis heart shuddered as this string of numbers was said.

Right now, he could anticipate what Luo Yunyang was going to do. Thus, he felt really afraid.

"Shenluo Supremacy, save me! Tianluo Supremacy, save me! In the future, I will definitely listen to your instructions!" Supreme Daozi shouted. He really didnt wish to die.

His status gave him about an 80% probability of ascending to the peak of a Supremacy, yet he was actually going to fall now. He was extremely frightened and unwilling.

He actually felt like he was going crazy!

What face? What dignity? These things were no longer important to Supreme Daozi. Right now, nothing was more important than being able to survive.

"Six, five, four"

Luo Yunyangs voice echoed all around. Supreme Daozis handsome face turned malevolent as he listened to it.

He had been an unparalleled genius valued by the entire Demigod Tribe ever since he had been born. Practically every resource had been offered to him.

This treatment had made him feel high and mighty. He didnt know what setbacks even were.

Sealing his body in order to wait for the Samsara Wheel was probably the greatest setback he had experienced in his life. However, the tremendous setback that was about to occur made him feel like crumbling.

Right now, Supreme Daozi was at deaths door. Shenluo and Tianluo actually remained indifferent and unmoving. This made Supreme Daozi feel great grief. No matter what he had done wrong, he had acted for the entire Demigod Tribe. Shouldnt these two spare no effort to save him?

Luo Yunyang didnt show the slightest bit of mercy on Supreme Daozi. Not only was he going to slay him, but he also wanted to crush his consciousness and let him die in great fear.

This situation had been extremely dangerous for Luo Yunyang. If it had not been for the ability of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and his attribute regulator, he would have definitely fallen here.

"Two, one."

As Luo Yunyang said the last number, he swung the God-Slaying Demon Sword at Supreme Daozi.

Although Supreme Daozi instantly tried many methods to evade it, his body and everything else were sliced apart as the sword fell.

Supreme Daozi was dead!