Supreme Uprising Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Sound Of Thunder

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“Thank you, Senior Brother. Junior Brother experienced a lucky enlightenment and does not wish to give it up. It’ll be better for me to continue cultivating.” Luo Yunyang still had a pretty good impression of his Senior Brother, yet he wouldn’t change just because his Senior Brother told him to.

The Flame Glass Technique was one of the 108 secret techniques of the Three Era Supreme Sect. It was rumored that one would be able to reach the Flame Glass Realm and become a Universe-Grade Celestial Thearch existence upon its successful cultivation.

While the meaning of Yue Liuli’s name was ‘glass’, she didn’t cultivate the Flame Glass Technique.

Luo Yunyang’s rejection didn’t sit well with Yue Kaiming. How could it? He was advising Luo Yunyang out of kind will, yet Luo Yunyang did not appreciate his kind intentions. Forget it, this Junior Brother was just a stubborn fellow, he thought before shaking his head and leaving.

Luo Yunyang turned and left as well after Yue Kaiming.

However, as he turned to leave, he heard gossip behind his back. The people behind him were commenting on how impudent he was. They were saying that he did not know his limits and had unrealistic goals.

Luo Yunyang merely smirked.

He was only an inner disciple of the Glazed Titan Sect now, so his cultivation base was limited to the Nebula Grade.

Originally, Luo Yunyang had wanted to maintain his Galaxy-Grade cultivation base. However, in this Cosmos, many sons of Universe-Grade elites were born with a Nebula-Grade cultivation base. Because of that, Luo Yunyang had to go easy on his control over his cultivation base.

Entering the Glazed Titan Sect was a scheme. In the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, almost everyone would be thoroughly inspected by the sects’ elites before they could enter the sect.

For example, the Glazed Titan Sect’s parent sect, the Three Era Supreme Sect, would inspect their potential disciples thoroughly by making Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates create illusions for the disciples and examine each disciple’s entire life.

The purpose of this sort of investigation was simply to prevent people with ill intentions from sneaking into the Three Era Supreme Sect.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t sure if he could deceive the illusions conjured by those Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates. Hence, he had decided to enter a smaller sect. Ultimately, the Glazed Titan Sect, which possessed the Flame Glass Technique that was purported to be able to eliminate all sordidness, had become his first choice.

Although Luo Yunyang was sitting in a lotus position in his quiet room, he wasn’t cultivating his techniques. He sensed that his body and the surrounding world were in a state of incomparable harmony.

The surrounding vitality of the world was desperately approaching Luo Yunyang, but he did not absorb those energies quickly.

He began to enjoy this state quietly after adjusting his body and the surrounding environment to the most harmonious state possible. Although this process was very slow, it could allow Luo Yunyang to be quickly accepted by the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

After an hour, Luo Yunyang opened his eyes. He felt very comfortable as he took out a scripture slowly.

It was the Glass Flame Cleansing Technique!

“Supreme cleansing flame born from chaos. When heaven and earth split open and the moon and the sun gather…” Luo Yunyang already knew the 300 verses by heart.

However, he still glanced through the copy of the scripture thoroughly before practicing it.

This scripture was merely a copy bestowed by a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate unto the Glazed Titan Sect’s ancestral master after leaving the Three Era Supreme Sect. However, despite this, Luo Yunyang could still feel the blazing flames rising in the void after reading more than 300 words of scriptures.

Luo Yunyang could sense a destructive power coming from within the extremely clean flames.

Whenever the flames appeared, the worry Luo Yunyang felt about the sword spirit of the God-Slaying Demon Sword would quieten down.

Obviously, the flames of the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique were very effective against the sword spirit. Thanks to Luo Yunyang’s talent, he actually developed a perception upon seeing the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique for the first time.

However, Luo Yunyang did not immediately cultivate the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique after studying it. He slowly adjusted his body before preparing to cultivate this technique.

It was just like brewing wine. Luo Yunyang actively stimulated the image when the flames appeared over and over again so that he was prepared to obtain a trace of pure comprehension from the Glass Flame.

Luo Yunyang decided to continue doing this because of his initial enlightenment. Although it was still impossible to eliminate the sword spirit, the threat of the sword spirit did not become stronger.

10 years, 20 years, 30 years…

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang had already been in the Glazed Titan Sect for 90 years. 90 years was a very passionate, competitive period of time for the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect, as they were all actively competing against one another in order to seal their fates.

During the past 90 years, some people had skyrocketed, surpassing ordinary people by far. Meanwhile, others had progressed from fast to slow. Some originally exceptional geniuses, who had once been considered the next big thing, had turned into ordinary beings.

