Supreme Uprising Chapter 721

Chapter 721 : Instant Enlightenment

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The reason Lu Xiaolian had asked Yue Kaiming was because her master Fu Niehua had instructed her to defeat all her peers in the Glazed Titan Sect.

Yue Kaiming, who was already slightly deranged, had also lost his rationality.

He would never spill the beans on Luo Yunyang while he was still sober, as this concerned the reputation of their sect.

Luo Yunyang did not conceal his identity in the Glazed Titan Sect. After all, there was nothing worth hiding for this time.

Furthermore, nobody in the Pure Yang Great Cosmos knew him.

"I still have a Junior Brother. Junior Brother Luo," Yue Kaiming replied honestly in full detail as he remained in a daze.

Lu Xiaolian did not really pay attention to what Yue Kaiming had said. After all, the Glazed Titan Sect disciples that had stepped forward at this crucial moment were the best of the best. Luo Yunyang had to be a lowly member of their sect if he had not even appeared.

This sort of people were unimportant, so whether they were present or not made no difference.

"Senior Brother Luo is not here. Is he away from the sect?"

"No, Junior Brother isnt awake." Yue Kaiming would have avoided this topic if he had been able to think clearly. However, he was still drowned in inexplicable confusion.

"Enough! Stop asking! The Glazed Titan Sect has lost this round!" Yue Liuli still cared a lot about eldest disciple Yue Kaiming. Upon seeing him in this incoherent state, she interrupted them abruptly.

Fu Niehua certainly knew when to stop. However, this time, her goal was to drastically beat down the Glazed Titan Sects morale.

Therefore, she decided to persist. She wouldnt allow her magnanimous reputation to spoil her great plan.

Upon seeing that Yue Liuli was getting anxious, she giggled and refused to back off. "Junior Sister, theres actually one more elite disciple left in the Glazed Titan Sect."

"That is awesome. I always thought that the Glazed Titan Sect disciples wouldnt be that weak."

"Makes me wonder why Junior Sister decided to hide such an exceptional disciple. Is it because you look down on me or Senior Brother Jin? Im puzzled, what was your intention?"

Senior Brother Jin grimaced when he heard that. A white tiger and a qilin within the three halos roared fiercely as the halos shuddered.

Yue Liuli cursed silently. Fu Niehua had such a delicate face, yet she had a despicable heart. What kind of problems was that b*tch trying to create?

Yue Liuli was extremely helpless when she saw Jin Wuxie getting angry. She really couldnt afford to offend Senior Brother Jin now. After all, their elder in the Three Era Supreme Sect had just died, so it would be very dangerous for the Glazed Titan Sect to have no support.

"Why would I look down on Senior Brother Jin? I didnt say anything because this disciple of mine is unworthy." Yue Liuli had almost forgotten that Luo Yunyang was her disciple.

Although she was the sect master of the Glazed Titan Sect, she actually did not offer pointers for her disciples cultivation. Even Yue Kaiming received cultivation techniques from the sects elders. If the others did not understand anything, they would consult the elders as well.

The reason she remembered Luo Yunyang was because Luo Yunyang had always insisted on cultivating the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique. Although he had achieved nothing during the past 90 years, he still persisted.

The Cleaning Glass Flame Technique was inherently difficult to cultivate. If it had not been for the sects rule that disciples who cultivated the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique were not allowed to change their cultivation technique, Yue Liuli would have made Luo Yunyang switch to another cultivation technique

Now, this disciple that she had almost forgotten had actually caused her unexpected trouble.

"He has to come forward to take on the challenge and determine whether he is worthy or not!" Senior Brother Jin snapped back. He was obviously upset.

Although Yue Liuli was reluctant, there was no way she could decline. She could not find any way to do so. Hence, she could only agree. "Go get Luo Yunyang. Tell him that I have some matters to discuss with him."

Luo Yunyang appeared very shortly when someone went to get him. He was dressed in blue, so he looked exactly like an ordinary disciple. However, Fu Niehua was very surprised when she saw him.

Fu Niehua wasnt someone to mess with. She had very good eyes when it came to judging people. She had originally thought that the disciple who had yet to appear was just an ordinary person.

However, she began to feel a strange premonition after observing Luo Yunyang, who was dressed in blue and only had a Universe-Grade cultivation.

This premonition, which was very strange, contained a hint of danger. After mulling this over for a moment, she decided to warn her disciple. "Be careful."

While Lu Xiaolian found Luo Yunyang good-looking, she did not really consider him a threat.

"Yunyang, take a look at this performance." An elder from the Glazed Titan Sect instructed Luo Yunyang.

