Supreme Uprising Chapter 728

Chapter 728 The Treasured Chain Locking The Divine Sacred Hall

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Colorful Phoenixes danced in the skies, and golden unicorns whistled through the air. Meanwhile, many ancient chariots floated in the void. Following Mu Yuanzhangs arrival, over ten other powerful elites came over from different directions!

Side by side, the three zongzis of the Three Era Supreme Sect looked imposing! However, Luo Yunyang felt that the Three Era Supreme Sect didnt have a very stable position amongst the rankings of the various great sects.

At the very least, Luo Yunyang could sense that although Profound Calm Zongzi was a picture of calmness, he was feeling a little apprehensive.

"Ha ha ha Profound Calm, I heard that you have already cultivated the Great Radiance Fist to the peak. Furthermore, you were unconvinced by me, right?" A tall man in blood-colored armor appeared in the void.

The man had a square face. The first impression he gave was that he was robust and decisive. In his hands was a long red spear that radiated with fighting intent as he spoke.

It was the Blood War Sects Combat God, Qin Wuliang, who ranked 2nd on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List. It was said that after this person had been born, he had been sent by an almighty of the Blood War Sect to the deepest recesses of a small cosmos to gain nourishment and cultivate in the primal chaotic energy.

This method had not only made Qin Wuliangs constitution unrivaled, but it had also led to Qin Wuliangs outstanding combat strength.

Despite having a phenomenal cultivation base, Profound Calm Zongzi had always been inhibited by Qin Wuliang. Thus, these words were clearly intended to provoke him.

Profound Calm Zongzi didnt react to Qin Wuliangs provocation. He only smiled faintly. Qin Wuliangs gaze suddenly landed on Luo Yunyang, who was on the flying ship.

He wanted to say something, when a mysterious yellow energy split apart the void and a man wrapped in that mysterious yellow energy slowly walked out. He wasnt too tall and he actually seemed a little frail.

However, as he walked out of the void, starlight moved all around and gathered towards him.

It seemed as though he was a heavenly emperor descending on earth!

Even arrogant Qin Wuliang had a look of reverence on his face when he saw this person.

He undoubtedly felt reverence.

When that man walked out, the mysterious yellow energy gathered rapidly and ultimately formed a black-and-yellow wristband on the mans arm.

Profound Calm Zongzi was the first to speak. "Senior Brother Taihao has arrived. We can prepare to enter the Divine Sacred Hall." As he said that, a talisman appeared in his hand.

Qin Wuliang chuckled and also produced a talisman. The man called Taihao also took out a similar talisman.

The three talismans were activated at the same time and vast lights flew out from the void. These lights quickly gathered and formed four golden interlocking chains.

The starting points of the chains all faced the same direction. As the four chains formed, it felt as if four formless hands were pulling on them.

A loud sound that resembled sonorous thunder echoed and the void all around started to collapse. All sorts of Origin Source Laws became fragments.

It was at that moment that Luo Yunyang saw a large hall that looked similar to the Divine Martial Hall being dragged out by the chains.

However, this large hall seemed to be even more hallowed.

The Divine Sacred Hall was one of the six sacred halls. Luo Yunyang had already obtained the title of Heavenly Martialist from the Divine Martial Hall. Would he be able to gain anything from the Divine Sacred Hall?

While Luo Yunyang was thinking to himself, Taihao said sternly, "There is an inheritance within the Divine Sacred Hall that has been sealed up all along. Now, the Ancestral Masters have decided to release this inheritance. Everyone here will have to rely on their individual ability to try to get it!"

Profound Calm Zongzi and Qing Wuliang didnt speak. Clearly, they both were aware of the circumstances and were key characters who would vie with Taihao for this inheritance.

"Senior Brother Taihao, do you know what sort of inheritance it is?" asked a pretty lady. Her voice was gentle and captivating.

Taihao glanced at her indifferently and then gazed into the distance. His meaning was obvious. He was telling this lady that this wasnt something she could participate in given her status.

The ladys face flushed when she was ignored. She was well aware of Taihaos status, so even though she felt humiliated, she could only swallow her anger and not show that she was unhappy.

Profound Calm Zongzi coughed gently. "Since this inheritance was sealed by the various Ancestral Masters, I believe it wont be too bad."

"Senior Brother has said that everyone has to rely on their own ability, so we should do this according to the usual rules. Lets have a combat to determine the sequence of entering the Divine Sacred Hall."

When Profound Calm Zongzi said that, he looked towards the void. "This time, the Three Era Supreme Sect has the right to go first. Is there anyone who wishes to stop our sect from entering the Divine Sacred Hall first?"

