Supreme Uprising Chapter 729

Chapter 729 I Desire A Zongzi Position

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In the beginning, Lu Fengjie didnt really care about Luo Yunyang. In his opinion, he was just an insignificant person trying to make a name for himself.

This time, Lu Fengjie wanted to smash this fellow, who was trying really hard to climb up from the ground. He wanted to show him that everyone had their own fate. If one was at a certain level, one shouldnt pine for too much but go about things simply and honestly.

However, Lu Fengjie had not expected that this fellow would actually not move an inch or try to deal with his attack.

Lu Fengjie believed that only the top three ranking individuals could withstand his attack without evading it.

"You have a death wish!"

While he contemplated that, the strength of the Dragon Phoenix Halberd in his hands increased by 90%. The halberd blustered and struck Luo Yunyangs body.


Amidst sounds of striking metal, cracks started to appear on Luo Yunyangs body, which had already turned into purple glass.

However, those violet flames had already traveled along Lu Fengjies halberd and reached his hands.

A vast golden light rushed forth from Lu Fengjies hands and met the violet sacred flames.

However, as the violet blazes got more and more intense, Luo Yunyang moved! The Mahkyapa Titan Mark was blasted out.

That attack, on top of the Sacred Glass Flames, left Lu Fengjie with no option but to react. His eyes flickered and a golden glow shot out from them.

This golden glow formed a pair of halberds in the sky that swathed down at Luo Yunyang.

It was the Soul Cleaving Halberd!

Lu Fengjies mystic art, which he never used under ordinary circumstances. The onlookers simply didnt find anything strange about the two halberds hidden in his eyes.

However, the moment he encountered danger, the two halberds in his eyes would immediately become weapons to protect him. Although this wasnt the first time Lu Fengjie had used this move, it was the first time he was using it in front of everyone present.

The people that he had used this move on were practically all dead.

Lu Fengjie was unhappy with Luo Yunyang, and vice versa. Everything had gone according to his plans, yet this brainless Lu Fengjie had gone and wrecked it.

He had to deal with Lu Fengjie!

Just like before, Luo Yunyang didnt show any signs of resisting the dual halberds. He just quickly transferred the attributes of his Heavenly Venerate Body into his own body.


The Soul Cleaving Halberds clashed against Luo Yunyangs Sacred Glass Flame Body, creating a small gash. Then, the halberds were enveloped by those raging sacred flames.

Lu Fengjie was astonished. He had never expected that his attack wouldnt stop Luo Yunyang. The circumstances didnt seem too good for him.

Lu Fengjie didnt have time to overthink. With a loud roar, a boundary with dragon and phoenix symbols appeared around Lu Fengjies surroundings. The instant this boundary appeared, Lu Fengji became an emperor of thousands of beasts.

A five-colored dome appeared above Lu Fengjies head. As that huge barrier appeared, it started to spew out many light rays.

Luo Yunyang sensed that this huge dome contained an extremely pure world.

Perhaps that huge dome also contained a perfect star system. Breaking the dome was as difficult as breaking an entire star system.

His own Mahkyapa Titan Mark shouldnt be able to break that dome!

Luo Yunyang had reacted to Lu Fengjies challenge for the sake of showing his might. If he had chosen to cower, then all his earlier hard effort would have been for nothing.

Immediately, Luo Yunyang used the power of his Heavenly Venerate True Body again. Although the Mahkyapa Titan Mark didnt seem to show any variations on the surface, it had doubled in a second.


As the palm-strike was blasted out, the golden dome above Lu Fengjies head immediately crumbled. Before he could react, the Mahkyapa Titan Mark had struck Lu Fengjie and his body had crumbled.

As a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse, Lu Fengjie had techniques he could use to regenerate from a drop of blood. In no time, a new body had formed in the void.

However, his body had just formed, when Luo Yunyang appeared strangely before him. His palms were brandished and the Mahkyapa Titan Mark was unleashed again.

The violet palm contained an immeasurably powerful titan intent. It was like a massive hammer that could shatter the world striking down viciously on Lu Fengjies head.

Once more, Lu Fengjies body was shattered!

Twice, thrice, four times

Lu Fengjies body was smashed and reformed ten times in a row. Although Luo Yunyang did have means of completely obliterating Lu Fengjie, he knew he couldnt use them.

There would definitely be some peak Heavenly Venerates watching this trip to the Divine Sacred Hall. Luo Yunyang couldnt explain using some of the Heavenly Venerate True Bodys powers, but he could definitely justify killing Lu Fengjie.