The elder wasnt in a good mood. Their defeat was nearly set in stone, so he spoke to Luo Yunyang bluntly.

He ignored Luo Yunyang as soon as he said that.

Lu Xiaolian did not really take her masters words into consideration. However, she didnt relax either while facing Luo Yunyang. Instead, she giggled and said, "Senior Brother, please enjoy my performance."

Lu Xiaolian gently waved her sleeves, conjuring a boundary full of charm in Luo Yunyangs heart instantly.

This charming boundary had no effect on Luo Yunyang. After all, his consciousness was already at the Heavenly Venerate level.

Originally, he had been prepared to simply faint for a short while during Lu Xiaolians performance. This way, his act would be complete. Even though the Glazed Titan Sect treated him pretty well, he wasnt willing to put himself in danger to help the sect.

However, when the charming boundary appeared, Luo Yunyang felt the Cleansing Glass Flame Seed that he had already suppressed start to become active.

Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of something.

He had originally wanted to let the Cleansing Glass Flame Seed burst out after continuously suppressing it. However, now, the charm technique Lu Xiaolian executed seemed to be pouring hot oil onto the Cleansing Glass Flame seed.

Not only would the Cleansing Glass Flame Seed fail to benefit from this continuous suppression, but this might even result in a setback.

Luo Yunyang made his decision after mulling this over for a moment. He decided that he would do nothing and let the Cleansing Glass Flame do as it wished.

Luo Yunyang sat down in a lotus position. Not many people looked at him. After all, most of them thought that Luo Yunyang was just going to disgrace the Glazed Titan Sect like everybody else.

The members of the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect did not care about Luo Yunyang, as their sect had always prioritized ones strength above all other things.

Luo Yunyangs Nebula-Grade cultivation was akin to an ordinary disciple of the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect.

The difference between a core disciple and an ordinary disciple was vast. Thus, why would they even care about an ordinary disciple?

Some people even thought that making Lu Xiaolian perform the Phaseless Sacred Dance was overkill and she was treating Luo Yunyang with too much respect.

However, more people started to observe Luo Yunyang when Lu Xiaolian completed the first level of her Phaseless Sacred Dance.

Even an elite like Yue Kaiming hadnt been able to endure past the first level. No one had imagined that Luo Yunyang, who in many peoples opinion, should have been driven out of the Glazed Titan Sect, would actually be able to withstand the first level.

"Fire, fire! Hes on fire!" Someone suddenly pointed at Luo Yunyangs body and yelled.

A white flame had suddenly appeared on Luo Yunyangs chest when Lu Xiaolian had started the second level of the Phaseless Sacred Dance.

The white flame did not appear to contain any heat, but when it appeared on Luo Yunyangs body, it seemed strangely sacred.

The white flame quickly engulfed Luo Yunyangs body as he sat there quietly.

"The Cleansing Glass Flame! Its the Cleansing Glass Flame!" a Glazed Titan Sect elder said in a trembling voice.

While some disciples had managed to successfully cultivate the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique in the past, they had been few and far between.

Although the elders still recognized the Cleansing Glass Flame when they saw it, all of them thought that the flames on Luo Yunyangs body were many times stronger than any flames they had ever seen before.

What exactly was going on?

Lu Xiaolian did not stop performing. "The Phaseless Sacred Dance is indeed formidable. It actually managed to ignite the fire in his heart and turn it into a Cleansing Glass Flame!"

"Its a pity that the cleansing flame is burning his body. Junior Niece, finish the Phaseless Sacred Dance and make the flame burn quicker. Send him off to his death!"

Yue Liuli was upset when she heard this as she looked at Luo Yunyang, who was engulfed in the Cleansing Glass Flame. Although he might not be able to achieve the highest level of the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique, he would become an elite of the Glazed Titan Sect eventually, as he had managed to conjure a Cleansing Glass Flame.

Hence, how could she, the sect master, not be angry that her elite disciple was going to die in such an undignified manner in battle?

"Sect Master, it is right to let them send him off," an elder told Yue Liuli quietly.

Lu Xiaolians Phaseless Sacred Dance got quicker as her surroundings transformed into an independent boundary. In that world, demons were dancing, goddesses were singing

All sorts of images formed an endless bliss.

The pure white flame was getting whiter. Eventually, the white flame that was wrapped around Luo Yunyang became the cleanest white light in the world.

As Lu Xiaolian was about to finish her Phaseless Sacred Dance, the white flame on Luo Yunyangs body quickly gathered and entered his body.

When all the cleansing Glass Flame had disappeared, Luo Yunyang opened his eyes. Two pure beams of white light shot from his eyes towards the sky!