Profound Calms voice seemed to be harmless, yet his tone contained a certain assertiveness.

His gaze was fixed on Qin Wuliang and Taihao.

In Profound Calm Zongzis opinion, only those two had the power to stop the Three Era Supreme Sect.

"Ha ha! I cant match Profound Calm Zongzis spirit. However, I still have to take on this challenge." A man in golden armor with a giant halberd behind his back strode forward.

Profound Calms expression turned sour when he saw this person step forth.

Profound Calm Zongzi recognized this challenger. He was the 15th person on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List, Lu Fengjie!

Profound Calm Zongzi and Lu Fengjie had friendly ties, and the sect Lu Fengjie belonged to was on good terms with the Three Era Supreme Sect.

The young generations of these two sects should be helping each other at this time. However, they were actually facing off right from the start.

Qin Wulian flashed a smile that contained a hint of mockery.

Meanwhile, Taihao fiddled with the black-and-yellow wristband as if he didnt care about what was going on around him.

"Brother Lu, may I know why?" Although Profound Calm Zongzi was startled, he still maintained his composure.

"Why? It is actually very simple. My fiances little brother was beaten up viciously. How could I not seek justice for him?" As Lu Fengjie said that, he turned his eyes to Luo Yunyang. "Dont you think so, Luo Yunyang?"

Luo Yunyang wasnt too sure what Lu Fengjies brother-in-law was called. However, judging by the way Lu Fengjie was acting, Luo Yunyang guessed that he was probably one of the people he had defeated.

He had never expected that his feats, which had raised his reputation enough for him to enter the Divine Sacred Place, would actually cause him so much trouble. However, Luo Yunyang didnt fear trouble.

This was the 15th person on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elite List?

Luo Yunyang thought for a bit before replying nonchalantly, "If he was inferior, it was because he lacked skill."

"Even so, I still have to seek justice," Lu Fengjie said, "Luo Yunyang, would you dare have a match with me today?"

Profound Calm Zongzi glared at Luo Yunyang. He was really unhappy right now.

Someone who should have been an ally had become an opponent all of a sudden because of this pig of a teammate.

Profound Calm Zongzi felt that sacrificing Luo Yunyang wouldnt be a big loss. However, it wouldnt be good for his reputation.

Profound Calm Zongzi found it difficult to make a decision. Thus, Sky Origin Zongzi replied, "Each man is responsible for his actions. Luo Yunyang, since you have been challenged, you may as well go ahead."

Many of the Three Era Supreme Sect geniuses reacted when they heard Sky Origin Zongzis words. Some of them watched Luo Yunyang in delight, while others sympathized with him.

Luo Yunyang wasnt surprised by what Sky Origin Zongzi had said. He didnt even glance at Sky Origin Zongzi before he walked over to the Dragon Phoenix Halberd being wielded by Lu Fengjie. "If you want a fight, youll get a fight! You better not regret it!"

Lu Fengjie laughed in reply. "If you can take three strikes from me, I will let this matter rest."

Luo Yunyang smirked at Lu Fengjie but didnt say anything.

Lu Fengjie had already decided to teach this youngster a good lesson on behalf of his future brother-in-law. Upon seeing Luo Yunyangs haughty attitude, Lu Fengjie got even more pissed.

His cultivation base was at the peak Celestial Domain Grade, and his cultivation technique was one of the first-rate techniques of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

Although he reckoned that he wasnt better than the three great zongzis of the Three Era Supreme Sect, he never gave Luo Yunyang a second thought.

Thus, he attacked him viciously!

As the Dragon Phoenix Halberd was waved, what sounded like both a dragon roar and a phoenix cry was heard. Amidst that sound, the halberd came crashing down.

This attack seemed like countless dragons and phoenixes gathering within the halberd while it struck down with great force.

Luo Yunyang didnt respond to Lu Fengjies attack. It seemed as though his entire body had shut down in fear at the sight of this attack.

There was a flash of faint delight in Sky Origin Zongzis eyes as he watched Luo Yunyang facing the Dragon Phoenix Halberd. Luo Yunyang was arrogant and obstinate. He had even wrecked his plans. This time, he would enjoy watching Lu Fengjie teach him a huge lesson.

There were rueful looks, astonished looks and even some smirks amongst the other Three Era Supreme Sect disciples. Only Profound Calm Zongzi had a slightly puzzled expression on his face. What exactly was he up to? Why was he standing there without moving?

Suddenly, the Dragon Phoenix Halberd that contained boundless power came crashing down!