Supreme Uprising Chapter 720

Chapter 720 When The Roc Flies

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"He he Junior Sister Liuli, long time no see!" Ear-piercing laughter was heard as a gorgeous woman got out of a bright sedan chair. She was escorted by hundreds of Universe-Grade martialists.

The woman had an alluring demeanor and her pair of gentle yet enchanting eyes exuded a grace that was unlike anything else. All the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect were mesmerized by her unique charm as she exited her sedan chair.

Yue Liuli, who was wearing a white robe, looked as cold as stone.

The woman was just a tad better-looking than Yue Liuli, but her seductive figure and tender expression immediately attracted everyones attention.

Yue Liuli wasnt pleased. She was actually disgusted with this uninvited guest.

"Fu Niehua, you flatter me by calling me Junior Sister. Im not even close to you."

Yue Liuli immediately stretched out her hands and gestured for the uninvited guest to leave. "You are not welcome here. Go back to where you came from."

Fu Niehua simply laughed off Yue Liulis rude, blunt rejection. Her curvaceous figure moved gently forward while she laughed. Everyone present nearly went crazy because of her alluring behavior.

A few disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect even looked hungrily at Fu Niehua with lustful bloodshot eyes, as if they were ready to swallow her.

"Ha ha ha Junior Sister, your disciples are really passionate." Fu Niehua wasnt affected by those lustful stares. She actually appeared proud of herself.

Yue Liuli snorted coldly but didnt reprimand her disciples.

Fu Niehua cultivated one of the 108 secret techniques, the Phaseless Flower Blossom Charm. Yue Liuliu knew how strong it was. Even some of her Senior Brothers who had a better cultivation base than her might have fallen head over heels for Fu Niehuas charm, let alone these disciples.

Although she didnt like Fu Niehua, she didnt like to vent her anger on the innocent either.

Yue Liuli snapped back at Fu Niehua after sobering her disciples up. "You have traveled so far to reach our Glazed Titan Sect. Just speak your mind."

"Ha ha Alright then. I shouldnt beat around the bush if you are so straightforward. Im here because I want your disciples to appreciate my performance."

Fu Niehua gently clapped her hands to signal. Then, a lady in white robes who looked almost like a fairy walked out elegantly.

The ladys movements were elegant and graceful. As she walked towards the crowd, her seemingly weak and fragile demeanor caused anyone that saw her to yearn to shelter her in their arms.

"Junior Sister Liuli, this is my disciple. She has also learned a set of dance performances from me. Why not let her perform for all the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect? If your disciples win, Ill leave immediately without saying a word." Fu Niehua smirked as she spoke.

"However, if your disciples lose, then I think the land the Glazed Titan Sect has occupied for so long will need to change ownership."

Yue Liulis face twitched as she heard this challenge. Although she was very confident in her disciples, she also knew that the chances of them beating Fu Niehua were very slim.

However, Fu Niehua would pester her constantly if she said no and might even put her in a difficult position.

"No wonder theres gossip out there that the Glazed Titan Sect has become a Glass Sect ever since you became the Sect Master, Junior Sister. Are there really no more worthy males in the Glazed Titan Sect?" Fu Niehua sneered after seeing that Yue Liuli was hesitant.

This statement was like a cruel slap across the faces of all the male disciples in the Glazed Titan Sect. It immediately made them furious.


"Shut your mouth! The Glazed Titan Sect will not be humiliated by someone like you!"

"Sect Master, let me handle this so-called performance! I will not disappoint you!"

Yue Liuli smiled bitterly at her undignified disciples. Merely contending wasnt going to earn back their reputation.

Fu Niehuas disciple had a Sixth-Level Galaxy-Grade cultivation base that was similar to most of her disciples.

However, a performance by the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect wasnt easy to deal with.

"Senior Sister, why dont we have a competition between ourselves instead?" Yue Liuli hesitated for a moment before speaking.

The expression of the enchanting Fu Niehua changed instantly when she heard this. She was not only a proud person but also a very smart one. She knew that her techniques were directly countered by the Glazed Titan Sects innately.

While her cultivation was stellar, it was still somewhat inferior to the cultivation of the woman in front of her.

She might lose in the end if both of them were to go all-out and her sect would suffer a crushing defeat. Fortunately, she was prepared for this.

