Supreme Uprising Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Returning Home

"You went all out and kissed other people's smelly feet yesterday, only to act like stupid pigs and get slaughtered today!" someone said softly on the quiet bridgehead.

The words spoken were really vicious. Yun Lei and the others wanted to beat up the person making these sarcastic remarks, but when they saw the Sky High Military's leader standing next to that person, all they could do was swallow their anger and act dumb.

Chief Instructor Lu and the Eagle King were just as apprehensive. Although Luo Yunyang had made them proud, other people were also important.

"How was it?" the two men asked quickly when Guan Wanli, Sun Miaomiao and the others walked over.

Guan Wanli was taciturn, but Sun Miaomiao said softly, "We managed to obtain an A-grade source fluid!"

Chief Instructor Lu and the Eagle King glanced at each other in shock. In their opinion, although Sun Miaomiao and Guan Wanli were decent martialists, they only had the ability to obtain B-grade source fluid.

Their cultivation bases were lacking after all.

"It's all thanks to Leader Luo's might. While we were trying to seize the A-grade source fluid, practically nobody dared to try and snatch it from us. When Sun Miaomiao killed the Steel-Backed Grey Monkey and grabbed the A-grade source fluid tag, there were at least three other teams around us."

Yang Yirui seemed to be in high spirits. "They only looked over at us and gave up right away!"

Forcibly stealing wasn't prohibited during the source fluid contest on the island in the center of the lake. The Rising Dragon Army had always been weak, so it usually was an easy target for looting.

However, no teams had dared attack the Rising Dragon Army this time, as the young martialists didn't want to provoke Luo Yunyang.

Eventually, the last elite martialist walked back by crossing the five-kilometer bridge and the competition on the island ended. All Eight Armies of the East had reaped some rewards, especially the Sky High Military's Seven Pillars, who had fiercely obtained six A-grade source fluids.

However, while some people were pleased, there were also some that were disappointed. The Royal Forest Military's team hadn't obtained a single A-grade source fluid this time, so it was really frustrated.

Of course, the biggest winner was naturally the Rising Dragon Army, who had obtained three A-grade source fluids and the golden body fluid that had originally belonged to the Sky High Military. The golden body fluid was at least 10 to 100 times more important than any A-grade source fluid.

"Ha ha ha! Let's get plastered today, shall we? You kids don't have to hold back. Just eat and drink to your heart's content! It's my treat!" the Eagle King proclaimed boldy, waving his arm around.

As he spoke, he grabbed Luo Yunyang and said, "Come to my house tomorrow, kid. I will share my Forceful Eagle Claw Technique with you! You can also meet my granddaughter at the same time. She isn't bad at all."

Luo Yunyang remained silent. He felt a faint anticipation about learning the Eagle King's Forceful Eagle Claw Technique, but he didn't really want to meet his granddaughter.

"You don't have the time to teach Luo Yunyang your technique. We have to quickly extract the golden body fluid in the next few days!" Chief Instructor Lu came to the rescue. "You guys can have the next few days off. The training you will undergo when you return will be the toughest one yet, so make sure to have fun to your heart's content!"

Although visiting Quan'cheng and having fun for five days sounded really nice, Luo Yunyang had missed his mother and little sister. He had already been away from home for three months. He wondered how they were doing in Chang'an and if they were well.

"Chief Instructor Lu, I would like to return to Chang'an for a visit!" Luo Yunyang said resolutely as he faced Chief Instructor Lu.

Chief Instructor Lu, who understood Luo Yunyang's intentions, chuckled. "Alright, then I will make arrangements to take you back to Chang'an. Get some rest back at home. When the time comes, I will have Xu Zhong pick you up."

Luo Yunyang nodded and thanked him.

Sun Miaomiao and the others watched Luo Yunyang enviously. There were many among them who wanted to go home too, but they knew that this sort of privilege wasn't something they could hope to experience.

Luo Yunyang was able to receive this kind of preferential treatment because he had earned it with his own strength.

Traffic was currently restricted and travel between bases was challenging, so a plane ticket from Quan'cheng to Chang'an was extremely hard to obtain.


Chang'an was like a steel fortress.

When he returned to Chang'an once again, Luo Yunyang felt slightly indisposed. Although he could adapt to life in this big city, the air there was very different compared to the air at Base 7.

His acute senses allowed him to detect the presence of the sixth factor in Chang'an's air. However, the amount of sixth factor there was pathetic.

"Luo Yunyang, this is District 23. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I have already made a request regarding your family's house, so you will be able to move soon." Qin Yuemeng eyed the young boy before her curiously.

He was an A-rank elite after all.

As a Rising Dragon Army logistical staff member, Qin Yuemeng knew clearly what an A-rank elite martialist signified.

Although she was also an elite martialist, she was only an F-rank elite. Her status allowed her to live in Chang'an without worrying about food or accomodation, but moving up was an unrealistic expectation for her.

She had seen many A-rank elites at the Rising Dragon Army Chang'an General Headquarters, but they had usually been at least 30 years old.

They had all made a steady progress and relied on their own hard work to climb up the ladder. However, it was evident that the young man before her had relied on his innate talent.

The future accomplishments of someone like him couldn't be underestimated.

"Thank you, Sister Qin. I will have to trouble you some more in the future," Luo Yunyang told Qin Yuemeng, who was sitting in the driver's seat in a Rising Dragon Army uniform.

When he had gotten off the plane at Chang'an, Qin Yuemeng had been there to fetch him. Luo Yunyang had a favorable impression of this sweet-tempered, pretty lady, who had been very helpful.

"There's no need to thank me. I'm just doing my job!" Qin Yuemeng treated others really well. She had clearly been waiting for Luo Yunyang, yet the way she acted made it seem like she owed Luo Yunyang a favor. "Speaking of which, I should be the one thanking you. If I didn't have to pick you up, who knows what I would be busy doing! I certainly wouldn't have been as relaxed as I am now!" she said with a warm smile.

Luo Yunyang waved goodbye at Qin Yuemeng and headed home. His family was currently staying at Sub District 16.

Luo Yunyang opened the door to his family's house under the watchful eyes of the sub district's guard. His mother had sent him the key after he had left for Base 7.

The old-fashioned padlock and mottled door betrayed how old the 36-story building really was. Luo Yunyang unlocked the door and pushed it open gently before heading in.

Although there was no one at home, the familiar items in the house gave Luo Yunyang a sense of incomparable warmth. There was a large ragdoll lying on the couch, a needlework basket on the tiny coffee table, and a family portrait hanging on the wall.

It was a portrait of him, his mother, and little sister.

Luo Yunyang stared at the photograph. Although he was wearing his Rising Dragon Army uniform in the picture, he seemed younger and inexperienced compared to how he was now.

Luo Yunyang languidly headed over to the couch and lay down. His body and soul felt completely relaxed in this tiny one-bedroom apartment.