Supreme Uprising Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Sacred Elephants Traversing The Void

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Eternal Sacred Mountain Zongzi, Sky Origin, Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Zongzi, Wise Elegance, Buddha Sacred Mountain Zongzi, Profound Calm! Although all three of them had Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation bases, their strength had a crushing effect on all the people present.

It was crushing indeed!

On the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List, Sky Origin was 11th, Wise Elegance was 9th, and Profound Calm was 3rd!

According to some comparisons, the top 20 individuals on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List were basically all first-rate entities.

Luo Yunyang looked at Profound Calm, who was seated in the center, and his mind went to work. A table showing Profound Calms various attributes appeared.

Power: 0.6

Speed: 0.5

Mind: 0.8

Constitution: 0.4

These four attributes were displayed in dark black digits. These digits implied that Profound Calms various attributes had already far exceeded the attributes of a Sacred Emperor of the Divine Union. He was close to a Heavenly Venerate.

His attributes were already that strong. In combination with the Three Era Supreme Sects techniques, this persons fighting strength could actually match a newly-advanced Heavenly Venerate!

Ever since he had started cultivating, Luo Yunyang had always seemed to be crushing cultivators who were at a similar level. However, in the face of Profound Calm, he actually felt like he was the one being crushed.

Luo Yunyang had an ugly look on his face as he checked his own stats. Although there had been considerable changes to his body after cultivating the Cleansing Glass Flame, it was still very lacking compared to Profound Calms body.

Power: 0.1

Mind: 0.15

Speed: 0.09

Constitution: 0.1

Origin Source Law: 0.31 (Chaotic Hole: 0.05, Cleansing Glass Flame: 0.05)

The interface had already shown the numbers in terms of the Heavenly Venerate Level, making Luo Yunyang, who was used to seeing digits that were in the thousands, feel a little sad.

However, he understood that the fact that those reddish-gold digits had turned jet-black indicated that each figure that represented one yuan had undergone a tremendous upgrade.

This upgrade had happened because of the cultivation of the Cleansing Glass Flame, as well as his experience with the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation.

In the past, when the various attributes hadnt used yuan as an indicator, Luo Yunyang had believed that his body wouldnt be useful to a Heavenly Venerate True Body, even though he could use the attribute regulator to make adjustments.

"We will follow Senior Brothers instructions!" practically everyone shouted respectfully when Profound Calm was done speaking.

Luo Yunyang felt very annoyed as he witnessed everyones attempt to suck up to Profound Calm. However, he looked as calm as ever on the surface. After all, he had already become a disciple of the Three Era Supreme Sect, so he wouldnt expose himself over such a trivial matter.

After Luo Yunyang and the others expressed their compliance, Profound Calm turned towards Sky Origin and Wise Elegance. "My two Junior Brothers, the Hengkong Sect and the Taiyuxuan Sect will require your support this time."

"Dont worry, Senior Brother. We will do our utmost." Although the other two had a deferential attitude, they seemed self-confident as they said this.

This self-confidence naturally stemmed from their strength.

Deep Profound Zongzi nodded and shut his eyes silently. However, as he sat there, he appeared like a celestial being. Anyone who looked at him felt stifled.

Deep Profound hadnt used any techniques yet. He was purely relying on the power of his body to create this superior crushing sense.

Luo Yunyang thought a lot as he saw those three occupying these high positions. He pondered over the techniques these three cultivated and thought to himself how great it would be if he could get a chance to learn about these top-notch cultivation techniques.

It was hard to keep track of time on this star. After an unknown period of time, Deep Profound seemed to experience some kind of revelation. Then, he smiled at Sky Origin and Wise Elegance. "Junior Brothers, its time for us to set out. The Divine Sacred Hall is about to open."

"Very well, now that the Divine Sacred Hall is opening, you will surely gain the highest level of enlightenment and progress even further, Senior Brother!" Bright Elegance smiled widely.

Deep Profound smiled, while Sky Origins gaze fell on Luo Yunyang. "Luo Yunyang, you were rather surly while fighting with your own sect mate. You better not disappoint me this time!"

These words were piercing.

Most of the people present looked over at Luo Yunyang. Some people even shot him mocking looks.

Although Luo Yunyang was sure that he hadnt offended Sky Origin, he felt really uncomfortable after being targeted.

He hadnt offended Sky Origin. Sky Origin was being imperious. Luo Yunyang had kept a low profile ever since he had come to the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. However, he couldnt help being somewhat angry now.

"He he Little brothers disgraceful behavior isnt a big deal. However, Senior Brother Sky Origin is one of the three Zongzis of the Three Era Supreme Sect. It wouldnt be good if you got defeated by someone!"

Even though Luo Yunyang knew that these words were pointless, he still couldnt help objecting.

