Supreme Uprising Chapter 732

Chapter 732 What Did You Say? I Cant Hear You

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Sects had internal conflicts when vying for opportunities. Taihao and Qin Wuliang had seen too much of this so they couldnt say anything about Profound Calm Zongzi.

After all, it wasnt like they hadnt also done this sort of thing.

"In that case, I will ask Sky Origin Zongzi to use the three-person substitution technique and let Junior Brother Yunyang out." Profound Calm Zongzis voice was like a sonorous bell. "As far as compensation is concerned, Junior Brother Yunyang definitely wont be disappointed."

Profound Calm Zongzi uttered that last line firmly. It seemed that only by doing things this way would he be able to make others believe his resolution.

Sky Origin Zongzi had a look of delight on his face. Although he had already guessed that Profound Calm Zongzi would accept his suggestion, he was rather happy to sabotage the chance Luo Yunyang had been about to get.

"Alright!" Sky Origin Zongzi accepted this readily. His hands rapidly moved and a technique started to form in his hand.

"Junior Brother Yunyang, activate the substitution technique. Your task is already complete." Sky Origin Zongzis voice was like a wisp passing through the void and speaking to Luo Yunyang within the Divine Sacred Halls 13th hall.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang was well aware of the current situation in the Divine Sacred Hall. In a spurt of energy, he had already defeated at least half of the guardians.

Easy breezy!

The challenge had been really easy for Luo Yunyang so far. He felt that he could obtain the Divine Sacred Hall inheritance if he was given 15 more minutes.

However, Sky Origin was now trying to get him out. Luo Yunyang didnt care what motive Sky Origin Zongzi had, but he would definitely not toss aside this opportunity.

Thus, he simply ignored him!

Sky Origin Zongzi had already guessed what was up when there was no reaction from Luo Yunyang. Thus, he raised his voice at once. "Luo Yunyang, your task is already complete. Activate the technique!"

His voice became increasingly stern. "Im telling you, this is an order!"

Luo Yunyang simply didnt pay any attention to Sky Origin Zongzis shouts. How could he forgive himself if he gave up on something that was nearly within his grasp?

Thus, he persevered and did whatever he had to!

"Luo Yunyang, Im telling you, this is Profound Calm Zongzis order!" Sky Origin Zenith Heavens tone was even higher now.

Qin Wuliang and Taihao had unperturbed expressions on their faces, as if they couldnt hear anything.

However, Qin Wuliangs smug smile revealed his thoughts. Meanwhile, Profound Calm Zongzi was more concerned about Qin Wuliangs thoughts rather than Taihaos.

His rank was close to Qin Wuliangs, so he treated Qin Wuliang as a rival. As a result, Qin Wuliangs mockery made him feel really uncomfortable deep down.

Profound Calm Zongzi gritted his teeth and strode over to Sky Origin Zongzi. His tone was stern and cold. "Junior Brother Yunyang, your task is already complete. You can return now. You have completed your task admirably. I will give you a great gift to express my gratitude when you return to the sect!"

Profound Calm Zongzis voice echoed in Luo Yunyangs ears. Luo Yunyang mulled over Profound Calm Zongzis words and came to a decision.

He said nonchalantly, "What did you say, Senior Brother? I cant hear clearly."

Profound Calm Zongzi could see Luo Yunyangs current situation through Taihaos treasured mirror. His face was really overcast as he saw Luo Yunyang use the Great Titan Mark and cause an opponent to crumble instantly.

Although he had already mastered his sects greatest inherited technique, he still had great ambitions in regards to the inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall.

One could even say that the Divine Sacred Hall was very important to him. If he obtained the Divine Sacred Halls inheritance, perhaps he would be on par with Taihao.

He intended to do his utmost in the Divine Sacred Hall. However, now that he had come close to this opportunity, his heart was tempted.

He felt that the heavens were helping him.

He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang, who had entered the Divine Sacred Hall, actually wouldnt want to come out. How could he be so daring? Who gave him the audacity to do that?

With these thoughts in mind, Profound Calm Zongzi said frostily, "Do you know what you are doing?"

Luo Yunyang no longer said a word. He definitely knew what he was doing. Profound Calm Zongzi might have an impressive bearing, but he was actually really snobbish.

Luo Yunyang couldnt give up on the Divine Sacred Hall inheritance. Even if he used both hands to offer up the Divine Sacred Halls inheritance to Profound Calm Zongzi, he feared that the final outcome would be a joint attack from Profound Calm Zongzi and Sky Origin Zongzi.

