Supreme Uprising Chapter 717

Chapter 717 A Trace Of Demonic Intent

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A Supremacy had fallen. Everything turned dark as the galaxies grieved!

The death of Jueluo Supremacy was a major event in the entire realm. After all, it was the first time a Supremacy had died in many years, even though there had been countless battles and fights.

20 years might seem short to most martialists, as it would usually be the equivalent of a short secluded training session. However, 20 years had turned the entire situation in the Divine Union upside down.

The Demigod Tribes unshakable position in the Divine Union had changed tremendously. While the Demigod Tribe was still exceptionally powerful, it was no longer the sole tribe that was stronger than the 18 Primary Tribes.

There were three other tribes stronger than the 18 Primary Tribes. This group of three was led by the Demigod Tribe and followed by the Human Tribe and Qingliao Tribe.

The Demigod Tribe was helmed by Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy, the Human Tribe had Luo Yunyang, and the Qingliao Tribe was helmed by Nanlai Supremacy.

The reason the Human Tribe ranked second was because Luo Yunyang had a much greater reputation than Nanlai Supremacy.

After all, Luo Yunyang had managed to fend off 12 other Supremacies and was considered the number one Supremacy in the entire Divine Union.

Describing Luo Yunyang as menacing would not be an exaggeration.

On the main planet of the Dongyan Star Domain, youngster Lu Bei punched a test machine hard. When his punch landed, the test machine shook for a moment before displaying a string of digits.

The value of the data represented Lu Beis power. At the age of 15, his cultivation had reached the early-stage of the Star Grade. This sort of achievement was considered pretty good among the younger generation of the Divine Union tribes.

However, Lu Bei was shaking his head profusely.

"Brother Lu, hows your cultivation going?" A teenager who was about the same age as Lu Bei asked as he walked towards him.

"Small progress." Lu Bei shook his head disappointedly. "Still not broken through to the second-level Star-Grade." Lu Bei sounded very dissatisfied with himself.

The other youth frowned. "Brother Lu, if thats the case, then should I just go smash my head against the wall and die? Were both the same age, yet you are already at the Star Grade, while I am still lazing around at the Planet Grade. Im just trash compared to people like you!"

His friends compliment did not make Lu Bei happy at all. He looked at his friend and shook his head in disagreement. "Your goal is to become a Nebula-Grade elite to inherit your familys power. "

"My goal, however, is to obtain a chance to enter the Yunyang Shrine to further my studies." Lu Bei had a frenzied glint in his eyes when he mentioned the Yunyang Shrine.

He looked respectful and reverent as he said in fascination, "You can get the best form of training and careful nurturing only by entering the Yunyang Shrine. You may even get the chance to become Yunyang Supremacys direct disciple!"

"Do you know that almost all the human elites who rose up in the past 10 years were disciples from the Yunyang Shrine?"

His friend immediately put his hand on Lu Beis forehead when he heard Lu Bei talking about the Yunyang Shrine. He wanted to check if he had gone mad because of a high fever.

"Brother Lu, you shouldnt be daydreaming here. The Human Tribe now has 3,000 Star Domains and countless people. Due to the evolution of our genes, many people are born with a Star-Grade cultivation base."

"Damn it, you must know that the Yunyang Shrine only accepts 30 disciples every time they recruit. You only rank 10th in our Star Domain. Entering the Yunyang Shrine would be a difficult task for you."

Lu Bei smiled bitterly before clenching his fist and yelling, "If you have aspirations, you will succeed. Didnt Yunyang Supremacy rise to the top from nothing back then? I believe I could become one-tenth of what he is if I learned from him."

The other youth palmed his own face. How could Lu Bei be so stubborn?

"Alright, Ill never try to talk you out of this. Lets go out for a walk. I heard that the most popular singer of the Human Tribe, Miss Yun Feiluo, is coming to perform here. We should go see if we can get some tickets."

Lu Bei looked at his friend and shook his head again. "Cant we see Yun Feiluos concert through the virtual realm? Besides, we would be able to purchase tickets through the virtual realm."

"Come on now! Watching through the virtual realm is like scratching an itch from the outside of your boots. You gotta watch it live to enjoy it!" The teenager slapped his hands repeatedly onto Lu Beis shoulder. "Lets go, lets go. Just treat this as a relaxing trip with me."

An hour later, the two teenagers walked out of the ticket office in disappointment. Lu Bei looked rather normal, while his friend seemed really annoyed.

