Supreme Uprising Chapter 73

Chapter 73: A Relative

Power: 41

Speed: 8

Mind: 5

Constitution: 45

Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator panel. He was extremely dissatisfied with his current state. Compared to his speed in the past, he wasn't making much progress anymore.

Actually, there was some progress. His Power and Constitution were still increasing sluggishly, but Luo Yunyang felt as if he had reached a hurdle.

Thanks to his speed, he had eaten quite a lot of Gold Bodhis, Purple-Gold Ginseng and other similar herbs while he had been in the forest, but these things were no longer effective.

Even if he consumed a Purple-Gold Ginseng, it would be nothing more than a high-quality food that wouldn't improve his cultivation base significantly.

This felt just like constitution-strengthening medicine, which could only be used once and did not have any further effects afterwards.

Cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint's ninth diagram should have had unimaginable results, yet when Luo Yunyang recalled the time he had spent in the forest outside Base 7, he felt a lingering fear. When he had tried to forcibly absorb a blazing ray of the sun, his entire body had turned bright red and nearly combusted into flames. Just thinking about it made him feel a sense of trepidation.

That blazing ray had caused him to hover between life and death. If it hadn't been for the cold Qi that his body had accumulated thanks to the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move, he might have turned into a pile of ash in that forest.

The terror he had felt had been all too real.

Due to that close brush with death, Luo Yunyang had decided to stop cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint's ninth diagram.

It was just too dangerous. He was now the backbone of his family, so he couldn't afford to die.

The previous few diagrams of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint no longer yielded much of a result for him, so after a short rest at home, he started to cultivate the seventh and eighth diagrams of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique and the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move.

If he didn't get any other cultivation-related tasks, Luo Yunyang would just cultivate these two diagrams, especially the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique, as he didn't need much space to refine the muscles and five viscera within his body.

Although his progress while cultivating the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique was very little, he still persisted. He knew that, if he wanted his future path to be smoother, he would need a solid foundation.

10 minutes, 20 minutes...

Time passed quickly. By the time Luo Yunyang finished practising the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique, it was already dark. There was a total of 24 households on each level of this block, but the majority of them didn't have very good lighting.

The lighting in Luo Yunyang's house was even worse.

"Stop jumping around, Dong'er! Just hurry up and get changed. You will be coming with me to your great uncle's birthday party later!" Although they were still quite some distance away, Luo Yunyang could hear his mother's voice distinctly.

Although he was usually less flustered when he increased his Mind Attribute, this time he just couldn't wait.

He opened the door impatiently and smiled as he rushed to greet them. His mother, who was in her bank uniform, and his little sister, who was wearing a long flowery skirt, were heading up the stairs.

"Big Brother! I've missed you so much!" Luo Dong'er looked pleasantly surprised as she rushed over with her pigtails waving in the air.

Shen Yunying had been in a good mood lately, so her young-looking face was glowing with a warm radiance.

Just the previous day, she had dreamt about seeing her beloved son, and now her son was actually standing right in front of her. A sweet, warm feeling of longing concern surged through her heart as a tender reliance made her eyes well up with tears.

"My son! When did you return?" She scanned her son from head to toe, unable to hide the surprise on her face.

"I got back this afternoon. You were both at work and school, so I just rested at home. This time, I have five days off," Luo Yunyang replied as he helped Luo Dong'er take off her backpack.

Shen Yunying rubbed her hands together. "Good! Then we'll spend more time at home in the next few days. It just so happens that today is your great uncle's birthday. Let's go attend his birthday party together!"

Great uncle? Luo Yunyang, who didn't recall his family having any relatives in Donglu Town, shot a quizzical look at Shen Yunying.

"He's your grandmother's younger brother. Our families had lost contact ever since the apocalypse," Shen Yunying replied. "I thought that their entire family had died during the apocalypse, so I hadn't expected to see my cousin at the bank! When I recognized his name, we talked about your great uncle and I found out about their family's situation. So many years have passed ever since!"

Luo Yunyang didn't know much about the concept of relatives, but as he heard his mother talk, he could sense that she did really care about this relative.

"Reuniting with old relatives is a good thing. Perhaps we might even be able to meet some other relatives!" Luo Yunyang said compliantly.

Shen Yunying nodded. "Go change into some new clothes. I have already bought a birthday present, so we can leave straight away."

The sun had already set by the time they set off, but the street lights hadn't been turned on yet. From time to time, other people would call out to Shen Yunying and she would smile and make some small talk with a few parents.

As Shen Yunying introduced her son to everyone she met, her smile was especially dazzling.

"Can we really move to the Chunfengli Sub District, Big Brother? All the houses there are bungalows. I heard that the smallest one is at least 100 square meters!"

"How fun, Big Brother! How about I don't go to school tomorrow and you take me out to play? I heard my classmates say that there are many fun things to do there, but Mom never takes me..."

Luo Dong'er bounced up and down like a lively little bird. The news her brother had brought upon his return had made her really excited.

Shen Yunying gazed at her son dotingly. "Son, you don't have to feel pressured. The place we are living at is already good enough.

She knew all about the Chunfengli Sub District, as the bank's president actually lived there.

This was something that he often bragged about.

That sub district was really big, and the people who were able to live there had a high social status. That area was actually a symbol of their status.

"The paperwork is almost done already!" Luo Yunyang replied with a laugh.

Shen Yunying remained speechless for some time. Although her son was young, it was evident that he had already become the pillar of his family. Shen Yunying unconsciously watched her son with a mother's pride. As long as he was by her side, she would always stand proud. Nothing would make her unhappy.

A hotel with splendid gold and jade decorations suddenly appeared before Luo Yunyang's eyes. The sign, which said "Golden Dragon Scale Hotel And Restaurant", was a sight to behold.

Luo Yunyang smiled slightly when he saw those words. Chen Yong had mentioned that the Golden Dragon Scale Hotel And Restaurant was his family's business.

Luo Yunyang hadn't expected that the first meal he would have after his return would be at the family business of a fellow he had taken under his wing.

"Hello! Are you here for the birthday party?" an immaculately dressed waiter asked them softly.

"Yes, we are here to celebrate Uncle's birthday." Shen Yunying waved the present in her hands with a smile.

The waiter led Luo Yunyang and his family into the hotel. Luo Yunyang noticed that many cars were already parked outside the hotel.

Most of them were luxury cars made by Rapid Gem Automobiles. The people that stepped out of those cars had an elite air about them.

It seemed like their great uncle's family was doing really well in Chang'an City.