Supreme Uprising Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Fortunate Timing

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The first opponent Luo Yunyang encountered in the 13th Hall of the Divine Sacred Hall was the Mysterious Underworld Race. He was very familiar with their fighting style.

Although the Mysterious Underworld Race had peculiar techniques, they werent too difficult for Luo Yunyang to deal with. The Mysterious Underworld Race was turned to dust under the power of the Great Titan Mark.

Luo Yunyang swiftly defeated more than a dozen of them in a quarter of an hour.

Easy! Too easy! So much so that Luo Yunyang felt a little skeptical about his chances of obtaining the inheritance of the Divine Scared Hall that was comparable to the Divine Martial Technique as he breezed through opponents in the 13th Hall.

Just as Luo Yunyang was puzzled by this situation, a disciple of the Three Era Supreme Sect walked quickly towards Profound Calm Zongzi.

"What is it? Is Luo Yunyang up to some tricks?" Profound Calm Zongzis tone was rather casual as he spoke the disciple, who was his trusted aide.

"Zongzi, I utilized the observation technique left by Ancestral Master and discovered that Luo Yunyang defeated close to 20 guardians!" the disciple said in amazement.

Profound Calm Zongzi was stunned when he heard that. He glared icily at his disciple and asked, "Is it true? Did you perhaps make a mistake? In the past, even powerhouses on the top 10 Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List could only defeat two guardians in 15 minutes."

The disciple was afraid of Profound Calm Zongzi. "Zongzi, do you want to check it out yourself?" He trembled while saying that.

Normally, given Profound Calm Zongzis personality, he wouldnt check this sort of thing on his own. As a Zongzi, it would be too tiring to handle everything on his own. However, this matter was too important to him!

Wise Elegant Zongzi and Sky Origin Zongzi also glanced at each other quickly before following Profound Calm Zongzi to a mirror-like object.

There were no people in the mirror, just some red spots of light.

Those red light spots represented the guards on the 13th floor of the Divine Sacred Hall. Every time a light spot disappeared, it meant that the challenger had eliminated a guard.

"How many light spots were there in the beginning?" Profound Calm Zongzi asked in a solemn tone when he saw the small number of light spots.

"At the beginning, there were 103 red light spots." The disciple sounded very serious. "However, now, there are only 65 64."

The disciple wanted to say 65, yet before the words could leave his mouth, the light spots on the mirror decreased to 64.

Everyones expression stiffened when they saw this.

However, what happened during the next minute made them feel even more dumbfounded. They realized that the number of light spots had decreased from 64 to 63 in a mere minute.

In other words, another guard had been defeated by Luo Yunyang in just under a minute.

While Profound Calm Zongzi could defeat a guard in a minute as well, the price he had to pay to accomplish this was too huge.

For example, he would have to injure his source core, or

"Senior Brother, what is going on? Could Luo Yunyang be hiding some sort of trump card?" Sky Origin Zongzi was the most suspicious of Luo Yunyang, as he had felt threatened when Luo Yunyang had mentioned the position of a Zongzi.

Hence, he felt really afraid right now. If Luo Yunyang managed to obtain the inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall, then

As he thought about this, Profound Calm Zongzi produced a jade seal. In less than three minutes, Taihao and Qin Wuliang walked in quickly.

"What is it?" Taihao looked unperturbed and indifferent.

"My Junior Brother has defeated nearly one-third of the guards." Profound Calm Zongzi pointed at the mirror as he spoke.

Qin Wuliang and Taihao glanced at each other in surprise.

They all knew when Luo Yunyang had entered the hall. It had only been 15 minutes, yet he had already defeated one-third of the guards.

How could it be?

"You arent joking, are you?" Qin Wuliang glanced at Profound Calm Zongzi and chuckled. "Many people would have dashed through the entire Divine Sacred Hall if it had been that easy to do so."

Profound Calm Zongzi was very calm when he saw Qin Wuliangs reaction. "Brother Qin, you can choose not to believe me, but you cant think that Im faking the disappearing red spots, right?"

Qin Wuliangs expression turned ugly when he heard that. He glanced at Taihao before asking, "So whats the purpose of you asking both of us to come here?"

"Im aware that Brother Taihao has a treasured mirror that can show the situation of the battle in the Divine Sacred Hall. I want to see what is going on inside." Profound Calm Zongzi asked.

"Alright." After mulling this over for a moment, Taihao nodded his head and agreed.