"Ha ha ha! Junior Sisters, why do the two of you have to do this?" A calm, soothing voice was heard in the void as a towering man with three halos appeared in the distance.

The three halos behind the man seemed to include a sun, a moon, stars, and even mythical creatures. One could feel intoxicated by taking one glance at him.

When the middle-aged man walked over, even the core disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect couldnt help but fall to their knees and pay their respects to him.

"Greetings, Senior Brother Jin." Fu Niehua giggled and threw herself at the middle-aged man.

Although Yue Liuli appeared pissed, she eventually maintained her composure and greeted the man. "Liuli pays her respects to Senior Brother Jin. Is Senior Brother visiting our lowly Glazed Titan Sect to convey a message from the Elders of the Three Era Supreme Sect?" Yue Liuli sounded polite, but her words were also slightly passive-aggressive.

"A few days ago, the Ancestral Master instructed me to take a tour down the realm and inspect the progress of our disciples in every respective sect. Hence, I had to come over by myself even though it is a chore." Senior Brother Jin smiled gently as he replied.

"I have long believed that there are too many subsidiaries in the Three Era Supreme Sect. Although they can provide a lot of help to the Three Era Supreme Sect, their number makes it difficult to form a synergy. Thus, Ill propose to the elders to merge some of the subsidiaries when I head back."

"Of course, the basis of the merger will be the cultivation level of the disciples of the respective sects."

"If Junior Sister Yue cant even cope with a challenge, then I will inevitably think that the Glazed Titan Sect is just strong on the outside and does not need to exist."

Yue Liuli stiffened after hearing what her Senior Brother had said. However, she was powerless before him. "Very well then. Ill see how great Senior Sister Fus disciple is." Yue Liuli gritted her teeth and accepted the challenge.

"Of course. We wont disappoint you, Junior Sister. By the way, I think that its too wasteful to show my disciples performance to just one of your disciples."

"It would be better to let all the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect watch together. I hope you understand. Xiaolians time is precious. Ill admit defeat as long as one member of your sect can withstand it. "

Yue Liuli couldnt accept such a form of challenge by the other party, as it was basically an insult to the whole Glazed Titan Sect.

However, Senior Brother Jin interrupted. "I dont have enough time to watch you kids bicker. Since Junior Sister Fu suggested that, well just do it."

Then, he shifted his attention to Xiaolian and said, "Little girl, Uncle-Master thinks highly of you. Do not disappoint me."

"Rest assured, Uncle-Master."

The little girls limpid, graceful gaze shifted to the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect as she spoke, causing even some of the female disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect to feel their mouths go dry.

There was no music or accompaniment. However, when Xiao Ling began dancing, hundreds of disciples from the Glazed Titan Sect felt their hearts get seized and became intoxicated by the beautiful musical notes ringing within their souls.

Even Yue Kaiming and some others, who had an exceptional state of mind, felt their hearts swaying when they heard these notes. As they continued to watch Xiao Ling dancing gracefully, she gradually and mysteriously became the girl of their dreams.

This was an extremely mysterious feeling!

Changes were occurring constantly during the slow, mystifying dance. Many of the Glazed Titan Sect disciples had entered a trance.

Some of them were blushing, while others had gone crazy. Some people couldnt control themselves and started to howl and roar uncontrollably.

Yue Liuli bit her lips when she saw her disciples lose control of themselves. Although she was very uncomfortable with this, she was also very helpless.

Even though this challenge had been forced upon her by Senior Brother Jin, it still showed that her disciples were lacking when it came to mind cultivation.

After a quarter of an hour, Yue Liuli hurriedly executed her moves to put the disciples that had lost control of themselves to sleep so that they would stop disgracing themselves.

By the time Xiao Lings performance was just halfway through, Yue Kaiming was the only Glazed Titan Sect disciple left.

As the eldest disciple of the Glazed Titan Sect, Yue Kaimings state of mind was the most rigorous. However, he was also beginning to feel a little dizzy and confused.

Most experienced people would know that he wouldnt be able to withstand this any longer.

"Senior Brother, are all the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect here?" Xiao Ling asked softly.

"No, a Junior Brother is still training in seclusion!" Yue Kaiming, who had been hypnotized, answered instinctively.