Supreme Uprising Chapter 722

Chapter 722 From Galaxy To Celestial Domain

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Every disciple that cultivated the Cleansing Glass Flame was of utmost importance to the Glazed Titan Sect.

When Luo Yunyang was enveloped by the Cleansing Glass Flame, even the sect master of the Glazed Titan Sect, Yue Liuli, thought that Luo Yunyang would undoubtedly die.

No one expected that Luo Yunyang would absorb the Cleansing Glass Flames into his body once again.

Furthermore, what was even more inconceivable was that Luo Yunyang opened his eyes and woke up.

This sort of outcome was far beyond what they had expected.

The instant Luo Yunyang opened his eyes, rays of light shot at him.

These lights rapidly gathered onto the flicking white flames within Luo Yunyangs eyes. In just a moment, the center of Luo Yunyangs eyes contained a white glass-like glow that covered Luo Yunyangs body tightly.

Luo Yunyang, who looked like an ordinary person, instantly became a spotless white glass god standing loftily in the void.

Many people couldnt even envision such changes. However, as these changes appeared, the lights that surged over from every direction became even more intense.

30 meters, 60 meters, 90 meters

As all these energies surged in, the Glass True Body became even stronger. By the time this was over, it had already become a 480-meter-tall giant body.

This process had taken 20 hours.

20 hours wasnt a long time for Yue Liuli and the others. Of course, Luo Yunyangs advancement wasnt something everyone was willing to wait for. For example, Fu Niehua and Jin Wuxue were not happy about it.

However, even though they felt annoyed, they didnt dare create a disturbance. After all, disrupting the breakthrough of a disciple with huge potential was an action the Three Era Supreme Sect would not condone.

After 20 hours, Luo Yunyangs 480-meter-tall Cleansing Glass Flame Body slowly started to shrink. In just a breath, the 480-meter-tall Cleansing Glass Flame Body had become only 4.8 meters tall.

"This young man is rather decent. He climbed from the Nebula Grade to the peak Galaxy Grade in one go. Great, very good!" Jin Wuxue lamented, although the sarcasm in his tone was clear to everyone.

Yue Liuli had a strange expression on her face. This disciple called Luo Yunyang, whom she hadnt had any hopes for, had actually become enlightened and advanced straight from the Nebula Grade to the peak Galaxy Grade. This outcome clearly wasnt what she had expected.

Of course, this outcome was a really good thing not only for Yue Liuli, but for the Glazed Titan Sect as a whole.

The number of Glazed Titan Sect disciples who comprehended the Cleansing Glass Flame decreased over the years, so it felt as though there was a deficit.

Yue Liuli had wished to change this situation all along. Unfortunately, even though she had tried hard, truly talented disciples really werent easy to come by.

Now, as the sect was facing an impending crisis, this young disciple had experienced some enlightenment. This was a huge present for the Glazed Titan Sect.

Thus, Yue Liuli responded calmly to Jin Wuxues mockery. "That is exactly what he did."

Jin Wuxue nodded and said, "Yeah, this person could be considered a genius in the small range of the Glazed Titan Sect. However, he is still a far cry compared to Junior Brother Wuxin, who was born a Galaxy-Grade and has now advanced to the Celestial Domain Grade. Even senior brothers like us cant keep up with his combat ability."

Meanwhile, Fu Niehua, who had lost face due to Luo Yunyangs advancement, chuckled in reply. "You really know how to joke, Senior Brother. How can small people like us compare to Mr. Wuxin? He is destined to become a Heavenly Venerate!"

As the three of them conversed, the white light around Luo Yunyang that had dimmed suddenly burned brightly again.

This white light once more surged towards Luo Yunyang like a tide. In just an instant, the white glass around Luo Yunyang became a world filled with white Cleansing Glass Flames.

Although this world was faintly discernible at the beginning, white light poured in continuously, making the world of Cleansing Glass Flames even more distinct.

"Its the Cleansing Glass Flame Boundary. This is the Celestial Domain Grade!" Yue Liuli brandished her arms and utilized a prohibited Glazed Titan Sect technique to split apart the void surrounding Luo Yunyang.

Jin Wuxue had a slightly displeased look on his face as he watched that Cleansing Glass Flame Boundary. There was even a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

He had just shown disdain for Luo Yunyangs enlightenment and given a sour evaluation, even going so far as to say that Luo Yunyangs final achievements were ordinary.

However, when Luo Yunyang broke through again, he could no longer say the same thing. After all, he understood that the one losing face because of his words wasnt Luo Yunyang, but him.

