Supreme Uprising Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Six Sacred Halls Reemerge

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"The Heavenly Tribulation formed a Divine Weapon!" Jin Wuxue said in astonishment. The person advancing would have to experience every level of the Heavenly Tribulation, but only an absolute top entity could reach this level and cause Heavenly Tribulation to form a Divine Weapon.

Luo Yunyang had passed the Galaxy Grade and entered the Celestial Domain Grade, thus becoming an expert with just one action. However, Jin Wuxue believed that he was nothing more than an insignificant young man.

Jin Wuxue wouldnt even compare him to the top characters of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

However, Luo Yunyangs Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation had actually formed a massive ax. This thoroughly shocked Jin Wuxue, who instantly associated Luo Yunyang with authoritative figures.

"Luo Yunyang, dont fight it head-on!" Yue Liuli shouted. She had considerable knowledge on Heavenly Tribulation and the formation of Divine Weapons, so she knew that the power of this Heavenly Tribulation had increased tenfold.

However, even though her shout echoed all around, Luo Yunyang had no intention of budging. That massive ax continued to hurl downwards.

This ax, which contained traces of spiritual power, hacked at Luo Yunyangs already battered Cleansing Glass Flame Body.

This cleave instantly shattered Luo Yunyangs Cleansing Glass Flame Body, strewing countless fragments everywhere.

Although the momentum of that falling ax was considerably slowed down by the resistance of the Cleansing Glass Flame Body, the overbearing might it still contained struck fear in the hearts of many people.

The Cleansing Glass Flame Boundary all around Luo Yunyang fell apart as the massive ax descended. The Cleansing Glass Flames that seemed full of boundless vitality were rapidly extinguished due to the suppression of this massive ax.

The Cleansing Glass Flames that covered the sky and earth had completely disappeared, yet the ax couldnt be stopped.

Rather than looking delighted, Lu Xiaolian had a reluctant expression on her face as she watched Luo Yunyang beneath the massive falling ax.

Lu Xiaolian was a direct inner disciple of the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect. Although she seemed lovable, deep down, she was an extremely prideful lady.

She simply hadnt cared about any of these people during this trip to the Glazed Titan Sect.

She felt that she alone could defeat the entire Glazed Titan Sect easily.

She had never imagined that an existence like Luo Yunyang would emerge there.

Not only had her Wuxiang Phaseless Sacred Dance failed, but it had even caused Luo Yunyang to break out of his cocoon, emerge as a butterfly and soar to the sky. This was a massive blow to Lu Xiaolian.

As she was dealt this blow, that young man was deeply etched in her heart.

She didnt want Luo Yunyang to die during this Heavenly Tribulation!

As Lu Xiaolian hoped that he wouldnt, Luo Yunyangs figure was split apart while the huge ax fell.

Martial path powerhouses could regenerate from a single drop of blood.

However, regenerating from a drop of blood during Martial Path Tribulation was extremely difficult, as the boundless intent of the Heavenly Tribulation would immediately shatter a martialist to pieces.

When Luo Yunyang was split apart within the void, Lu Xiaolian wasnt the only person who was dumbfounded. Even Yue Liuli and the others were flabbergasted.

Even Jin Wuxue, who had just been mocking Luo Yunyang, looked in astonishment at Luo Yunyangs shattering body.

"Not making any moves to counter this is basically suicide!" Besides surprise and mockery, there was also an undeniable pity in his voice.

The Three Era Supreme Sect was split into many branches. Although all these branches had intense competition, they would still stand united against common foes.

Luo Yunyangs 100 years of accumulation had already demonstrated his tendency to progress rapidly.

If such a young and useful disciple were to die, it would be a tremendous loss for the Three Era Supreme Sect.

The sparse blazes within the void started to get extinguished one after the other.

Each of these blazes contained Luo Yunyangs intent. As more and more blazes were extinguished, even Yue Liulis face fell.

This outstanding disciple would pay a hefty price because of his pride.

Fu Niehua sighed softly and told Yue Liuli, "My condolences!"

These two words sounded extremely heartfelt. Yue Liuli shook her head and replied, "Forcefully taking on this danger was his own choice. There is nothing tragic about it."

Yue Kaiming and the other Glazed Titan Sect disciples all looked sorrowful.

They feared that if this mighty ax continued to fall, the surging Cleansing Glass Flames would become a spent force due to that insane power.

As the overbearing massive ax almost reached the ground, there was only a small ember of the Cleansing Glass Flame left.

When that tiny ember that contained Luo Yunyangs will was extinguished, Luo Yunyang would be buried under the Heavenly Tribulation.