A few people had risen to an unbelievable status, while others had fallen to the depths of the abyss in the process.

Luo Yunyang, who had not made any progress in the past 90 years, had been ridiculed by others and regarded as a stupidly stubborn role model before eventually becoming a forgotten existence.

The disciples that were in charge of distributing resources in the Glazed Titan Sect had almost forgotten that Luo Yunyang was one of them.

Luo Yunyang’s appearance had remained exactly the same for the last 90 years. Luo Yunyang, who had already understood the entire Pure Sun Great Cosmos, seemed no different from the ordinary beings in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

“The Pure Sun Great Cosmos is a place full of danger!” This was the overall feeling that Luo Yunyang had harbored about the Pure Sun Great Cosmos for the past few decades.

The reason he felt this way wasn’t because he had used any means to comprehend the inside story of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. Instead, he had summed up the information on the events that had happened for the past 90 years in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

While this summary seemed rather unnecessary, it was in fact a very deep analysis of the situation in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

The sense of danger was everywhere. It was felt by everyone, including the Almighties that did not appear much in the realm and lower-tier sects like the Glazed Titan Sect.

However, all this had nothing to do with Luo Yunyang.

What he had to do now was form the trace of the Cleansing Glass Flame that he had repeatedly conjured and destroyed for umpteen times. Then, he would use it to eliminate the sword spirit of the God-Slaying Demon Sword.

However, he did not need to spend all his time cultivating the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique. Hence, he was pretty idle sometimes.

Luo Yunyang was sitting on a lounge chair, casually reading a book under a tree. He suddenly thought of ​​moving his home from the Divine Union here.

However, he never did this because the elites here were simply too strong and he wasn’t very confident about dealing with a lot of things.

“Junior Brother, it’s not good for you to act like this!” the honest-looking Senior Brother Yue Kaiming said resentfully.

Luo Yunyang flashed Yue Kaiming a candid smile. Although the two of them had not had too many interactions, Luo Yunyang still respected his Senior Brother a lot.

Yue Kaiming was a truly honest person. During the past few decades, especially during the past 30 years, many new disciples who had been recruited into the Glazed Titan Sect had been very angry with Luo Yunyang, who occupied one of the sect’s most treasured lands.

The Glazed Titan Sect did not prohibit their disciples from engaging in battles among themselves, so many people yearned to fight against Luo Yunyang over the residence that he was occupying. Although Luo Yunyang paid no attention to the people that tried to provoke him, they were generally annoying and pesky, so they were still a form of distraction that disturbed him from time to time.

“Thank you, Senior Brother, but I already have insight into the Glass Flame Technique. I believe that it won’t take long for me to achieve it.” Luo Yunyang smiled as he spoke to Yue Kaiming.

Yue Kaiming was still as resentful as ever. Luo Yunyang’s qualifications were the best among the disciples who had entered the Glazed Titan Sect. It was a pity that this Junior Brother of his had gone astray. No matter how patiently he tried to persuade him, he still insisted on cultivating the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique.

The starting point of this technique was very high, and it was also extremely hard to cultivate. Many people had been practicing for years but had still not achieved anything of significance.

“Junior Brother, I will give you one last chance. If you don’t achieve this in ten years, then I will get the Elder to force a new set of techniques upon you,” Yue Kaiming said firmly.

Luo Yunyang chuckled but did not respond. Yue Kaiming could only shake his head and leave helplessly.

Suddenly, Yue Kaiming, who had walked to the door, stopped in his tracks. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “The Sacred Flame Heavenly Venerate has died!”

Yue Kaiming’s footsteps clearly became much heavier after he said that.

Luo Yunyang was quite familiar with the Sacred Flame Heavenly Venerate. He was a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate and the Glazed Titan Sect’s greatest supporter in the Three Era Supreme Sect.

While Luo Yunyang did not pay any attention to the Glazed Titan Sect, he understood that the death of the Sacred Flame Heavenly Venerate would cause a large impact on the Glazed Titan Sect.

He did not know why the Heavenly Venerate had died, but he knew that grave repercussions would ensue.

He watched Yue Kaiming leave before shaking his head gently.

Luo Yunyang did have a good feeling about the Glazed Titan Sect. However, he wasn’t willing to put his life on the line for them.

Nine months had passed, and Luo Yunyang felt that the Glass Flame that he had tempered kept becoming more and more powerful. The Flame Glass would really explode if he continued to suppress himself.

The time had finally come!

Just as Luo Yunyang looked towards the sky, the crisp sound of drums suddenly echoed. Amid this sound, mighty troops descended from the skies and headed towards the Glazed Titan Sect.