Fu Niehua sighed silently. He had really shot himself in the foot this time. A small matter he hadnt needed to bother about had turned everything around. This made her feel rather embarrassed!

A nobody had actually destroyed her well-thought-out plan.

Even though she was thoroughly displeased deep down, she still put in a great deal of effort to remain calm. "This is a joyous occasion for the Glazed Titan Sect, which was able to produce such a disciple.

"He advanced to the Galaxy Grade at dawn and stepped into the Celestial Domain Grade at dusk. This is indeed a deed that will spread far and wide!"

Upon hearing Fu Niehuas words, Yue Liuli smiled faintly, even though she knew that Fu Niehua wasnt a very good person.

Luo Yunyang, who had ascended to the Celestial Domain Grade by using the Cleansing Glass Flame technique, didnt continue rushing towards the peak in a spurt of energy. Instead, he stopped when he reached the third level of the Celestial Domain Grade.

This level was similar to his cultivation base in the Divine Union.

He had broken through to the Celestial Domain Grade in one shot. Although Luo Yunyang had wished to achieve this, it was his comprehension of the Cleansing Glass Flame that had helped him reach this level.

By the time the white glow faded, the Cleansing Glass Flame Boundary that had appeared behind Luo Yunyang had already vanished within his body.

Just like the internal universe formed when someone in the Divine Union entered the Celestial Domain Grade, this Cleansing Glass Flame boundary wasnt in any way inferior. In terms of power, the boundary filled with boundless Cleansing Glass Flames was mightier.

It could be said that Luo Yunyang had only comprehended a cultivation technique related to his Chaotic Hole power after many years of comprehension.

Even if he could soar to the Heavenly Venerate Grade, Luo Yunyang thought that only a few areas of his cultivation technique needed to be changed. The main aspect was flawless.

However, as the power of the Cleansing Glass Flame emerged, Luo Yunyang realized that he had really underestimated the powerhouses of this world.

His Chaotic Hole cultivation technique could not compare to even a tiny bit of power formed from the Cleansing Glass Flame technique.

This Cleansing Glass Flame was just a branch technique of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

As many thoughts went through Luo Yunyangs mind, an overwhelming power from the skies shrouded around him.

The Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation had arrived!

Luo Yunyang, who had experienced the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation back in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, didnt really fear it. He instantly made a decision as he experienced this vast power.

Without destruction, there could be no construction. The Cleansing Glass Flame body Luo Yunyang had used to step into the Galaxy Grade was widely known as a defensive technique. If this Cleansing Glass Flame body was used to forcibly withstand the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, it could surely bring about many benefits.

As soon as he made up his mind, Luo Yunyang accumulated the Cleansing Glass Flames and didnt try to evade as the first white thunder of the Heavenly Tribulation struck.

When the Cleansing Glass Flame was used, Luo Yunyang looked like a pure white glass image.


Cracks appeared on Luo Yunyangs Cleansing Glass Flame body as the thunder descended. Many Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect Sect disciples grinned as this scenario unfolded.

"He wants to soar into the sky even though his foundation isnt firm. How funny! Could he not know that soaring up requires a hefty price?" A female Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect disciple took a dig at him.

The disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect werent pleased with these comments. Some of them even glared coldly at this lady.

Right now, they all harbored complex sentiments. Under ordinary circumstances, people could get jealous of a strangers crushing power. However, they were astonished when the people beside them suddenly soared!

Someone whom they had looked down upon had risen in prominence all of a sudden. Feeling jealous was normal. Because of the pressure of the external sects, they felt a sense of camaraderie and unity against common foes.

Thus, under the circumstances, the disciples glared angrily at the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect disciples.

Fu Niehua spoke up. "All of you, shut up! Dont blindly judge what you dont understand. Cant you see that he is doing it deliberately?"

The Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect disciples could doubt others, but they couldnt doubt their own sect master. Thus, all of them quietened down in an instant.

"Hes just doing this in spite of adversity," Jin Wuxue told Fu Niehua calmly. "Perhaps the theories of those young people might come true."

"If only!" Although Fu Niehuas status wasnt comparable to Jin Wuxues, her perspective was better than his. Luo Yunyang had been enlightened into advancing by leaps and bounds, which wasnt something most people could compare to.

Although the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation was very fearsome, she didnt think Luo Yunyang would be unable to cope with it.

Streaks of lightning struck from the high heavens. Although everyone present was far away from Luo Yunyang, this terrifying power that came from the sky scared them.

Luo Yunyang, who was forcefully taking it on with his glass-like body, was riddled with marks. There were even massive cracks on his skin.


With a thunderous roar, a massive ax fell from the sky!