Nobody dared to try and save him. Even the top powerhouses in this realm wouldnt dare attempt to save someone amid a Heavenly Tribulation. Everyone knew very well that trying to save someone undergoing Heavenly Tribulation would only result in death.

The massive ax was like the sky, while the tiny embers were like dirt!

That tiny flame would be extinguished in just a moment.

As everyone watched reluctantly the blaze that was about to be extinguished, that tiny bit of Cleansing Glass Flame suddenly turned from pure white to violet.

This change from white to purple was extremely quick. As that little ember turned violet, a blazing flame wrapped around the huge ax.

The spiritual lines around the ax faded and the massive ax was turned to ashes within the violet blaze.

The wind fanned the violet flames and a violet figure appeared in the void moments later.

"The Sacred Glass Flame!" Jin Wuxues voice was trembling with shock.

When the Cleansing Glass Flame was cultivated to its highest point, it could evolve into the Sacred Glass Flame. This sort of evolution was really difficult. In the history of the Glazed Titan Sect, only three powerhouses had successfully cultivated the Sacred Glass Flame.

The transformation of Luo Yunyangs Cleansing Glass Flame into the Sacred Glass Flame was something unique in the entire Glazed Titan Sect.

Yue Liulis eyes shone brightly. She gazed at Luo Yunyang with both bewilderment and delight.

"Ha ha! Junior Brother Yunyang is safe and sound. Good, good!" Yue Kiaming didnt really recognize the Sacred Glass Flame, but he was ecstatic that Luo Yunyang was fine.

Although Lu Xiaolian was silent, she heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"Junior Sister Yue, I never imagined that your sect would actually contain such talent. The Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect concedes this time," said Fu Niehua, who was a lady of great stature, while watching the violet glass-like body that flickered with a terrifying aura.

Although Yue Liuli wasnt so forgiving, she knew that her sect had found someone to rely on now.

Under the circumstances, patching things up was perhaps the wisest choice. She wouldnt cause any more trouble if she could avoid it. Besides, Jin Wuxue wasnt someone easy to deal with. Being able to have a conflict with the Three Era Supreme Sect would bring the Glazed Titan Sect many benefits.

"If Senior Sister Fu says so, then I shall let this matter pass."

When Luo Yunyangs body formed completely within the violet blaze, the fearsome Heavenly Tribulation rapidly dispersed.

"You were able to cultivate the Sacred Glass Flame. Well done, young man. However, you mustnt always take such risks when it comes to cultivation," Jin Wuxue said as Luo Yunyang walked out.

Although Luo Yunyang didnt have a favorable opinion of Jin Wuxue and didnt wish to listen to his words, he still took this with a pinch of salt.

He was unwilling to antagonize any more people. Thus, he answered modestly, "Thank you, Uncle-Master."

Jin Wuxue smiled when he received this polite reply.

He couldnt slay Luo Yunyang now that the fellows cultivation base had skyrocketed. Was there any need to instigate and provoke this guy anymore? With this thought in mind, he now intended to build a friendly relationship with Luo Yunyang.

"Apprentice-Nephew Luo, take care of yourself properly. Your prospects are limitless, so dont take unnecessary risks." Jin Wuxue then added, "You should probably be able to get a place when the Divine Sacred Hall opens."

The Divine Sacred Hall would open!

Luo Yunyang had never imagined that he would actually hear about the Divine Sacred Hall in the Pure Sun Realm.

Ever since he had obtained the Divine Martial Technique, this technique had helped Luo Yunyang considerably. Luo Yunyang hadnt chucked the Divine Martial Technique aside even after he had acquired his Heavenly Venerate True Body.

However, the Divine Martial Technique couldnt be used as a trump card. Based on this deduction, he felt that the Divine Martial Technique was slightly lacking.

Luo Yunyang had inferred a lot, yet he was unable to reach a conclusion. All his ideas added on to the Divine Martial Technique, which hadnt increased its might. Actually, its might had decreased slightly.

"Thank you, Uncle-Master!" Luo Yunyang naturally wouldnt reject such a benefit.

After talking with Luo Yunyang for a while, Jin Wuxue and Fu Niehua bade him farewell and left.

As they left, Fu Niehua looked clearly disappointed.

When these unsavory guests from the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect left, normal order was restored to the Glazed Titan Sect.

However, many more disciples of the sect entered the Secret Scripture Trove to gain some enlightenment now.

Although many of them had given up before and knew the probability of success wasnt high, they were now filled with an ardent drive after seeing the scenes that had unfolded that day.

Luo Yunyang, who was a core disciple of the Glazed Titan Sect, now had a new status that was equivalent to an elders.

He didnt really care about this. What he was looking forward to was getting a place to enter the Hallowed Hall.

Unfortunately, no news came after Jin Wuxue left.