Sky Origin Zongzis face stiffened. He had never imagined that this insignificant person from the Glazed Titan Sect would dare bicker instead of treating him with respect.

Sky Origin Zongzi wasnt a stupid person, nor did he want to make things difficult for someone without a reason. The reason he was complaining about Luo Yunyang was because Lu Dingxiu had always treated him respectfully. He had wanted to provide a springboard for Lu Dingxiu.

His original plan had been to bring Lu Dingxiu into the Divine Sacred Hall and make Lu Dingxiu more devoted to him. This plan had been wrecked by Luo Yunyang. Thus, Sky Origin Zongzi was naturally displeased.

He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually disrespect him so openly.

"Impudence!" the martialist who had tussled with Luo Yunyang and been separated by him shouted loudly.

Sky Origin Zongzi had targeted him twice. Thus, Luo Yunyang knew that there was no way the two of them would get along. As a result, Luo Yunyang felt that there was no need to be accommodating. He smirked as he replied, "I was just giving Senior Brother Sky Origin a reminder. Dont tell me that Senior Brother Sky Origin doesnt think so?"

Sky Origin flushed with anger. At first, he hadnt taken an insignificant person like Luo Yunyang seriously.

In his opinion, this sort of insignificant individual could be beaten down at any time. He had never thought that this fellow would actually respond so rudely.

As he was about to teach Luo Yunyang a lesson, he noticed Wise Elegant glancing at him.

Profound Calm cleared his throat. "Alright, important matters take precedence. This isnt a place for petty fights."

Although he glared at Luo Yunyang while saying this, he didnt say anything in the end.

Luo Yunyang grinned as he watched everyone leave in a line. Although his bodys power wasnt equal to Sky Origins, he still had the attribute regulator and the clones could be utilized as well. Thus, he wasnt really afraid of these three.

A huge flying ship was already waiting outside the large hall. Luo Yunyang felt disappointed when he saw it.

Unlike the spacecraft of the Divine Union, the spacecraft here didnt use array formations or crystals to generate motive force. What this spacecraft relied on were actually 36 Universe-Grade white-jade sacred elephants.

These white-jade sacred elephants were all imposing. It would definitely have been tough to deal with them in the Divine Union. However, in this cosmos, their only job was to pull a flying ship. Luo Yunyang believed that even though these white-jade sacred elephants looked menacing, they were in fact rather docile.

After Luo Yunyang and the others boarded the flying ship, the 36 white-jade elephants pulled the ship and shot towards the void.

The white-jade sacred elephants looked cumbersome. However, thanks to their cultivation base, each step they took covered more than 10,000 miles. In the blink of an eye, these sacred elephants had brought the delegation to the deep recesses of space.

All sorts of strong astral winds surged from all directions. These battering winds made a faint white glow emanate from the bodies of the 36 elephants. When the astral winds struck this white glow, it felt like they smashed into a steel wall.

"The white-jade sacred elephant ride is the top ride in the Three Era Supreme Sect. Only Heavenly Venerate entities have the right to take this ride."

A man approached Luo Yunyang and said softly, "One can see how much the sect Patriarch values this journey."

Luo Yunyang frowned at this unwelcome guest. He didnt believe that this person would come over just to be friendly and make idle chit chat.

While that man was speaking, the flying ship pulled by the 36 white-jade sacred elephants stopped. As Luo Yunyang was about to take a look, the docile elephants released a series of long hoots.

Luo Yunyang looked over in the direction the sounds of the white-jade sacred elephants were coming from and saw a massive Luan. The wingspan of this Luan seemed able to cover the sky. [1. a bird from Chinese mythology that is similar to a phoenix]

When the Luan also saw the white-jade sacred elephants, a cold glint appeared in its eyes.

Immediately, the massive Luan released a loud squawk.

This clear, melodious squawk sounded laced with killing intent when Luo Yunyang heard it. Although there was only one Luan, it appeared as if this Luan didnt fear the 36 white-jade sacred elephants. It actually intended to challenge them.

"I thought that the Eternal Sky Sect had come early. I never imagined that the Three Era Supreme Sect would be early too. However, just because you are early, it doesnt mean that this opportunity will be used. This time, everyone has to rely on their true ability."

Atop the head of the Luan was a sprightly man.

"Its Mu Yuanzhang from the Eternal Sky Sect!" the man beside Luo Yunyang said somewhat fearfully.

Mu Yuanzhang ranked 10th on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List. Although he wasnt comparable to Profound Calm Zongzi and Wise Elegant Zongzi, he still ranked above Sky Origin Zongzi.

As soon as Mu Yuanzhang spoke, Sky Origin replied icily, "We wont know who will get this opportunity yet."