Thus, he only used the Mahkyapa Titan Mark repeatedly.

Taihao, the top-ranking person on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List, had a calm expression on his face. Lu Fengjiao wasnt a big deal to him. Qin Wuliangs eyes seemed to burn with a raging desire to battle. Clearly, he was hoping that something would change.

As for the others, Wise Elegant Zongzi was unperturbed, but there was a cold glint in Sky Origin Zongzis eyes.

Sky Origin had never liked Luo Yunyang. However, Luo Yunyangs display had exceeded his expectations.

This made Sky Origin feel a little apprehensive.

"Stop, I concede!" After being smashed into pieces, Lu Fengjie no longer cared about his dignity. Thus, he implored loudly.

He had to do so. If the fight went on, he would be absolutely disgraced. Rather than being thoroughly suppressed and viciously beaten, it would be better to voluntarily concede.

Lu Fengjies experience made the gathered powerhouses inhale sharply. Many of them ranked below Lu Fengjie.

If even Lu Fengjie wasnt a match for Luo Yunyang, how could they have any hope of facing Luo Yunyang?

Since he couldnt beat Lu Fengjie or gain any benefits, Luo Yunyang didnt have any interest in continuing to waste his time with Lu Fengjie.

Thus, he didnt attack when Lu Fengjies body reformed in the sky again. Instead, he glared at Lu Fengjie icily. "Scram!"

As a disciple of a major sect and the 15th person on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List, Lu Fengjie had always cared about his reputation.

However, after repeatedly being beaten up, his reputation was in tatters. If he couldnt regain the dignity he had lost because of Luo Yunyang, then Lu Fengjie would just be a joke in other peoples eyes.

He really didnt have any intention of provoking the stern-faced Luo Yunyang, not only because he had just admitted defeat, but because Luo Yunyangs cultivation base had crushed his own.

"You You are good!" As soon as he said, Lu Fengjie turned to leave.

Luo Yunyang no longer paid attention to Lu Fengjie. Instead, he turned to Sky Origin Zongzi and said provocatively, "Of course I am good. I desire a zongzi position."

Although he seemed to be addressing Lu Fengjie, everyone present, especially the elites of the Three Era Supreme Sect, could understand the hidden meaning behind his words.

They had seen the pettiness between Luo Yunyang and Sky Origin. Sky Origin had not lent a hand to help when Lu Fengjie had challenged Luo Yunyang. Instead, he had hit him while he was down.

Right now, Luo Yunyangs challenge made sense.

There was a hint of fury in Sky Origins eyes. Wise Elegant, who was beside him, smiled slightly.

Although the leader of the three great Zongzis, Profound Calm, raised an eyebrow, he acted as if nothing had happened.

Even though Sky Origin was really furious, he still didnt step out. Luo Yunyang glanced over at Profound Calm.

Although Profound Calm seemed to not do anything, Luo Yunyang could sense what he had just said to Sky Origin.

Luo Yunyang didnt know what sort of agreement the two of them had come up with, but he knew that it couldnt be anything that he would benefit from.

"Does anyone else wish to make a move? If not, the Three Era Supreme Sect shall enter the Divine Sacred Hall first." Profound Calm Zongzis voice rang out.

Taihao looked slightly displeased. He glanced at Luo Yunyang but didnt say anything. Qin Wuliang laughed out loud. "Go ahead. You guys go first."

"Profound Calm Zongzi, I never imagined that the Three Era Supreme Sect would still be getting stronger and stronger. Four great Zongzis have entered the top 15 of the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List. The Steel Blood Sect cant stop you!"

There was a hint of mockery in Qin Wuliangs tone.

Four Great Zongzis!

The Three Era Supreme Sect had three sacred mountains. Each sacred mountain possessed a supreme treasured scripture that was the greatest basis of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

It was because of these three supreme treasured scriptures that the Three Era Supreme Sect had three zongzis. However, Qin Wuliang had clearly said four great zongzis in a bid to provoke them.

This little trick was very effective. Sky Origin couldnt help but feel anger burning in his heart.

How could Luo Yunyang be mentioned in the same breath with him?

Sky Origin clenched his fists tightly but ultimately didnt say anything. Profound Calm Zongzi responded calmly, "Since no one has any objections, the Three Era Supreme Sect shall take the lead."

He then turned to Luo Yunyang. "Disciple Luo, we are going!"

With that, Profound Calm soared into the sky and shot towards the Divine Sacred Hall, which was held by four massive chains.