"What in the world is going on? Are they trying to kill me? What are those guys doing here when Miss Yun Feiluo is obviously holding a concert on OUR planet? They even queued for three whole days. Damn it!"

Lu Bei chuckled, as he was used to his friends complaints. "Alright, just stop dreaming about Miss Yun Feiluo. If she were to choose someone she likes, shed definitely pick someone from the Human Tribes top 10 Celestial Domain-Grade martialists that rose to power recently. Stop living in your fantasy world!"

His friend did not respond. Instead, he seemed somewhat unconvinced as he asked, "Is it fair for Yunyang Supremacy to become a Supremacy just because of his exceptional martial techniques?"

"How is it unfair? Do you think the Human Tribe would be in such a great position if Yunyang Supremacy hadnt fended off the joint attack of 12 other Supremacies and killed Jueluo Supremacy?"

Lu Bei was getting agitated as he added, "We do have 10 Universe-Grade martialists now, but you have to know that these elites are mostly Yunyang Supremacys personal guards. Their cultivation improvement relies heavily on Yunyang Supremacys accumulated resources. However, in terms of Celestial Domain-Grade and Universe-Grade martialists, we still have a considerable gap to close to catch up to the Demigod Tribe."

"In other words, the Human Tribes status still relies on Yunyang Supremacys prestige. The Human Tribes days will fall into darkness again if Yunyang Supremacy is no longer around one day"

"He he Lu Bei, you keep repeating yourself. How could Yunyang Supremacy no longer be around? This is just a groundless fear." Lu Beis friend, who was also a smooth-talker, rebutted Lu Beis arguments.

Lu Bei was indeed stunned by his friends rebuttal. Although he believed that he wasnt wrong, he still couldnt help but question whether there was a need to be so hardworking if Yunyang Supremacy was around.

While he was pondering this, a young man who seemed to be of a similar age staggered and almost fell nearby.

Lu Bei instinctively rushed over to help the young man up.

The young man who had almost fallen to the ground opened his eyes the moment Lu Bei helped him up. Although his eyes were lifeless, when he stared at Lu Bei, he felt as if everything had vanished from his thoughts.

"You" Lu Bei wanted to say something but didnt know how.

"Thank you, little brother. I would have made a fool of myself if it hadnt been for you. What you said just now was totally right. Relying on others is unreliable. Relying on yourself is the path a true elite should walk."

The young man looked at Lu Bei as he spoke solemnly.

Lu Bei nodded repeatedly in agreement. "Thank you, Big Brother, for pointing it out. I will definitely work hard in the future." Then, Lu Bei asked if the young man needed help. "Big brother, do you need to go to the hospital for an exam? Our medical skills are highly-advanced due to Yunyang Supremacys guidance, so it wouldnt be a problem even if you had some hard-to-treat disease."

"Ha ha!" The young man laughed at himself and patted Lu Beis shoulder. "Its just an old problem of mine. Ive gotten it checked out long ago."

"Since fate brought us together, I will give you a gift. Youll be able to train in a training facility with it." The young man took out an ordinary small stone and handed it to Lu Bei.

Lu Bei was stunned by the young mans action. What was a training facility? He couldnt react momentarily.

As he was dumbfounded, his friend chuckled and said, "Oh Big Brother, youre so kind and generous. Why not give me something too? Im not greedy, I just want to take a look at Miss Yun Feiluo."

Lu Bei found it very inappropriate of his friend to tease the young man. He wanted to stop his friend from causing trouble, yet the young man unexpectedly smiled and replied, "That isnt too difficult. Just bring the small stone in Lu Beis hand and both of you will be able to attend the concert."

The young man then glanced in the distance and said, "I still have something to attend to. Ill take my leave now!"

The young man walked away. Lu Bei and his friend did not notice that a black Qi had started to appear on the young mans face.

Just as Lu Bei was about to stop the young man, he realized that the young man had already disappeared completely.

"Ha ha Brother Lu, I didnt expect that we would encounter such a funny liar. Fortunately, he didnt cheat us out of anything. Come on, throw that broken stone away and lets go."

Lu Bei looked at the stone in his hand and shook his head. "Huang Ye, I dont think that man was a liar."

Huang Ye laughed out loud and sneered, "Oh my god, you really dont want to drop this matter, huh? Alright then, well just wait for Yun Feiluos concert and see if we can enter with that stupid stone. You can keep the stone and enter that weird training facility if we are able to attend the concert."

"You really refuse to give up until all hope is gone!"