Thus, Luo Yunyang just ignored the threatening words of Profound Calm Zongzi.

Profound Calm Zongzi was livid, as a fire raged within him.

Taihao, who was still fiddling with the yellow-and-black bracelet, remained silent as usual. However, his lips curled slightly into a grin.

Profound Calm Zongzi didnt say anything else. He understood clearly that whatever he said now would be of no use.

Rather than wasting his breath, he would just wait quietly for Luo Yunyang to come out. Meanwhile, Sky Origin Zongzi looked jealous. There was also a faint hint of delight in his expression.

Luo Yunyang already posed a huge threat to Sky Origin Zongzi. If he could get Luo Yunyang and Profound Calm Zongzi to have a fall-out, that would be the best solution.

However, if the inheritance fell into Luo Yunyangs hands, it would really be

All the red light spots rapidly vanished from the treasured mirror. Then, the image projected by Taihaos treasured mirror started to become really hazy.

Taihao pondered for a bit and waved his sleeves. The scene displayed had already vanished completely. He glanced at the huge Divine Sacred Hall and shook his head. "There is already no point."

After saying that, he turned to leave.

This time, Taihao was really leaving. It was evident that Taihao considered the inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall really important. He didnt really care about all the other treasures.

Profound Calm Zongzi watched Taihao leave with a huff. Qin Wuliang was still standing aside with a wide smile.

Luo Yunyang didnt take any note of the circumstances outside. After shattering the last guardian, the voice belonging to the Divine Sacred Hall once again rang out.

"Congratulations, challenger. Today, you obtained the title of a Heavenly Saint and gained the qualifications to become a Divine Master."

The instant the mechanical voice spoke, a figure appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind. Based on its appearance, this figure didnt seem very different from the figure of the Divine Martial. However, the instant he appeared, the figures finger tapped lightly.

This light tap was full of content that rapidly flowed into Luo Yunyangs mind. This content was similar to the Divine Martial Technique. However, compared to the Divine Martial Technique, it was clearly more tremendous.

It was the Divine Sacred Technique.

Because he had the Divine Martial Technique as a foundation, the information on the Divine Sacred Technique was quickly digested by Luo Yunyang when it flowed into his mind.

Some parts of cultivating the Divine Sacred Technique that werent considered too safe were now coming naturally to him.

However, after cultivating the Divine Sacred Technique, the feeling that it was incomplete intensified.

"Honorable Heavenly Martialist and Heavenly Saint, the Six Sacred Halls selection is now complete. Please prepare to vie for the title of the Divine Master."

The mechanical voice spoke once again. This voice was accompanied by a pillar of light that shrouded Luo Yunyangs body.

The instant this pillar of light illuminated him, Luo Yunyang discovered that he had actually appeared in a pure white palace. This magnificent palace was hexagonal, so Luo Yunyang found himself near two of its corners.

At the same time that Luo Yunyang appeared in this large hall, four other extremely resplendent glows appeared in the large hall.

Four humans had appeared, two males and two females. Although it seemed like no one recognized each other, the instant they appeared, everyone took some precautions.

However, after putting up their guard, most of them looked at Luo Yunyang. They were each positioned in the corner, whereas Luo Yunyang was between two corners.

"He obtained two hall inheritances. How is that possible?" a youth in green robes that had a celestial air about him said in an astonished tone.

The words of this youth caught the attention of the other three. In an instant, Luo Yunyang felt four hostile gazes on him.

He didnt really feel surprised about their hostility. If these things had happened to him, his first thought would have been to be hostile to the person who had conquered two halls.

"Everyone has come for the Divine Master inheritance. This person has obtained two hall inheritances by himself. Amongst us, he is the one with the highest chance of getting the Sacred Master inheritance. In my opinion, we should join forces and get rid of him first," said a sprightly lady with beautiful features. However, her tone was cold and filled with killing intent.

"Alright!" A tall man who was built like a mountain echoed his approval. There was a strange golden luster on his body. Although he didnt say much, he gave off a steely vibe.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the eyes of these four and discovered that their cultivation bases were at similar Celestial Domain-Grade levels as his. Based on their auras, he felt that these four would also have been powerhouses if they had been in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

The Divine Master inheritance would definitely be a supreme inheritance. Luo Yunyang knew that whatever he said now would be of no use.

However, his attribute regulator could be used as a trump card, so Luo Yunyang wasnt too worried about a joint attack by these four. In a moment, he prepared to adjust his attributes.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang suddenly discovered that he couldnt find his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and Heavenly Venerate figures on the attribute regulator interface.