Shortly thereafter, a small jet-black mirror appeared in Taihaos hand. Although the mirror looked small, it gave off an enormous pressure.

A black light flashed rapidly on the mirror after Taihao conjured it with a series of hand seals. Very quickly, light spots gathered on the mirror. In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyangs figure appeared in the mirror.

He was unleashing his Great Titan Mark. When his palms landed on an extremely strong fighter, that fighter was floored instantly on impact.

"How is that possible?" Sky Origin Zongzi couldnt help exclaiming in disbelief.

Profound Calm Zongzi and Taihao were astonished as well. However, they werent shocked by how strong Luo Yunyang was. Instead, they were surprised by how weak Luo Yunyangs opponents were.

They were too damn weak!

How could it be? Even the guardians in the first hall of the Divine Sacred Hall would not be so weak!

"Are you sure that he entered the 13th Hall of the Divine Sacred Hall? Did you send him into the First Hall instead by accident?" Qin Wuliang glanced at Profound Calm Zongzi skeptically.

The 13th Hall of the Divine Sacred Hall was almost a desolate place. Although the elites of the major sects would choose to enter the 13th Hall of the Divine Sacred Hall whenever it opened, hoping that they could obtain the supreme inheritance, they would always return empty-handed and dejected.

This was because the 13th Hall of the Divine Sacred Hall was simply too strong and difficult for those who wanted to obtain the inheritance.

However, Luo Yunyang was actually massacring everyone before him right now. Every opponent he faced didnt seem like they were on his level at all.

Everyone present couldnt believe their eyes as they watched the scene.

"Im very sure that he entered the 13th Hall of the Divine Sacred Hall." Profound Calm Zongzi looked displeased.

Upon seeing that Qin Wuliang was about to speak, Taihao interrupted while waving him away. "In that case, theres only one explanation. The difficulty level of the Divine Sacred Hall has been reduced."

A difficulty reduction at this level of the challenge? Although no one had even dared to think about this situation, it had actually occurred. This was really

"According to the Heavenly Venerate who captured the Divine Sacred Hall, the difficulty of the Divine Sacred Hall can be adjusted. However, even the Almighties dont know how to adjust it," Taihao said gravely.

"According to what you just mentioned, are you saying that Luo Yunyang has adjusted the difficulty level of the Divine Sacred Hall?" Sky Origin Zongzi asked impatiently. "How is this possible? How could he have this kind of skill?"

Sky Origin Zongzis interruption didnt sit well with Qin Wuliang, who glared at Sky Origin Zongzi.

Normally, Sky Origin Zongzi would never snatch Profound Calm Zongzis limelight. However, Luo Yunyang was too important.

Hence, he couldnt care less about certain things.

"He shouldnt have this sort of skill." Taihao then added, "There is only one logical explanation. This is luck!"

"He just happened to enter during the period when the Divine Sacred Hall is undergoing a change in difficulty level and hence received this great opportunity."

Profound Calm Zongzi and Qin Wuliang looked enlightened when they heard the word luck. They would never have believed that Luo Yunyang could control the Divine Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang couldnt control the Divine Sacred Hall. If he did, then he must have gotten lucky and entered it when it was at its easiest.

This sort of situation couldnt be forced. However, they still felt unreconciled while they watched the thing they yearned so greatly for land in the hands of someone else so easily.

Thats right. Unreconciled.

They couldnt accept the fact that Luo Yunyang was going to obtain what belonged to them that easily. However, they had no other choice.

"Senior Brother, let Luo Yunyang out. This inheritance is yours. We havent executed our three-man substitution technique yet!" Sky Origin Zongzi shouted at Profound Calm Zongzi.

Profound Calm Zongzi did not respond. Instead, he shifted his attention towards the other disciples in the Three Era Supreme Sect and Wise Elegant Zongzi.

Wise Elegant Zongzi pondered for a moment before revealing his stance. Although he had never had an internal conflict with Profound Calm Zongzi, he knew very well what his choice should be.

Therefore, he agreed. "Senior brother, Sky Origin is right. We should execute our Three-Man Substitution Technique."

"Senior Brother, youre the number one elite in the Three Era Supreme Sect. The inheritance should be yours." All the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect repeated this sincerely in unison.

Someone even said straightforwardly, "Luo Yunyang should know that it is righteous to let you have it. He will unquestionably offer it up!"

Momentarily, the atmosphere was bursting with energy. On the other hand, Taihao and Qin Wuliang both merely looked on unenthusiastically.